The Latest Jewish Lie: Hamas Had a Command Center in Al-Shifa Hospital

*Below, in most but not all cases, Jews means Israelis. US Jews are not doing any of these things over in Gaza, nor are they making up any of these stories.

The Genocide Jews and their lies changes more often than the breeze, so forgive me if I have not kept up with the latest bullshit.

The Jews’ genocidal attack on the Al-Shifa Hospital in Gaza and in fact in all hospitals in Gaza from north to south, almost all of which are now shut down or on the edge of shutting down, was predicated on some bullshit about Hamas’ main command center in North Gaza being located right underneath the hospital. There were also reports of Hamas gunmen in the hallways and Hamas fighters using the grounds as a gigantic base. Doctors who have worked there for decades said they had never heard of any such thing.

First the Jews claimed they found military materials and weapons in a children’s hospital. Word is that the Jews planted all of these weapons and material. Next they claimed they found a document on a bulletin board listing the names of various Hamas commanders. Turns out it was nothing but a calendar written in Arabic. Apparently Hamas’ top commanders were named Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday.

The latest Jewish lie is that they found Hamas uniforms and weapons in the MRI room of the hospital. They were found in “pick up and go” backpacks in the room, apparently so that Hamas soldiers in plainclothes could grab them. All of the weapons were Chinese-made. Hamas doesn’t use Chinese made weapons.

The cameras of the room were taped up. Hand grenades were found behind in a backpack behind an MRI machine. Floppy disks were found, said to be terrorist materials. A terrorist laptop was found but a female Israeli soldier’s face was on the screensaver, so it was obviously her computer and it was planted.

The cameras were obviously taped up so the Jews could plant the fake weapons without being caught. The floppies are found in all MRI rooms as a matter of course, so they were fake too. People who work there recognized them. No hand grenade would ever be stored in back of an MRI machine because it’s made out of metal. When you turn on the machine, the metal was break the MRI machine.

I don’t believe any of this nonsense for a minute. People who have worked in the hospital for decades said Hamas had never used the hospital as a base ever during that entire time, and they surely were not doing so this time. Doctors stated that they had never seen a single Hamas fighter in the building.

There is no way Hamas would have secretly used the hospital as a base because the government and the hospital authorities and workers were so opposed to it. There’s no way that the hospital workers or authorities would have let Hamas use any part of that hospital as a base. As both sides were clearly dead set against using the place as a base, that’s obviously not what happened.

Obviously all of this material was planted by the Jews. The fake laptop, fake backpack location behind an MRI machine, fake floppy disks, and fake tape covering the cameras all give the lie to yet another Jewish fake.

The problem is that the fakes and lies of the Jews are getting so obvious that they’re not even trying anymore. Not that it matters because Americans swallow whole every lie the Jews make up, so it doesn’t matter how pathetic they are.

In fairness, I should note that the Ukrainian Nazis lie far more than the Jews and Americans swallowed every single ridiculous lie they told too. The media also dutifully reported every single idiotic lie the Nazis made up same as they are reporting these Jewish lies, so I’m not saying bullshitting and pathological lying is a Jewish thing. Obviously they have a lot of company. And the US government has echoed every single lie the Jew and Ukrainians have made up, so it looks like the Americans and Ukrainians lie just as much if not more than the Jews. And the West itself backed up every single Ukrainian Nazi lie echoed by the US, so it’s not just a US problem. I haven’t checked the European media on the Gaza War yet, but I assume they’re echoing all the Jewish lies.

So I’m not saying that Jews are some special sort of liars. Right now the Americans and the Ukrainian Nazis actually lie more than the Jews do. And the West in general echoes every lie the Nazis told and I’m betting they’re on board with the Jewish lies too. This seems to be more of a general problem with the pathological lying West in general, the US, the Jews, the Ukrainian Nazis, and the NATO countries in general. It’s hard to say that any one group is any more dishonest than any other. They’re all in it together.

The Jews have been ranting forever that the main Hamas command center in all of North Gaza is located underneath the Al-Shifa Hospital.

