Argument with a Lousy Identity Politics Black

Note: Below, ghetto Blacks is a behavioral designation, not a geographical one. It refers to Blacks who have adopted a ghetto lifestyle, not simply Blacks who live in the hood, as there are many fine people who live in the hood.

Based on this article here.

Black IP liberal Democrat: I have a few issues with this. First what is a ghetto black? Next instead of offering better education you want to pay them to “act” better. Let me help for a few. No one the hood grows drugs and there is not one gun store in the inner city.

How to you think these things get there? I grew up in the middle class black neighborhood in Queens NY. I also watched the same neighborhood sink into a crime ridden drug depend neighborhood during the crack years.

So to make the completely racist assumption that paying people to “behave” better is not only racist but extremely narrow minded. Do you think that people choose to live in poverty in drug infested and crime infested neighborhoods? Tells me everything I need to know about you and your racist opinions.

There are more white living in poverty than any of other race of people. They just live in trailer parks. You offering them money to “behave” better too? Maybe they can afford a double wide.

These people are impossible. Almost all liberal and Left Blacks are caught up in this garbage. Black Identity Politics is just as stupid and insane as any other IP, and they all suffer from the same idiocies.

I’ve already been over the pathology of IP and how it never solves anything because it says the group is perfect and blames all issues on the “enemies of the group.”

It fosters paranoia and makes people miserable and feel like they are constantly under attack.

The problems of the group never get solved because the IP people say the group is perfect and they do nothing wrong even if they’re shooting each other in scores every weekend.

Instead, IP groups go on endless fishing expedition type hunts for the -isms of their enemies which results in endless futile wars because these -isms are not causing the problem in the first place. By projecting away their own fault for causing their own problems onto “persecutors” who didn’t cause these problems, they insure that everybody gets and stays mad, fights a lot in unwinnable fights, and nothing ever gets fixed.

Instead they beat the “enemy” groups over the head with their -ism problem which is causing all the problems of the group. The “enemy” group often goes to work very hard to fix its -isms and be nice to their enemies who demand that they shape up. As the -isms decline or even collapse, still nothing gets better because the problems were caused by the group itself, not the -ism.

This makes the group even more furious because although the -ism seems to decline or disappear, the group still has terrible problems, and this means the -ism is still there, but now it’s invisible which makes it seem even more insidious and evil. So the IP group gets angrier and angrier because they’ve fought the problem for decades and nothing gets better.

Hence the wars on racism, etc. get ramped up beyond sanity into craziness like CRT and direct promotion of less  qualified persons over more qualified ones, otherwise known as “equity.”

The “enemies” abject and prostrate themselves, bend over, literally kiss the feet and shine the shoes of the IP group, contort themselves in endless and increasingly bizarre contortions of unwarranted guilt and shame, and police their language more and more for invisible word-darts such as “microaggressions.” Still nothing gets better because no matter how many the “enemy” group prostrates itself and kisses ass, nothing gets better because those abjecting themselves were not causing the problem in the first place.

The IP group gets more defiant, hypersensitive, babyish, and frankly pussy and faggy. All this time they are bullying their “enemies” more and more while their opponents go to endless Maoist-style “struggle sessions” where they learn and confess how evil they are, and that this inherent evil, they are told, is inborn, eternal, and can never be cured. So why try? So the IP folks can get their bully licks in against their increasingly impotent “enemies.”

Combined with the increasing sissy and childish behavior of the IP group, the result is a “crybully,” which is what all IP groups end up transforming into.

Black IP liberal Democrat: First, what is a ghetto black?

You said there’s no such thing as ghetto Blacks and I hear this lie all the time too. LOL that question there is completely disingenuous, so I’m not even going to answer it. If these well-behaved middle class Blacks don’t wish to differentiate themselves from those ghetto animals, that’s on you. You own it. Why don’t you go live in the hood if you like it so much? You say everyone acts perfect and it’s racist to say they don’t. Sounds like a great place to live. So go move in!

Figures. You don’t want to fix the problem. You deny there is a problem. Turns out ghetto Blacks act just fine!

Black IP liberal Democrat:…instead of offering better education…

I don’t think there’s any issues with education in the hood. I taught in the ghetto for years and I know all about. I won’t say everyone there is bad. A lot are ok. The bad ones have adopted a “ghetto lifestyle mindset.” And yeah they are no good.

I met a lot of cool Black students (and teachers and teachers’ aides) who lived there. How they manage to be decent people living in that hellhole, I have no idea, but they pull it off. The Black teachers are mostly really cool and the administrators were too.

I’m actually sad because this Black high senior was really into me big-time and told me she wanted to go out with me. She was very dark skinned but she was also beautiful and I think a bit in love with me. She was always giving me that zombie frozen stare. That means they want to fuck and also that they may be a bit in love with you. I chickened out and didn’t get her #.

There was another Black substitute teacher who really liked me, but I chickened out with her too and was afraid to go talk to her. A number of the Black lady teachers seemed like they liked me but I chickened out with all of them and didn’t even try. Some of them really liked me. I don’t mind Black chicks really and you would think a teacher or a high school girl who loves wouldn’t be acting like whores and trying to charge you for every fuck like so many Black women.

