Please Learn about the New Antiracist Laws and Keep Yourself out of Woke Prison!

Polar Bear: I think some racial hatred directed at assimilated Blacks in the past was often overkill.

No kidding! Those Black people acted like you ore me and they got racially abused nevertheless. How would you like people shunning you for picking the wrong parents.

Polar Bear: Sadly, I prefer the ease of the old ordered oppression to the slog of trying to uplift the nog.

One thing you notice if you go to the South is how unbelievably polite everyone is, the Whites for sure but even the older Blacks. Check into a hotel and the older Black men who will help you are unfailingly polite, so proper, decent, mannered, and deferential that you wonder if God got their genes mixed up.

But nope, those are real Black folks all right. The suggestion is that these are somehow the effects or aftereffects of Jim Crow. I suppose one benefit was that Blacks were terrorized into acting very politely, if only due to fear than anything else. Although Jim Crow was wrong, it’s an ill wind that blows no good and most clouds have silver linings.

Well, I’m not going back to that, and society is lurching wildly in the other direction anyway. We’re on a wild fishing expedition looking for all sorts of nasty White racism:

Microaggressions. These might seem trivial but in some ways, these are even worse than the bad stuff because you have to be very hypersensitive and pussy to even see that they are there, and so many protected groups and hypersensitive and pussed out nowadays.

Invisible racism. Institutional and structural racism is the worst kind of racism of all because you can’t even see it or prove it’s there! Ghosts are scary things. I don’t know about you, but I’d rather deal with live folks than dead peeps. Because we can’t even prove it’s there, of course we can’t measure or qualify it. This makes it even more insidious and evil.

People being too helpful (!). Oppressors trying to help the oppressed is evil, so we have to stop helping people in protected categories (everyone who’s not White). These means their problems will be even worse, but it’s better than being racist and trying to help people!

People noticing obvious things. There are new laws against Illegal Noticing.

People stating clear facts. Many facts, truths, and even sciency stuff is racist now, so you need to figure out which facts are real and ok and which are really hallucinations and wrong.

All of these are illegal now so you need to get with the new antiracist program and learn the new laws so you don’t get fired and get your career ruined for be truthful and proper and refusing to lie and fake it like everyone else.

Practice these affirmations if that makes you uncomfortable:

Up is down.

Right is wrong.

White is Black.

Forwards is backwards.

Everything I know is wrong.

Left is right.

North is south.

East is west.

In the new antiracist world, everything is upside down and bassackwards, and it’s hard to get your bearings.

To orient yourself, try these exercises to make yourself just as confused and bassackwards as everyone else. It may seem silly, but it’s better than being racist, right?

Stand on your head every day for as long as you can stand it to reorient yourself to the new upside down world.

Walk backwards (preferably in your own home) slowly, please, and tell yourself the whole time, “I am really walking forwards.”

Stare at a black object while repeating over and over, “This object is really white.” After a while, every time you see a black object you will think it is white. Your antiracist programming is working!

Cross your arms in front of yourself. Now your left arm will be on your right and your right arm will be on your left. Try to convince yourself that left is really right and vice versa. Please try to forget these lessons if you get behind the wheel of a car though. The new antiracism can make driving difficult!

After awhile, all of your orientations and binaries will be properly reversed and you will be ready for this new antiracist Wonderland.

Acclimate yourself to the new antiracist laws:

Illegal Fact-Talking. The only way to not violate the Illegal Facts law is to lie, so that’s what most people do.  Since the truth is racist, you have to be careful when stating facts to make sure you don’t state any hate facts and hurt anyone’s feelings. In these situations it’s better to lie like everyone else than to break the Illegal Fact-Talking laws.

Illegal Noticing: It’s hard to not to notice things in front of your face, but you can probably do it if you lie to yourself enough, or you can just notice stuff and claim you hallucinated and never saw a thing. The human capacity for Denial and self-delusion is an amazing thing.

Illegal Non-equity: I guess, say Blacks have to be 13

Illegal Fair Law Enforcement: Also, Blacks have to be 13

Arresting or imprisoning Blacks at more than 13

Illegal Avoidance: Avoiding ghettos, ghetto people and other unpleasant things is Illegal Avoidance. This is aversive racism and of course it’s my favorite kind. It’s not legal to avoid bad places or bad people. To be antiracist, you have to put yourself in harm’s way on a regular basis.

