Elon Musk Is Right, But the Theories Assign Jews Far More Blame Than They Deserve

There’s a huge fuss about Elon Musk liking an “antisemitic” tweet.

The news stations all have a huge fit about this. Even the White House chimed in that this was an evil thing for him to say. It’s being referred to as one of the worst and most toxic antisemitic conspiracy theories floating around nowadays. Musk is being compared repeatedly to Henry Ford. I know a bit about Ford’s antisemitism, but I don’t know a lot about it.

What I do know is that a lot the Jewish behavior in the US from 1900-1920 he wrote about in The International Jew was straight up, flat out true. Jews acted pretty horrible back then, and it was only antisemitism among Gentiles that prevented them from taking over whole swathes of our economy. This shows once again that once Jews wage ethnic warfare on other groups, only antisemitism stops them in their tracks.

He did talk about the Protocols of the Elders of Zion like he believed in it. This book was written by Czarist supporters. It proposes to be a record of a meeting of the “Elders of Zion,” the leaders of the Jewish communities of the world, in which they describe how they are plotting to take over the world. The plot is pretty much standard antisemitic conspiracy theory.

Apparently this meeting never took place, and the work is wholly fictional. For some reason the Jews are always jumping up and down yelling that this work is a “forgery,”

It’s a forgery! A forgery! A forgery!

– silly Jews

but it’s really just a made-up story about the minutes to a meeting that never happened between people who don’t exist. Why they call it a forgery is beyond me.

Anyway back to the tweet. The tweet is in reference to an ad Jewish groups have been pushing where a father confronts his son. The father found that his son had written,

Hitler had the right idea

on social media. The father says,

I never taught you to think like that.

The kid looks sheepish. The father points to Jewish families picking up their kids outside of a Jewish school. The father says,

If you feel so strongly about it, why don’t you go say it to their faces.

The son obviously doesn’t want to do it.

In response to that, we have the tweet above:

Jewish communities have been pushing the exact kind of dialectal hate against Whites that they claim they want people to stop using against them.

I’m deeply disinterested in giving the tiniest shit now about Western Jewish populations coming to the disturbing realization that those hordes of minorities that they support flooding their country with don’t exactly like them very much.

You want truth said to your face, there it is.

To which Musk responds:

You said the actual truth.

Here’s the problem. This theory, the Great Replacement Theory and the corollary that the Jews are promoting it  and also promoting hatred of Whites is simply straight up, flat out true. So this theory, one of the worst, most evil antisemitic theories of our time, is actually a simple fact. I would say that truth is a defense against antisemitism.

This theory is said to be dangerous because Jews have gotten killed over it. Think of the shooting at the Philadelphia synagogue – that was his beef. I’m sorry that happened, but maybe they should stop promoting it if they don’t want it happening to them, right? You’re promoting a theory that’s getting you killed? Either own it, “Yes, we’re saying it, but so what, and please stop killing us over our plan here,” or stop promoting the theory in the first place, seeing as, you know, it’s getting you killed? How hard is that?

We’ve talked in some posts lately about what huge liars Jews are. I happen to think that they mostly lie about matters regarding themselves, but they’ve also had a reputation in the US and Europe going back at least as far as Ford’s time for being dishonest, corrupt, and prone to bribery and perjury on the stand.

Anyway this is a matter concerning themselves, and I’ll tell you right now that the Jews are lying about this. They are indeed promoting this project, but they’re lying and saying they’re not, and they gaslight anyone who notices that they are and call them a Nazi Jew-hating antisemite. For…pointing out the obvious.

A few words of explanation here. Jews generally promote this plan in any White country they inhabit. There’s no nefarious plan at work here. Jews are simply trying, like they always do, to create an environment that is safe for the Jews. It’s driven by, if anything, Jewish paranoia. This is actually what is behind a lot of Jewish plots, schemes, and machinations.

They’re simply trying to create an environment that is safe for their people and to keep antisemitism at bay. That’s why they grabbed the media and Hollywood back in Ford’s day. Not power or money or any of that. Simply to keep it out of the hands of the antisemites.

Jews think they do best in multiracial, multicultural, multireligious societies because the more diverse a society is, the harder it is for it to gang up on the Jews. Jews have tended to be persecuted as problematic outsiders in monocultural, monoracial, monoethnic, monoreligious societies, and White Christian monoethnic monoreligious countries had a terrible record in recent times of going after the Jews.

