The Problem with Jewish Lying: Westerners Believe Every Word They Say

Anyone with working eyes, ears, and brain knows that Jews have a terrible reputation for being fast and loose with the truth.

I’ve known lots of Jews in my life though, and they didn’t seem any bigger liars than anyone else I’ve ever known. But then the Jews I knew were very assimilated. As Jews become more assimilated, the Jewish tendency to lie declines precipitously.

The Jews’ religious books tell to go ahead and lie like rugs all you want to the Gentiles. T

here is also a huge textual array of dissimulation in Jewish texts whereby there are severe proscriptions on the severe anti-Gentile strictures of the religion being leaked out the Gentiles. Along the same lines, similar to Muslim taqiyya or strategic lying, Jews are ordered to lie about these major aspects of their religion to the Gentiles when Jews are minorities in Gentile cultures so as not to bring a pogrom upon them.

I get the strong impression that Jews are not brought up with a strong prohibition against promiscuous lying or lying period the way we Christians are. The anti-lying rules I was brought up with were quite severe even while I was surrounded by strategic and mostly ego-defensive liars in my own family. Jewish lying is so felicitous, un-selfconscious, and shameless that one gets the impression that Jewish upbringing doesn’t bother much with teaching honesty.

A Jew I knew said that Jews didn’t lie anymore than anyone else when it came to matters outside of the tribe, and I think he may have a point.  See my comment above about the Jews I’ve known.

On the other hand, Jews are driven to succeed money-wise at all costs, the men in particular, and male Jewish life is haunted by the specter of failure that stalks every frightful day of his life. “Succeed at all costs” is bound to create a huge liar intentional or not. Honest people, like nice guys, finish last. In US culture, the biggest liar wins for all the marbles. Jews tend to accumulate a lot money, prestige and power and the more of these things one has, the bigger of a liar one must be in case an honest slip of the tongue deprive of your material and wordly gifts.

When it comes to the tribe of course, Jews lie like rugs. In this area, Jews are not scientists at all. They are one of the most anti-scientific races on Earth. This is Jewish “empiricism.” Let’s lay this out mathematically like Wittgenstein:

  • Is it good for the Jews? Yes? It it is true.
  • Is it bad for the Jews? Yes? It is false.

Given this ridiculously anti-factual mindset, one wonders exactly how so many Jews end up working in any type of real science.

That they flock to the fake social sciences should be no surpirse, as here ideology reigns over fact and theory over truth every single time. The social sciences are where truth and logic go to die. Here capricious emotion holds court over rapt and riled up limbic brains riding rough over dozing frontal lobes, and the royal house of trivial and petty tantrum reigns with the mercurial direction of the wind and shifts about as often.

Of course (((Moronicans))), who think Jews are the most honest people on Earth and hang on every word that flows from their silver tongues, fall for every single lie the Jews tell about the matters of their people, except those so outrageous that even the US disbelieves them (40 beheaded babies), although the Jews continue to stubbornly repeat this even long after it has been disproved.

Note that Jews are continuing to repeat the “beheaded babies” lie even today and I’m sure they’ll be pigheadedly echoing it a year from now or even decades hence.


My opinion is that (((US Gentiles))) are basically a “Jewish” people, as in “Jewish in spirit.” (((Americans))) are indistinguishable from Jews. This probably explains downright fanatical (((US))) support for Israel.

Another similar way to see it is that (((Americans))) are not an antisemitic people at all. At this point, a teaspoon of antisemitism in our coffee every morning might even help us see straight through the day, but alas, for most of us it is not to be, though to me it’s a quotidian devotion. Instead, (((Americans))) are wildly, almost fanatically philosemitic. I refer to (((Americans))) culture as “pathological philosemitism” or even “delusional philosemitism.”

Excess love of the Jews, who are really just another silly little tribe of petty humans, is as irrational as deranged antisemitism. One could argue that our ridiculous philosemitism got 3,000 (((Americans))) killed on 9-11.

Since then, it’s been one “War for the Jews” after another in the Middle East while the bodies pile up and the hospitals fill and are emptied as the Jews massacre the patients on their own linen sheets. The (((American “Wars for the Jews”))) are ongoing in Syria, where our (((presence))) is illegal, and Iraq, where we have been ordered by Parliament to leave the country and take all our (((bases))) with us. In addition, (((Wars for the Jews))) are ongoing in a sense with our (((fleet))) in the Mediterranean, the Persian Gulf, and now the Red Sea.

