What Is Liberal Racism?

Rambo: As far as Whites go, was Scott Adams (creator of the Dilbert comic strip, syndicated in newspapers) right saying, ”I’m through with Blacks. I’m not helping them anymore.”

This is the cry of the former liberal because only we wanted to help them at all.

I don’t think he was right, but I have thought that a lot. Of course, I am a humanist, and I always go back to wanting to help Blacks. Even the ghetto ones. If I can bribe the ghetto ones to act better, I will do it. I’m too much of a human to follow through on my racist impulses, and of course I have them. I’m just not comfortable being a racist. I’m a man of the Left, and it feels bad to be any kind of a serious racist.

It’s like being the worst kind of sinner or bad person. It’s like being a Republican. I think Honest Guy has a similar dynamic going on. He’s an antifascist Jewish guy, but he’s had a lot of bad experiences with ghetto Blacks and he says he wants a divorce. I figure he’d still pay to help them though.

I will keep on helping them even if they scream at me and tell me to stop. I will keep helping them even if they scream at me and call me racist. My humanistic impulses are important to me and I’m not to abandon them because some Black people are caught up in their petty pride and ego-defenses.

Those are the weapons of the weak. I consider myself one of the strong because I am committed to helping them not matter how they order me to quit or call me terrible names. I’m above that petty, childish behavior. I’m a grownup.

There are several aspects to this.

Blacks say:

1. It’s insulting! You’re going to help us? We don’t need any help! The very idea that they need help is pretty insulting right there. So they hand-wave away? Why don’t you help White people? Don’t they need help?” Well of course we do but their problems are not at the point of civilizational collapse.

Like I said, Black America is fire alarm. And it’s screeching. If a house is on fire, you call a fireman. If a neighborhood or a city is on fire, same thing. You call another type of fireman to put out the humans that are on fire before they spread the fire to others not yet combusting.

2. Don’t worry! We’ll help ourselves. We don’t need outside help. Well, they can’t or if they can, they don’t. And the problems are so disastrous that somebody has to do something.

3. It’s insulting to take help from others. This is why a lot of Whites refuse to use social programs even if they are entitled to them. It’s an insult and they also think it’s leeching and they don’t want to leech.

This is supposedly the definition of liberal racism: treating Blacks like children who need a handicap or at least some sort of help. If that’s what it means, I am surely a liberal racist then. I guess the antiracist thing is to back off, do nothing, and let them spontaneously combust.

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