Some Stories from the Gaza War – True or False?

From this article, American Pravda: War Crimes and Atrocity-Hoaxes in the Israel/Gaza Conflict, by Ron Unz from The Unz Review. Overall it’s not that bad and most of it is pretty much straight up facts. Possibly uncomfortable truths but that’s what we traffic in here.

Ron Unz: …almost no Israeli babies had actually died in the Hamas attack.

Not almost no babies. Try no babies. The first incomplete list of 900 names showed no one under age three. And in fact, only 16 minors and five seniors had been killed. Maybe 11 of the minors and three of the elders were killed by Hamas.

Ron Unz: Larry Johnson has a strong military background, and he has been an important voice sharply critical of Israel’s actions, helping to confirm that it was indeed an Israeli missile that killed hundreds of Palestinian civilians sheltering at Gaza’s largest Christian hospital.

Yeah, and he’s wrong! Actually it was a BU-32 JDAM 1,000 lb. bomb dropped by an Israeli jet.

Ron Unz: But last week, I was absolutely shocked to discover that some of Johnson’s military friends apparently believed in the “beheaded babies” hoax, forcing Johnson to still defensively insist that there was no evidence for it.

The problem here is the Jews and their supporters have not stopped repeating it. I finally figured out that this is how propaganda works. Put out an outrageous depraved story of a crime. Allow it to disseminate widely. Allow it to be disproven in a few days or however long it takes. Then, even after it is disproven, keep repeating it endlessly.

This can even go on for years. If I am alive in 20 years, I am certain that lots of Jews will still be repeating the beheaded babies lie. Go on Wikipedia. Things that got conclusively disproven long ago are still repeated credulously by Wikipedia, mostly because Wikipedia is now “the history of the world according to the CIA.”

Most people don’t care whether the stuff they believe in is even true or not. Most just want to have their previous biases reaffirmed with “facts” real or manufactured, it makes no difference to them. There are probably only a few people out there like you and me who want to know the truth about worldly affairs.

Ron Unz: …as an Israeli activist suddenly declared—four weeks after the alleged event—that the Hamas fighters had roasted Israeli babies in an oven, with his account quickly reaching the tabloid headlines and easily eclipsing coverage of the enormous Palestinian death-toll at a bombed refugee camp.

Lying maniacs like this love to project! This is exactly what he is doing here. Hamas didn’t do this. But the Jews did! In 1948 in one village the Jewish militia put an Arab baby in an oven and roasted it to death. Apparently a true story.

Ron Unz: While I was growing up, I’d sometimes heard those media stories of Nazis making soap and lampshades from Jewish bodies and skin, and had vaguely assumed that they were probably true. But in recent decades, all mainstream Holocaust scholars have admitted they had no reality, merely being grotesque examples of dishonest wartime propaganda, much like Israeli babies beheaded or roasted in ovens.

Yeah, and that’s not true either.

They did some experiments at a camp in Poland of making soap out of human bodies. I had some photographs of the experiments a while back. One shows a human body apparently turned into soap. It looks like a long soap bar in the shape of a human. I also had a photo of a jar of the this soap, which was made from human fat somehow. The camp was soon liberated by the Red Army as the experiment had just been done. The murdered people who had soap made of them were Poles, not Jews.

The lampshade story is true but only one was ever made. A female concentration camp guard wanted a lampshade made of out Jewish skin, so one was made for her, and she put it on her lamp on her desktop.

Ron Unz: Yet as all historians know and accept, Ann Frank actually died of Typhus after suffering perhaps six months of serious illness and spending most of that time in German-run hospitals, a rather strange element of the traditional Holocaust narrative.

I read her whole story. They murdered her all right!

Is It Worth It to Bribe Ghetto Blacks with Social Programs to Get Them to Act Better?

RL: “It’s proven that Head Start programs for ghetto Blacks reduce crime later in life. It’s also proven that Section 8 vouchers to ghetto Blacks reduce crime. What happens is you give ghetto Blacks a voucher to move out of the ghetto, and they take it and move to a better neighborhood. Downside is of course the crime rate goes up significantly in the new neighborhood.”

