Went to a Palestinian Rally Tonight – Idiots Tried to Get Me Arrested!

Well, there was a Palestinian rally in my town tonite. I drove by it and then decided to go to it.

I went there and initially made the mistake of talking to a couple of young women. This never goes well for me anymore, and they usually act like they’re about ready to call the police if I so much as say hi to them. This is what awaits you, guys.

As a matter of fact, I can’t even look at young women. Same thing. If they’re attractive, I have to force myself to not look at them, and that’s very hard to do. They give me hate looks and act like they’re going to call the police. This part kind of pisses me off. I can’t even look at hot young women without people acting like they’re going to call the cops? WTF.

When you get to be my age, the one thing that infuriates people more than anything else is this outrageous idea that you might still have a sex drive. Because at my age having a sex drive is all but illegal.

I can’t talk to any kids of any age, which is something I don’t understand. I thought we don’t have a sex drive? Well, if we don’t, what are you so worried about? Not that I try to talk to them. But sometimes I look at them because well, kids are interesting. But I can’t do that either. If I do that, people start acting like they’re going to call the cops again. And the kids usually just act terrified. That’s for looking at them. Just showing you what it’s like to be me nowadays.

So I don’t talk to young women a whole lot. But old habits die hard.

So I went to their shitty rally because I believed in their crap cause.

When I got there, I talked to a couple of young women. They told me they were Arabs, Palestinians. One told me where her family had come from by naming two cities in Israel by their Arab names. I asked if those cities were now in Israel. She said,

Yes, occupied.

You need to understand how these maniacs think. They talk about the “Occupation” all the time. If one didn’t know better, one would think they were talking about the Occupied West Bank and possibly also the Gaza Strip.

A bit later I ended up talking to the father of one of them. He didn’t really want to talk about anything substantial very much, which I could say for everyone there. However, he did say he was for a two-state solution. I then asked the young women if that was what they wanted. For some reason this question was toxic to everyone I asked it to.

One told me that she liked a two-state solution, but she acted like I was annoying her for even asking. The other one acted like she didn’t want to answer the question.

I figured out that the reason for that was that she had the typical Palestinian attitude that, “All the Jews need to go back where they came from because all of this land is ours.” If you hang out in their Telegram groups or ind other online groups of them like do and used to, you will find that this is the only attitude you will ever see any Palestinian or Resistance Axis person say, “All of the Jews have to leave and go back where they came from because all of this land is ours.”

I’ve been in these groups a long time, and I’ve never seen one of these people ever say that they were for a one-state or even a 2-state solution. I don’t think most of them support either of those.

The attitude of all of them is “All of this land is ours, and not one inch of it is yours. You all need to go back where you came from and give us back our land.” Curiously, the Jews all have the same attitude, “All of this land is ours and you are not entitled to one inch of this land.” They usually leave it at that, but some add that the Palestinians all need to go to Jordan. You have two peoples both pursuing a maximalist, zero-sum game agenda. There can be no solution as long as they are both thinking like this.

One totally unpleasant Arab woman with a microphone came up to the women I asked and looked at me suspiciously.

“You don’t have to answer any questions you don’t want to,” she said to the young women, shooting me an unpleasant and suspicious look.

I then talked to a couple more older men. One of them was a Palestinian. Once again, he didn’t want to answer the solution question but he also said he was for a 2-state solution. Why is this such a terrible question?

I then tried to ask some guy with a big nose if he were a Palestinian. He refused to answer me or even acknowledged that I had spoken to me. I later figured out why that was. He was about to get me in trouble.

I went over talk to some White guy and then I went to talk to another Arab guy. He wasn’t very forthcoming either. None of them seemed to want to tell me what part of Palestine they came from, when they left, or anything interesting like that. They acted suspicious about any question like that. I ask him which solution he preferred and he wouldn’t answer (none of them will answer this question) until I prompt him with, “Two state solution?” to which he answered in the affirmative.

Pretty soon I had a cop in front of me challenging me. I had no idea why this was happening. He was asking me something about pepper spray, about whether I had pepper sprayed anyone. I had no idea what he was talking about. Then he asked me if I were ok. Actually, he kept asking me that and it was starting to make me angry.

I had no idea why he was asking me that. I asked why and he said I looked angry. People always say this and I never feel angry. I told him I wasn’t angry. He wanted to see my driver’s license. I gave it to him with a baffled look on my face. Next thing I know I was being taken aside by two or three cops. They were both asking me questions about pepper spray. I had no idea what they were talking about.

The loudmouthed woman with the microphone giving lousy chants for people to chant like, “Settlers go home,” shot me a suspicious look. One of the young Arab women shot me another suspicious look.

Then I figured it out. They tell me eventually that someone told the security guards who were providing security for the demonstration that someone reported me as being someone who had been at a previous rally pepper spraying people. These security guys had called the cops. I’d never been at any other rallies, and I don’t carry or use pepper spray.

So this question kept getting asked, and I kept saying I’d never been to any rallies or pepper-sprayed anyone. Finally it came out that I looked like some guy who had been at another rally and had pepper sprayed people. I told them it’s obviously a case of mistaken identity.

One cop asked to look through my pack. I told I didn’t think I had any pepper spray in there. He searched through my whole pack while the cops were looking at me suspiciously the whole time. The shithead who refused to talk to me when I tried to talk to him was standing by our side the whole time. This was obviously the asshole who turned me in the first place. The refusal to even acknowledge that I was talking to him was a dead giveaway.

I blurted out, “I go to these people’s rally because I support them, and they try to get me arrested!”

The cops finally decide it must be a case of mistaken identity, say some comforting words, leave me alone, and go away.

