How Women Make Accommodations for Chads and Alphas

Women like players. They like studs. They like the men who get all the women. They see a guy like that, and a lot say,

Where does the line form and do I need a number?

Even if they have to stand in line and take a number to get a fairly quick fuck, they will walk out of Joe Player’s house with smile beaming across their faces and a notch on their belt – one of the hottest notches of all because they fucked the guy that all the women want!

The guy all the woman want seems to be, from the female POV, the “man with the golden sperm.” We have to think in cavewoman terms because this is still how modern women think sexually. In that sense then, his genes may be the best because why else would everyone be lining up to get impregnated by him?

Oscar Wilde said

Women always want to the best.

The naturally gravitate to superior or dominant males, and the guy getting lots of women seems superior in a sexual sense, and, as sex results in breeding, in the cavewoman brain most women still have, it’s his genes they want.

What I noticed a lot though is that women love the player, but they want to reform him and be the hottest women on Earth to the point where this guy who was doing three chicks a day is now satisfied by her and only her because she is just that damn good. I saw this over and over when I was young. A lot of married women are very proud that their husbands were players when they were young. They hope he’s given it up, but they’re glad they nailed a player.

Problem with this is I don’t think it really works. The biggest players of all that I know married chicks who thought they were so hot that they were substitutes for the multiple other women. But I noticed that in a couple of years, these guys were back cheating again.

When women get older they figure out that a lot of Chads and Alphas have so many women after them that they will never be faithful. They figure faithlessness is what they have to put up with to get this hottest guy of all.

So they make accommodations, bring other women around for him to fuck while they watch, bring women around for threeways, or even offer to get him a girlfriend on side. I’ve had women offer and do all these things for me.

Mostly they want to still be Number One, and what they fear more than infidelity is his love straying and him falling in love with another woman. So a lot of swingers have this thing were the guy or the woman gets to fuck other people but any falling in love is absolutely forbidden. So straying sex is no problem but straying love is a serious issue.

I had a girlfriend once who figured I was incorrigible, but she didn’t care as long as she was Number One. She was crazy in love with me and vice versa. In fact her knowing I was a player seemed to make her fall even crazier in love with me.

Most women will dump your ass just like that if they catch you cheating and frankly most women are monogamous and demand that their men be the same. I’m not really cut out for monogamy, though I can be monogamous for years if I don’t get lucky. But I’ll always be looking for pussy on the side.

This one chick I had seemed to figure that the price of Mr. Hot Guy was he was going to cheat. But she was willing to make accommodations. We had a “Don’t ask, don’t tell” open relationship where we did what we wanted sexually as long as we didn’t tell the other one about it. “What I don’t know won’t hurt me” is the idea.

I’ve had these relationships my whole life and most women and even girls are perfectly fine with them. Some even wave the open relationship around as a flag and brag to people about it so they can be modern, hip, and uninhibited and all that. Problem is they tend to figure out when your cheating. Then they catch you cheating and it’s like this.

Couple with open relationship:

Woman: Goddamn it you motherfucker you cheated on me!

Man: What about our open relationship?

Woman: What open relationship? Fuck that.

That’s sort of how it works.

I asked this chick what she would do if she caught me cheating on her even though we had an open thing.

Me: Would you dump me?

Woman: Nah

Me: What would you do then?

Woman: What will I do? Probably just to fuck one of your friends to get back at you.

She seemed to think that infidelity was the admission price to getting me.

I was dating a 65 year old woman recently, and she caught me chasing other women. She didn’t say much except:

You have a wandering dick.

I agreed. Then she helpfully suggested,

Do you want me to get you a girlfriend on side? Do you want me to bring a woman around for you so you can do both of us or put on shows for you?

See, she’s trying to make accommodations. As long as you keep her Number One, she doesn’t care. Sex matters not. It’s only falling in love that counts as infidelity.

Anyway this chick was literally an old lady, and she’s offering to bring women around for me and do threeways and put on girl-girl shows and get me a side chick and whatnot. Female sexuality just goes on forever I guess. At age 65 she was still masturbating to orgasm every single night. She still got real wet.

I knew another woman age 66 around this time, and she told me she banged herself with a dildo every night to keep herself open because when the estrogen goes down after menopause, their pussies can start to lock up real bad, almost like a damned pismo clam straight from the surf.