CLADIVS AMERICANVS: I would like the sources for this because I want to research this further. I have long suspected that all the smart liberals like Bill Gates and Soros believe the real science behind the IQ-gap, that is it’s 70-8

Even a 1 or 2 point increased for U.S. Blacks would be a MASSIVE boom to their well-being and pay dividends for our economy. They also probably support abortion for similar reasons. Kill the ghetto low-IQ people before they’re even born!

I 100 Thousand Millio

Niggers are dumb so fuck ’em. Let them find a job and feed themselves. And if they commit crime let’s have the cops shoot ’em! Yeehaw!

They can’t understand the immorality or inconsistency of their statements.

Liberal types will say,

African-Americans are equal to us evil Whites. That’s why they do so poorly in society. It is because of this fundamental equality we must give them welfare and affirmative action.

The sinister implication of this liberal idea is that a helping hand would not be due if Blacks were to be intellectually inferior due to genetics. The White Liberati need a lot of cognitive dissonance to cover this up and repress it deep into the crevices of their minds.

Were the fuck did we get this disgusting notion that human beings must all be equal and that to think otherwise is the ultimate sin? How did our secular post-WW II society ever end up this way?

Nietzsche knows. He ranted about it to no end 150 years ago.

Platonic thought, a mind virus that infected Ancient Greece and then early Christianity, that all men are equal under the eyes of God has now infected the very DNA of Western thought.

Ask any Joe Blow in India or China if all human beings are equal and they will laugh at the supposition.

Chinese Communists for all their sins don’t believe this. In fact they seem to recognize how easy it is for smart capitalist to take advantage of the meek hence their ideology.

My comments: Very interesting Platonism being at the root of all of this, but I think you might be right. You are correct about liberals. Liberals go stark raving insane if you mention the obvious fact, proven endlessly by science, that the Black group is less intelligent than the White group. In fact, this is a scientific fact that cannot be uttered. Once you say it you lose your job and probably your career too. For stating straight-up scientific facts!

Liberals are becoming almost Medieval in their hatred of science. Remember when the Catholic Church was killing astronomers as heretic for discovering the facts of the universe?

Modern liberalism is much the same way. Certain facts of science go against everything liberalism believes. When the facts prove your theory wrong, you are supposed to chuck the theory and go back to the drawing board to get a new one. Liberals say their theories are always true in an immaculate and all-knowing omniscient sense (which is nearly Biblical I suppose), and if the facts don’t match the theory, then the facts must be wrong!

So we have liberals who are the equivalent of fundamentalist religious idiots who they hate so much. Liberals have turned into their enemies. Sure, if you can’t beat em, join em, but they don’t even realize that they have done this.

When the facts are wrong, they have to go looking around and come up with some magical “alternate facts” that exist only in their imagination and substitute fake truth for the real deal.

The shocking truth here it that nowadays liberals hate science as much as conservatives do. Liberals and conservatives in the US are both full-blown ideologues. They only time either one believes in science is when the truth backs up their ideology (their theories). When the science fails their ideology, then science (and truth for that matter) is wrong (in other words, up is really down).

I’m not sure who hates science more these days, liberals or conservatives.

This is pathetic because we had always been taught that it was ignorant conservatives who hated science due to religion or willfull ignorance or just being closedminded stuck in the mud backwards blockheads, and that we enlightened liberals, while being a shining light unto the darkened caverns of nations, use science, facts, truth and logic to reach conclusions as opposed to mysticism and obscurantism.

The sad part here is that anyone who think scientifically has to become a science-hater himself else be politically homeless.

Old Testament Societies Versus New Testament Societies

CLADIVS AMERICANVS: Platonic thought is the reason the New Testament is incongruent and incompatible with the Old Testament. A bunch of morally hysterical Greeks made an addendum to the Tanakh and made up some bullshit about Jesus being the source of Absolute Truth.

I love the OT. God puts many a tribes to the edge of the sword. Hell, he even genocides nearly all of humanity during the Great Deluge.

There is nothing in the Old Testament that even remotely suggests that murder is a sin if the victim is not Jewish or is being a dick (e.g. not obeying God). The OT in many ways has a better understanding of human nature. Have you read the Epistles? BORING!!! Now the book of Ecclesiastes and Job is some fine (((literature))) LOL.