Hence Jews try to dilute such societies by importing people who are not from the White ethnic Christian cultural background of the country. They’ve done this everywhere and they’ve done it here for some time now.

Jews were heavily behind the 1965 Immigration Act that got rid of the 1926 law that mandated that 90

The White Supremacist and White Nationalist types have been angry about this change ever since because after all, it did result in the decline of White America to the point where we are now on track to be a White-minority country.

I don’t have strong feelings about this, but we’ve certainly imported a lot of low-quality non-Whites to our country. I don’t particularly mind that we imported non-Whites, but it does bother me that the so many of the ones we imported were so low quality. Of course I refer to Hispanics when I say this. These low quality immigrants have caused us all sorts of problems.

We do also seem to have imported far too many non-Whites too quickly to the point where I often wonder what country I’m living in anymore.

I don’t understand why it was so important to flood my country with such vast numbers of non-Whites. How did this help me? How did this help me country? How did this make this a better place to live? I’m not seeing it.

I don’t have a problem with importing non-White immigrants. After all, we did it all through the 1960’s, 70’s, and into the 80’s. It just seems to me that we’re bringing far too many of them, and I don’t understand the point of this. I’m not against non-White legal immigration, but I’d like to bring in a lot fewer of them. Total legal immigration to the US in a year ought to be maybe 400,000, and illegal immigration should be close to zero.

The other charge is that Jews have been promoting hatred against Whites. Well, of course they have. They’ve been doing this for a long time now. Easy answer is Jews don’t like White Gentiles, especially White Christian Gentiles. Jews have never liked Christians. This goes back forever and was the case in Europe from 1000-on. And not too long ago, a lot of us White Christian European Gentile types got together and massacred 6 million Jews. If you want to know why they don’t like us, there you go.

The notion that Jews are not White is of course yet another Jewish lie, but Jews are as White as any of us White European Gentiles as far as I can tell. So Jews are a White tribe who hate all the other White tribes and insist that they’re not White. Problem is anyone can see through that and see the lie that the Jews are peddling here. Jews are increasingly being seen as the Whites they are, and all of the hatred that they promoted against us Whites all those years is now being turned on them.

Which, to me, is a dessert well and richly deserved! You promoted hatred against us forever, Jews, now people figured out your lie and saw that you’re as White as any of us are, and all this anti-White hatred you promoted is being turned back on you folks being fellow Whites who lie and say they’re not White.

On the other hand, is the war on Whites completely the fault of Jews? I doubt it. Many of us Whites have done a pretty good job of flagellating ourselves. And many non-Whites so resent us enough for this or that reason that they’ve eagerly taken up the White-hating mantra for their own mostly ego-defensive reasons.

Hating Whites has become a fad for many Hispanics, Asians, and especially Blacks. It’s not like Jews put guns to these peoples’ heads and ordered them to hate us. They had their own resentment-oriented reasons for doing so. Hating Whites has simply become an SJW, PC fad in Woke Culture. In fact it is one of the reigning pillars of Woke Culture.

I admit I was into it myself for a while because I saw myself as a man of the Left and this was part of the Left project I was immersed in. But I started seeing through this woke bullshit a good 20-25 years ago, and I started writing against it even way back then.

So, yes, hating Whites is part of Wokism and has been eagerly taken up by all sorts of non-Whites. Jews were one of the groups pushing the White-hating fad but they cannot be solely blamed for it as all sorts of groups got in on it. Blaming Jews for the White-hating fad doesn’t make a lot of sense and deprives the other guilty actors of agency.

We are letting in way too many refugees, and 95

There are calls under Biden to deport them if they commit certain serious offenses, but I’m not sure if they even do that. The fake-fugees are supposed to get a timely hearing at an immigration court but these courts are ridiculously understaffed, and no one wants to staff them fully. The Democrats don’t want to staff them because they want a system that doesn’t work.

Why Republicans don’t want to fully fund these courts either, I have no idea. A lot of people nowadays are overstaying their visas. If you overstay your visa and get caught in the country, it’s supposed to be immediate deportation. Apparently they’re not even deporting these people anymore either. Workplace raids are history. Democrats never raid any workplaces for illegals.

