Who to Support? Hamas or Israel?

How about neither.

Polar Bear: I’ve seen a lot of normie Whites support Israel.


There’s been a strong liberal trend to support Israel for a long time, but the left wing of the Democratic Party is now split between “I support the plight of the Palestinians” and “Israel needs to defend itself. Their position is not pro-Israel at all, even the Jews amongst this group.

I’ve noticed that liberal Democrats now take a much more nuanced view on the Israel-Palestinian crisis than they do on Russia, China, Iran, Ukraine, etc. Israel-Palestine is the one place where we’ve made a crack in imperialist hegemony amongst these folks. That’s a good sign.

US conservatives have been in a race forever to show they are more supportive of Israel than the Democrats. As Netanyahu’s state is one of Jewish fascism, the Republicans are now a fascist political party, and as fascists tend to support other fascists, it all makes sense. Fox News coverage is far more pro-Israel than the other media outlets.

and it seems like the more unpopular opinion offline.

Yes, if I were to walk around spouting anti-Israel comments, I would get shot down, especially by White fundamentalist Christians. Not shut down hard but shut down. Hispanics are dumb and know nothing of the crisis, so they’re not relevant.

I don’t believe in lionizing terrorists, even if I believe Palestinians deserve their land back.

I’m absolutely sickened by Hamas’ behavior in this latest invasion. However, I realize that this position is backed by 6

I know full well that the official Palestinian position of many of their groups is that Israelis are “settlers” living in fake “settlements” on “usurped” or stolen land. They’ve long taken the position that these settlers are valid military targets, and hence that all attacks on Israeli civilians of any age are valid.

And their whole history has been terrorism on Hamas’ level but not nearly of the same intensity. So if Hamas is niggerish and Nazi-like, well, so are most Palestinians.

On the other hand, the Jews are being pretty niggerish and Nazi-like themselves.

The US has descended into niggerish Nazi-like behavior in our wars many times. I think once you get to full-blown war, most countries resort to ghetto niggerish and Nazis-like behavior real quick. The Jews normally take a pretty high road over there – far higher than the Palestinians do, but right now, they’re absolutely on the same level as Hamas. And so are the majority of Americans who are supporting them and backing up every crime the Jews commit over there.

I will note though that Russia has taken an extremely high road in the Ukraine War. On the Russian side, it’s one of the most humanely fought major wars in recent history. They US usually fights more bestially in its wars than the Russians do now. Russian war behavior is model behavior for every group waging war.

Sure, I still support them politically, but my position aligns with the PA’s in that all attacks on Israeli civilians outside the West Bank are invalid and must be condemned. I don’t support killing any of the civilians in those towns except the armed ones.

Furthermore, it’s looking like the DFLP, Islamic Jihad, Al Aqsa Martyr’s Brigades, the Mujahedin Movement all committed the same war crimes. For the DFLP and the AAMB, we have evidence of them killing civilians. For the Mujahedin Movement and Islamic Jihad, we can see them raiding the towns (in IJ’s case, even knocking on doors),but not killing anyone.

For the Mujahedin Movement, we have evidence that they decapitated an IDF soldier, apparently after he was dead. This incident appears to be the spring from which the “beheaded babies” lie bubbled up.

I assume they were in on the crimes. What are they going to do? Spare some civilians only to have Hamas come by later on and massacre them?

*See here for my motivation on conflating Jews with Israelis while at the same time arguing against harming Diaspora Jews in any way.

More on the Grotesque Abuse of Words Like Pedophilia, Hebephilia, and MAP

Subliminal Society: Robert? The biggest mistake that English grammarians could ever make is admitting the term “MAP” or “Minor-Attracted Person” into our language. There is certainly a world of a difference between a 23-year-old man who takes his pregnant 15-year-old girlfriend’s hand in marriage and an 81-year-old creep who lures a 6-year-old girl into his car by offering her candy, and then taking her off somewhere to do the unthinkable to her.

