Is It Worth It to Bribe Ghetto Blacks with Social Programs to Get Them to Act Better?

RL: “It’s proven that Head Start programs for ghetto Blacks reduce crime later in life. It’s also proven that Section 8 vouchers to ghetto Blacks reduce crime. What happens is you give ghetto Blacks a voucher to move out of the ghetto, and they take it and move to a better neighborhood. Downside is of course the crime rate goes up significantly in the new neighborhood.”

CLADIVS AMERICANVS: I would like the sources for this because I want to research this further. I have long suspected that all the smart liberals like Bill Gates and Soros believe the real science behind the IQ-gap, that is it’s 70-80

Even a 1 or 2 point increased for U.S. Blacks would be a MASSIVE boom to their well-being and pay dividends for our economy. They also probably support abortion for similar reasons. Kill the ghetto low-IQ people before they’re even born!

I 100 Thousand Million

Niggers are dumb so fuck ’em. Let them find a job and feed themselves. And if they commit crime let’s have the cops shoot ’em! Yeehaw!

They can’t understand the immorality or inconsistency of their statements.

Liberal types will say,

African-Americans are equal to us evil Whites. That’s why they do so poorly in society. It is because of this fundamental equality we must give them welfare and affirmative action.

The sinister implication of this liberal idea is that a helping hand would not be due if Blacks were to be intellectually inferior due to genetics. The White Liberati need a lot of cognitive dissonance to cover this up and repress it deep into the crevices of their minds.

Were the fuck did we get this disgusting notion that human beings must all be equal and that to think otherwise is the ultimate sin? How did our secular post-WW II society ever end up this way?

Nietzsche knows. He ranted about it to no end 150 years ago.

Platonic thought, a mind virus that infected Ancient Greece and then early Christianity, that all men are equal under the eyes of God has now infected the very DNA of Western thought.

Ask any Joe Blow in India or China if all human beings are equal and they will laugh at the supposition.

Chinese Communists for all their sins don’t believe this. In fact they seem to recognize how easy it is for smart capitalist to take advantage of the meek hence their ideology.

My comments: Very interesting Platonism being at the root of all of this, but I think you might be right. You are correct about liberals. Liberals go stark raving insane if you mention the obvious fact, proven endlessly by science, that the Black group is less intelligent than the White group. In fact, this is a scientific fact that cannot be uttered. Once you say it you lose your job and probably your career too. For stating straight-up scientific facts!

Liberals are becoming almost Medieval in their hatred of science. Remember when the Catholic Church was killing astronomers as heretic for discovering the facts of the universe?

Modern liberalism is much the same way. Certain facts of science go against everything liberalism believes. When the facts prove your theory wrong, you are supposed to chuck the theory and go back to the drawing board to get a new one. Liberals say their theories are always true in an immaculate and all-knowing omniscient sense (which is nearly Biblical I suppose), and if the facts don’t match the theory, then the facts must be wrong!

So we have liberals who are the equivalent of fundamentalist religious idiots who they hate so much. Liberals have turned into their enemies. Sure, if you can’t beat em, join em, but they don’t even realize that they have done this.

When the facts are wrong, they have to go looking around and come up with some magical “alternate facts” that exist only in their imagination and substitute fake truth for the real deal.

The shocking truth here it that nowadays liberals hate science as much as conservatives do. Liberals and conservatives in the US are both full-blown ideologues. They only time either one believes in science is when the truth backs up their ideology (their theories). When the science fails their ideology, then science (and truth for that matter) is wrong (in other words, up is really down).

I’m not sure who hates science more these days, liberals or conservatives.

This is pathetic because we had always been taught that it was ignorant conservatives who hated science due to religion or willfull ignorance or just being closedminded stuck in the mud backwards blockheads, and that we enlightened liberals, while being a shining light unto the darkened caverns of nations, use science, facts, truth and logic to reach conclusions as opposed to mysticism and obscurantism.

The sad part here is that anyone who think scientifically has to become a science-hater himself else be politically homeless.

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2 thoughts on “Is It Worth It to Bribe Ghetto Blacks with Social Programs to Get Them to Act Better?”

  1. There is a third group of science deniers perhaps more odious than the aforementioned two: the science-believer. This type of intellectual trash is often quite intelligent, good at math, and fully accepting of the science, but is just plain mean and doesn’t, perhaps willfully, take his (because it’s usually a non-birthing person lol) reasoning to it’s natural conclusions.

    Emil Kierkegaard (who has a great blog nonetheless) is one of these. Steve Sailor is another. Perhaps La Griffe du Lion is another. I know you think he’s a racist dick. But I’m not so sure.

    All these smart fuckers looked around one day and saw dark-skinned people causing a ruckus, googled why, discovered they have a low IQ and devoted the rest of their lives to letting anyone on the internet who would listen to them know that niggers are dumb, and they there is almost nothing we can do about it. It’s as if they heard the voice of God and cut him off mid-sentence.

    G-d: IQ is mostly genetic and therefore thou shalt…

    Dickheads: Yes, yes. I get it. Thou shalt spread the good news about IQ and not help these dumbasses out in any way.

    G-d: No. I was going to say…

    Dickheads: Kill them all? Okay got it.

    G-d: NO! SHUT UP! I was going to say thou shalt help them out. Hey, where did you go?

    Now listen, I have very little hope for the Browns of the world and am staunchly anti-immigration because of their low IQ’s. Hell, these people might even be better off colonized!

    Regardless, I am not delusional enough to think for one second that for those who made it into the West, leaving them to their own low-IQ devices is enough. Nor do I hold on to any fantasy about deporting the 100 million or so non-Whites living in the West back to the jungle whence they came. This is nonsense. They are here. They are breeding. They are in need of welfare to help make the best of the situation.

    The real Final Solution is to stop letting more in, promote abortion, and provide the best health care, education, environment, AND policing we can afford to them and everyone else too. I don’t give two shits if Black people never produce a genius at the level of Newton or Einstein. If they just stop killing themselves and committing crimes against other races that’s utopian enough for me.

    I’m human too. On a bad day I feel like saying, “Ah fuck all these low-IQ cunts!” However, when the annoyance subsides I have no choice but to face the scientific facts. I share the same world they do. And one day my descendants will reproduce and mix with theirs.

  2. Blacks don’t help any group they are with.

    To be pro-Black, you have to give them a handicap. Treat them as equal and there’s little justification for them.

    I believe if you understand them, they’re not even cool. Kids think their bratty attitude is cool but as we they reach adulthood, less have respect for their shitty ghetto culture.
    Obsession with sneakers from a people that are naturally barefoot. Air Jordans are just expensive clown shoes. A bunch of homos on the down-low. Look at the list of gay rappers from the gay rockstar thread here. It’s basically all of them…There’s a tranny at my gym and a Black is fucking it. They’ll basically fuck anything.

    I don’t want a race war but I think a squirrel could conquer Blacks. They are afraid of them…

    Best influence I’ve seen a Black have was in a Russian prison. He was the only one. A Black a block? Yeah, maybe a cell block.

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