Pro-Israel Lie: All of the Arabs Actually Hate or Don’t Care about Palestinians

*Jews means pro-Israel Jews, especially the more passionate ones. All of the pro-Israel lies start with them but then disseminate out to the larger US Gentile population, so they end up being repeated as much by Gentiles as by Jews. But I don’t think Gentiles are thinking up most of these clever arguments. In 2010, 95

In other cases, it often just means Israel.

Commenter: What’s becoming abundantly clear is so-called brotherly Arabs just wished the Palestinians would go away.

This is so false. Large majorities of the Arab populations have heavy to extreme hatred of Israel and of course consequently strong support for the Palestinians.

The only reason all these fake regimes could normalize with Israel is because they’re dictators!

Even in Jordan and Egypt, which have long made peace with Israel, 85

Yes, UAE sucked up to Israel, but 68

Bahrain has also normalized but there it’s another 70-75

We hear all about Saudi Arabia normalizing relations with Israel, but do we ever see the polls showing that 85

Morocco normalized and then some. Too bad it didn’t ask the population, as ~80

Sure, maybe these regimes, all dictatorships I might add, are on board with Israel or tired of Palestinians (although even that is dubious), but their people sure aren’t.

This is just another lie the Jews* have spread – all of the Arabs hate the Palestinians. So many American idiots fall for this, as they idiotically hang on every precious word that comes out these infallible and omniscient people…oh Hell, let’s cut to the case, Jews are actual secular Gods in America, and even get a front row seat in the shows the real Christian Zionist Gods (the only real Gods of the land) put on.

Instead of being some of the most facile, guiltless, and shameless liars around, Americans believe every single golden word that flows off the Jews’ blessed tongues. How many ways can you spell sucker? If we had any sense, many things that come out of those liars’ mouths should be taken with about a boulder of salt, if you can get it down!

So this is just one more Jewish lie American Jew-cucks and marks swallowed whole – that all of the Arabs hate Palestinians as much as Jews do. But it’s not true!

Sure, the rulers are sellouts and make deals with Israel, but they can only do that because they’re dictatorships and they are going against 70-90

What’s going on here more than anything else is fear. Every Arab regime is some sort of a US ally except Syria. They are all very vulnerable and can be screwed over at a moment’s notice, especially as half of our fleet is sitting offshore ready to bomb and kill countless more Arabs for the Godhead of Zion.

Want to help the Palestinians? Uncle Sam will come down on you, maybe militarily.

Let’s look at the governments that stood up to Uncle Scam and the Jewish Neighborhood Bully:

Syria: destroyed, pocked with US bases tainting the landscape like acne scars, all illegal, currently stealing 90

Iraq: destroyed, project ongoing for twenty years, 1.4 million dead, Takfiri terrorists stalking a land littered with the festering sores of US bases staying on after the government ordered all US bases to leave!

Yemen: Destroyed, 200,000 dead, most of them kids starved to death by the ships of Uncle Scam and the Saudi ghouls, who blockaded the coast and would not let any food or medicine come into the country. Skeletal children creep across the land as vultures hop after them hoping for a meal. Oil and all trade for that matter is blockaded. There’s no real government. Half the country is under the control of US, UAE, and Saudi-backed Al Qaeda and ISIS.

Iran: Wrecked, sanctioned to Hell and back, making it very hard to conduct business normally. Jews conducting regular murderous assaults on high-ranking officials. Under constant US and Israeli threats of destruction, an anxiety attack posing as a defiant country.

Libya: A ruin of a country, a failed state collapsing into itself like a black hole in space. Slave markets, Al Qaeda and ISIS, Islamists everywhere, feminists and human rights activists gunned down soon as they peek out of their barricaded windows. No government at all; state collapse. Warlord rule instead with dueling states in the east and west and no one in control. Oil industry in ruins.

All right, look. This is what happens to you if you stand up to the US and Israel. You get destroyed, mostly by the US.

The Arab governments are not so much cucked as terrified. They stand up for the Palestinians, and their country goes next on the list to be hit with the US-Zion wrecking ball.

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