Running Two Women at Once

Running Two Women at Once

It’s actually pretty cool to have two women going at once even if one knows the other one. It’s a good way to keep them in line. If she ever gets crazy and out of control and bitched out, just threaten her:

Why are you treating me like this? The other woman never does this to me! She treats me like a king! I should leave you for her!

This really riles them because I believe that women and girls love to compete for the best men. Anyway she will calm down real quick. If there are sex acts she won’t do, tell her that the other woman will do them, so why don’t you?

It’s sort of evil to play women off each other like that but so what? If it gets me a better behaved, less psycho and loony girlfriend and some better sex, where’s the harm. It’s not really evil to manipulate people into behaving better, though I suppose it can be. You’re not hurting someone by making them act better. You’re actually doing them a damned favor!

One thing you can do is tell both of them that they’re better than the other one.

Say you’re with Woman A. Tell her:

You know what? You’re better than Woman B.

Say you’re with Woman B. Tell her:

Man, you are so much better than Woman A.

You’re totally lying to both of them, but so what?

If you want to be a player, you have to get ready to lie like a complete psychopath because otherwise you will start to feel guilty. Also you have steel yourself against women screaming at you for dumping them and crying and wailing in your face. You’re going to hurt a lot of women’s feelings.

I went through this “Guilty Player” phase but it doesn’t really work. And it’s stupid.

If you can’t be a pathological liar with a heart of stone, just don’t try to be a player. Just get yourself a girlfriend or wife and stay with her. There’s nothing wrong with monogamy. A lot of guys say it’s the greatest thing on Earth, especially if you’re having tons of sex with a great woman. I’m not going to disagree with them! A lot of married monogamous men are living the Life of Ryan!

I’m just not cut out that way though. I think I’m incapable of monogamy even at my age or at least psychologically incapable of it. That is, even if I were monogamous, my mind would always be looking for other women to “supplement” the one I have.

But I have been monogamous by default. That is, I had a woman and I was open to getting other women of course like the cheating dog I am, but I just never ran into any opportunities. Monogamy, even by default, was a lot of fun. Especially if you are getting lots of sex.

This was ten years ago and I was running two, wait, three girlfriends at once. In my mid-50’s too. I would always buy three separate Valentine’s day cards, and the young female clerks would always give me funny looks.

With the two of them, it went on off and on for 1 1/2 years. Both of these chicks were insanely in love with me. I was crazy in love with them too. The other one was the Jewish chick and we went on for 5 1/2 years. She was madly in love with me too and the feeling was mutual. So I had three chicks crazy in love with me at once. At age 57! It was great, man!

The women were 48, 51, and 57 and all three wanted to fuck all the time, for those of you who women around that age don’t like sex.

No wait, I was actually running three girlfriends back then! I would always buy three separate Valentine’s day cards and the young female clerks would always give me funny looks.

With the two of them, it went on off and on for 1 1/2 years. Both of these chicks were insanely in love with me. I was crazy in love with them too.

The 48 (the artist) and 51 year olds (the editor) were seriously dirty and perverted. I’ve found that by the time a woman gets to 40, if she really loves sex, she’s usually accumulated a kink or two on the way to midlife.

So women actually get more perverted as they get older. A lot of young women and teenage girls are pretty inhibited. It was a long time ago, but quite a few of them refused to suck cock. And some wanted lube for PIV sex, which means she’s experiencing painful sex. This is almost always due to emotional reasons or inhibitions.

The 57 year old teacher even said

You can fuck me anytime you want. You want to fuck me 10 times a day, I’ll do it.

This is great. This is what you want to hear from a girlfriend. If she says that, she really loves you too. I wonder how many men never hear that one time in their lives.

The editor loved me so deep and so dearly that she loved me more than I had ever been loved. This was the one who treated me like shit half the day and then like a king the other half of the day. If she was at my place, she behaved a lot better because whenever she bitched out, I simply threatened to kick her out of the apartment right there! When I was at her place though, I was at her mercy. I think for one two-week stretch she threatened to throw me out 50 times!

She also threatened very seriously to call the cops on me because we did get in a physical fight. The crazy bitch started hitting me for no sane reason, I got tired of blocking her blows after a bit, and I punched in the shoulder. She said:

Owwww! That hurt!

