Banned by Another Leftie

This guy.

Weird because he was one of my heroes for many years and now he banned me. I don’t even know why he did it! I wrote a long comment something along the lines of the last post about the US’ fanatical support for Israel, saying that while Jewish money and power was part of it, it wasn’t the whole story. Went into a lot of detail about the degree of Jewish control over various parts of our society, focusing on the media where I said Jews don’t really run the media anymore. Was it that?

Did I make a comment with some Echoes or Cohencidence Marks? (((Like this))). Those get you banned on all leftwing blogs now. But I use them to just mean “pro-Israel,” by that I don’t imply “controlled by Jews” or any of that, whatever the Hell that means anyway.

I think he banned me for being an antisemite, which is a bit weird as I don’t even like extreme obsessive and conspiratorial and certainly Nazi antisemitism very much. But there’s clearly a huge problem with Jewish power and money in the US and subsequent US fanatical support for Israel. It’s a big deal because it’s threatening to blow up the whole world. And Israel’s behavior is, to say the least,  not very good at all.

I think a lot of  pro-Israel Gentiles have some deep dealings or passions about the Jewish people that allow them to feel that way. For instance, finance banking was still quite WASP up until maybe 25 years ago. Then the Jewish takeover began. Don’t ask me how it happened.

Many of the largest law firms are still White Gentile owned. However, with the financialization of the economy, much of the business of these biggest firms now consists of representing the financial sector – the banksters, hucksters, speculators and other forms of “parasitic capital,” which is exactly what it is because almost none of that money in investing anything productive or real, like, you know, making stuff?

Making widgets or whatnot is so passe. It’s all about the big Gambling Casino in the sky now. But economies based on speculative capital are not even “real” in a sense because the only real economy is about making stuff.

Anyway these law firms now have lots of Jewish clients. So that’s why you see them all lining up saying they won’t hire anyone at Harvard or Yale who looked at Israel the wrong way. They’re not “controlled by Jews.” But they’re deeply wrapped up with them in consensual moneymaking alliances.

What’s hilarious about this Cook guy and Caitlin Johnstone who just banned me too is that like all idiot Lefties, they despise Israel but refuse to consider that this whole Israel problem might have something to do, with, um, shall we say…Jewish people?

You see, to the Left, Jews and Israel are sort of a “never the twain shall meet” sort of thing. They all agree that Israel is Satan on Earth, but Jewish people themselves are still just the coolest.

Well, wait.

Israel is full of what kind of people? Jewish people! So the behavior of Israel, the Jewish state full of Jewish people, obviously has something to do with the thinking, behavior, attitudes, culture, and especially religion of the Jewish people, right? How could it not?

It’s true for every other country. Doesn’t the behavior of Russia have something to do with, you know, Russian people? Same with Ukraine? Same with Poland? Same with, just about everywhere?

The behavior of most countries on Earth other than unpopular dictatorships is rooted directly in the people of that country – their thinking, behavior, attitudes, culture, and religion. People create countries. Countries full of people create governments. Democratic countries reflect the values of the people. In most cases, the behavior of a state tends to be quite rooted in the behaviors, etc. of the people who make it up. Can someone explain to me why this is controversial?

There’s this attitude that we have these bad people called Israeli Jews over there, and then we have these good, cool, liberal and leftwing people called Jews over here in the US. And according to the Left, they have nothing whatsoever to do with each other!

Wait a minute. Does that really make sense to you? Like, US Jews and Israeli Jews are two completely different ethnicities or even races of people? Does that make sense?

Nevertheless, this is the very silly tightrope that the Left demands that we walk. It makes no sense at all, but the Left is phobic of racism and that includes antisemitism. As the behavior of Israel gets worse and worse, they’re going to have a harder and harder time threading this crazy needle:

Israel is evil! But Jewish people are the greatest thing since sliced bread!

Look, I’m not saying Jews should be blamed for Israeli behavior.

But if you are Jewish, maybe you want to take a look over there? Is that really something you really want to be associated with? You need to think about that real hard. You want this country to speak for your people?

There’s nothing wrong with cutting off your country. I’ve been an America-hater forever. I don’t even like Americans as people.

So if you’re Jewish, you could be like me and reject both the Jewish state and maybe even your own people if you don’t think they’re thinking or acting properly. You’d be doing to your people the same as I’m doing to mine.

Jews are pretty ethnocentric so that might be hard to do, but it’s not the end of the world to decide your country is messed up and your people have been headed down the wrong road for some time.

I still love myself. And I still love being an American.

You can still enjoy being a Jewish person and love yourself even if you feel your people and state are speeding down a one way street going the wrong way.

You see, just because America is bad doesn’t mean I’m bad. Just because Americans suck doesn’t mean I suck. As a Jew you can make the same choices. You’re not wedded to your people. You’re not an appendage of a tribe. You’re an individuated human being who didn’t pick their parents of no fault of your own. You are not your country. You are not your people. And vice versa.

As an American, I still have a lot to feel proud about.

As a Jew you have a lot to feel proud about too. The Jews are an extremely successful and extraordinary gifted people, having made superb breakthroughs in all sorts of fields of study, business, innovation, medicine, and the arts. Jews kick ass in life. They do well for themselves.

If you’re one, you’re an heir to a long line of invention and gift, stretching clear to Heaven and back. Go ahead and feel good about yourselves, Americans and Jews.

You are you. Your country is your country. Your people are your people.

At the end of the day, you really ought to stand for you and you alone.

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5 thoughts on “Banned by Another Leftie”

  1. The question is, what does Iran want? Since they’re the ones behind [supposedly] Hamas, Syria, Hezbollah from Lebanon, Qatar, the Yemen rebels, what do they hope to gain? Are they really controlling world events, like the media propaganda said Bin Laden was doing from a cave in Pakistan or Afghanistan? The U.S. (at this typing ) apparently just struck an “Iranian base” inside Syria. What’s the deal?

    1. Probably not an “Iranian base.” Those are Iraqi militias that are actually literally a part of the Iraqi Army, who are shooting at our bases. Our presence in Syria is completely illegal and Iraq has ordered us to get out of their country. We refused and threatened them.

      Iran is just for the Palestinians. That’s all it is. They are the leaders of the Axis of Resistance which is opposed to Israel and also the US presence in the region.

      They’re not behind Qatar. Qatar are Sunni Islamists who are associated with the Muslim Brotherhood.

      The others are Shia who are pro-Iran but they’re also nationalists.

      1. But that’s where Khaled Meshaal, the leader of Hamas, is now, in Qatar. Back in the 90’s when the Mossad hunted him (Meshaal) down and poisoned him, the Palestinians demanded that Israel provide not only the antidote for the poison, but the formula for the antidote as well. Israel refused that demand, but did provide the antidote for the poison to save Meshaal’s life.

        Don’t forget.

        A few years ago Saudi Arabia wanted to go to war with Qatar (right on Saudi Arabia’s border) because they had too close an alliance with Iran, since Iran and Qatar share a huge natural gas field.

  2. I’ve personally never had a problem with Arabs.

    On the other hand, the Arab women I take the bus with are trouble for the bus driver. Today the bus driver probably wanted to call the ragheads or something. A German lives for rules and the Arab seems to live to break them. Very backwards and unhygienic. They put food on the dirty bus seats and eat right off of them.

    I honestly can’t see Jews doing this. They’re sort of self-made nobility.

    I also believe Iranians are above this. Iranians seem to have the best stance on everything, and I’ve long respected their support of Palestine. All the backwards freaks hate Iran for a reason.

    I will say one Arab women on the bus is very attractive.

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