This is very interesting but I still don’t like the OT. You end up with these Genocide Jews over there in the Jews’ little “hate state” justifying all their mass murders with quotes from the OT, not to mention their sick and evil Talmud.

Robert Fisk wondered why Israeli Jews were so vicious and brutal. Their behavior was very un-Christian. He decided that it was because Jews are an Old Testament people, and the jealous God they worship is a mass murdering genocidal freak himself.

General George S. Patton, a Christian WASP, decried the Jewish (((Morganthau Plan))) that would have murdered 7

There was a conflict between this genocidal Jewish plan and what he called the Christian alternative. This was basically a war about which Bible Christian America would follow, the transformational New Testament of the Jewish Old Testament. It was a Jews versus Christians war of minds. Thankfully, the Christian plan, the Marshall Plan, which was based on the very NT notion of Mercy, was adopted instead of the Jews’ maniacal plan.

Will Durant wrote that some Christian societies become “Judaized.” I’d say we have one here right now. He said that historically, Christian societies that had Judaized ended with “an Old Testament mindset” as he put it.

An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth.

That is a very un-Christian saying! But it’s also sadly the normal way that humans think.

But the Genocide Jews over there don’t believe in that saying. Their whole thing is “disproportionate retaliation,” in other words, we kill 10 or more of you for every one of us you kill. I believe there is a case in the OT where the Jews kill 10 of their enemies for every one Jew the other side killed.

The US has the same mindset but were are a NT people.

This is simply the philosophy of the strong. The downside of a strong military is you can end up with a vicious, mass-murdering bullying army under the command of a bully state. America is the bully of the whole world but the slaves are starting to rebel, and we are lashing out like bullies always do when their victims get a backbone. Israel is a massive bully. They’re the bullies of the Middle East. They shove around and threaten just about every country over there except the ones they bribed.

Getting Banned Everywhere Again LOL

Charges: Anti-black racism, anti-American Indian racism, and antisemitism.

Getting banned from two different liberal shithead blogs again. I’m never able to stay on any liberal-Left shithead sites for long at all. They’re all SJW monsters from Hell, and most of them are feminist devils too.

For instance, this cunt Caitlin Johnstone banned me from her blog for putting ((( ))) Coincidence or Cohencidence Marks or Echoes around some names. She called me antisemite. Truth is I was putting those marks around a lot of entities that were not Jewish-owned or run at all. I put them around the Los Angeles Times and the CBC.

I put them around the UK, Labor, Tories and MP’s, and none of those are Jewish entities. The LA Times isn’t owned by Jews and has never been and I had no idea who run the CBC. I was doing it to mean “pro-Israel,” not Jewish. I’m not so stupid that I think the British government and both of their parties are a bunch of Jews.

I told her it just meant pro-Israel, not Jews, and then I said I would follow the rules. She banned me right after that. She’s a horrific feminist cunt, one of the worst devils I’ve ever met, and so are most of her feminist shaytan commenters. What’s sad is I’ve been reading this woman forever, and she was always one of my favorite writers. Sure, she’s a Satanic feminist, but nobody’s perfect. Now she’s my worst enemy.

I got in fights with them from the very start, first by implying that the plight of Native Americans was to some extent their own damned fault (it is), and I said that same thing about ghetto Blacks (it is with them, too). They all beat the living crap out of me and called me racist. Apparently 10

Ghetto Blacks act pretty awful. Liberals and the Left say these folks act that way because evil White racists put a gun to Black people’s heads and forced them to do ban things and commit crimes and live debased and morality-free lives. I’m not going to get into why they act this way because it’s an endless debate, and the only people with a sensible explanation are White Supremacists, and I refuse to quote those assholes because I hate them.

I’d say in part it’s poverty, but that’s why I support social programs. To put it simply, I’m willing to pay ghetto Blacks to act better via social programs with my tax money. Call it bribery! Fine! I’m willing to bribe these folks to act better!