By the same token, yes, there is an immigration lobby in the US, but at the moment, that lobby is simply the majority of Americans. Most Americans want to legalize all the illegals. Mass amnesty. That’s what the “pathway to citizenship” crap is all about. Amnesty. Period.

The illegal immigration problem doesn’t seem as if it will get fixed because the Democratic Party is committed to not deporting illegals once they get in and releasing all of the fake-fugees in the country to wait for the forever hearing that so many of them will never show up for. So while the Democratic Party is not for open borders yet, Elizabeth Warren, AOC, and Julian Castro are effectively on record as supporting what boils down to open borders. It’s quite frightening actually.

It’s not so much a bunch of Jews pushing this as it’s the entire Democratic Party coalition. A huge percentage of Hispanics and Asians are on board for mass legal and illegal immigration. The reasons are ethnic. Their ethnic group has benefited from mass legal and illegal immigration, and they simply want more of their own kind to flood into the country.

Liberal Whites and liberals in general are supposed to be on board this same project as part of the overall liberal agenda. If you’re a White liberal, you have to support mass legal and illegal immigration. You simply cannot come out against it because if you do, you get beaten from here to Kingdom Come and called racist.

Most White liberals don’t enjoy getting called racist. They’ll do anything to avoid that. I would imagine most Black liberals are on board for mass legal and illegal immigration for the same reason. You simply can’t go against it. If you do, you get beaten half to death for being a racist and basically cast out of the Democratic Party.

Yes, the Jews support mass immigration, probably both legal and illegal, for their own selfish tribal reasons, but they’re not very important in terms of the immigration lobby, which is mostly made up of non-White ethnics and liberals in general.

If you’re against mass legal and illegal immigration, the Jewish Lobby won’t try to get rid of you. In fact, the Jewish Lobby lately has been electing lots of MAGA, election-denying Republicans, simply because they are for Israel. This is the only issue the Jewish Lobby cares about – Israel and antisemitism. The Lobby itself doesn’t spend a nickel on anything else.

No Congressman is terrified of being primaried by the Jewish Lobby because they’re not kosher on immigration. The Lobby won’t try to unseat you for that reason. I doubt if there is much Jewish money being spent for the specific purpose of maintaining sky high levels of immigration.

So the arguments are true:

Yes, Jews push hatred of Whites, but anymore they are not the major driver of that cause which has gone on autopilot and is now mostly driven by ethnics with grievances.

Yes, Jews promote mass immigration, legal and probably illegal, but they are not the primary force behind this lobby.

Of course it’s rich that the Jews pushed White-hatred until it turned around and bit them on the ass. And of course it’s equally ironic that they’ve promoted flooding our country with the very non-Whites who are going against them on so many things, in particular support for Israel, as young Woke non-Whites are not fond of the Jewish state at all. Jews also promoted flooding the country with Arabs and Muslims, many of whom hate them and their country. Once again, rich.

The problem with the schemes, machinations, plots, and conspiracies of the Jews, which they are always hatching and masterminding, is that they are carried out with an odd sort of frenzy as if they are simply driven to promote this or that scammy, underhanded ethnic plot. It’s like they can’t help themselves.

Jews are markedly lacking in introspection and they get so caught up in their scheming even deny that their schemes are even schemes that they never really think them through. The problem with compulsive plotters is that unless you plan your scams out very well, it’s quite easy for them to go south, especially for a group that is driven to scheme and remarkably unwilling to inspect their machinations to see if they even make sense.

Scheming while blinding yourself to the idea that you are scheming will of course also result in zero introspection or even awareness.

So, are the dual antisemitic theories true?

Of course they are, but these Jewish schemes are not the main drivers behind White-hatred and mass immigration. There are so many other factors driving these things forward that I think Jewish involvement is not very important.

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  1. Jews especially need to watch what they say, given their history, but I’m don’t believe their nature allows for this. Some Jews are also Tim Wisenheimers, pretending to be White cucks while privately Jews.
    Enough powerful White men turn on Jews, they’re done. Hell, maybe just one really good one.

    White who submit to the diversity dragons are lower than anti-White Jews in any form though. One White cuck says “Guys like me(ie. Whites) can’t leave soon enough.”
    I mean how weak is that mindset.

      1. No, he had a hand in Blackwashing a Lord of the Rings card game. He’s speaking on Dungeons and Dragons players here but it’s the same anti-self mindset racial cucks have for their country.

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