The “Americans are controlled by Jews” line suggests that Jews are putting guns to these (((American Gentiles)))’ heads and forcing them to support Israel. Not buying it. “Jewish control” is basically consensual. You aren’t controlling someone if they’re going along with it.

*I use Echoes or Cohencidence Marks not to delineate Jews but to mean “pro-Israel.” So it includes both (((pro-Israel Gentiles))) and actual Jews. The distinction between the two is increasingly irrelevant. By “pro-Israel” I don’t mean “controlled by Jews.” I think we need to get over this. So many (((American Gentiles))) are simply down with the Jews for one reason or another. We’re a nation Jew-lovin’ fools!

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4 thoughts on “The Problem with Jewish Lying: Westerners Believe Every Word They Say”

  1. What’s sick is it’s a stupid American consenting to a Jewish genius.

    Ancient Iranians I believe valued truth to the extreme. They are superior in many ways. The most respectable Arabs, Lebanese and Syrians, have Iranian influences.

    I suspect Jews are respectable racially, more eugenic than disgenic, but spiritually very low.

    1. I suspect Jews are respectable racially, more eugenic than disgenic, but spiritually very low.

      I think you are right.

      Their argument is like this:

      “If telling the truth is bad for the Jews, why should I tell the truth. If admitting Leo Frank killed that girl (he did) gets one Jew harmed, injured, or killed, then why tell the truth? Why not just lie and save the Jews from harm, injury, and death?”

      This is actually the utilitarian reason for a lot of lying. I suppose it makes sense, but my argument would be that I could care less if admitting that Leo Frank killed that girl gets some Jew harmed, injured, or even killed. So what? I’m committed to the truth above all else and I don’t care what consequences the truth carries. That means nothing to me.

  2. If you think the Jews to be the master liars of the world, you haven’t known East Indian culture, nor the mentality of Egypt and North Africa. The Jews are rather the dreary human average in that matter. It is true that the American culture, to which the whole modern Western world is subject, has a particular vulnerability to Jewish propaganda of the worst kind.

    Before France got catastrophically Americanized after the demise of Gaullism, it already had a quite cumbersome Jewish elite taking a major role in defining its republican identity (as opposed to its former Royalist Catholic one), but it cannot be said that they governed France through lies by then especially when compared to their main contenders on the local scene.

    Their specialty by then was aligning cold facts while their contenders indulged in far more mythology: they rather loved to manifest their own superiority by then in the art of breaking dreams rather than manufacturing too many of them. They themselves entered into profitable mythology only when France lost its cultural sovereignty to the US, which happened most acutely under the Socialists coming to power. The same remark applies to most other European countries, especially German-speaking.

    I have read many passages of the Talmud so as to check to which degree the conclusions drawn by Israel Shahak could apply. I was not really shocked by that work: I was just bored to the utmost. The quotes against Jesus are quite real: namely they see in him nothing but an archetype of all fraudulent snake-oil preachers you can think up, though the Talmud refers to three contradictory narratives about a character of that name, all equally derogatory.

    In other words their main opinion, though not an obligatory one (the text consists of an endless debate, not a shariah: actually Maimonides voiced a complaint about it and did his best to equip Judaism with its own shariah law).

    But you cannot reasonably resent against an older religion’s complaining about the founder of a new one endowed with the mission to replace it. Imagine the attitude of any well-established Christian church towards the Mormons or towards the various brands of American “Christian Science” movements like the authors of “A Course in Miracles”.

    The quotes alleged by Israel Shahak and other much more anti-Judaic authors, though real, are wrongly translated. The word “goy” or “eyni yahudi” practically never shows up.

    The enemy entity whose subjects can be legitimately abused of in various advisable ways is not the greater mass of non-Jews, it is always a particular people, most often of very close geographic or genetic background in the ME you would be perfectly incapable to distinguish from regular ME Jews (like the Samaritans or … the people from Gaza) reputed to indulge each one in a certain kind of heresy together with the wrong behavior that kind of heresy fosters and approves of.