Sometimes I get to thinking that these pedophile-rights organizations like the Newgon Organization are in complicity with these man-hating femi-Nazis to push the usage of the term “MAP” in our English language so that society will conflate adult-adolescent sexual intimacy with actual child molestation and demonize every man over 21 years old who has ever fallen in love with a teenage girl.

It’s already happening right under our very noses. Chris Hansen really opened up Pandora’s box when he decided to get his face in the spotlight performing online sex-sting operations that were really nothing more than crusades to decrease teen pregnancy in our nation.

Robert? Have you heard of this one pseudo-feminist named Shanley Kane? She is a WACKO! She believes that if a man in his forties or fifties dates a 19-year-old woman, then he is a pedophile. I mean, singer Ric Ocasek of The Cars married an 18-year-old woman when he was in his forties, and he’s not a pedophile.

Don’t these femi-Nazi witches ever read the Fifth Edition of the “Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (“DSM-5”) or the Eleventh Edition of the “International Classification of Diseases” (“ICD-11”)?

Oh, by the way, Robert. Good article above.

If the American Psychiatric Association reclassifies hebephilia as a paraphilia, then as you stated in your article, they would have to tighten up the definition of it to specify that it would have to be an ongoing age preference like pedophilia that would shut that individual’s life off from any possibility of living happily ever after with the love of his life as she ages from an adolescent girl to a young adult woman to a middle-aged woman to an elderly woman.

I’ve only actually met one person like that in my life.

I’ve known lots of men who first fell in love with their current wives when their wives were in middle school or high school, and these men were significantly older than them. Under your criteria, they wouldn’t qualify to be hebephiles.

Police officials and prosecutors would just hate that because criminal defense attorneys would throw it in their face in statutory rape trials.

An excellent comment from these two articles.

There is certainly a world of a difference between a 23-year-old man who takes his pregnant 15-year-old girlfriend’s hand in marriage and an 81-year-old creep who lures a 6-year-old girl into his car by offering her candy, and then taking her off somewhere to do the unthinkable to her.

For God’s sake, absolutely! A friend of mine pretty much told me to quit writing about this stuff because it’s freaking everyone out and making them call me pedophile. I think I should talk about less, especially in articles that are not about that subject.

But do you see that paragraph above? For the most part this all I am trying to do. Yes, there is a world of difference, no matter what the sex fascists say, between a 23 year old man marrying his 15 year old jailbait girlfriend and some 81 year old freak who lures a 6 year old girl into his car with candy and then takes her off somewhere to molest her. Those two things have absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with each other no matter how loud the sex fascists scream! That is all, all, all, all I am trying to do here when I discuss this sort of thing.

I’m not even saying the 23 year old man with the 15 year old girlfriend is ok. He’s breaking the law and he may not be able to get out of it with marriage. That may cause him a lot of problems if he ends up getting arrested. So I wouldn’t recommend such risky behavior.

But my God, to conflate that like the sex fascists do with creepy maniacs who lure away and most little girls or small children to molest them is just insane.

That’s it! That’s my whole purpose here. For the life of me I can’t understand why the sex fascists say it’s such a deadly and life-wrecking taboo to talk about such things. Have we gone mad? Yes, we have.

Sometimes I get to thinking that these pedophile-rights organizations like the Newgon Organization are in complicity with these man-hating femi-Nazis to push the usage of the term “MAP” in our English language so that society will conflate adult-adolescent sexual intimacy with actual child molestation and demonize every man over 21 years old who has ever fallen in love with a teenage girl.

Sure. What’s wrong with falling in love with a teenage girl? I believe I’ve fallen for more than a few of them in my time.

Look. Let’s get real here. Every man on Earth wants to fuck those girls. It’s looks like a woman so our caveman brain screams, “Breed it!” every time we see one. It’s just that you’re not supposed to do it.

Most of just think whatever thoughts we want to think about those girls and then try to avoid temptation by trying not to have sex with them. This gets difficult when these girls openly try to seduce us men, often by out and out propositioning us. But you still need to resist them. If you give into to temptation and have sex with them, nowadays you might just end up in a whole world of hurt.