It’s proven that Head Start programs for ghetto Blacks reduces crime later in life. It’s proven that Section 8 vouchers to ghetto Blacks reduce crime. What happens is you give ghetto Blacks a voucher to move out of the ghetto and they take it and move to a better neighborhood. Downside is of course the crime rate goes up significantly in the new neighborhood.

But the overall crime rate of the city goes down somewhat. And most importantly, the ghetto Blacks who moved commit somewhat less crime than they did in the ghetto. They don’t commit a lot less crime but they do commit somewhat less crime. Crime is such an existential problem for this group that it is in fact a public health issue. They seem at a complete loss to solve the problem, and we don’t do any better because we insist it’s all due to racism and of course, it’s not.

Hence endless, ever-escalating wars on the White racism phantom (now an actual phantasm as it’s “structural,” which means you can’t even see it anymore) as the wars on racism never produce the desired results, hence they need to be constantly escalated with the notion that we’re not fighting hard enough.

So we keep escalating an unwinnable war because we are fighting something that’s not even causing the problem in the first place.

It’s also a circular argument. Why do ghetto Blacks commit crime. Racism. Why is there racism? Because ghetto Blacks commit crime. This is an argument chasing it’s tail. It goes nowhere.

Anyway, I wrote that South African Blacks are far less intelligent that US Blacks by a full standard deviation. This is a simple, uncontroversial fact of science. It’s not even

This faggot pussy Leftie named Jonathan Cook removed my comment! And the commenters are piling in beating the crap out of me now. So you see the liberal-Left hates facts, truth, and science just as much as the crazy Right does. They’re both hardcore ideologues who care nothing about the truth but only about seeing their ideological theories ratified whether true or not.

What’s sad is I’ve been reading this homo for many years and I always loved his work. So he smokes poles, so what? Now this guy, who I loved like a brother, hates me and is my worst enemy all because he has a vicious hatred of science and truth.

I also got beat up on Jonathan Cock’s blog by referring to Israelis as Jews. Sorry, what else are they? Are they something else? If they’re not Jews, who in the Hell are they? Martians? Mongolians? Dinka? Uyghurs? Okinawans? Apaches? Lilliputians? ETs? Blue whales? Bonobos? WTF.

We say, the Germans did this, the Russians did that, the Iranians did this thing, the Americans did that thing. How is that not racism? Why is that not racist but conflating Israel, the state of all of the Jews in the world, with Jewish people, is somehow vicious racism? It makes no sense. Bad people create bad governments. They could vote them out anytime but they won’t because they agree with their bad government.

Lousy people make lousy countries and cultures. They could change any time they want. No people on Earth are stuck with a crap country or lousy culture. If those things exist, it’s because the people themselves created them and maintain them.

We say this in the history of wars all the time. Israelis are Jews. They’re 10

According to the insane Left, the behavior of Israel has absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with the thoughts, behavior, culture, and religion of the Jews. In fact, Israel is based on some heresy called “Zionism” which is contrary to Jewish behavior, culture and especially religion! That’s laughable. It’s pathetic. The only reason they say this stupid, insane thing is that the liberal-Left is terrified of being called racist.

Let’s think about this. The Russia-Ukraine war is caused by Russians and Ukrainians. The governments are fighting the war but the people put the governments in. Almost all wars are the fault of not just the state engaging in them but in the population which decided to go to war.

I’ve been on the Left for a long time. We’ve been bashing  Israel forever and I’ve been an Israel-hater for decades. I took it for granted for decades as the Left insists that Israel is pretty much Satan (along with a lot of other wicked countries I might add). But the Left at the same time always said the Jewish people in the Diaspora were the greatest thing since sliced bread.

I believed this utter nonsense for many years as it’s a very comforting thought. After a while, I started reading these utterly heretical people like Gilad Atzmon who suggested that Israel and Jewish thinking and behavior were linked.

Now Atzmon is a horrendous antisemitic Jew, and I’ve told him so to his face. He pushes conspiratorial and obsessive antisemitism, the worst kind. I disbelieved him because he’s practically a Nazi Jew of all things and it seemed to racist and horrible of a thing to believe.

