A Man Asks to Take a Selfie with an Israeli Flag in Iran


Prankster poses with an Israeli flag in Tehran and asks people to take a picture of him with it. Results:

1. Young man: “No, no.” Walks away.

2. A woman.

Prankster: “Iran is a friend of Israel. Israel is good.”

Woman: “No, they’re not.”

3. A  40 year old man. Says no.

Man: “No sir, not Israel.” He tries to grab the flag and tear it from the prankster’s hand.

Prankster: “Don’t tear the flag!” Apparently the man is trying to tear it up.

4. 30 year old man: “How about if I call some of my friends to come over?” Implied threat.

Prankster: “We’re going to take selfies. No friends. We’re going to do it together.”

Man: “Let’s take a selfie together. That’s better.”

5. A young woman.

Woman (partial hijab): Excuse me. Do you understand Farsi?

Prankster: A little bit.

Woman (partial hijab): “So listen up, please. During the time of King Xerces, they killed 70,000 Iranians. And now they celebrate it as the Purim Festival in Israel. They’ve killed Iranians there. So you better step on this flag” Takes the flag and drops it on the ground.

6. Very young man.

Prankster: “We are friends with the Iranians.”

Man: “Now that you want to take a picture, I have an idea. Look.” Puts the flag on the ground. “Now you can take pictures of me stepping on this flag.” Steps on the flag.

Prankster: “No, no, no.”

Man: Gesturing at flag. “Take it. What are you waiting for?”

7. Woman. In course of conversation, whips out her phone and shows ruins in Iran.

Prankster: “These ruins are Israel’s fault?”

Woman: “Yes, you haven’t seen it. They don’t want you to see it.”

8. 40 year old man (possibly same one as before): Grabs flag away and tries to throw it in the trash can.

Prankster: “Trash. No. Don’t! I’m not a tourist. It’s a prank.”

The point of this exercise is to show you’re being lied to. The Jews and their allies in the US who also hate Iran, sometimes for different reasons, have been lying to you about Iran for years now. The line these liars are pushing is that most Iranians oppose the regime.

They’re tired of the system.

They’re furious that money is spent on Palestinians, Hezbollah, and the Houthis when it could be better spent here.

They hate all those people as inferior Arabs anyway.

The truth is that in the 2019 riots, polls showed 85 per cent of the population opposed the rioters. 78 per cent of the population supported the system. From 57-67 per cent support aid to the Palestinians, Hezbollah, and the Houthis. The Houthis are the lowest at 57 per cent and the other two are at 2/3 support. I have not seen any recent polls showing what this support looks like right now, but it’s not unreasonable to think that it’s not a whole lot different than four years ago.

So all of those riots are caused by 15 per cent of the population of Iran! That seems ridiculous until you realize that 15 per cent of the adult population of Iran means seven million people. If you have seven million people rioting, they can cause a lot of damage.

These propagandists put out videos showing students entering university and refusing to step on the Israeli flag that is on the floor. It was placed on the floor with the intention that everyone step on it, of course. So a few young people don’t want to do it. Fine. But looking at this video, do you think they are the majority?

Do Arabs Hate Palestinians?

It’s a very common Jewish line that all of the other Arabs hate Palestinians too. I’ve been around their forums for many years and I’ve talked to many of these people. That’s simply not true. Sure you can see an editorial here and there in the awful Gulf Arab press. Sure, you can quote an Arab here or there. But I’m telling that in all the time I’ve known these folks, none have ever uttered one word like that to me. In all the time I spent on the forums, often with different nationalities of Arabs on them, I’ve never seen even a hint of such a mindset.

Recently what I heard about Morocco was that the government was selling out bigtime to Israel. However the king is still much loved. They feel that the people around him and awful and they are controlling him. What about the people? How do they feel? The commenter said:

The Moroccan people are all with Hamas.

There you go. I’m not sure how much support Hamas has in the rest of the Arab and Muslim World, but I would say it’s a lot.

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2 thoughts on “A Man Asks to Take a Selfie with an Israeli Flag in Iran”

  1. I guess women are still pretty free in Iran. I can’t see a woman getting that aggressive in most other Islamic lands. She makes a good point too.

    1. Many non-Catholic Christians seem to embrace the Israeli flag. The best Christians I know in fact. I agree with Native American Indians that Israelis colonized Palestine. NAMs have problems but are right on Israel.

      Anti-American non-Whites loathe Israel. I don’t really blame them. I watched an Afrocentric documentary twice that proves the US government saw the Negro as separate from America. Our national anthem was by a guy who was pro-slavery, and the original lyrics reflect it.

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