Netanyahu’s Plan for a New Suicidal Holocaust – A Sacrificial Burnt Offering to the Enlightenment West

By Francis Miville. I edited it quite a bit but I hope I didn’t change the tone too much. Very interesting though I don’t necessarily agree with it.

The issue of Gaza is much simpler than you think.

Netanyahu’s move means many things. Perhaps first it is doing what he needs for his slow-motion coup to proceed forward and transform Israel into the unchecked autocracy so many dream of now. Next, he aims to co-opt and move the White European and American Racist Extreme Right as far away as possible from antisemitism.

In this case, “Never again” means “never again” at any cost, even if it means hiring Nazis themselves as bodyguards to keep the populace down and away.

The intention here is to identify Israel as the perfect bully role model for the White Racist Right it is now not only authorized but encouraged to imitate when it comes to dealing with the dual specters haunting Greater Europe – the throngs of Black Power and multicultural immigrants roiling their own latter day Weimar streets.

Netanyahu is proceeding in this offensive of evil charm following his mentor Trump’s towards the very same kind of stultified public. What they both love is seeing “Sand Negroes” being dealt with at last in the very same way they would love to do to so many “un-whites” they find or actually are irksome.

Many of these retrograde types dream of seeing hospitals and all kinds of social services being destroyed with all due fireworks, as they see them as mini-mafias of freeloaders anyway. Netanyahu, who is but Trump’s elder circumcised brother, knows how to whistle to the very same dogs and by what kind of red meat to whet their debased appetites.

What I am witnessing now is about 95

For a doctrinal Zionist like Bennett, the ritual human sacrifice being performed in Gaza operates a guarantee that this time around, whatever the economic crisis to come, the Street Nazis and other like leathered thugs will paradoxically support Zionism and oppose antisemitism.

For a doctrinal Zionist who doesn’t care about the state of the rest of the world left behind, that’s the thing to do to be immunized against the worst never to happen again. In the WWIII to come (or the Second American Civil War) the Racist Right will be a guaranteed ally up to the very end. They may kill and maim all intellectuals, but they will make an exception for the Jews provided they are less and less liberal as is the Likud’s intention anyway. Enlightenment Jews as were typical of the 19th century must be a thing of the past.

Israel Shahak, only a very few years after WWII and the foundation of Israel, in his masterwork “<em>Jewish History, Jewish Religion, The Weight of 3000 Years</em>” saw in advance the transformation of Israel, just created at the hands of the most humanistically liberal class Jewry ever known, back into the worst kind of super Warsaw Ghetto he himself had so painstakingly extricated himself, emerging to breathe free at last for a century and a half.

The Jewish mentality in the pre-modern Polish and Russian ghettoes, if need be reminded to those who tend to see Einsteins or Freuds when they meet Jews, had always sided with tyrants and fascistic gangs among the non-Jews around to keep the populace enslaved and easily exploitable by their own shady dealings, which of course had resulted in a mean doctrine of Judaic thought far more obscurantist and retrograde than the Roman Catholic Church ever was.

Namely, whereas the latter kept content with maintaining a (never very long) index of forbidden “bad books,” the ghettoes’ thought police maintained a (very short) list of allowable books besides the Talmud. Intellect was to be applied only to conform one’s thought to the rabbis’ in order to make money for the rabbis, otherwise curiosity was a sin of “epicurism.” The Jewish world is reverting to that mentality via express highway.

Netanyahu’s conclusion is that for “never again” to hold, there most must no Jewish Enlightenment again. In contrast, what is needed is collective protective stupidity which allows mere cunning as the only legitimate form of intellect. This is very stupid because the Holocaust unfolded precisely in that part of Europe (namely mostly Poland and the former Russian Pale of Settlement) that had made its obdurate choice of obscurantism at the service of Russia or Prussia.

The Warsaw Ghetto had for some time been an upper middle-class bourgeois zone closed to all Catholic Polish like to pigs before the ghetto itself fell into squalor when the tyrants the residents served ended up on the losing side, which segued into the Nazi period when it gradually turned into a camp, first of concentration, then of extermination.

Israel is taking exactly the same historical route.

Israel has just signed a blood pact with the very same Filthy Beast that nearly missed killing them all. It will continue onward towards the same result at an accelerated pace. It won’t be a repetition of the of the Holocaust of yore though.

The Nazis are now being guaranteed to be on the side of the Jews as a result of the act of Jewish Black Magic the Jews are performing now in Gaza. This Jewish human sacrifice is now presented to the world as a cheap, drive-in, reality snuff movie for the lowbrow masses. This burned offering will driven a wave of absolute obscurantism and book burning unfurling in a flag of darkness and arrogant ignorance, its shadow darkening our benighted lands.