A bit of antisemitism, watercooler antisemitism, is simply the norm in any place these folks happen to gather. It’s perfectly ok to not think much of the Jewish people as a group but to like individuals who often do not display the group behaviors.

But it’s important to open yourself up to individuals. Hating all individual Jews (or Blacks or whoever) because you are not fond of the group is racism. It’s morally wrong and it’s even a sin. If I do that, ok, but that means I’m being a bad and sinful person and I need to live with that.

Most Judeophiles I’ve met were watercooler antisemites. They love Jews more than their own lives, but they joked out how “obnoxious” they were. If even these Judeophiles are antisemites too as the Jews insist, then screw it, we’re all antisemites. Let’s just accept it, relax, and sleep well with a clean conscience.

At some point though, you’ve just gone overboard and you’re off into the crazy antisemite territory, which starts to shade into Nazi-like exterminationism awful quick. In fact, at one time, every serious antisemite I knew was an exterminationist. They wanted to kill at minimum 200,000 Jews (that was the number they gave). I hate obsessive and conspiratorial (“Nazi”) antisemitism. It’s one of the plagues of the planet.

If we are to condemn the fascist, Nazi-like extermination of the Genocide Jews of Israel, it is incumbent upon us to equally condemn the verifiably Nazi and vastly worse (by orders of magnitude) exterminationist antisemitism of the Jew-haters.

You either oppose Nazi-like and genocidal thought and behavior or you don’t. You don’t condemn it in real Nazis and they support to the hilt in the Genocide Jews. Neither do you support the real deal Genocidal Nazism with the bodies stacked up like cordwood and then condemn that much milder Nazi-like behavior of the Genocide Jews

Exterminationism is either right or wrong. If it’s wrong, it’s always wrong. If it’s right, God help us. Same with genocide. It’s either right or wrong and if it’s wrong, it’s always wrong. There are no good genocides and bad genocides. It doesn’t work that way.

Same with Nazism. Nazi-like behavior is either right or wrong. It’s not good when we do it but bad when our enemies do it as the Jews insist. And if Nazi-like behavior is wrong, it’s always wrong. You’re either a Nazi type or you’re an anti-Nazi type. You don’t get to mix and match about that stuff.

Exterminationism, genocide and Nazi-like behavior are not cases where you split the loaf in half and call it a deal. These are not things you got contingent or “Well, sometimes” about. With these things, you either back it up, in which case I pray for your worldly soul, or you condemn it, and that means in all cases, no exceptions.

I blew off Atzmon.

I think I might have heard it somewhere else, but the next time I remembered hearing it was from a Jewish commenter who told me that most people who didn’t like Jews had a lot of experience with them, and folks who had never been around them often liked them a lot. This is what people say about Blacks too, and it’s catastrophic for any ethnic group to behave this way.

It basically means the group acts awful. The reason is that the normal human way is that we often don’t like strange groups all that much, mostly because they are mysterious and don’t know and hence suspect them. But as we get to know these strange people more and more, we start to like them more as we see their common humanity shared with us. So going from ignorance to dislike goes against the human tendency, and it’s a disastrous thing to say about anyone.

He also pointed out that Jews, mostly Jewish men, were highly aggressive people. I had never thought of it exactly like that before, but looking back at even my father’s friends, yes, there was an aggression about them. He noted that there was a thuggish quality about a lot of the Jews in academia in business.

He shocked me by pointing out that New Yorkers had such a rude, belligerent, unpleasant, obnoxious, get out of my way attitude because so many of them were Jews, hence “Jewish behavior” had radiated out into the Gentiles of the group and they had become “Judaized Gentiles.” I was stunned but it got me thinking. After a while, I figured out it out.

This idea of a demonic Israel and the pure white light of humanistic beauty of the blessed Diaspora Jews was insane. Instead, the roots of the awful behavior of the Israeli state were to be found, as cruel as it seems, in the very behavior of the Jewish people themselves.

The behavior of Israeli Jews seemed to share something in common with even the more liberal Jews of the Diaspora because Israeli Jews are often referencing basic Jewish values to justify their genocidal actions. Even worse, the Jews of Israel are always referencing the Jewish religion to justify their bloodthirsty, Nazi-like exterminationist mindset. They have something in common as odd as it seems. Their both drawing water from the same contaminated well.