So you might get hurt? So what? It’s a small prize to pay for being an antiracist! So you might get killed? Ever heard of martyrdom? If you get killed by being antiracist and refusing to avoid dangerous entities, you’re an antiracist martyr. You go straight to Heaven. This is much preferable to staying alive as a racist because a racist life is not worth living.

Illegal Preferences. You as a White are not allowed to have any preferences at all in anything: dating, friendship, or sex. Look at all the White porn stars they came down on for refusing to have sex with Black men. You can’t be like that. If you want to have sex, you have to be willing to have sex with any humans, even Aborigine chicks! Want to date your own kind? Sorry! You’re SOL. Of course Blacks and other oppressed folks get to have all the preferences they want, but oppressors don’t get to pick and choose.

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7 thoughts on “Please Learn about the New Antiracist Laws and Keep Yourself out of Woke Prison!”

  1. CA: ” I actually have a sort of philosophical, perhaps just sociological, take on identity politics rather than a psychoanalytic one, though both are apropos the situation, albeit at different levels of analysis. I will comment later when I am free.”

    Why does God allow evil in the world? Why not just Ying? Must we also have the Yang? Time immemorial questions for sure. Identity Politics sure is an evil no doubt. But what benefit does it provide apart from its face-value claims?

    IP reminds me of the Catholic Church telling people not to fuck because it’s a sin, meanwhile the priests are gangbanging the nuns or each other behind closed-abbey-doors. Jung commented on this projection the Church was doing as a way to deal with the cognitive dissonance of the priestly class in regards to their sexual decadence.

    But who is the sacerdotal class in our contemporary society infused with the gospel of Identity Politics? The oppressed women and minorities? No. At best, all these groups are mendicant missionaries for the Secular Charge, but they don’t run the show.

    Our true presbyters have learned to modularize, compartmentalize, and systematize all the orders and ranks of this pluricultural world. Up until around the end of the 20th Century, the White Man had a real hard job; he had to wear many hats – oppressor, comptroller, laborer, financier, lawmaker, pundit, proselytizer, etc. That’s way too much for even the superior sex of the Master Race to do.

    But one day after observing that immigration, globalization, trade agreements, treaties, and best/worst of all, miscegenation galore were the inevitable reality of our world, they paused for a second and thought:

    How the Hell can we use all these worthless subhumans for our benefit?

    After mulling over this from roughly 1940 until 1990 they remembered a very interesting aspect of human psychology: people would rather be de facto oppressed and de jure liberated than the inverse.

    Why? Because of ego. If I spit in your face and then give you a thousand bucks you’ll take the money and then resent me. You’ll use the money to fuel your vengeance. But if instead I publicly praise you for being the fine person of color that you are yet quietly fuck you over in other ways, you’ll be a lot happier. Your ego won’t be so insulted.

    What has IP done for the world? Let us take a brief survey:

    RL: “Illegal Non-equity: Say Blacks have to be 13% of everything or at least all the good things. They’re not, so we have to fire lots of better qualified people whose skin is too pale and replace them with the darker folks who can’t do the job. If you protest this, you will be arrested for Illegal Non-Equity.”

    In my personal experience working for large companies, this is not true at all. It’s exaggerated by rightwingers. All the smart jobs still go to Whites and Asians. It’s true that many executive positions have been given to women and BIPOCs, but those appoints fall into three roughly categories:

    The appointee truly is qualified.

    The position is a ceremonial one.

    A new position is created that is either ceremonial or simply a W-BIPOC manger of other W-BIPOCs.

    The first case is truly just and goes with what Polar Bear said about the racism of old being overblown. Many qualified W-BIPOCs were simply overlooked. This is correcting a true evil, so I don’t mind.

    The second case is just a simple example of bribing W-BIPOC to so they behave. Mostly for the BIPOCs.

    The third case is a complex case of bribery because the W-BIPOC officer gets paid well, but all they do is make sure that their W-BIPOC underlings behave. Herding cats if you will. It’s a from of fascism. Instead of direct welfare checks, private institutions are compelled by the government to hire minorities and provide a stable income and health insurance. State corporatism is a staple of fascism, no? This Machiavellian rightwinger loves it!

