3 thoughts on “45% of All Men Aged 18-25 Have Never Approached a Woman in Person for a Date”

  1. That’s wild. They will never know the thrilling highs and jittery fears of being a petrified young man about to approach a young woman before he misses his opportunity.
    That could explain the growing incel communities and “good guys” full of rage and misogyny. They find “women” online and approach them that way, risking nothing, offering nothing, and they can’t understand why it never works. They don’t see themselves.

    Women are definitely harassed daily, on a near constant basis. Most of it is online, at least the most vicious. If a woman declines someone’s advances politely online, she will most likely be insulted immediately after. It’s no wonder our women are growing more fearful of men these days. These incels don’t understand what it takes to win a girl’s favor by showing her something in person. Be having the guts and the courage to awkwardly approach her and try to say something that will impress her.

    I recommend they all just face the facts and f*ck each other up in the mountains somewhere far away from the rest of us. 🤣

  2. You stated: “Older men’s sperm has more abnormalities and is associated with a number of bad outcomes in offspring such as schizophrenia and autism. So fucking aging men, like fucking ugly men, is downright dangerous for her offspring and hence her life’s destiny and purpose. She gets with one of these guys and she may well be wasting not just her time but her life.”

    Robert? A word of friendly advice. Don’t buy into that. It’s tied into a femi-nazi agenda. It may seem like legitimate science when you first discover it, but it’s not. Here are two articles about it>>>>>



    Charlatans are pushing this junk science left and right. Don’t fall for their crapola. They want us all to be like Tony Danza and marry our high-school sweetheart at age 19 and start a family. If you find that one significant other to have your baby, it most likely will be born without any kind of birth defects regardless of your age. Look at John Stamos. He fathered a kid well into his fifties.

  3. “Yep exactly. As usual women have absolutely no Goddamned idea whatsoever about what the fuck is really going on. That’s no surprise to me.”

    Coincidentally, I watched a YT video a couple hours ago that made me LOL many, many times in reference to the tone and essence of the above quote. I think you’ll find it cathartic and funny too.

    Are Women Ok? by ShoeOnHead:

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