Do I think Newgon is in league with the sex fascist feminazi crazies who think men who fantasize about 17 year old girls are sicko child molesters? I doubt it. I believe I have been to that site in doing my research. Looking it over, it does look familiar. The page on man-girl sex has a lot of run of the mill man and teenage girl sex, all of which was absolutely harmless except some where the system brainwashed the woman into thinking she had been abused.

Here are some examples. This is the very reasonable Heather who was so active on Twitter until she was banned for no rational reason. She had already caved when she was over there and turned her 15 and 23 relationship into a 17 and 23 relationship, but that didn’t stop the sex fascists from bashing her to Hell and back.

Sex activist Heather Corinna talks about the adult lovers she had when she was a teenager, including a 23-year-old man when she was 15.

“…this was also by far the most wonderful and intimate relationship of my teen years. He was more respectful of my sexual boundaries than all of my same-age peers.

He held me in higher esteem and treated me with more respect, care and love than others my age. That may be because he was older, that may be because he was who he was — there really is no telling.”

A 16-year-old girl talks about her adult lovers.

“When I have been with adults, I’ve always felt much more comfortable…I felt less inhibited when I was with a man in his twenties.”

A young woman talks about her year-long relationship with 25-year-old man when she was 16.

“I look back at it with fondness. I still understand very well why I fell in love and lust with him.”

A grown woman talks about the adult lovers from her teenage years, including a 35-year-old man when she was 17.

“They helped to expand my intellectual horizons, teach me more advanced social interactions, and give me a different perspective on things from the point of view of a different generation.”

“Society might find it distasteful — even morally reprehensible — but a 40-year-old cowboy’s sexual relationship with a 15-year-old girl was not criminal, a B.C. Supreme Court judge has ruled.

In written reasons released earlier this month, Justice Daphne Smith acquitted Leo Poncelet of sexual exploitation charges, saying the man did not hold a position of authority or trust over the teen, even though he was her riding coach the summer the two became romantically and sexually involved.

Smith said the emotional attachment between the two was mutual and the sex consensual, the result of a bond that formed between the two over the course of months.

In May 2002, at age 18, Fawcett was one of four young men charged with statutory rape for having sex with a 14-year-old Andover High School student. The girl’s diary later revealed she had been sneaking out of her parents’ Bloomfield Township home in the middle of the night to have oral and anal sex with 22 boys and men.

In a May 2002 interview with the Free Press, the girl conceded that she was a predator and a victim: “I declare I am both. Yes, I’m a victim. I was a victim who was deceived by my own emotions and ignorance, of misplaced confidence, a victim of my own fantasies . . . Yes, predator for I chase people who themselves were victims of misplaced confidence.”

“A fourteen-year-old French girl wrote in her diary in 1978, after having slept with a 47-year-old man, ‘This was the most marvellous day of my life, the most beautiful Christmas gift. Everything I did was deliberate, and everything that happened was at my initiative.’

Unfortunately the girl’s parents, after reading these pages, succeeded in having the man who gave their daughter this wonderful experience sent to prison. The feelings of the child were of no importance.” (p. 58)

While in Friedberg, Elvis Presley met 14-year-old Priscilla Beaulieu. They would eventually marry after a seven-and-a-half-year courtship

Returning to Baltimore, Poe secretly married Virginia, his cousin, on September 22, 1835. She was 13 at the time, though she is listed on the marriage certificate as being 21. Reinstated by White after promising good behavior, Poe went back to Richmond with Virginia and her mother. He remained at the Messenger until January 1837.

During this period, Poe claimed that its circulation increased from 700 to 3,500. He published several poems, book reviews, critiques, and stories in the paper.


Meyers, 1992, Edgar Allan Poe: His Life and Legacy.

Silverman, 1991, Edgar A. Poe: Mournful and Never-Ending Remembrance.

Hervey, 1927, The Works of Edgar Allan Poe.