This was the rationale for their genocidal massacre of patients, health care workers including doctors and refugees at the hospital. Now we finally realize why the Jews insist that that there’s a base under the hospital. The Jews built a base and tunnel complex under the hospital themselves when they ruled Gaza in 1983! So they were going to find their own base and tunnel complex.

After they raided the complex, the Jews found their old base and tunnel complex, but it had been concreted over by Hamas, probably because they did not want to get accused of having a base under the hospital. Idiotically, the Jews are going to dig up the concreted over tunnel to prove that there was a “Hamas base” there.

The hospital had been bombed for days by the Jews. The Jews denied water, food, fuel, and medicines for this hospital and all the others too. Newborn babies had to be taken out of incubators because the Jewish cut off the power, and three of them died as a result.

At one time, 15,000 were taking shelter at the hospital as the Jews constantly bombed the area all around. They also bombed the courtyard outside where refugees were sheltering in tents, killing a number of people. In one of these attacks, they used a US Hellfire missile.

Other buildings in complex had been bombed and a number of children were killed by the Jews. Towards the end, the Jews shot at anyone, patient or worker, trying to move between one part of the hospital and the other.

The Jews delivered enough fuel for half an hour to the front of the hospital as a PR move, but the workers could not go out to get it because the Jews shot at them every time they went out of the building. Every time refugees, patients, or workers tried to leave the hospital, the Jews attacked them with bombs and bullets. All ambulances going to or coming from the hospital were bombed by the Jews.

Towards the end, things had gotten do dire inside the hospital that many wounds were going gangrenous because the Jews were denying them medical care. The Jews shot at doctors and other workers who showed their heads in the windows.

120 people who were murdered by the Jews were dead outside the hospital. The bodies were decomposing and dogs were starting to eat them. They could not be buried because every time someone went out to bury the bodies, the Jews shot at them again.

At one point, a group of people, workers, refugees, and patients, left the hospital. The Jews opened fire on them, killing 30.

As the Jews started to raid the hospital, the entire building smelled like death. During the raid, the Jews arrested many workers and refugees for no good reason. They were stripped of their clothing, tied up, and taken away in Jewish Army vehicles.

Over the weeks, the Jews had bombed various units in the hospital. As they raided it, they locked doors shut in various units. Patients in these rooms were locked behind the doors, and doctors could not get at them. Doctors were prevented from accessing many patients in this manner. The entire hospital was filled with smoke and dust.

The Jews went on a rampage in the hospital. They destroyed all of the hospital’s X-ray machines. The Jews blew up the medicine warehouse, destroying all of the hospital’s medications.

At the moment, the Jews are still in the hospital, taking up positions at windows of the building and sniping from them.

What’s even more outrageous is that all of the main US media outlets are now running with the lie that Israel found a Hamas base in and under the hospital. They’re also running with the “Hamas weapons found in the hospital” lie. Not even one single US media outlet is running with the obvious story that the Jews planted all the evidence.

The White House and the US intelligence community issued a finding that Hamas had used the hospital and the area under it as a base. These are all lies the Jews made up, but the US government is reciting them like gospel.

It’s still not completely clear why the Biden Administration is so pro-Israel. They’re supporting only a minority of the American population here. Why?

Jewish money in the general election?

Biden has deep emotional ties to Israel dating back decades, so this may be a factor.

The Pentagon, the CIA, and the US national security and foreign policy establishment have formed a deep alliance with Israel for decades now based on a number of factors. Perhaps what we are seeing here is the effect of the inertia of a deep alliance cultivated over decades.

What’s bizarre here is that Biden seems to be destroying his own re-election campaign in this wild effort to suck up to the Jews. It doesn’t make sense. Israel is so important that it’s enough to lose an election over? I’m not getting it.

The US media isn’t really run by Jews anymore, though it was 25 years ago, so I’m a bit mystified.

The truth is that the US media, Gentile and Jewish, is completely pro-Israel, and there’s no good theory about why that’s so, especially for the Gentile media power brokers. 66

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