Low Conscientiousness Redux

CLAVDIVS AMERICANVS: Oh, I think you mean geniuses are low C, low A but high IQ. In that case, yes. I am very much like that. I am far more creative than I am smart, but I have always had terribly low contentiousness.

People usually don’t like me because I posit “strange” ideas and I point out unfortunate truths. Like they literally get mad that I waste their time with an alternate point of view because it distracts them from solving the problem at hand using a conventional framework that their superiors handed down to them.

I just got banned from a pro-Resistance Axis discussion group for precisely this reason. I’ll write it up later.

Yes, I must have extremely low Conscientiousness. The whole purpose of this blog was to shock people out of their bullshit Normie-NPC ways of thinking by proposing new ideas that I felt were uncomfortable truths made taboo by society for some moronic emotional reason.

And yeah, I ask a lot of questions about the sort of things we like to talk about here. But a lot of people don’t like someone who is always asking questions, especially about about “heavy” things. I had a 140 IQ girlfriend who complained “You’re always asking questions?”

You see there is a some standard societal answer to most of those questions or society doesn’t even consider the question even worth discussing as it’s somehow below them (or possibly above them as in over their heads?) I look at those societal answers to these questions and I think they smell like bullshit real strong so I suspect their wrong and I want to know the real (in a “banned truth” sense) answer is.

Thing is for people like me the world is this gigantic mystery box. We are always picking things up and examining them and realizing that they don’t make sense in any real way. Of course we know the way society has taught us to think or believe about this object, but we have the sneaking suspicion we have been lied to and we don’t like this.

We aren’t really ok with believing in “comfortable lies” because we prefer to live life in a scientific and factual way. And we don’t like telling lies. We are all about “tell it like it is.” Of course nothing gets you cancelled, fired, or career-wrecked more than telling the truth a bout some thing that society insists you lie about or else.

Most everyone else has these preconceived notions about all of this objects usually along the lines of “groupthink or what “everyone around told me how to think or believe about this object” or “only say nice things, everything is fine and perfect” type of thoughts. We look at those groupthink conclusions and are immediately suspicious of them because they objectively smell false and we often know a lot of contradictory evidence.

I also dispense a lot of psychological wisdom which by now is the “wisdom of old age.” Nobody much wants to hear that either because even though we all supposed to know this wisdom (I guess by figuring it out on your own) it’s taboo to bring it up because most of this stuff is in the realm of “open secrets.”

You’re simply not supposed to go around dispensing the timeless wisdom of the ages all the time. The lame way most people live their lives usually contradicts this ancient wisdom and I suppose you are reminding them of how they failed. And in society you are never supposed to talk about “heavy, important, deep, or psychological” subjects. I guess you’re just supposed to have fun and talking about this stuff disrupts all the fun.

And of course no one likes being told those uncomfortable truths. I also point out “strange” ideas a lot too, I talk about taboo subjects like race, gender, and culture.

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3 thoughts on “Low Conscientiousness Redux”

  1. Sorry if I am annoying, but I have sent you a revisioned version of the mail. I checked the grammar and the structure to make sure it was as good as possible.

    I thought about redoing it since I saw the news on Sunday about Milei’s victory. The very first thing that got through my mind was that post you made last year where you talked about class cucked societies around the world. The “whitey” countries in the middle of South America (I think I remember it like that) are more class cucked, which sounds about right.

    Sure enough, Alberto Fernandez did plenty of avoidable screws ups that contributed to the amount of protest vote. I think Argentina is the only country in South America where the mainstream left (more like center-left, really) is more centered on wokeism than on economics. Anyways, the contents of the email cover various topics about Argentina that I could comment on here. There is not much to say about Argentina now, except that they would even privatize the oxygen if they could.
    Things aside, I thought that an idea for a future post would be your personal assessments about the differences among different Jewish ethnicities in general, in stuff like general behavior, for example.

    Like, I know there are several differences between pure Africans and people of African descent in the Americas. This is due to some genetic and cultural differences (African Americans are mixed with Native Americans and Europeans. They also have a higher exposure to and influence of European culture). I think there were cases of Africans complaining about black Americans trying to impose things on them that they don’t like? Heck, even blacks in the Americas have differences themselves (Anglo-protestants of the North versus Spanish-Catholics in the center and south. I feel like blacks from USA are a different subspecies of what I am accustomed to.)

    That might hold similar to how different European Jews (Ashkenazi) are to Middle Eastern/Mediterranean Jews (Sephardi).

    Taking inspiration from a quote from Malcolm X, I imagined a perfect way to describe the present situation.

    It’s an alternate timeline. During the Jim Crow era, the United States decided it was necessary to get a hold of North Africa due to geostrategic imperatives. In the middle of a wave of brutal mass lynchings, a program is proposed. Whites and Blacks are incompatible, and they can’t live together in harmony. Therefore, the best course of action would be to repatriate the USA blacks to their original homeland, where their slave ancestors were forcefully brought from, and where they are better suited to live. This way, they can both get rid of their undesirable Blacks and fulfill their geopolitical requirements. Two birds, one stone. They decided that the best place to put their big settler outpost would be a location where there was a sizeable amount of Subsaharian Africans and Arabs/Berbers living in (relative) harmony. And thus, the holy state of Wakanda (IDK how would you name it) is born.

    Shortly, a big ethnic cleaning campaign was started to remove as many Arabs/Berbers as possible. As their apartheid state is formally established, the outsider African Americans are put as the dominant race, with native Africans in the middle and Arabs/Berbers at the bottom. The Subsaharian Africans are quite annoyed not just on the fact that they are held as underclass while the African Americans hold most of the political clout and hoard the wealth, but also constantly rub in their faces that their culture and mentality (derived mostly from European rather than African origin) represent the true African identity. The gringos and Europeans, feeling white guilt around the idea that they robbed, enslaved, and massacred their African ancestors, decide to give economic, military, and political support to the Wakandians as much as they want.

    To redeem themselves for their past sins committed against the Africans, it is necessary to assist their Black Africans from the onslaught of the savage Arabs/Berbers. Oh, and trying to denounce the brutal treatment of the African Americans toward the Berber/Arabs gets you denounced as racist or antiafrican because you are against blacks.
    My interest lies mostly in the fact that my country has an almost inexistent Jewish population, so I don’t know much about them since I don’t have the chance to have personal experiences. I like imagining they are similar to Chinese and Christian Arabs, which we have a decent amount and fulfill a similar ethnic niche.

    From what I see, it’s mostly the Ashkenazi who get a lot of attention, mostly from their long history of being scapegoated by Europeans, and their paranoid, tribal behavior that doesn’t mix them well with other ethnic populations. The rest of the other Jewish ethnicities don’t get really mentioned much, which I guess is due to that they don’t get in a lot of trouble at all, at least compared to their European counterparts.

    1. Sephardic Jews deserve more attention imo. They were important to the Dutch Colonial Empire and I believe Sephardic Jews had higher status aswell as lighter skin than the Ashkenazis there. They played a strong role in the big four( Dutch, French, English, and Spanish) colonial empires.

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