You’re Literally Getting Banned from Sites by Algorithms

You’re getting banned by computer programs. No humans are banning you. You’re literally getting banned by algorithms! I finally figured that out.

The famous case resulting in my permanent ban from Twitter was a report about a rapist who beat up his girlfriend, pimped her out to his friends, distributed porn of her without her permission, trafficked her as his pimp, on and on, the usual stuff.

I said that guy needed a punch in the face! What’s wrong with that? Hell, all rapists need a punch in the face at the very least I would say. Why is that a bad thing? Or even better yet, why is that a bad thought to have? Got a permanent lifetime ban from Twitter for saying a rapist deserved a punch in the face. There’s no way anyone reported me for that comment. Who would do that? Maybe a rapist would. Anybody else? Of course not.

There’s no way on Earth some human saw that comment and decided to give me a lifetime ban. No sane human would ever do such a thing. It’s absurd to even think so. Obviously I got banned by a computer program looking for the words punch in the face. If it sees those words, it bans you for “inciting violence.” But what’s wrong with inciting violence against rapists?

Why is that a bad thing? They deserve to have violence incited against them for God’s sake. I appealed the ban and the humans refused to override the computer. That’s the problem. The computer bans people and then it’s only very seldom that humans override the ban and reinstate you. Apparently the computer is always right.

I keep getting temporary bans from Youtube for commenting on videos. They never tell why you got banned, so it’s very frustrating. Plus I try very hard to not run afoul of the hate speech codes. That’s another thing. Who in the Hell says what’s hate speech? How do you know when you’re breaking hate speech laws? You don’t! There’s no way a vague law like that can be written in such a way that you know when you’re breaking the law so as not to break it. It’s always going to be ridiculously vague like all censorship.

Anyway I was commenting on a video on the Genocide Jews . of their little hate state over there and their Warsaw Ghetto style destruction of Gaza. I said something referring the Jews of Israel as “lousy.”

I have no issues with US Jews or no extreme beef with them. They’re not committing war crimes. They’re trying to ruin you if you point out the war criminals and if you act upset by these Jewish massacres, and that’s pretty terrible, and we all knew they would act this way when push came to shove. But they’re not murdering innocent people or committing any genocides.

The ones I truly despise are those Jews over there, not the ones in the Diaspora. Sure the ones here support the maniacs, but so do a majority of Americans, appalling new polls show. Going to hate Jews for supporting their people, Israel? Why not hate the majority of Gentiles who are doing the same? See what I mean? To be fair you have to hate over half the country.

Within less than five minutes of posting that comment, a screen popped up and told me I was banned for one day for violating hate speech laws. I get these bans constantly on there.

I thought about it. Then I realized that whatever I said, there is no way that some human saw that comment just a few minutes ago and decided to ban it. And I doubt if someone reported me and they responded to the report that quickly. They don’t employ armies of censors. The censors are not looking over every post in real time, and they’re probably drowning in reports. I looked back over my comments and finally figured out the reason for the ban.

The algorithm is particularly looking for words like “Jews, Jew, Jewish,” etc. If it sees anything derogatory next to one of those words, the program bans you! I wasn’t aware that “Israeli” was a race. Why are they a protected class? Lots of national populations act awful. We can come up with some very prominent examples. You aren’t attacking someone for something they can’t change like skin color or gender. They could change their minds any time they want. You’re attacking them for their crap politics and awful culture. They weren’t born with those attributes.

Calling Prostitutes Whores Gives You a Twitter Ban

Two Colombian prostitutes drugged a man and then robbed and murdered him. I called them whores, specifically murdering whores, which is precisely what they were! Prostitutes are whores. I got banned by Twitter for that, but I finally realized that I got banned by a computer program. The program is looking for the word whore and simply issues a ban whenever it sees it. No humans involved.

How do we know this? Because the ban is absurd and insane. I called two murderous thieving prostitutes whores because that’s what they were, and particularly despicable ones at that. What human censor would look a that comment and ban me for referring to these evil prostitutes as whores? No human I know. They’d let that comment ride.

What else are they? Whore is another name for a prostitute. It’s insulting? So what? They’re insulting themselves by being degenerate prostitutes in the first place. No one put a gun to these women’s heads and forced them to ho themselves out.

So now whore is a banned word! It’s like faggot or n_r. What the Hell?

Now Fag, Faggot and Bitch Are Going the Way of N_r

By the way, fag and faggot are going out too now. Pretty soon we’ll have to write f-word or f_g or f_t instead. Are gay men better off now that we quit calling them fags? I doubt it. Are they acting any better? I seriously doubt it.

I’ve heard that bitch is going out too. So I guess pretty soon bitch will go out and we’ll have to say b-word or b_h. Never mind that the entire female adult population acts like one at least some of the time, and a lot of these are majority or full-time angry and hostile. Never mind. We can’t point that out and call out some woman with permanent PMS by calling her a bitch? Why not? That’s precisely what she is! How could she be anything else?

I guess she could be a cunt, which is nothing but a bitch or steroids or specifically an evil bitch. I point this out because most women who bitch out are not evil.

They just can’t control their emotions, and when their brains tell them to bitch out, they have to do it because being a woman means letting your emotions pull you around through life like a dog on a leash. And most women are powerless over those leashes. They spend most of their lives getting pulled hither and thither without the slightest clue of why they are feeling some particular way.

I’d like to ask a question. Are Black people even one

That evil racist White man called that poor innocent Black guy a nigger! What a POS! Do us a favor and kill yourself, jerk!

Ok, if I say that I’m literally exactly as bad as some ass who yells n_r at Blacks he sees on the street. If I have a good job, I can actually get fired of that and I probably will. My career will go down the drain too. For absolutely not intelligent reason at all!

Are prostitutes any better off now that we stopped referring to them as the whores that they are? Are they behaving any better? They’re not either one. I say this because trust me, whores are the absolutely worst behaved women of them all. A lot of them are simply thieves.


If we outlaw the word bitch, you think women will be better off? LOL. You think they will act even

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3 thoughts on “You’re Literally Getting Banned from Sites by Algorithms”

  1. I was thinking about the more intelligent AI being more racist and sexist. I believe if anti-Semetim was valid, AI would also be anti-Semetic. I don’t believe AI is anti-Semetic but it might be argued it is when it comes to certain hard truths.

    1. Thank you! It’s insane! Lifetime ban for saying a rapist needed a punch in the face! This is one reason why censorship is pretty much garbage.

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