At the age of thirteen Marie-Anne received a marriage proposal from the Count d’Amerval, who was nearly three times her age. Jacques Paulze tried to object to the union, but received threats about losing his job with the Ferme Générale.

To indirectly thwart the marriage, Jacque Paulze made an offer to one of his colleagues to ask for his daughter’s hand instead. This colleague was Antoine Lavoisier, a French nobleman and scientist. Lavoisier accepted the proposition, and he and Marie-Anne were married on 16 December 1771. Lavoisier was about 28.

However, there was quite a bit of actual child molestation, mostly of men and 12 year old girls. Some of the girls were even younger. I’m not keen at all on that stuff, but it’s clear that many women have had experiences like that as girls and didn’t find them harmful at all, and in fact, they very much enjoyed them. Be that as it may, I don’t want to promote this sort of thing, and that’s exactly what this site is doing.

I’m not real keen on sites like that because they are frankly run by out and out pedophiles and hebephiles and the content is disturbing and upsetting if you are not one of those folks. Bottom line is it’s basically a pedo/hebe site and almost everyone who call themselves a MAP is some sort of a pedophile or a hebephile. No man who has a normal interest in teenage girls calls himself a MAP.

One site like that had a lot of content about gay men engaging in pederasty with teenage boys. There have been a number of case studies done on these relationships, and it’s not unusual that, even for straight teenage boys, a homosexual relationship with an older man is not life-wrecking and is in fact trivial. Most of these boys grow up and marry, have children, and live run of the mill heterosexual lives. Not only that but they never have gay sex again!

They often pleasantly recall the relationship with this gay man, which was often of a loving quality. Gay travel writer Norman Douglas used to do this in Sicily when he went there on his travels. He had relationships like this with several teenage boys. He was even on good terms with the boys’ parents and they knew what was going on!

Later, the boys married and became fathers and sometimes he would go back to visit. These men and their parents would welcome him back with great fondness. It seems odd that such a conservative macho place as Sicily would have no issues with an older gay man and a teenage boy, but such was the case.

Now as a straight man, I don’t think much of such relationships, but perhaps teenage boys are more resilient than we think.

Do I think Newgon is in league with the sex fascist feminazis? Nope. They’re pedos and hebes who are trying to publicize a new, less toxic word for their orientations. The others are just the usual sex fascist psychos doing their conflation game.

Chris Hansen really opened up Pandora’s box when he decided to get his face in the spotlight performing online sex-sting operations that were really nothing more than crusades to decrease teen pregnancy in our nation.

That toxic sex fascist moron Hansen did indeed open up a whole Pandora’s Box with his sleazy, idiotic, sensationalistic show. Now all sorts of sanctimonious sex fascist dipshits are copying him on Youtube. Some have even formed their own retard sex fascist organizations to feed off this idiot moral panic.

The reason this is such ripe terrain is clear. As noted above, every man on Earth wants to fuck those girls! So it’s pretty trivial for a sex fascist to pose as a 14 or 15 year old girl on sites, meet men, let them flirt with or seduce you, arrange for the men to meet you, and then sting them when they show up.

If this wasn’t such a normal attraction for men, it would be pretty hard to find guys to fall for it. So these sex fascists are feeding off of an extremely normal male desire, and then sensationalizing, pathologizing, and criminalizing it all for titillation for sanctimonious pinheads. If they were posing as 12 year old girls, it would be a lot harder. But see, they want to go the easy route.

That this moralistic sex fascist freak Hanson was actually engaging in some anti-teen pregnancy crusade is an interesting point. And by the way, pregnancies with 18 and 19 year old girls are not biologically harmful. A woman’s body is quite ready to give birth at that age. So the sex fascist “teen pregnancy” freakout in a way is just another bonehead moral panic.

Robert? Have you heard of this one pseudo-feminist named Shanley Kane? She is a WACKO! She believes that if a man in his forties or fifties dates a 19-year-old woman, then he is a pedophile. I mean, singer Ric Ocasek of The Cars married an 18-year-old woman when he was in his forties, and he’s not a pedophile.

