Americans Have a Fetish for Aggressive Behavior

Americans have a bizarre way of championing aggressive behavior.

Look at how readily we fire people in this country. I’d make a terrible boss because it would be very hard for me to fire anyone. If someone had a problem, I’d probably give them a few chances and warn them.

At all the jobs I’ve ever worked, people were fired instantly for the tiniest little things, and the managers seemed to take sadistic delight in this.

I was on a forum once where they were discussing an article about why workers get fired in the US. The Europeans were stunned and kept saying, “You get fired for this rinky-dink, petty-ass bullshit? What kind of a country are you, anyway?” The Americans seemed nervous and were squirming around in their answers.

I’m also convinced that few people get fired for cause. Americans think this is always the case, as they think this mysterious “incompetent worker” is everywhere. 90

For instance, American women see aggressiveness as masculine. If you’re not aggressive, you’re a puss, and she won’t respect on some level.

Of course if you’re a passive, withdrawing, follower-not-a-leader Chad like me, you still get laid a lot because of that damned pretty face and maybe some great Game, but they can’t fuck you all the time, and sometimes when they take a break from fucking you, they will contemptuously attack your lack of masculinity. Speaking from experience here.

I loved the sex but didn’t appreciate the attacks on my masculinity much as, like so many passive, withdrawing, follower-type men, I definitely see myself as a masculine man.

A gay man once noted that even what he called “feminine” men – quiet, shy, passive, follower types – had what he called “a soft masculinity” about them. That rang so true with me! Of course! No woman will ever see that. I’m not sure if straight men will. Gay men are completely outside of the masculinity game and have no skin in that contest, so they can be completely objective. It often takes a complete outsider to look at a situation most logically. Once you’re wrapped up in the issue in some way or other, your objectivity tends to land in the trash.

I’m convinced that American women only want hypermasculine men. They simply will not tolerate anyone else. I’ve come to this conclusion very late in life, and it’s very depressing because I’m not that way at all. I’m convinced that I’m right though. Some women dress it up in evolutionary psychology arguments. This may be so but it doesn’t make life any more pleasant for us passive men.

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7 thoughts on “Americans Have a Fetish for Aggressive Behavior”

    1. Go talk to one of my exes. Women think I am. I have a very soft voice. My last gf said I was passive. Maybe you would have to get to know me?

      I do have a loud mouth, but that doesn’t matter. It’s all about the vibe you give off. Women don’t care what’s inside of you. They don’t care about the real you. All they focus on is the surface because that’s literally all they can see or at least that’s all they react to. Nothing else matters.

      I’ve been focusing a lot more on acting masculine for some time now though, and I think in general, it’s a good idea as far as women are concerned.

      Thank you for the compliment though.

      1. Very true. I lift weights for women because most women only see the surface. It works.

        I’m very masculine. No need to act more masculine, but most women wouldn’t know the difference between acting masculine and genuine masculinity.

        1. but most women wouldn’t know the difference between acting masculine and genuine masculinity.

          Exactly. They can only see and react to the surface and they can never figure out that the surface is not the same as what’s inside. They’re slaves to surface impressions.

        2. I had a girlfriend recently who said, “I don’t know. You seem pretty masculine to me.” I’m not sure if I’ve ever heard anyone say precisely that in my life! I wonder if I’m doing something different.

  1. In my experience it depends on the woman’s personality and the socioeconomic status. The general trend is the following: Cluster B-ism in a woman is positively associated with a desire for more aggressive manly man, whereas the higher her socioeconomic status, the less she cares about this. But beware because high SE status bitches scare about how much money and influence you have!

    So you can be a poor brute or a rich mild-mannerred man, but heaven spare you if you are poor and soft.

    This isn’t some bullshit PUA stuff I’ve read. These are hard lessons learned in life. They don’t teach you this in school. I wonder think it’s for a reason. In fact, considering most grade school teachers are women and most undergrads are now women, they probably don’t want you to tell you.