    Let us take a step back and compare society now to what it used to be 50 years ago, when a man could support a household and afford a mortgage with one income and a house-wife. Where did men work? At corporations of course. But times have changed. Where are high-IQ WHITE MEN (not Asians) migrating too? Entrepreneurship, real-estate investing, tech start-ups, investment funds, independent contracting, you name it.

    What do all those small business have in common? They are too small to be legally affected by the diversity hire bullshit by design. Component White men will always gravitate to where the money and freedom are. Corporations are turning into colored gynocracies, and that’s a good thing! What is so manly about sitting behind a computer 40 hours a week?

    Nothing. The manly high-paying jobs have been offshored! Corporate environments are perfectly suited for women and whining minorities. It’s a giant daycare center run by the fourth layer of government: big corporations. I have worked for six large institutions, four private, one public, and one non-profit. Trust me, they are day-care centers for grownups.

    What about affirmative action? What about it? I love it too! IQ realist all know the phenomenon that Blacks over-perform and Asians under-perform based on their IQ. What does that mean? It all has to do with the genetic reality. Given the same IQ, say 100, the competence ranking would be Black>Hispanic>White>Asian. Why? Probably because a a 100 IQ black is a very superior member of his race and the Asian a below-average one.

    Since intelligence correlates with other traits and general biological fitness, its reasonable to expect a 100 Chinese guy is deficient in many others way in addition to intellect relative to his 105 mean-IQ race, whereas the Black is very very biologically healthy.

    AA is a way to harvest high IQ genes from low IQ populations and have them intermingle with the White overlords. It’s literally a brain drain. Imagine smart Blacks had to stay behind in the hood a figure out a way to improve their ghetto-ass communities? No, can’t have that. Let’s have them go to Dartmouth and then work at Exon-Mobile instead.

    However, the way affirmative action is actually practiced, it over-discriminates against Asians to the benefit of Whites. The student body at elite universities has Whites represented in line with their share of the population. AA robs Asians of positions and gives them to BIPOCs instead. But it leaves Whites largely unscathed, thus allowing them to maintain hegemony. It would be very dangerous for White society if Harvard and the like became 80% Asian. Which is what would happen if you use IQ alone to determine admission.

    In conclusion, IP is a veil for Whites to retain control and focus on what they do best, quietly masterminding things behind the scenes. I find the official rhetoric idiotic, but once I read between the lines, I think it’s genius.

    1. Also, many BIPOCs in positions of power are fake minorities, namely Obama and Colin Powell. Both are mulattos 50% White or more. Ted Cruz is at least 80% White. The US is 70% White on average. If you take the average genetic make-up of BIPOCs in important positions, I would imagine seeing a similar genetic picture.

      Lok at the picture of Powell. He barely even looks black.!

      P.S. Sorry for all the typos. I am writing in a rush.

      1. The US is 70% White on average.

        Are you looking at the entire gene pool? Because depending on how you classify White, it’s getting down around 65% now. But then I throw in Jews and Arabs with Whites, so hey.

        1. I include the Ashkenazim under the umbrella of Euro-white but not the Sephardim or Bukharan. They are still Whites of course but of a non-european variety.

          1. By the Sephardim you mean the Mizrachis or Arab Jews, right? Are not the Bukharan Jews Asians?

            Of course Jews are White, but they won’t admit it and they get furious if you suggest that they are.

          2. Yeah, Sephardis are the Arab-like Jews to me.

            The Bukharan are the Central Asian ones but they look mostly White with only a slight Asiatic admixture. I live next to a Bukharan neighborhood, and the Ashkenazis consider them gaudy lol.

            The Jews around me mostly mind there own business and just hoard gold.

            But they must pay the city a lot of extra money because there is often extra police protection around their synagogues and schools. The irony is they live in super-safe neighborhoods, so maybe they are paranoid about antisemitic attacks. Who knows?

          3. Technically, Sephardics are the Jews of Southern Europe like Spain, Portugal, Italy, Greece, Turkey, and Latin America.

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