These psycho cunts have been saying this for a long time now. All of this is flowing right out of the hatred and anger towards men that most feminists have. The idea that a man in his 40’s having sex with an 18 year old girl is a pedophile is now standard sex fascist party line. Of course it’s nothing of the sort and it’s not even

The sex fascists have since gone nuts over the idea of “age gaps,” which are quite normal in sexual relationships. Sure, they can be exploitative, but they don’t have to be. I’ve been in a number of these relationships myself, and I didn’t exploit those women. But then I’m not that sort of a person. These sex fascist shitheads are now coding relationships with as little as a two-year age gap as predatory and pedophilic! It’s now the Age Gap Moral Panic. Sigh.

Don’t these femi-Nazi witches ever read the Fifth Edition of the “Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (“DSM-5”) or the Eleventh Edition of the “International Classification of Diseases” (“ICD-11”)?

Of course not. None of those loser  sex fascist scumbags do the science thing. In fact they hate science as much as the MAGA clowns because it keeps inconveniently coming up with the wrong answers. When science conflicts with your petty morals about right and wrong, most people ridiculously tend to say the science isn’t science, in other words that the facts aren’t facts. Instead they invent alternate facts just like the reactionaries they hate so much.

This article, which was very hard for me to read due to the subject matter – a scientific examination of the effects of child molestation (I still haven’t finished it), goes over the conflict between petty morality and the hardheaded secular god of empiricism or science.

By the way, feminists and all identity politics fools are notorious for hating science and facts because science and facts conflict with their silly morals and the moral crusade of their identity politics. Where science conflicts with petty morality, these people say it’s the science (or the facts) that is wrong, not their trivial and idiotic morals.

Feminism is also notorious for going from theory to facts instead of hypothesis to facts to conclusion or theory if the facts match the hypothesis. IP folks start from the theory, which is deemed always true no matter what, and then they look for the facts to back it up. Where they can’t find them, instead of coming up with a new theory to better explain the facts, they come up with new alternative facts to explain the infallible theory.

See what they are doing? By starting from omniscient theory, they are doing it backwards. They are starting off the investigation with the conclusion and then claiming that a foregone conclusion is a hypothesis. They then proceed to manufacture whatever facts are needed to prove this cart before the horse theory. Then they end with a validation of this hypothesis-conclusion by saying that the fake facts prove the foregone conclusion correct. But there was no need to gather facts as the conclusion was stated at the start to be true no matter what.

Technically, I would say a hebephile is any man who is more attracted to 12-14 or 12-15 year old girls than they are to older women.

Now it’s possible that they still may have substantial attraction to mature females. I have a friend who is a hebephile as he has a preferential attraction to girls in that age range, but he has a 7

One time on 8chan I wandered into this hebephile forum. I also wandered into the pedophile forum. I just wanted to see what these guys were like because I don’t have preferences like that at all as I’m just a run of the mill teleiophile. Both pages were disturbing.

The hebephiles were pure hebephiles. If anyone so much as dared to post a photo of a 16 year old girl, they screamed, “No grandmas!” Now you would think that is some kind of a joke, but it’s not. They were really like that. It was humorous but it was also disturbing to me and I was freaked out for a few days afterwards for some reason. Finally my head righted itself and I was ok.

If the American Psychiatric Association reclassifies hebephilia as a paraphilia, then as you stated in your article, they would have to tighten up the definition of it to specify that it would have to be an ongoing age preference like pedophilia that would shut that individual’s life off from any possibility of living happily ever after with the love of his life as she ages from an adolescent girl to a young adult woman to a middle-aged woman to an elderly woman.

I’ve known lots of men who first fell in love with their current wives when their wives were in middle school or high school, and these men were significantly older than them. Under your criteria, they wouldn’t qualify to be hebephiles.