Even more damningly, 80-9

The disconnect between the extreme liberalism and even, yes, profound humanism, of the Diaspora Jews in their (our) lands which has liberated and freed out societies greater than any debt that can ever be repaid and their support for the Nazi-minded exterminationist Genocide Jews of Israel could not be greater. It’s a gap as wide as the Grand Canyon, yet the Diaspora Jews high-jump it easy every day. Cognitive dissonance is a powerful thing.

Goals of the Armed Palestinian and Pro-Palestinian Groups

Hamas (armed wing Izz-el-Din al Qassam Brigades, shortened Al Qassam Brigades)– Izz-el-Din al Qassam was one of the leaders of the Arab revolt in Palestine in 1936-37. Hamas is the Palestinian branch of the Muslim Brotherhood. Hard to say what their goal is.

They want to get rid of Israel (see what that means below), sure, but they recently proposed a two state solution. Nobody believes this but Hamas has been moderating radically over the last four years and even before. I know this sounds nuts but this is the most HUMANE war that Hamas and the Palestinians have ever fought against Israel other than the big wars.

Hamas hasn’t even imposed Sharia in Gaza because they don’t want to. Another example of moderating influence. Hamas fights directly alongside Marxist groups like the PFLP, and you see them together at demos. The PFLP are almost atheists, so I don’t think Hamas is big on shoving Islam down everyone’s throat.

Hamas also recently said,

We have always lived with the Jews and Christians and we have no problems living with them in the future

so this idea that they are out to kill all the Jews in Israel or make them leave seems dubious. Nevertheless, it’s leaders continue to make ominous statements like the leader of Hamas armed wing, Mohammad Deif said at the beginning of the recent attack on October 7:

You (Jews) are not entitled to one inch of this land.

Nevertheless, most groups make an exception for the native Palestinian Jews and say that all of them can stay. In the seminal and extremely radical original charter of the PLO issued in 1964, it said that any Jew who could trace their ancestry in the land back to before 1917 (the Balfour Declaration), could stay if they were going to be peaceful.

Armed force of 40,000+, armed with standard weapons, machine guns, anti-tank guns, anti-aircraft guns, torpedoes, a variety of drones including suicide drones, RPG’s, grenades, explosive charges, and a variety of artillery such as short- and long-range missiles, anti-personnel missiles, and mortars.

Palestinian Islamic Jihad (armed wing Saraya al-Quds, in English The Army of Jerusalem) – This is so hard to say as they never make any public statements on this question. They are extremely close to Iran and all Iran wants is a plebiscite on the future of the region. After that they figure there will be no more apartheid state. This is what destroy Israel, wipe out Israel, etc. really means.

A corollary would be saying, “Wipe out, destroy apartheid South Africa,” as in, “Get rid of the regime or government, not kill all the people.” Long ago Islamic Jihad said all of the Jews could stay if they agreed to live under Islamic law. More recently, in 2009, they supported a one-state solution where all the Jews could stay as long as Palestinians and Jews had equal rights.

They’re perfectly happy in the West Bank and Gaza though where there is no Sharia. Rarely makes antisemitic statements. Armed force of 12,000. Armed with explosive charges, mortars, machine guns, and a variety of missiles such as 107mm short-range and also long-range rockets.

Al-Nasser Al-Saladin Brigades (armed Fatah rejectionists) – Secular. Officially support a 2 state solution at the moment. Fatah (PA) has not imposed Sharia in the West Bank, so they don’t want it in Israel either. Size unknown. Armed with missiles.

Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP – armed wing Abu Ali Mustafa Brigades) – Abu Ali Mustafa was the leader of the group who was assassinated by Israel in 2001. Extremely secular, Marxists, almost atheists, many Christians. The official old position of the leaders of the group was that all of the Jews could stay in a single state if they were peaceful. But the bases often call for throwing out all the Jews. They surely don’t want Sharia. Size unknown. Armed with mortars and missiles.