I looked around, confused, but decided to leave. I’m really sorry I went to their stupid rally. Almost everyone there was an Arab, a Muslim, or both. There were very few non-Arabs and non-Muslims there, and we outsiders (or at least I) were treated like hostile intruders. It felt like a closed party, for Arabs, Muslims, and Arab-Muslims only.

Like they didn’t want anyone else there. They were suspiciously guarded about what they wanted out of this conflict or even their relationship to the region. As you can see with how they called the cops on me, they’re way too suspicious and paranoid too.

I don’t think I’m going to any more of their lousy rallies. Still not understanding why they act this way.

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11 thoughts on “Went to a Palestinian Rally Tonight – Idiots Tried to Get Me Arrested!”

  1. This tells me they are the losing side. They cannot even embrace their own supporters outside of their clan. This while Israelis work with Christian groups that support them. I think there’s a Jews for Jesus group even.

    Sounds like a crazy experience. Arabs seem to be more rape paranoid than Western women. Some ugly old Arab bag can’t be alone with Western men who have no interest in raping them.
    I also wonder if they took you as a Jew.

    1. This tells me they are the losing side.

      Exactly. They’re losers! Basically if you’re not a Muslim or maybe an Arab, they won’t even talk to you. And it’s all about Islam now. The only people coming out for them are Muslims. What a lame reason to support a cause – religion!

      Yeah they told me in the group that you can’t just walk up to a Muslim woman and start talking to her. Fucking puritanical freaks. If they can’t assimilate why don’t they go back to the Levant.

  2. Unevolved Jews. Lying about the pepper spray and paranoid of outsiders. They are like Jews likely were before they evolved in Europe. This in ultra-liberal California. Talk about not assimilating.

    1. You think he made that up about the pepper spray?

      Yeah they’re not assimilated at all!

      Extremely unfriendly, very paranoid and suspicious, wouldn’t even talk to me about much of anything, acted like any question was suspicious and worrisome, and on top of all that, called the fucking cops on me for no good reason, possibly even made up a lie just to get me in trouble and try to get me arrested.

  3. So apparently Bin Laden’s letter to America has gone viral on Tik Tok, and the social media censors are trying to stop people from reading it. Personally, I think the letter is rubbish mixed in with some truth to make it effective propaganda. What bothers me is how Big Brother is trying to censor it. I’m pro-Israeli in this war but I am not blind to the realities of what’s going on. Whatever Israel is trying to accomplish, I hope they do it soon and stop this nonsense. They can only get so much bad PR before they have to stop.

    With that said, the Palestinians had it coming with their little “prank” they pulled.

    The Israelis and the cursed British are the original culprits clearly. Who the hell thought a mass resettlement of Jews from Europe into Palestine would go smoothly? Nobody in their right mind, that’s who. However, the Palestinians, like your brother says, are ass-backwards terrorists who decided to pick a fight with a group of people with centuries-long cultural PTSD. No way that could end well. But I see no reason to support them or Hamas.

    They are playing the victims here. I see this attitude in ghetto people all the time. Whenever they are victimized by someone else, say the cops or a group of White people or a Latin Gang, they have their tails between their legs and cry boo hoo hoo. But we all know what they act like. So whatever. Fuck ’em.

    The Israelis and Palestinians have done so much evil to each other at this point neither have the moral high ground left. But, if I have to choose sides, I’ll go with the more sophisticated and liberal civilization: Israel. Try being an open faggot in Palestine or procuring an abortion as a single mom and see how things turn out for you.

    I’m guessing this is the sentiment many Americans hold. Who knows though. Many might just buy the main stream media’s simplistic propaganda of “Israel good. Palestine bad.” I’m not saying my position is a nuanced one because it’s not. It’s really just an obvious conclusion and a willful choice, given the facts.



    1. Palestinians are truth-haters. They’re always on about “Jews are Khazars” or some other nonsense.

      Sore losers but I don’t blame them for being frustrated at their bad hand. In many ways, Palestinians are out-Jewing Jews in Israel.

      I don’t believe the upper crust Brits’ aligning with Jews served Brits in the long run. I’m sad at the shape of Brits today.

      Americans just believe whatever the media tells them. I was talking about Russia recently, and one lady say “Careful, Slavs don’t like Russians.” I imagine she believed everything she saw in the media.

      Oddly, the Jew media is even more pro-Black.

  4. Robert, this is Cyrus from way back when if you remember me. I never stopped viewing your website…I just got over commenting anywhere…Nothing personal. I just have zero on-line presence for the most part.

    Now that you have dealt with the Arabs out of the goodness of your heart and Palestinians specifically, I have to ask you but one question….What did you learn? 🙂

    1. I also just got banned from a pro-Palestinian (or “Resistance”) Telegram group too. They just threw me straight out of the group. They had hard threatened to ban me before, one time when I related the incident above. Once again, I support their cause and they throw me out on my ass for telling the truth. The formal reason for getting tossed was for telling the truth about something where what the Arabs believe about this matter is a lie and if you tell the truth about it, they ban you on sight. Arabs are “truth-haters.”

      I got thrown out of a Palestinian group earlier. I was in there for a long time too. It was pro-PFLP. I got thrown out of that group as a “Zionist spy” for arguing the same facts while they opted for the “strategic lie that benefited their cause better.”

      They’ve thrown me out of two of their groups and one of their rallies so far, but I still support them. I wonder why I do it.

      I hate to say it but they’re some of the most horrible people on the face of the Earth. I would include Muslims in general in that too because the Islam seems to be part of what makes them so awful. Sorry if you’re a Shia Muslim. They make more sense.

      I see why you Persians don’t like em. I guess you were onto something the rest of us haven’t figured out.

      I need to make a post on this to get into more depth.

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