The Tik Tok/Osama bin Laden Scandal and the Israel-Palestine War

CLADIVS AMERICANVS: Apparently Bin Laden’s letter to America has gone viral on Tik Tok, and the social media censors are trying to stop people from reading it. Personally, I think the letter is rubbish mixed in with some truth to make it effective propaganda. What bothers me is how Big Brother is trying to censor it.

Whatever Israel is trying to accomplish, I hope they do it soon and stop this nonsense. They can only get so much bad PR before they have to stop.

With that said, the Palestinians had it coming with their little “prank” they pulled.

The Israelis and the cursed British are the original culprits clearly. Who the hell thought a mass resettlement of Jews from Europe into Palestine would go smoothly? Nobody in their right mind, that’s who. However, the Palestinians, like your brother says, are ass-backwards terrorists who decided to pick a fight with a group of people with centuries-long cultural PTSD. No way that could end well.

They are playing the victims here. I see this attitude in ghetto people all the time. Whenever they are victimized by someone else, say the cops or a group of White people or a Latin Gang, they have their tails between their legs and cry boo hoo hoo. But we all know what they act like. So whatever. Fuck ’em.

The Israelis and Palestinians have done so much evil to each other at this point neither have the moral high ground left. But, if I have to choose sides, I’ll go with the more sophisticated and liberal civilization: Israel. Try being an open faggot in Palestine or procuring an abortion as a single mom and see how things turn out for you.

I’m guessing this is the sentiment many Americans hold. Many might just buy the main stream media’s simplistic propaganda of “Israel good. Palestine bad.”




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