Lying, Jewish, Normative, Utilitarian, and Psychopathic: Its Nature and Motivations

I suspect Jews are respectable racially, more eugenic than dysgenic, but spiritually they are very low.

I think you are right. I’m also convinced that Jews’ upbringing must place very little emphasis on telling the truth. There’s no way that honesty is a Jewish value. That can’t possibly be true.

Of course you have to lie sometimes to protect yourself or for other utilitarian reasons, but I would not get in the habit of lying too much. People will see through it and trust me, eventually you will be caught in your lies, and people won’t like that very much. I don’t think pathological lying is worth it.

Of course I’ve lied in my life. I’m human and I’m not stupid, so of course I’ve told a fib or two in my time. Also I used to be a player and all players are liars by necessity.

For instance, if you tell a 40 year old Japanese man some typical Christian bullshit like, “I never lie,” he will laugh right in your face:

LOL! You are an idiot!

He will holler.

In Japanese society, lying is part of politeness. Suppose you accidentally leave a door open in a Japanese house. It would be rude to yell at you about it and it would even be rude to point it out in the nicest way, so the Japanese will beat around the bush. They might not even close it themselves! Soon you will hear people mildly noting that’s gotten quite a bit cold inside and wondering why that is. That’s their way of calling you an idiot for leaving the door open.

You’re supposed to figure out you screwed up by leaving the door open and go close it and then probably not say anything about it. Very much a “culture of subterfuge.”

An American would yell at you and call you are idiot for not closing the door and everyone would cheer the person who did that and call them “masculine,” “not a pussy,” “a leader, not a follower,” “a go-getter,” etc.

The Jews’ argument is like this:

If telling the truth is bad for the Jews, why should I tell the truth? If admitting Leo Frank killed that girl (he did) gets one Jew harmed, injured, or killed, then why tell the truth? Why not just lie and save the Jews from harm, injury, and death?

This is actually the utilitarian reason for a lot of lying. I suppose it makes sense, but my argument would be that I could care less if admitting that Leo Frank killed that girl gets some Jew harmed, injured, or even killed. So what? I’m committed to the truth above all else and I don’t care what consequences the truth carries. That means nothing to me.

I think some liars know that they are lying, and they’re just deliberately making shit up, but I think most of the time lie-peddlers think the lies they are selling are actually true. The weird thing is that the worst liars of all, people who just deliberately make shit up for whatever wicked utilitarian reasons they have, tend to gravitate to the highest positions of power, money, and prestige.

It is at the very heights of society that one finds the most psychopathic liars of all. I’m convinced that the worst people seem to rise to the very heights of society and that the commanding heights of society are pretty much run by psychopaths. No matter what, where, when, or how, I think the psychopaths are always in charge.

Kant’s Categorical Imperative is part of his moral philosophy. He held that one should tell the truth if not all times than at least almost all of the time.

For instance, if you were hiding Jews and the Nazis came to the door, you would be required to tell them the truth that there are Jews hiding in your house. Doesn’t seem real intelligent to me.

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