The Role of the Muslim Brotherhood and Sunni Anti-Shiism in the Arab and Muslim World

Rambo: That’s where Khaled Meshaal, the leader of Hamas, is now – in Qatar.

Back in the 90’s when the Mossad hunted him (Meshaal) down and poisoned him, the Palestinians demanded that Israel provide not only the antidote for the poison, but the formula for the antidote as well. Israel refused that demand, but did provide the antidote for the poison to save Meshaal’s life.

Don’t forget. A few years ago Saudi Arabia wanted to go to war with Qatar (right on Saudi Arabia’s border) because they had too close an alliance with Iran since Iran and Qatar share a huge natural gas field.

The Jordanians demanded the antidote, not the Palestinians. I think now they would just let him die.

Also, Qatar supports the Muslim Brotherhood (MB). Hamas is the Palestinian Muslim Brotherhood. Saudi Arabia, UAE, and Egypt all hate the MB, not because the MB are evil or crazy or extreme but simply because they are competitors. They’re all Islamists and the MB isn’t really any more Islamist than Saudi Arabia or UAE. Hamas is remarkably less Islamist than the Egyptian or Syrian MB or Saudi Arabia and UAE. So the MB differs by region.

The fact that Hamas is MB has a lot to do with why the UAE and Saudi Arabia don’t like them. Egypt really hates the MB and has serious issues with Hamas as a result. Palestinians don’t like the MB so Hamas hides their MB affiliation.

Turkey is pro-MB. Syria also hates the Syrian MB but likes Hamas. The Syrian MB is very radical and is the main force behind the Islamists fighting the state there. CAIR in the US is an MB front. Students for Justice in Palestine is also an MB front. The MB is Sunni and they don’t like the Shia, but Hamas is pretty much pro-Shia. Most Palestinian  Sunnis though not all are pro-Shia.

The Axis of Resistance is very much pro-Sunni but it doesn’t work the other way around. The resemblance would be to the Jim Crow South where a lot of downtrodden Blacks probably wanted to just make peace with Whites, but the Whites just wanted to treat them like n_rs. The Shia have long been the n_rs of the Arab World.

Also, Arab Sunnis say that they run the Arab World and they dislike the Shia making inroads. In Lebanon before Hezbollah the best job a Shia could get was garbage collector.

The Sunnis of Jordan, Egypt, Sudan, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia and UAE all hate the Shia. Palestinian, Syrian, Yemeni, Turkish, and Lebanese Sunnis are much more pro-Shia, although many Syrian Sunnis are vicious Shia-haters, and the Turkish Sunnis treat Shias badly.

Morocco, Somalia, the Sahel, Tunisia, Algeria, Libya, Djibouti, Bosnia, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Malaysia, Chechnya, the Stans, and Russian, Filipino, Indian, and Albanian Muslims don’t care anything about the Shia, mostly because they never had to deal with them. The Shia-haters have had experience with Shia in the country and a history of conflicts with them, especially with the Iranian Safavids.

Al Qaeda was actually created by MB preachers who fled to Saudi Arabia after Egypt cracked down on the MB after they assassinated Sadat for making peace with Israel. They all fled to Saudi Arabia and became increasingly radicalized due to the crackdown. They bled in with the largely Quietist Wahhabism in Saudi Arabia and ended up radicalizing it and turning it into Qutbism, a militant and anti-Quietist form of Wahhabism.

This militant Wahhabism was then exported all over the Muslim World by Saudi Arabia in an effort to export their own militant Wahhabi revolution to keep it from overthrowing the throne, but it ended up radicalizing Islam everywhere it got exported to.

The Axis of Resistance doesn’t like the Syrian rebels, Wahhabism, Qutbism, Salafism, or the UAE or Saudi Arabia. They also hate Jordan, Egypt, Morocco, and Bahrain as sellouts. They call them “Jews.”

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6 thoughts on “The Role of the Muslim Brotherhood and Sunni Anti-Shiism in the Arab and Muslim World”

  1. The Deep South of the Middle East seems like a harsher version of the Deep South in America. Both are backwards, Saudi Arabia even more so, but both also produce the finest Blacks. I’ve met Black Saudis and they’re model minorities.

  2. You’re right; it was Jordan as well as Hamas that demanded Israel supply the antidote as well as the formula for the antidote of the poison Israel used to attack Meshaal. Thank you for the corrective reminder, Rob.

    That interview he just did with that lady journalist a few days ago (some say she is from Saudi Arabia, some say Egypt, don’t know) shows he (Meshaal) hasn’t altered his stance one bit.

      1. It’s just within the last couple of days and is on the net if you look up Meshaal interview. He brought up Russian casualties during WWII, saying that yes, a lot of Palestinians are dying in all this, and remember, Russia suffered 30 million casualties during WWII, so building a nation by defeating your enemy (Israel) is not easy, so basically, suck it up. He kept calling the interviewer “sister,” but she was pretty damn sharp as an interviewer, challenging him at every turn. Check it out if you get a chance.

        1. I’m not sure what’s going on there. They probably don’t want to spread defeatism among their people. I’m sure if the Palestinians could fight Israel while losing fewer civilians, they would jump at the chance. Not buying this Jewish lie that the Palestinians love civilian casualties, the more, the better, as it plays into their hands.

          I’m on some pro-Resistance Axis forums, so I know how these people think pretty well. They’re not suicidal.

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