Professor Outrageously Prosecuted for Killing a Jew during a Fair Fight

Paul Kessler, a belligerent, 69 year old pro-Israeli Jew from California, got into a fight with a pro-Palestinian protestor, Loay Alnaji, a university professor. In the course of the fight, Kessler was killed.

The media lied about the case from the very start. First it said that the killer had beaten Kessler over the head with a microphone, knocking him over on the sidewalk and killing him. Kessler’s supporters made that up. It wasn’t true at at all.

Next the other side lied saying that Kessler started beating the killer with his Israeli flag. The killer then hit him back with his microphone. It knocked him over on the sidewalk, killing him. Well, that didn’t happen either. But no one believed that lie, whereas the lie Kessler’s supporters told were swallowed whole by the entire media.

The truth is finally coming out. Kessler tried to tear the microphone away from Anjani. A big tussle ensued. In the course of trying to get Kessler off of his microphone, the professor quite understandably shoved Kessler. Kessler fell to the ground and died. If I have a microphone and some maniac is trying to wrestle it away from me, you’re damn right I’m going to shove him!

Incredibly, insanely, Anjani is being charged with battery causing bodily injury and involuntary manslaughter. No battery should be charged in this case. It was a fair fight and Kessler started it. Anjani was surely within his rights to continue it. Involuntary manslaughter seems completely inappropriate also. It is defined as an unintentional killing that results either from recklessness or criminal negligence or from the commission of a low-level criminal act such as a misdemeanor. You can’t go around charging everyone with involuntary manslaughter every time someone accidentally kills someone else. It usually means that someone was so wildly negligent or reckless in their use of force that another person died. There was no negligence or recklessness here.

There’s no way any crime was committed here. It as a fair fight and of course Kessler started it. Anjani was completely within his rights to shove Kessler when Kessler attacked him and tried to wrestle his mike away from him.

America’s media went berserk when this death occurred. “A Jew was murdered by a pro-Palestinian protestor!” the headlines screamed across the land. I was dubious of course because our media always lies about such matters. When I researched it, it seemed like a whole lot about nothing. When police refused to charge the man who pushed him, I figured it was a nothingburger.

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