Some Stories from the Gaza War – True or False?

From this article, American Pravda: War Crimes and Atrocity-Hoaxes in the Israel/Gaza Conflict, by Ron Unz from The Unz Review. Overall it’s not that bad and most of it is pretty much straight up facts. Possibly uncomfortable truths but that’s what we traffic in here.

Ron Unz: …almost no Israeli babies had actually died in the Hamas attack.

Not almost no babies. Try no babies. The first incomplete list of 900 names showed no one under age three. And in fact, only 16 minors and five seniors had been killed. Maybe 11 of the minors and three of the elders were killed by Hamas.

Ron Unz: Larry Johnson has a strong military background, and he has been an important voice sharply critical of Israel’s actions, helping to confirm that it was indeed an Israeli missile that killed hundreds of Palestinian civilians sheltering at Gaza’s largest Christian hospital.

Yeah, and he’s wrong! Actually it was a BU-32 JDAM 1,000 lb. bomb dropped by an Israeli jet.

Ron Unz: But last week, I was absolutely shocked to discover that some of Johnson’s military friends apparently believed in the “beheaded babies” hoax, forcing Johnson to still defensively insist that there was no evidence for it.

The problem here is the Jews and their supporters have not stopped repeating it. I finally figured out that this is how propaganda works. Put out an outrageous depraved story of a crime. Allow it to disseminate widely. Allow it to be disproven in a few days or however long it takes. Then, even after it is disproven, keep repeating it endlessly.

This can even go on for years. If I am alive in 20 years, I am certain that lots of Jews will still be repeating the beheaded babies lie. Go on Wikipedia. Things that got conclusively disproven long ago are still repeated credulously by Wikipedia, mostly because Wikipedia is now “the history of the world according to the CIA.”

Most people don’t care whether the stuff they believe in is even true or not. Most just want to have their previous biases reaffirmed with “facts” real or manufactured, it makes no difference to them. There are probably only a few people out there like you and me who want to know the truth about worldly affairs.

Ron Unz: …as an Israeli activist suddenly declared—four weeks after the alleged event—that the Hamas fighters had roasted Israeli babies in an oven, with his account quickly reaching the tabloid headlines and easily eclipsing coverage of the enormous Palestinian death-toll at a bombed refugee camp.

Lying maniacs like this love to project! This is exactly what he is doing here. Hamas didn’t do this. But the Jews did! In 1948 in one village the Jewish militia put an Arab baby in an oven and roasted it to death. Apparently a true story.

Ron Unz: While I was growing up, I’d sometimes heard those media stories of Nazis making soap and lampshades from Jewish bodies and skin, and had vaguely assumed that they were probably true. But in recent decades, all mainstream Holocaust scholars have admitted they had no reality, merely being grotesque examples of dishonest wartime propaganda, much like Israeli babies beheaded or roasted in ovens.

Yeah, and that’s not true either.

They did some experiments at a camp in Poland of making soap out of human bodies. I had some photographs of the experiments a while back. One shows a human body apparently turned into soap. It looks like a long soap bar in the shape of a human. I also had a photo of a jar of the this soap, which was made from human fat somehow. The camp was soon liberated by the Red Army as the experiment had just been done. The murdered people who had soap made of them were Poles, not Jews.

The lampshade story is true but only one was ever made. A female concentration camp guard wanted a lampshade made of out Jewish skin, so one was made for her, and she put it on her lamp on her desktop.

Ron Unz: Yet as all historians know and accept, Ann Frank actually died of Typhus after suffering perhaps six months of serious illness and spending most of that time in German-run hospitals, a rather strange element of the traditional Holocaust narrative.

I read her whole story. They murdered her all right!

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3 thoughts on “Some Stories from the Gaza War – True or False?”

  1. Robert, I just want to remind you that I already sent you an email a few days ago. Putting that aside, I’m looking to see the current Israeli war from an economic perspective. I always like to see human conflicts conducted not so much of ideology or clashes of civilization, but motivated partially or almost completely by some geostrategic or resource aspect. Other aspects tend to be a bit secondary in the scheme of things or an excuse.

    I’ll update when I get it fully, but it’s thought that there are two elements not commonly talked about:

    1. A pipeline whose name I don’t remember, but it goes through India and Israel and is designed to bring gas to Europe. Completing this pipeline requires conquering Palestinian territory and would be harmful to the BRI. It’s curious how the West has disabled most of the seaports and pipelines in the Middle East capable of putting gas to Europe that they don’t own. They have literally cornered the market!

    2. The lucrative gas sources that are in the Palestinian territories.

    You mentioned previously that Israel was planning to invade Palestine and the 7th October attack was a preventive strike a la Ukraine. I’ll try to expand it more from my sources, but seeing those two elements gives a more expansive perspective in regard to Israel’s ethnic cleansing plans and operations.

    Putting that aside, do you have some sort of sitrep on the current situation? News articles read that the IDF is capturing and holding territory, but I’m more interested in evaluating how likely is the Palestinian resistance’s capability to hold out in the medium to long term.

    1. The IDF is not doing well at all. The last update I heard said they had not advanced at all from the previous day’s front line. And they’re taking lots of casualties and losing lots of men to injury and fatality. And they have at least 48 KIA on the northern front.

      They can hold out a pretty long time. If they start doing badly, my sources will tell me. All of the news is slanted in favor of the genociders, because the West wants the genociders to succeed. Their news slant is: “The genocide is going great!”

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