Latest Casualty Totals from the October 7 Hamas Attack on Israel

Total Israelis Killed

1,139 Israelis.

Security Forces

340 soldiers (this figure includes reserve troops who served as community militia guards).

Other Security Forces

59 police.

13 Shin Bet internal police (something like the FBI or the domestic Mossad).

12 First responders.

Total 84 other security forces.

Total 424 security forces.


715 civilians.

Civilians Killed by Israel

126 (122 in kibbutz Be’eri by tank fire and four in a vehicle by a helicopter). This number is possibly too low.

182 civilians at the rave (estimate, based on assigning half the rave deaths to Hamas and half to Israel).

Total 306 civilians killed by Israel.

Civilians Killed by Palestinian Fighters

409 civilians. This number is possibly too high.


Civilians Killed in October 7 Attack

Palestinians 409.

Israel 306.

As you can see, Israel killed almost as many civilians on October 7 as the Palestinians did.

Also, there have been 109 soldiers killed since 10-7  bringing the Israeli security forces total to 533.

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3 thoughts on “Latest Casualty Totals from the October 7 Hamas Attack on Israel”

    1. That’s an understatement. Bottom line is they’re throwing a temper tantrum. Also they want to punish them so badly that they never even think about doing this again.

      1. Israelis seemed to have more morality at some point, based on what I’ve read here.

        I doubt the punishing Palestinians straight strategy will work. Both sides look hopeless to me. Israeli will never achieve true victory because there’s no give on either side. I dislike Israel from the root but I personally don’t want to be associated with either the bloody Israeli blood Jews or the crippled Palestinian crips.

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