Old Testament Societies Versus New Testament Societies

CLADIVS AMERICANVS: Platonic thought is the reason the New Testament is incongruent and incompatible with the Old Testament. A bunch of morally hysterical Greeks made an addendum to the Tanakh and made up some bullshit about Jesus being the source of Absolute Truth.

I love the OT. God puts many a tribes to the edge of the sword. Hell, he even genocides nearly all of humanity during the Great Deluge.

There is nothing in the Old Testament that even remotely suggests that murder is a sin if the victim is not Jewish or is being a dick (e.g. not obeying God). The OT in many ways has a better understanding of human nature. Have you read the Epistles? BORING!!! Now the book of Ecclesiastes and Job is some fine (((literature))) LOL.

This is very interesting but I still don’t like the OT. You end up with these Genocide Jews over there in the Jews’ little “hate state” justifying all their mass murders with quotes from the OT, not to mention their sick and evil Talmud.

Robert Fisk wondered why Israeli Jews were so vicious and brutal. Their behavior was very un-Christian. He decided that it was because Jews are an Old Testament people, and the jealous God they worship is a mass murdering genocidal freak himself.

General George S. Patton, a Christian WASP, decried the Jewish (((Morganthau Plan))) that would have murdered 75

There was a conflict between this genocidal Jewish plan and what he called the Christian alternative. This was basically a war about which Bible Christian America would follow, the transformational New Testament of the Jewish Old Testament. It was a Jews versus Christians war of minds. Thankfully, the Christian plan, the Marshall Plan, which was based on the very NT notion of Mercy, was adopted instead of the Jews’ maniacal plan.

Will Durant wrote that some Christian societies become “Judaized.” I’d say we have one here right now. He said that historically, Christian societies that had Judaized ended with “an Old Testament mindset” as he put it.

An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth.

That is a very un-Christian saying! But it’s also sadly the normal way that humans think.

But the Genocide Jews over there don’t believe in that saying. Their whole thing is “disproportionate retaliation,” in other words, we kill 10 or more of you for every one of us you kill. I believe there is a case in the OT where the Jews kill 10 of their enemies for every one Jew the other side killed.

The US has the same mindset but were are a NT people.

This is simply the philosophy of the strong. The downside of a strong military is you can end up with a vicious, mass-murdering bullying army under the command of a bully state. America is the bully of the whole world but the slaves are starting to rebel, and we are lashing out like bullies always do when their victims get a backbone. Israel is a massive bully. They’re the bullies of the Middle East. They shove around and threaten just about every country over there except the ones they bribed.

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3 thoughts on “Old Testament Societies Versus New Testament Societies”

  1. Have you ever read some of Nietzsche’s more popular works? He actually categories the Jewish people as having a slave mentality. He doesn’t comment on their tribal warfare. I don’t think their is anything inherently Jewish about the OT genocides. It’s common to all people. But their is some very distinctly European about the New Testament and it’s mercy narrative. Perhaps White people have always been SJWs of sorts.

    1. Old White European society like the old wholesome Rankin Bass Claymation Christmas movies.
      Merciless slave owning (((Santa))):
      Eye for an eye: https://youtu.be/fYTCLnx-GSQ?si=0u2EjbB9rPDPAb-y

      Some proud descendants of slave owners defend slavery because it’s in the Old Testament.

      Gentile Whites are pure hearted Care Bears living in the clouds. Jews are street wise sewer rats, not afraid to get dirty and live in the fast lane.

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