I didn’t even hit her very hard because she’s a woman. But I guess even half-strong male punches feel strong to a  woman.

The whole rest of the night, she bitched and whined:

You hit me. You hit me. You hit me.

Like a broken record. She did a lot of crying in between.

But once she stopped crying and complaining and said:

You know what? That whole time I was crying and complaining about you? I loved you the whole time.

Then she would give me a sad face.

Well I never had a chick love me that much! Actually I stayed with her not just for the sex but because she loved more than any woman ever had. I just could not abandon that sort of love. It might come once a lifetime if you’re lucky. A lot of probably never get it.

This even went on all through the night when we slept together. She cried off and on all night long and kept saying:

You hit me. You hit me. You hit me.

For God’s sake. I didn’t even hit her very hard, and it was in self-defense. I kept grabbing at her body all night long because I’m sexually insatiable, and I’m also sort of a scum. She pushed me away all night long.

Nooo! You hit me. Nooo! You hit me. Nooo! You hit me.

This is where I have a problem with #Metoo BS. #Metoo says every time you touch a woman in a sexual way without her permission, it’s sexual assault. And they claim sexual assault and rape can even happen with regular girlfriends and wives. But if you see above, couples are always grabbing at each other and even at times pushing the other one away because they’re not in the mood. I guess #Metoo would claim I sexually assaulted this chick 100 times that night. See?

Anyway I would go on trips with the artist who knew about the editor, and the editor would be calling me every day. The artist would laugh and look at the number and say:

It’s your wife.

And giggle. For some reason, she was really getting off on being this woman having an affair with a guy who already had a woman.

She was pretty good too. I used to tell her how the editor woman treated me, and she would get so furious. She was always threatening to beat up the other chick because of how she treated me. The editor was dead jealous too. She said:

I take care of my men. I don’t let anyone else take them. I swear to God if some woman tries to steal my man, I’ll cut a bitch!

She literally carried a pocket knife around for this expressed purpose.

At this point you’ve basically got two women literally fighting over you. I know that most men never experience that. If you can though even if only for once in your life, it’s the greatest feeling in the whole world to have two chicks literally fighting over you. It’s Alpha as Hell.

She may have liked to be the woman having the affair for a while, but then she tired of it:

I’m the other woman

She complained, knowing that my first love was the editor. Women will play second fiddle for a while, but then they tire of it.

Then she broke up with me for a while but came back after a while,

Robert, I still love you. Take me back. Please take me back.

This is an excellent thing! How many guys experience this? A girlfriend literally begging you to take her back. You see, in this case you have all the power and she has zero. But that’s not such a bad thing because that’s how a lot of women like it.

At some point, though the editor found out about the artist and the artist soon found out about the teacher and that  really set her off. The editor had never known about the artist. But at some point, she figured it out. I showed her photos of the artist, and the editor made fun of her looks and called her “Big Head” and said she, the editor, was so much hotter. She also said,

You fucked that?

Anyway this two women at once thing is going to end at some point in most cases. If you keep it going even a year or two, you’re a hero. But at some point, Woman A will dump you even though she knew about Woman B the whole time. She’ll probably suspect she’s “the other woman” and resent that. At some point, Woman B will find out about Woman A. Then she will dump you too. Then  they will make friends with each other and sit around and talk about what a piece of shit lowlife dog you are.

C’est la vie!

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5 thoughts on “Running Two Women at Once”

  1. The flame that burns twice as bright burns half as long. Being with multiple women is hot but obviously it’s not sustainable. Monogamy is tough enough. Imagine trying to appease two women.

    On another note older women are more kinky because deep down most know they can’t keep up with younger women on pure looks alone so they overcompensate with being down for more degenerate stuff in bed. Plus they obviously have more sexual experience, more confidence, and a better understanding of what they do and don’t like.

    Men obviously aren’t supposed to abuse our strength and hit women but almost all women get turned on when you show dominance and remind them that you are way stronger than them. No women will admit this openly because most are ashamed, but female nature is not all sunshine and rainbows.

      1. Might be a pretty girl thing. They’re used to getting all the attention, so they gravitate towards someone that doesn’t. Cats are similar, often jumping on the lap of the person that hates cats.

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