I seriously doubt if any of those men were hebephiles. Hebephiles are not that common. Maybe

In terms of the former paragraph, that’s not a bad way of looking at it. A man with little to no attraction to females aged 16+ is going to have a hard time having a satisfactory relationship with a woman. And this could cause all sorts of issues in his life. Further, it sounds like a pretty maladaptive orientation, and if you act on your orientation, you might just go to jail or prison.

On the other hand, technically they would be hebephiles if they had a preference for 12-14 year old girls, even if they had a strong but less than maximum attraction to mature women. On the other hand, a guy with a preferential attraction to 12-14 year old girls and an 8

He can easily suppress or repress his slight antisocial preference for Lolitas (which I suspect most of them do), while his prosocial attraction to women is so strong that it’s more than enough to satisfy him. Sublimation is nothing new. People have been substituting prosocial drives for antisocial drives forever. But for sublimation, Churchill could have been Hitler.

I’m more worried about the hebephiles in that forum who have little to no attraction to females 16+. People like that, if they acted on their attraction, could cause a lot of problems for themselves by getting criminal charges and society itself by criminalizing them.

Lebanon Right Now

How Nations Often Redirect the Blame In Wars and Conflicts

The Viet Cong was just about gone after Tet. After Tet most of the war was against the North Vietnamese Army. Sure, we fucked up but I think that was deliberate. If we said it was just nationalism, people would say leave them alone and our attack would not look so righteous. We would look a bit scummy. People always lie in situations like this to put themselves in the best possible light.

We lied about every Communist rebellion in the 3rd World. Instead of seeing them as based within the people of that very country (which they all were), we said the workers there were perfectly jolly and happy and they all hate Communism but these Cuban/Soviet scumbags came in and started this revolution.

Countries ALWAYS do this shit. Who’s rebelling in Palestine? The Palestinians? Of course not. They’re real happy! It’s all just Iran!

Who’s rebelling in Ukraine? Maybe Russian speaking Ukrainians? Of course not, it’s all just Russians from Russia trying to steal our land. Our Russian speakers love Kiev!

In Iraq, same thing. Local Iraqis weren’t fighting us. It was criminals and foreign fighters. The Iraqis were real happy we just conquered their land.

Who’s rebelling in Yemen? Maybe most of the people? Of course not! It’s all just Iran!

Could the Lebanese maybe be a little angry at Israel? Oh Hell no, they love Jews!

Is Hezbollah a local Lebanese rebellion rooted in special Lebanese conditions? Of course not. Hezbollah is nothing but Iran!

Are the Yemenis mad at the US? Of course not! It’s all just Iran pulling their strings!

How about the Iraqis? Of course not. They love us to death. It’s all just Iran brainwashing them.

Syrians? Same thing. All just Iran brainwashing them, that’s all.

You think Kashmiris might be just a bit upset at India for some reason? Of course not. They all love India so much! There are no Kashmiris rebelling against India. Why would they? They’re happy. It’s all just Pakistan, that’s all it is. Every single Indian you talk to will tell you exactly this.

Almost all of the progressive and revolutionary movements in Latin America were seen as being stirred up by the Soviets, never due to material conditions. What morons and liars don’t realize is that where material conditions are halfway decent, no Communist rebellion ever forms or if it does, it’s just small cells of urban fighters.

Sandinistas? Just a Soviet and Cuban rebellion.

El Salvador? Same thing.

Guatemala? Same.

Colombia? It’s all from Cuba.

On and on.

Our side does it too. Syrians were not rebelling. It was all just foreign fighters LOL.

Russia doesn’t seem to be doing this. They know and acknowledge full well that Ukrainians, Latvians, Lithuanians, Estonians, Finns, Poles, etc. all hate them, not to mention the West Europeans and the Anglosphere.

There were lots of anti-colonial and nationalist rebellions in the 3rd World, and they often adopted the moniker of Communism. They were nationalist first and foremost. But we can’t admit that because it makes it look like they have a valid reason to revolt.

Every single communist rebellion was traced directly back to Moscow. After 1991, they were traced back to Cuba.