I dated a 59 year old woman not so long ago, and she had this thing called a “vibe” that she used to pry her pussy open for sex. She had forgotten and left it at home though, so we could not have PIV sex, though we had another type of sex. I told her about the estrogen ring and she got very interested. A lot of postmenopausal women really need that thing.

She still get plenty wet too, once the dick got in.

So some of these old ladies you see might not be quite so sexless as they seem.

I’ve met a number of postmenopausal women and they all told me that they still got wet. Haven’t met a dried up one yet. One girlfriend said,

“I don’t get as wet and it takes me longer to get wet.”

The problem was I couldn’t get into her damned vag at all. She was tighter than a virgin and she was 51 years old and had been fucked halfway to Mars and back over the years, but her pussy was none the looser from all of it.

I used some lube though and I got in, but when I pulled my hand out, it had weird dried blood all over it. I was horrified but she just laughed. I’ve noted that females seem to make some sort of peace with blood at a fairly early age for obvious reasons. There’s stuff about their vagina’s that grosses us out and horrifies us, and they just shrug and act like it’s nothing. I think men are a lot more pussy around blood and bodily secretions than women are.

This crap about pussies turning into the Mohave Desert is sort of bullshit. Still you might need lube. A better option is an estrogen string implanted in her cervix to get her vagina supplied with estrogen to counter the effects of aging. It works great and it’s local so you don’t have to deal with bad side effects of systemic estrogen. Otherwise you can get vaginal pain, dryness, burning, itching, and even bleeding due to the thinning of the walls of the blood vessels in the vagina that results from lack of estrogen as the levels go way down after menopause.

Some side effects of declining estrogen in postmenopausal women are a not infrequently totally nuked and ruined sex drive. I’ve seen literal slut to non convertions. Very depressing. However, what often goes along with this is that postmenopausal women are not less insane then pre-menopause. It seems that the thing that makes women raving, gushing, animalistic nymphos is the same chemical that makes them act so crazy. So you want to get laid, you have to deal with the crazy. You want the crazy to go away? Fine but the price is no more pussy LOL.

I think it’s rather interesting that the same chemical that gives them a sex drive also makes them nuts. You take the crazy chemical away and they get a lot saner but now they don’t want to fuck.

Life gives but then it takes away. There’s no free lunch in life. There’s a price for everything and we pay for our pleasures with the wages of misery. You want the good times, you need to put up with the bad.

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3 thoughts on “How Women Make Accommodations for Chads and Alphas”

  1. Quick story. My late wife had a foster sister who was knock out gorgeous. Had been a teen model for a while. I lost track of her after my wife died and hadn’t seen her in probably 5 years.

    I was at a bar I used to haunt one night just hanging out. Lots of women but no show of interest from any of them. Anyway I got up to go to the bathroom, and when I came back, I met this woman leaving. I hadn’t seen her before that and didn’t even know she was there. She saw me and stopped and said:

    R, is that you? Damn how long has it been?

    I immediately recognized her. It was Bev. She was still stunning. Tall, dark hair, and beautiful blue eyes. She was little thin for my taste but still very much a model’s figure. We talked for a couple of minutes and then she excused herself and said her friends were waiting for outside in the car. We gave each other a big hug and kiss on the cheek. She left and I went back in the bar.

    All of a sudden, I noticed a lot of women were moving closer to me. A couple of them even asked if I’d like to dance, which I did. I talked to these women and a few others before I left for the night.

    On the way home it hit me that all the increased attention occurred after I had talked to and hugged my beautiful 30-year-old former foster sister. Obviously, I was chopped liver before that to all these women. Just another guy in the crowd.

    But once a hot 30 something showed interest me, I became an object of desire. It was an experience that changed forever my impression of women.

  2. Women also seem to be more comfortable with shit for whatever reason. Vomit grosses them out more overall.

    Men are the opposite, with the exception of gays.

    When I jokingly imitate hillbillies or silly niggies there’s often sexual tension with women. Throwing in a little sexism doesn’t hurt either. Even the most prestigious vampiric woman can be brought down to the level of a mangy werewolf in her most bestial she-bitch form. All the slutty mutts with big butts need is a dick. The pinnacle of the simple man is his dick and the cavernous creatures we call women, never straying far from the cave, wouldn’t have it any other way.

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