    Women never want to explain to you what they want. They want you to figure out it. They hate it like nothing else. I almost think some women would rather kill themselves or die as spinster than spill the beans. Having to explain subtle emotions and social dynamics is odious to women.

    I will explain in detail later why I think American women prefer aggressive men compared to say European ones, but in short we are a younger, more libertarian, more barbaric and less settled society than Europe. I think, I could be dead wrong here, but Russia women value brains more than American ones, even though Russians in general are more aggressive.

    American culture does not value intelligence. It loves to reap the benefits of high IQ types, but we never glorify them for their intellect, only for their achievements and impact. That is, it values the effect, not the cause. In fact, I dare say American culture and society almost wishes it could have the effect without the cause at all!

    This is evidenced in the elite universities’ admissions process. They even make SAT scores optional know. To them a 1550 is just as good as a 1600. Not in the Soviet Academy, it’s not. They take “holistic” approach which means. “How rich are you or how socially adept are you?” Exactly the two things women care about the most. Women, like the Ivy Leagues, want a man have a minimum degree of intelligence, neither suffer fools after all, but past a certain IQ, they view it as a handicap rather than as a desirable trait. Cunts.


    Since Polar Bear resuscitated this thread:

    It’s true that Alphas break all the rules. My uncle who recently died had many children with many different women. Interestingly, only one son out of these many kids. I think he had Borderline Personality Disorder.

    He was a chain-smoking drunk who would never hold down a job; beat his women, threatened other people, even his own hoes, at gunpoint (and be threatened back sometimes), and shout racial slurs at Indigenous and Mestizos, claiming he was racially superior to them — he was a full-blooded Spaniard born in Mexico after all.

    There were rumors that he would rob supermarkets into his 60’s. He was very Alpha though. Tall, dark and handsome type with a very deep radio-quality voice. And a real charm to him. I loved this guy as a kid, and I can’t tell you why. His final hoe would provide food and shelter and help him.

    I bet you Alphas are Alphas even to their mother. My grandmother would coddle him and give him money and a place to sleep and ALWAYS make excuses for his obviously antisocial and delinquent behavior. Grandma was basically one of his hoes except for the fact she didn’t sleep with him. LOL. I bet many other Alphas are like this. It’s as if they are groomed from childhood to leech off women.

    With that said, no psychiatrically normal or emotionally well-adjusted women would go for my uncle or any Alpha. That is one point RL’s article misses. The women that orbit Alphas are always traumatized or unhinged in some way. Normal women find a Beta to feed off, NOT an Alpha to feed.

    The whole resources-from-woman-to-Alpha dynamic is dysfunctional and an aberration in human behavior. Sometimes young normal chicks are besotted by an Alpha, but once they see what they are truly like, they bounce, mature and never do it again.

    I may be a bit of a “micro-Alpha,” “conditional Alpha,” “qualified Alpha,” or “situational Alpha” or whatever you might want to call it. In some circles, bitches just love me.

    I was living in my mom’s apartments in my late 20’s and early 30’s and bringing HOT women and fucking them there. And for many of these periods I was either in school or just plain unemployed and broke. I did have a car. LOL. I’m short, awkward and weird but many women say I am very handsome and masculine in my gestures and all around sexy.

    I once had a prostitute buy me dinner after we had sex and suggest we start dating. She was cute but not hot. WTF?! LOL. I even had an affair for over 2 years when I was in my very early twenties with a married women with children who was 8 years old than me. I’m a mini-Chad!

    Anyway, in some settings I cast away the awkwardness and latch onto a hoe like an angry pit-bull on a toddler. Granted, all these bitches have self-esteem and/or Cluster B issues. But you know what the difference between psycho pussy and normal pussy is? NONE! My dick can’t tell the difference. That’s a problem for my heart.

    However, emotionally stable woman with at least middle-class status tend not to like me. Exceptions exist of course, but this has been my experience. If I am ever to marry, it will be with one of the few normal high SE status bitches that want me.

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