The Anti-Jewish/Anti-Israeli Bombings in Buenos Aires in the 1990’s

There were two bombings in Buenos Aires in the 1990’s, the first of the Israeli Embassy in 1992 and the second of the AMIA Jewish Center in 1994. It’s long been thought that Iran and Hezbollah were involved, but recent findings have shed doubt on that theory.

The best analysis so far is that neither Hezbollah nor Iran was involved in either that awful embassy bombing or that terrible Jewish center bombing. Neither Hezbollah nor Iran has ever attacked Diaspora Jews, so there’s no reason for the AMIA bombing, and the embassy bombing killed a lot of other people. The (((Hezbollah and Iran did it))) line has fallen apart over time, but the (((usual suspects))) keep pushing it of course.

Right now the best theory is that local Argentine neo-Nazis bombed both the embassy and the AMIA center. There are many in Argentina, they were very active in the Dirty War from 1978-1983, and they are fanatical antisemites.

Of course Hezbollah does suicide bombings, but they have not done one in quite some time now.

Even the prosecutor who was investigating the case was murdered at some point (he was Jewish himself).

Considering he was Jewish, the Nazis may have killed him.

There is a theory that the AMIA bombing was a “Mossad false flag.” Not buying it. I don’t think they do those very often, though the Beirut port bombing with a nuclear weapon could be seen as one perhaps. It’s more like they do an attack, kill a bunch of their enemies, usually hundreds or thousands of “evil Arab civilians,” and then say they didn’t do it, often blaming Arabs for killing their own people.

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3 thoughts on “The Anti-Jewish/Anti-Israeli Bombings in Buenos Aires in the 1990’s”

  1. The most productive races in the West, from Germans in Europe to the Ultra White Argentines in Latin America, historically hate Jews.

    Iranians, to their credit, seem above it.

    1. There’s a fair amount of antisemitism among Iranians. I was shocked at how common it was. I was on a forum once for Iranian nationalists and most of them were antisemites. A lot of them hated the clerical regime too. And they all hated the US and UK.

      1. I haven’t kept tabs on them in awhile. I believe a prominant Iranian said something to the effect of “Jews are Aryan!” to a Nazi.

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