Three Different Type of Geniuses

Tamerlane: Conscientiousness is more than just working diligently over extended periods of time, it also includes fulfilling obligations to elders/society and following rules(doing what you are “supposed” to do like going to school and being a good little boy).

Geniuses are low in this and low in agreeableness and have high IQs. Basically psychopathic personality characteristics, as psychopaths consistently score low in both agreeableness and conscientiousness. Undoubtedly, high IQ and high conscientiousness will make most people very successful and wealthy in life but that is not the same thing as being a genius/having genius-like characteristics.

This is the video I was talking about, long version and then short version:

The Psychology of the Genius: Autism and High IQ Criminal Traits:

What Are the Psychological Traits of a Genius (Very Briefly)?

There are people who read here who get furious whenever I discuss this subject. Considering this is an important part of this site, why don’t you just leave? You know, take off? go bye bye? Do make haste depart from our dear company here if you will, kind sir?

You are referring to geniuses per se, correct?

1. “Genius IQ types” in which genius is simply a metric on the IQ scale where the top

Discussion of this is very much a taboo in our country to the extent that I can almost never be discussed under any circumstances, which strikes me as bizarre and yes indicative of an anti-intellectual country.

2.The second definition is simply a subset of the Genius IQ types so they may be very common also. There are less than 3.3 million of them in our country, but there are many more than the true “pure geniuses.” I’m not sure what to call them. Geniuses with genius psychological traits? No matter what you call them, the people like my friend will get mad because they are a “lesser type of genius,” even though they have very high IQ’s. Now about dividing them  into Normie Geniuses and…Non-Normie or Outlier Geniuses?

3. There’s another definition of genius that is much more restrictive, such as that Napoleon, Beethoven, James Joyce, Herman Melville, Bob Dylan, Picasso, Elizabeth Bishop, FDR, Frank Lloyd Wright, Rachel Carson, Timothy Leary, and so many more great and famous people qualify for. These geniuses are pretty rare. They really stand out as the top people in their fields. Maybe call those True, Pure Geniuses.”

The thing people get mad about with me is they are too stupid to figure that I am talking about 1 when they think I’m talking about Number 3.

“Lindsay keeps saying he’s a genius!”

Man, would you STFU, idiots? Yeah, it’s a matter of science that I fall into this rather useless category Number 1 Genius types, me and 3,299,999 others of us that is. Now it doesn’t sound quite so impressive, does it? I’m willing to discuss it but I’m not willing to brag about it because it’s hardly anything to brag about.

It’s almost more of a liability than a benefit. And there’s nothing to brag about in this life of mine these days anyway, ok? You don’t want to be me. There’s nothing to see, nothing to be, and in fact, there’s nothing there at all. As far as being me, there’s no there, there.

There’s no there, there.

-Gertrude Stein, discussing Oakland, California

In other words, I can’t think of anything quite as pathetic as someone who is jealous or envious of me. Yet these confounding folks exist.

I live in a city of 60,000 which may have up 30-35 genius IQ types. Yet if you spent some time here, you’d think it was a city of full of uneducated idiots because that’s more or less what they act like. There’s nothing wrong with them of course, but they’re simply not intellectuals in any way, and the environment here is very anti-intellectual with a vengeance. But for someone like me, I may as well be in the Empty Quarter without a map, not that one would do you much good there anyway.

You still think “I have a Genius IQ” is so impressive? It’s not, and it often doesn’t get you much of anywhere anyway.

They never discuss Number 2 Geniuses probably because they angrily deny that they even exist. I’ve noticed another thing. The people who get so angry if anyone brings up IQ also tend to be people who don’t have extremely high ones. Which is just fine, of course.

What on Earth is wrong with being average? Average means “like just about everyone else,” and in the US, it’s regarded as disability. Once people’s IQ’s get to a certain level, definitely over 140, they tend to be much more willing to discuss it.

So obviously discussing IQ makes most people feel small, inferior, failed, and lesser-than, which in a statistical way is all true though we’re not supposed to mention it. Because it makes them feel inferior, they angrily lash out at the subject. As if everyone should be expected to have a 140 IQ. Look, dammit. Everyone cannot be superior. Everyone cannot be above average, unless you live in Lake Wobegon. Studies have shown that 9

Out of curiosity, I would like to ask Tamerlane how many Genius IQ types are also low in agreeableness and conscientiousness and hence are Non-Normie or Outlier Geniuses?

And how many are like my NPC Super-Normie friend?

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4 thoughts on “Three Different Type of Geniuses”

  1. RL:
    “Out of curiosity, I would like to ask Tamerlane how many Genius IQ types are also low in agreeableness and conscientiousness and hence are Non-Normie or Outlier Geniuses?

    And how many are like my NPC Super-Normie friend?”

    This one’s easy. If I recall correctly there is no correlation between IQ and OCEAN except for O (Openness). []

    So the Venn diagram of people with outlier high IQ AND low agreeableness AND low conscientiousness is probably extremely small. Those are very, very rare and very, very gifted individuals.

    Genius IQ by itself is also very rare too, less than 1%, and getting rarer and rarer as we become dumber and dumber. It will singlehandedly take you a long way in life. Having a genius IQ in life is like being 6’5” on the basketball court.

    1. I and three of my siblings have genius IQ’s and none of us have accomplished a thing in life. However, they both have major mental disorders that went untreated for a very long time – Depression in my sister and Bipolar Disorder in my brother. I have an anxiety disorder but I’m not sure how much it fucks me up. I’m not really physically able to work for a long time now. I dropped out of the workforce at age 40 and I’d been in school for a lot of that time – 10 years. So I was only really in the workforce and not in school for 12 years of my life.

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