That wave of anti-intellectualism will engulf Israel itself, together with most institutions formerly founded or conquered by Enlightenment Jews, and in that climate the mere fact of being a present or former intellectual will drive one headfirst and headlong inexorably towards a Fahrenheit 451 style pogrom. Only this time around in the Holocaust to Come, our destiny as children of Adam will be only one of suicide, of the intellect first and civilization later.

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2 thoughts on “Netanyahu’s Plan for a New Suicidal Holocaust – A Sacrificial Burnt Offering to the Enlightenment West”

  1. Thank you so much for your editing and styling. The gore and horror of the topic together with the resulting insomnia prevented me from writing cleanly. Israel is the theater of Western culture’s ultimate defeat, though only as a theater scene.

    All Zionist Jews living in Israel don’t live on the disputed (occupied) land of Israel-Palestine. They live in a TV serial entitled “Israel” and have concerns typical of B-series actors and stunt performers. As soon as they can, after their day job, they take refuge from the local geology, climate, and political narrative in air-conditioned shopping malls to better their careers.

    Greater Tel Aviv covers more than half of the country (Negev desert excepted) with a suburbia absolutely identical to Toronto’s (most of its recent architects are indeed Jewish-Canadian); that is to say, one of the worst land-squandering urbanisms of the world.

    The semi-desert Palestine of Ottoman rule did once bloom not so much thanks to the kibbutzniks but rather to the British entrepreneurs in industrial horticulture of Mediterranean fruits from 1850 onwards after the technologies of deep rock drilling into far aquifers had entered into general practice. Most of their manpower was composed of Arab-speaking people from overpopulated regions such as the Nile Delta or the coast of Lebanon.

    Jews were also appreciated by these British farmers but only as second fiddles in that economic modernization scheme, and also to help the de facto British colonists (they were to become official ones only after Balfour) practice their customary divide-and-rule way of colonial nation-building.

    Israel was already at its peak greening when independence was proclaimed thanks to British entrepreneurship and Arab manpower imported from neighboring regions. Thereafter the development of Tel Aviv reestablished the desert, this time in its urban “stroad” form you know all to well in So Cal around San Diego and Venice. In my opinion it is one of the most spiritually-empty places of the world.

    Jerusalem is to Tel Aviv what Hollywood is to the greater LA conurbation : there is no longer any countryside between Tel Aviv Beach and Old Jerusalem apart from the British-planned and -planted green belt in the exact fashion of Canberra or Ottawa, and if you want to get an idea of what kind of spirituality you can breathe in Jerusalem, picture yourself something between Canberra, Ottawa, and Christchurch with a hint of Kingston, Jamaica.

    All the agriculture Israel remains so proud of having developed with propaganda reminiscent of Soviet posters was already all developed under the British mandate. Now now it is in relative decline quite like California’s Grand Valley due to stroad suburbanization and also to the soil having retained too many toxic chemicals from too much input accumulation and lack of drenching rainwater to flush them out, a problem typical in many irrigated deserts. All of his makes the produce more and more sub-standard on the world market.

    Whenever a typical Israeli has done his day job as an actor or stunt performer on the TV serial that passes as world news, he takes refuge in a Torontonian-style shopping mall to meet his friends and family and enjoy conditioned air that is too expensive for his own flat.

    Israel’s sustainability as a state is very limited in time due to the failure of its Jewish population to inhabit and love the local ground for real. Instead, they all see themselves as a cheaper version of what the same Jews have created in So Cal. A country composed of B-series actors is the biggest danger to world peace you can imagine. A TV serial can sell only through perpetual suspense, and Israel sells suspense by appealing to the darkest recesses of the West’s collective unconscious.

    But the big mistake to make when discussing the situation in Israel-Palestine is to analyze it in religious or eschatological terms, as Netanyahu himself tries to do without believing a single word of it.

    When that subject is in or on the air, it is better to be an atheist, preferably of the Marxist kind. When people of any party ask you to pray for Jerusalem, just answer, “The day when there is no one to make a single prayer in Jerusalem will Jerusalem’s greatest day.” You wouldn’t pray for Canberra nor go there as a pilgrim, would you?

    What remains of Old Jerusalem is a kind of theme park enshrined in a far wider and luxurious marble-covered area of mall galleries like Manila but where you can enjoy lox on a bagel for twice the Manhattan price. The only difference with America is that the Palestinian zones are modeled not so much as Afro-American ghettoes as in-city Amerindian reserves micromanaged through state-selected organized crime bands like their New World counterparts.

    1. Thank you so much for your editing and styling. The gore and horror of the topic together with the resulting insomnia prevented me from writing cleanly.

      No, your prose is pretty much fine! There is a bit of a problem in that you are a French native speaker and your English is a bit…well…it’s not wrong or even bad…it’s just…odd. Maybe it reads better in French. Some of it was not clear and your prose is often like that. I like your prose a lot. I just added to it like a good editor does to a great writer.

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