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  1. The issue about Gaza is much simpler than you think.

    Netanyahu’s move, apart from doing what he needs for his slow-motion coup to proceed forward and transform Israel into the unchecked autocracy so many dream of now, aims at aligning the White European and American racist extreme right as far away as possible from antisemitism (never again means never again at any cost, including that of hiring Nazis as body guards to keep the populace down and away) and to identify with Israel as the perfect model of role bully they are now not only authorized but encouraged to imitate when it comes to dealing with Black power and multicultural immigrants in their own streets.

    Netanyahu is proceeding to the very kind of offensive of evil charm like Trump did towards the very same kind of stultified public : what they love is seeing “sand Negroes” being dealt with at last in the very same way they would love to do to so many “un-whites” they find irksome or who actually are. Many dream of seeing hospitals and all kinds of social services being destroyed with all due fireworks as they see them as so many small mafias of free loaders anyway.

    Netanyahu, who is but Trump’s elder circumcised brother, knows how to whistle to the very same dogs and by what kind of red meat to whet their appetite.

    What I am witnessing now is about 95% of the so-called alt-right press and internet press of France, Canada, USA, Britain, Switzerland aligning with Israel as a source of courage to stand up to Arab immigration in Europe, Mexicans and Blacks in the USA. Only about 5% have the guts to denounce Israel as the master evil doer and are for the most part old school would-be Nazis. That alignment of practically all alt-right forces is as remarkable as the alignment among Jews.

    For a doctrinal Zionist like Bennett the ritual human sacrifice being performed in Gaza operates a guarantee that this time whatever the economic crisis to come the Street Nazis and other like leathered thugs will claim of Zionism, not of any form of antisemitism.

    For a doctrinal Zionist that doesn’t care about the state of the rest of the world left behind that’s the thing to do to be immunized against the worst never to happen again : in the WWIII to come (or the Second American Civil War) the racist right will be a guaranteed ally up to the very end.

    They may kill and maim all intellectuals but they will make an exception for the Jews provided they are less and less liberal, as is the Likud’s intention anyway: Enlightenment Jews as were typical of the 19th century must be a thing of the past.

    Israel Shahak, very few years after WWII and the foundation of Israel, in his master work “Jewish History, Jewish Religion, the weight of 3000 years” saw in advance that transformation of Israel, just created at the hands of the most humanistically liberal class of age Jewry had ever known, back into the worst kind of super Warsaw-ghetto he himself together with so many fellow Jews had been so painstakingly doing his best to come out of to breathe for two centuries.

    The Jewish mentality in the pre-modern Polish and Russian ghettoes, if need be reminded to those who tend to see Einsteins or Freuds when they meet Jews, had always sided with tyrants and fascistic gangs among the non-Jews around to keep the populace enslaved and easily exploitable by their own shady dealings, which of course had resulted in a mean doctrine of Judaic thought even far more obscurantist and retrograde than the Roman Catholic church ever was.

    Namely whereas the latter kept content with maintaining a (never so long) index of forbidden “bad books” the ghettoes’ thought police maintained a (very short) list of allowable books besides the Talmud. Intellect was to be applied either to conform one’s thought to the rabbis’ either to make money for the rabbis first, otherwise curiosity was a sin of “epicurism”. The Jewish world is reverting to that mentality by the express highway.

    Netanyahu’s conclusion is that for “never again ” to hold there most must no Jewish Enlightenment again, but collective protective stupidity allowing cunning as the only legitimate form of intellect, which is very stupid because the Holocaust could unfold precisely in that part of Europe (namely mostly Poland and the former Russian Pale of Settlement) that had made the obdurate choice of obscurantism at the service of Russia or Prussia.

    The Warsaw ghetto had for some time been an upper-middle class bourgeois zone closed to all Catholic Polish like to pigs before falling themselves into squalor when the tyrants they had served were on the losing side, down to the Nazi period when it gradually turned into a concentration camp and then one of extermination. Israel is taking exactly the same historical route.

    Israel has just signed in blood a pact with the very same filthy beast that nearly missed killing them all. And it will conducive to the same result at an accelerated pace.

    There won’t be a repetition of the same kind of Holocaust though: the Nazis being guaranteed to be on their side as a result of the act of black magic they are performing now in Gaza as presented to the world as a reality snuff show to all amateurs, a wave of absolute obscurantism and of book burning is guaranteed to furl and that wave of anti-intellectualism will engulf Israel itself together with most institutions formerly founded or conquered by Enlightenment Jews, and in that climate the mere fact of being an intellectual or even a former intellectual will drive one to a Fahrenheit 451 style pogrom.

    This time the holocaust to come is by suicide.

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