Mujahedin Brigades – Nobody knows. Extremely secretive but possibly huge organization. Islamists. They cut off a dead Israeli soldier’s head, so I’d say they’re hardliners. Armed with standard arms, RPG’s, anti-tank guns, and missiles. The group is extremely secretive but is said to have at least 20,000 members.

Popular Resistance Committees (PRC) – Secular, clan based Leftists. Hard to say what their view on what they want, but it would probably along the lines of the PFLP and DFLP. Surely don’t want Sharia. Size unknown, standard armaments.

Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine (DFLP, armed wing National Resistance Brigades – Martyr Omar al-Qasim Forces) – Omar al-Qasim was one of the leaders of the Democratic Front. He died of an illness in an Israeli prison in 1989. He was known for leading hunger strikes. Extremely secular, Marxists, almost atheists. Officially support a 2 state solution. Surely do not support Sharia. Website here, but it’s not updated very often. Size unknown, armed with standard arms, machine guns, anti-tank guns, mortars, and missiles.

Al Aqsa Martyr’s Brigade – Secular, officially support a 2 state solution. Fatah split. Fatah (PA) has not imposed Sharia in the West Bank so they don’t want it in a single state either. However, they are known to make statements saying that the Jews need to leave Palestine. Makes anti-Semitic statements on a fairly regular basis. Size unknown, armed with standard arms, missiles, RPG’s, anti-tank guns, and explosive charges.

PFLP-GC (armed wing Jihad Jibril Brigades, named after late leader Ahmad Jibril’s son, Jihad Ahmed Jibril, leader of the armed wing who was killed in a car bomb in Beirut in 2002). – Secular Leftist group close to Syria. They’ve never made any statements on what they prefer. I’m sure they don’t want Sharia. Size unknown. Armed with standard arms and missiles.

Very small Salafist groups in Gaza – Probably very hardline on Israel, but they’ve never made any statements, so know one knows. They definitely want Sharia. Size unknown, armed with standard arms and missiles.

Hezbollah (English, Army of God) – Will accept but does not prefer a 2 state solution. Probably want a plebiscite like Iran. They have not imposed Sharia in Lebanon and don’t intend to, so they don’t want it in Palestine. Official statements by Nasrallah envision the Israeli Jews packing up and leaving Israel. Does not take orders from Iran. Part of the Axis of Resistance.

100,000 members. Arsenal of 200,000 missiles, including standard arms, some precision missiles, multiple rocket launchers, anti-tank guns, drones, including suicide drones, anti-aircraft guns, and anti-ship missiles. Its mobile corps has motorcycles and jeeps.

Islamic Resistance in Iraq – This is a collection of groups generally known as the PMU Brigades, an armed Shia pro-Iran formation that is part of the Iraqi Army. The media always refers to this as an “Iranian militia” and makes it s seem like Iran is attacking our bases. It’s not.

The Iraqi military itself literally attacks our bases in Iraq on a near-daily basis. I suppose that sounds bad so the media never reports that. Does not take orders from Iran. Part of the Axis of Resistance. 50,000+ in a variety of formations, including a few Sunni, Christian, and Yazidi formations. Armed with standard arms, missiles, and drones. They have all sorts of weapons, including missiles and drones.

Ansar Allah (English, Army of God) – Often referred to as the Houthis, but the Houthis are just one of the many tribes that make up this group. The Houthis are mostly Shia, but some are Sunni, others say they are both Sunni and Shia, and still others say they are neither Sunni nor Shia. Does not take orders from Iran. Armed with standard arms and a significant arsenal of advanced drones, missiles, and rockets developed based on Iranian prototypes with the help of Hezbollah. Also has anti-ship missiles.

Probably wants a plebiscite. Arguably an anti-Semitic group, unfortunately.

Al-Jamaa Al-Islamiya (English, Islamic Group, armed wing Fajr Forces) – Sunni Lebanese group. Active for the first time since 1990. Islamists. Armed with standard arms and missiles. Supports Sharia in Lebanon. Close to the Muslim Brotherhood.

Note that all groups supporting a 2 state solution, including the PA, see it as “a preliminary step in the resolution of the conflict.” I’m sure they would all be happy with a single state solution too, especially as they’re all secular.


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