I rather like them actually because they’re not all uptight like my weenie White people. Blacks like to have fun and aren’t all weird and stupid about sex.

However, many students wanted to do zero work. I eventually gave up on even trying to get them to do anything because they just wanted to chat like it was a party. So I sat down and chatted with them. They could actually be quite warm and friendly and I liked my junior and senior Black students a lot. This was in 11th and 12th grade because the only ones there are decent Black kids as all the garbage ones have dropped out, are on the streets, in juvey, or best of all, dead.


Nothing gets done because they don’t want to work, they’re loud and won’t shut up, can’t sit still and wander around, and in general refuse to do any work. Some of them were just not very smart and I felt bad for them. Fix the students. The schools are bad because the students destroyed them and refuse to learn in them.

Black IP liberal Democrat: No one the hood grows drugs and there is not one gun store in the inner city. How to you think these things get there? I grew up in the middle class black neighborhood in Queens NY. I also watched the same neighborhood sink into a crime ridden drug depend neighborhood during the crack years.

You say these people were all angels until some evil Whites came and threatened to murder them unless they started taking lots of drugs and collecting guns and shooting them at other people a lot. So it’s not their fault, poor babies. It’s all the fault of evil Whiteys.

Black IP liberal Democrat: …you want to pay them to “act” better.

Yes I will pay money and bribe any poor person to behave better or even improve their lives. I’ll fund their schools better. Perhaps that’s another bribe. This includes anyone of any race. Any social program that makes anyone of any race act better, I’ll gladly fund it.

Black IP liberal Democrat: Do you think that people choose to live in poverty in drug infested and crime infested neighborhoods?

LOL those drug and crime-infested neighborhoods were created by ghetto Blacks of their own free will. Why did ghetto Blacks destroy their own hoods? They did it because they felt like it. Also I think they enjoy destroying neighborhoods. I guess it must be fun or something. I have no idea.

If you packed them up and put them in some other place, they’d wreck that one too. So it’s useless for them to move because they’ll just ruin the new place.

Black IP liberal Democrat: So to make the completely racist assumption that paying people to “behave” better is not only racist but extremely narrow minded.

Yeah see. Here we go again. They hate us for trying to help them and scream at us every time we do because y’all act like two years olds. It hurts their petty, silly pride. Their pointless, stick in the mud egos. Boo hoo. So all we gets is Denial and Projection. The defenses of a 2 year old.

Why do Blacks get furious if Whites try to help them? It insults them by implying they can’t do it themselves, and truth is they can’t. The response is,

Black IP liberal Democrat: How dare you try to help us! Take your money and stick it!

Can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard this. You also denied there’s a problem.

Black IP liberal Democrat: Tells me everything I need to know about you and your racist opinions.

See. I tried to help them. I said I’ll gladly pay tax dollars for social programs to bribe these folks into acting better. I said I’ll support any social programs they quality for. And she called me a racist for trying to take money out of my own pocket to help them! They all do this. All Black IP do this. 100

Black IP liberal Democrat: There are more white living in poverty than any of other race of people. They just live in trailer parks. You offering them money to “behave” better too? Maybe they can afford a double wide.

Yet another fake dodge. Poor Whites don’t cause nearly the problems that ghetto Blacks cause. Anyway, I could care less about poverty. I just want people to behave. Actually poor White behave quite well. If anything, they destroy themselves. They turn their destructive impulses inwards as depression and attack their own bodies. Ghetto Blacks turn their destructive impulses outwards by projection as violence and attack other people’s bodies.

West Virginia is the poorest state in the country, and it’s all White. It also has the second lowest crime rate in the country, and almost all of the crime is low level property crime.

Trailer parks are just fine. If the trailer park folks qualify for those programs, then sure I will pay them too. We don’t have a crisis in this country with poor Whites in trailer parks. It’s a non-issue and a non-problem. So no one is worried about it other than drug abuse, and drug abuse is surely a very serious problem with poor Whites.

But drug abuse is just as bad in the hood.

In contrast to West Virginia, our Black inner cities are the equivalent of a five alarm fire. It’s literally a national emergency. The real problem in America is Black crime, and it is concentrated in Black ghettos. Black people have zero solutions to this problem because they are all just like this woman and insist that out of pride that there is no problem.

Well, fine, then why don’t we liberal Whites just turn into conservatives, cut off all the money to these people, and sit back and let Black people massacre each other because that’s obviously how they want to spend their time and according to Black folks, these Vietnam War-level weekend body and medevac counts are no problem. In fact according to Blacks, they don’t exist. Cool, we will wash our hands of y’all. Excuse us for trying to help you!

I’m inclined to sit back and let lousy ghetto Blacks slaughter each other on the grounds that the shooter and the injured person are often worthless people who are better off dead. So go to it. Massacre each other. Don’t let us try to stop you. That would be so racist!

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11 thoughts on “Argument with a Lousy Identity Politics Black”

  1. Oh boy. You really let your seething inner cracker come out in this one. Lol. I actually have a sort of philosophical, perhaps just sociological, take on identity politics rather than a psychoanalytic one. Though both are apropos the situation, albeit at different levels of analysis. I will comment later when I am free.

