Age of Consent Laws and Adult-Teen Sex, Then and Now

Back in the day, I used to drive an ice cream truck. Like the cliche, I sold dope out of it. In my case it was hashish. I also used to stop my truck sometimes and smoke pot with my customers.

One time it was with this hot 15 year old girl and her friends. She gave me her name and number. Keep in mind that I was only 20, and it was completely normal back then for 18-21 year old men to have sex with 14-17 year old girls, but most of them stopped around 21.

I started calling this 15 year old girl. Her Dad had left her and she lived with her Mom. One Friday night she said she and her Mom were going down to my city on the beach for the weekend. She wanted me to meet her at some hotel by the beach. I forget what happened but it never materialized. We kept talking and one time she talked about when she was at Catalina Island and this 23 year old man started hitting on her. She called him a pervert I guess for going after an underage girl at his age. Then she asked me if I was a pervert. It’s hard to see 20 year old man and 15 year old girl as perverted in any way, but as you can see, even back then, some of the girls were already thinking this way. But none of the men were.

Generally speaking, a lot of the best men from 18-21  fucked hot 14-17 year old teenage girls. But as a general rule, most of them stopped around age 20. So what was really going on back then and what was actually epidemic was sort of an extreme version of what our Romeo and Juliet close in age Age of Consent laws are addressing. Only a few men kept banging teenage girls after age 21, and a lot of them had sociopathic or Cluster B characteristics.

I knew one guy who was fucking a 14 year old at age 24. She was living with him!

I knew another man, age 29, who had sex with his 15 year old sister’s best friend. The sister and the girl came over one night while we were watching movies. They both had those somewhat “stick” bodies that girls that age have, and of course both were all legs, but that starts as young as age 11. They both acted like 15 year old girls too, which isn’t 10

Apparently this 15 year old girl approached him and seduced him. It must have been that way because I can’t this guy chasing a 15 year old girl. You see, a lot of girls that age are still virgins, and virgin teenage girls and young adults are often angry, annoyed, and frustrated by their virginity and want to get it over with as soon as possible. And a lot of the time,  they lose it to an older man. In fact, in many cases, they prefer to lose it to an older man. I met two girls recently, one 14 and the other 15, who had older man fetishes and both told me they intended to lose their virginity to an older man when they hit the age of consent. Both of them refused to date boys their age because they thought they were idiots. The 14 year old had an older man friend, a divorced guy about 50. They hung out together and he gave her little jobs to do for money sometimes. I think this was a great maturational experience for this girl. They were both keeping it extremely clean and there was no sex whatsoever going on. The sex fascists go into wild fury when they hear about this sort of thing and call the man a pedophile and demand he put murdered in a woodchipper. Or they call him a “groomer.” I don’t even know what a groomer is anymore. I don’t think you can groom a teenage girl, at least after 15. They’re just way too smart to fall for that. “Grooming” nowadays seems to mean nothing more than “seduction.” For the life of me I can’t understand why anyone would be upset about the relationship this girl has with this man.

A friend of mine went to high school in South Carolina. He said a lot of the 13-15 year old girls were anxious to lose their virginity, so they headed over to the local stud’s place in the trailer park and did the deed. The guy was about 25. Nothing ever happened to the man, and no charges were ever pressed or even investigated.

Teenage girls try to seduce adult men all the time! I don’t think it’s true that the man literally preys on some sweet innocent thing and he’s the one who comes onto her, although it happens in some cases with some more sociopathic men. But I’ve never seen a single case of it in my entire life.

All I’ve seen is the girls seducing men or it’s mutual and they hit on each other. This whole idea these girls are sweet innocent victims getting preyed on (they literally say this sex is child molestation!) by these evil men is pretty much bullshit! Perhaps there some cases. Generally though, to say the girl is ready and willing is an understatement.

Though people were ok with what boiled to an extended Romeo and Juliet law back then of up to seven years doesn’t mean it wasn’t illegal. The AOC in California was 18 this whole time, but it was rarely prosecuted. If the man got older in age they started to prosecute it more.

I knew a  35 year old Black former football player who had an apartment and let us teenagers hang out there and smoke pot and drink beer. He was a great guy. Well, it turned he fucked one of the 14-16 year old girls who hung out there. I fucked one of them myself, but I was 16 so it was no big.

This White girl the Black guy fucked was 15. I believe he got five weeks in jail. That was a pretty average sentence back then. And this was for a 35 year old man and a 15 year old girl. Nowadays, I’ve seen guys in their late 20’s getting life imprisonment for fucking a 15 year old girl. But he also took videos and photos of her. How times have changed!

Back then, they would only press charges if the girl complained, and the girl rarely complained. Sometimes they would take it to the girl’s parents and ask them if it was ok for her to have sex with the young man. A surprising amount of the time, the parents would say they were fine with it. Even in cases where the police got involved and possibly an arrest was made, the DA often wouldn’t prosecute because the girl usually refused to testify against the man.

Nowadays, we’ve cleared up that problem of letting these dastardly fellows off the hook! Girl’s ok with it? No problem, prosecute anyway! But if the girl’s ok with it, then she’s not a victim, right? How the Hell you can possible have a crime with no victim? That’s ridiculous.

Too bad!

Let’s go to the girls’ parents and ask them. Ok they’re fine it too.

Too bad, prosecute anyway!

See, even if the girl and her parents are totally ok with this man having with this teenage girl, hence there is no victim and no perpetrator, the state itself bypasses both of the non-victims and decides to prosecute the guy on the basis of the state’s interests. Because allowing this to go on ruins society or some bullshit. This is absurd. I want to go back to the way it was.

Now I’m not advocating lowering the Age of Consent laws in my state or my country or anywhere, but I wouldn’t object if some governing body decided to reduce it to a reasonable level, like 16 or 17 in the US. I don’t think I’ll ever fuck one of those girls again. What the Hell do I care about an 18 year old AOC law in my state?

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4 thoughts on “Age of Consent Laws and Adult-Teen Sex, Then and Now”

  1. The feminist sex psychosis in the USA is unbearable. It is dangerous and completely backwards. I have since left and am solidifying plans to expatriate. They will not get the benefit of my labor.

    And on your topic of the culture being far more reasonable years ago, here’s a blast from the past:


    When I see stuff like that, I want to come back to the USA, but then I remember those times and that culture are long gone.

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