    In brief, the Talmud says that whenever you meet with such heretics accustomed to the practice of a certain form of abuse, you are perfectly legitimized to practice that particular form of abuse in return against them when dealing with them. If they are exploitative, you can exploit them. If other ones have no sexual morality there is no sin in going out with their shiksas.

    If they live from piracy, to can steal everything from them, and so on. But on the other hand it is also said that when such heretic peoples have actually died out long ago the injunction applies against all those practicing the same vice as a normal thing including among Jews.

    In particular “epicureans” as they are called (apikorisim) who would strive to make out of life an object of enjoyment are too be swindled and manipulated at will as long as they persist in their general attitude, not only even if but especially if they are of Jewish origin.

    But there is no real call to snobbism against non-Jews as such: you are supposed, quite the contrary, to respect the people you are among as your God-chosen superior until the very day you are persecuted for your mere Jewish identity or expelled.

    This said, the passages dealing with non-Jewish people in the Talmud count for about 0.2% of the total mass of text, maybe, contrary for instance to Islam which devotes a near majority of its texts to jihad, either of Mohammed itself or in general, or even to the New Testament and the doctrines derived from it that tend to refer to pagans and heretics, or to the essentially unbelieving world around them about 10% of the bulk of their sermons.

    Talmudic Judaism would rather make you believe that nothing of note happens outside their ranks and that even great antisemites responsible for the greatest catastrophes they endured started as bad Jews (including possibly Jesus).

    Reading the bulk of the text, you rather get the overpowering impression that non-Jewry doesn’t really exist or wherever they happen to exist they are insignificant minorities on their way to die out of their own wrong choices as naturally as too difficult languages die of disuse or cumbersome garment fashions are abandoned for more comfortable ones. Of course that’s only an impression but it is too overpowering as a ground bass axiom not to be considered.

    Another awful and justified impression you get while reading the Talmud is that everything in the cosmos obeys not the laws of science but rather to those of ritual magic and occultism of most malevolent kind by default. A lot of the discussions for instance are about the power of evil eye as well as about amulets, pendants, hats long worn by sages, and mezuzoth. To me it is an especially unhealthy reading gradually accustoming you to deeper and deeper degrees of spookiness.

    Last but not least the main moral danger I see with that text is not so much what it advances as for various theses in debates, but the excellent training it gives to anyone to grow into a perfect lawyer or attorney of the crookedest kind, the kind of character responsible for most things that go wrong about humans and I personally cannot conceive of a better world without first sending them all (no matter Jewish, antisemite or half and half) to reeducation camps or psychiatric institutions.

    It doesn’t encourage so much to lie as to postulate that logic and reality don’t really exist are only good tools among many others to triumph in debate by any proceeding to advance one’s cause or interest. It doesn’t state that as such but it assumes that as the unsaid precondition for all debates to be understood: the only ultimate reality is the infinite power of evil eye (God’s being the most dangerous) over all things less subtle.

    The Talmud is one of the most boring texts ever in the history of world literature, even a school manual of accounting or a COBOL user’s manual is much more engrossing. When I happen to meet with antisemites who pride upon knowing the Talmud so as to know all about Jews I can never believe them : they just lack the serotonin to combat the dopamine that would make them close the multi-volume book which takes up a whole library shelf.

    1. Jews are late bloomers. They have nothing to match Egyptian or Harappan civilization.

      Indians have fallen so low though they hardly register in my eyes. They’re odd, one seems to follow me at work. They live in the shadow of Whites and sort of are our shadows. Indians are more snaky than Jews but seem to submit more easy to European strength, especially to British who submit to Jews. Indians get fiesty unless you show strength or power.

      Jews are more scrappy and as historical victims likely prefer to suffer so they have something to whine about.

      Jews can be ultra-boring PC normies. They seem to have more sexual, mental, etc. prowess than Indians though. Indians may have written the Kama Sutra but the (((Fockers))) are more likely to use it. Indians are a circle jerk of spices over chickpeas. Jews are a high quality deli sandwich that resembles a vagina.

      White Europeans easily outsex Indians who tie-dye their clothing by jerking off in crowded internet cafes. We are however more straight-laced than a tribe of open bagel holes.

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