      1. As far as whites go, was Scott Adams (creator of the Dilbert comic strip, syndicated in newspapers) right saying, ” I’m through with blacks. I’m not helping them anymore.” I don’t want to be around them [blacks] anymore?

        1. I don’t think he was right, but I have thought that a lot. Of course, I am a humanist and I always go back to wanting to help Blacks. Even the ghetto ones. If I can bribe the ghetto ones to act better, I will do it. I’m too much of a human to follow through on my racist impulses, and of course I have them. I’m just not comfortable being a racist. I’m a man of the Left and it just feels bad to be any kind of a serious racist. It’s like being the worst kind of sinner or bad person. It’s like being a Republican.

          I will keep on helping them even if they scream at me and tell me to stop. I will keep helping them even if they scream at me and call me racist. My humanistic impulses are important to me and I’m not to abandon them because some Black people are caught up in their petty pride and ego-defenses.

          Those are the weapons of the weak. I consider myself one of the strong because I am committed to helping them not matter how they order me to quit or call me terrible names. I’m above that petty, childish behavior. I’m a grownup.

          1. I think some racial hatred directed at assimilated Blacks in the past was often overkill. Sadly, I prefer the ease of the old ordered oppression to the slog of trying to uplift the nog.

          2. “I prefer the ease of the old ordered oppression to the slog of trying to uplift the nog.”

            Polar Bear. The beauty of your writing is downright envious. Where did you learn to write like this? No..I know better than that, it’s an innate skill. You probably have no idea how or when you’re doing it, as these things tend to be. Chat GPT 5 should be trained on your writing. I’m not being facetious. I mean in. You’re a bard from the barn.

          3. Damn he’s good. He’s even a bit…poetic…or literary, if I do say so myself. I like to think I brought this out of him, but he was probably doing this before he came here.

            Writing like this may be inborn. I’m said to write like this, and I’ve been writing since a young age. My mother said before I could even read, I would grab the things out of her shopping bags when she came home and sound them out. She said I would be walking on the sidewalk and get down on my knees and try to read the manhole covers. This was at a very early age, like 1 or 2. I believe I was reading at 2 1/2 or 3. I’m a born writer. It’s one thing I can do right. I fail at pretty much everything else, but at least I can write.

            You have a fine mind, Claudius. Not sure if you’re writing is quite as finessesd or literary as his, but I like your style. You’re also pretty succint and you have a way of wrapping a number of ideas up in a few sentences.

            old ordered oppression

            That’s called alliteration. I wonder if he even knows what he’s going.

            the slog of trying to uplift the nog.

            Nice ryming device. The words are about the right length too.

          4. Appreciate the kind words from such a fine writer as yourself. I’m heavily motivated by beautiful things like sex, nature, the old/better, ect. My writing is just a lump of coal that produces a few gems.

    1. Yeah it’s real stupid. A lot of IPs at least have some basis for being proud of something. Black IP? I don’t know about that. They make up most of their great accomplishments. And while all IP is dishonest, Black IP is remarkably dishonest because of all the vast Black dysfunction and crime they have to wave away or literally claim does not exist.

      The more you spend around these folks, the harder it gets to believe that all their problems are due to evil Whites who whisper in the ear, fill their pockets with free drugs and guns, and then order them to go forth and be chaos agents, destroy their wonderful communities and massacre each other. It’s literally seeing Whites as Le Happy Merchant Jews scheming and whispering in the king’s ear, the wicked force behind everything bad that happens, in this case to Black people.

      Sadly, though they do have some accomplishments, the number is not great, so they have to make stuff up. And historically speaking, they never did much til they got to the New World as the record in Africa is not real impressive. So they had to hijack White cultures like Arab and Egyptian cultures and claim them for their own, an obvious and ridiculous lie. They think they have to make up this BS to give Black kids pride so they won’t have low self-esteem. But Blacks have high self-esteem. That’s not their problem.

      Most IP’s are idiotic and pathological, but Black IP is downright delusional.

      Feminism can indeed look at a lot of impressive female accomplishments, growing by the year. This increased after women were liberated as even Schopenhauer noted. Free a people and some may thrive and spout new wings.

      Gay men can point to vast accomplishments, especially in the Arts. And they’ve barely been liberated a 100 years. Gay men are men so of course they get a lot done. Their testosterone levels are the same as ours.

      Jews can obviously point to tremendous levels of accomplishment. Only the worst antisemites deny them even that. The argument is more that they are wicked as they surely are not incompetent. So Jewish IP, probably one of the original forms of Identity Politics , amounts to a “dindu” argument. “We dindu nuffin!” The cry echoes down through history and becomes increasingly dubious with every old expulsion and each new charge of base or shamelessly dishonest behavior.

      1. Once a Black asked me if I’d trade places with him. The answer’s a sound no. I’m not afraid to dabble in the dark jungle but it’s simply fantasy, nothing real.

        Jews are Yid and Yang, all over the place. As a result, I have more mixed feelings about them.

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