How Did Jews Fare among Various Populations in Europe During World War 2

Yes, certainly much better than the Spanish Inquisition as well as the anti-Communist pro-Nazism of the Catholic church.

Point taken on the Spanish Inquisition, but the “Nazi Pope” appears to have a bum rap. I heard that the pro-Nazism of the Pope was much exaggerated. A lot of prominent Jews even agree with that assessment. Honest Guy might want to look into it. The Pope hated the Nazis, but he was screwed. What was he supposed to do? He was trying to stay alive and keep his priests alive. There wasn’t much he could do but he and the Church were heartbroken about the whole matter.

Catholic Countries Had a Poor Record in World War in Terms of Saving Jews

If you want to look into some Catholic Jew-haters and Jew-killers, take a look at the Croatian Ustache!

The Austrian and South German Catholics did not act very well.

Catholic Hungary killed almost all of his Jews save 5,000. One of the worst records ever.

Catholic Poland was a very difficult place. Yes Poland has 4,000 Righteous Among Nations recipients for risking their lives by saving Jews. And also, a Hell of a lot of ordinary citizens were turning Jews in for no reason except anti-Semitism. Even a trip on the bus was fraught with a lot of fear lest one be recognized. I believe 9

Catholic Lithuania acted pretty bad too. Most of their independence heroes were Nazi collaborators and Jew killers. Sadly a lot of the ordinary Lithuanians, especially in rural areas, got in on the Jews-killing. Lithuania has never apologized and there are statues of their Nazi independence heroes all over the land. It resembles Ukraine in that sense. My Jewish girlfriend had a grandmother who spoke Prussian, which was probably spoken around Lithuania 100 years ago or so.

I’m not aware that the Czechs or Slovaks were particularly guilty as far as Jew-killing.

Jews Did Better in Southern Europe

Jews fared well in France, which saved 9

Italy was similar but Italian Jews had for some time been so assimilated that they scarcely differed from the non-Jews.

This was found in a number of Sephardic populations in Spain, Portugal, Italy, Greece, and Albania.

I’m not sure why that is, but after the destruction of the temples, Jews from Judea went to Europe and ended up in Southern Europe. They stayed there for a long time and accumulated a lot of European genes, half of their genome. Based on this history of peaceful living with Gentiles and mass intermarriage among Jews and Gentiles probably means that Sephardic or Southern European Jews have a long history of what can best be called assimilation, whereas to the north, the Jews did not assimilate well at all.

Hence even when Nazism rolled around, South European Jews were quite assimilated and got on well with Gentiles probably as a result, the upshot being little antisemitism necessary to impel Southern Europeans towards mass Jew-killing. Whereas to the north, Talmudic Judaism just seemed to put Jews and Gentiles at war with each other, resulting in endless expulsions, pogroms, and massacres, crazy accusations (poisoning wells), etc.

The moral here seems to be that unassimilated Jews don’t mix well with Gentiles and seem to trigger mass antisemitism among the Gentiles. An unassimilated Jew would be like what is today a Hasidic or Orthodox Jew. Even today, a lot of people don’t like Orthodox Jews, and to tell the truth, I hardly blame them. Religious Jews are…not very nice people!

Around 900 with the advent of the Babylonian Talmud in Europe issuing in the new era of Talmudic Judaism, by this time, Jews had spread out from Southern Europe into the rest of Europe. It’s notable that in Southern Europe prior to Talmudism, Jews fared quite well and antisemitism was scarcely noted.

However, with the change to Talmudism, Jews became very insular and for the next 1,000 or so years very few European genes went in. In part it was self-selection. All Jewish men had to study the Torah and the Talmud. These are difficult books, so this requirement was almost an IQ test. Quite a few Jewish men didn’t have the brains to cope with this study, and they simply left the Jews, went into Gentile society and probably converted to Christianity.

At any rate they were lost to the Jews. However they bred in a lot with Europeans, hence sayings like, “There’s a little Jew in every German.”

Jews actually liked living in those ghettos and in some cases, they even built them themselves. Talmudism preached severe separation between Jew and Gentile, especially for Jewish women. As usual men could screw around and have sex with Gentile women. Anyway, any offspring were obviously lost to the Jews and went into Gentile society.

In Spain in the Middle Ages, Jews lived under a totalitarianism of the rabbis, with a lot of emphasis on magic, the Kabbalah, mysticism, and general severe religious backwardness and stupidity. In the ghettos the penalty for a Jewish woman having sex with a Gentile was to have her nose sliced off! Serious stuff.

By the time Napoleon freed the Jews in the 1810’s, Gentile society was appalled at the site of ghetto Jews. A millennia in the ghettos had not been good for them, and they came out seriously messed up. It was obvious that they needed to be assimilated. Hence a popular progressive Left project in the first half of the 1800’s was the assimilation of the Jews. Jews hate assimilation, but these progressive 19th Century folks were goodhearted and had the Jews’ interests at heart.

The Orthodox as a rule didn’t go in for Jew-killing all that much, even the awful Chetnkis in Serbia. In Albania, Greece, Bulgaria, Serbia, Montenegro, Macedonia, Belarus and Orthodox Ukraine and Russia, Jews fared quite well despite the Orthodox church being accused of antisemitism.

Romania was the outlier. They killed a lot of their Jews. In fact they were so horrible about it that they hung the bodies of dead Jews on meathooks in butcher shops! But they had a homegrown fascist movement called the Arrow Cross, basically Nazis. They had a pedigree all the way back to the 1930’s.

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One thought on “How Did Jews Fare among Various Populations in Europe During World War 2”

  1. The nicest people I’ve met from Europe are from historically the most anti-semetic countries. Though I’ve not seen them say a thing about Jews. With so few Jews now, Hungary probably has little anti-Semitism. Italy has at least 3 types of Jews, I believe the standard Jews and one going back to Roman times. I believe anti-Semetism in the far West, Britain/Ireland to America, to be superior as it’s generally the non-violent sort.

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