Capitalism Is a Narcissistic Vanity Foot Race

Commenter: The Soviet system as an alternative to the capitalism of the US and the rest of the West wasn’t really so bad and had some advantages over our system. Why that was so horrible to admit, I don’t get.

It’s pretty simple really. It’s all about the money! Those were competing systems. Communism was a deadly threat, a dagger pointed at the heart of every rich person and capitalist. Were it to take over or even get more popular, there goes all their wealth and power. They also lose their businesses, which is their way of generating more wealth and power than other people which is the whole reason for capitalism.

The purpose of capitalism isn’t to survive or get what you need and relax on the couch with a beer.

It’s about beating the others, beating the other men to get the best women, beating everyone else to have a better car, a better house, better clothes, etc. so you can get even better and prettier women and even more illustrious, special, and valued friends in order to be admired and feel like you are better than others.

It’s a completely narcissistic endeavor the purpose of which is to obtain all of the wealth, money, and stuff for yourself and your group, while granting everyone else (the Other) absolutely nothing at all.

The way to success in this narcissistic footrace of vanity, stuff, cash, and babes is basically some form of sociopathy. Without some sociopathy, you will never get far in business, and you might find it hard to accumulate money, power, stuff, hot chicks, and admiration, which then drives even more narcissism over all your new stuff and probably more sociopathy now that you don’t care about your lessers and can easily spit on them in good conscience.

People Don’t Have Open Minds, Just Forget It

Commenter: That loops back to something I was saying in another thread about the warmongers in the US not being animals, but having a disconnect between their statements and understanding the consequences of said statements. I don’t see a means of repairing the disconnect without hard times ahead.

Exactly. The warmongers in the US are usually not evil. They have simply convinced themselves that they are fighting on the side of right and good and the enemy is fighting on the side of bad and evil. Then they dismiss all negative reports of their side and amplify all negative reports, even falsehoods, of the other side. and when some of those lies are proven to be not true, they simply reject the finding in some way or another, usually by shooting the messenger.

My brother is a total warmonger for the Empire. He’s a Centrist Democrat and there are so many people like this! He never believes we are doing this for some sleazy Von Clausewitzian objective. He sincerely believes that we are always just fighting the evildoers.

I’ve been studying him for a long time. He categorically rejects any and every report that makes his side look bad and uncritically accepts every single report that makes the other guys look bad, even the lies.

I’ve also noticed that he thinks he wins an argument when I admit that my side does bad things too. To him, his side is 10

This is literally how people think. I’ve also heard him give arguments in favor of Assad gassing his people like this:

I say,

Well, Assad did a lot of bad things. He drops barrel bombs. He arrests peaceful opposition folks. And he has probably arrested 50,000 armed rebels and killed them in his prisons. They are put in prisons in horrible conditions, tortured, denied medical care, are poorly fed and clothed, and many die in their cells.

However, many did not and I believe he has hung up to 50,000 rebels in gallows outside his prisons. There were also a lot of photos released of people Assad tortured to death. I acknowledge all of these things. Somehow this ends the gassing argument and proves he gassed his people!

This is the truth:

Assad did lots of terrible thing, sure. But one thing he did not do was gas people. That’s just not the way he rolls. He also doesn’t do civilian massacres in towns. All of those, including most that were blamed on Assad, were done by the rebels, who also chopped people up.

Well Assad just doesn’t roll that way. They just don’t go into villages and line up all the residents and murder them, especially in the most gruesome ways. If they were going to do anything to civilians in a village, they would just arrest them and take them to a jail or prison. He doesn’t do line em up civilian massacres or chop civilians to pieces attacks. However, he does drop barrel bombs on them!

My brother thinks,

If Assad did all this other evil stuff that you now admit, then obviously he did all the massacres, the chopping people up, and the gassing. Because if he does those other evil things then that means he’s an evildoer who obviously does all those other evil things too.

He literally thinks like this. There must be tens of millions of people who think like this in the US alone.

My father and mother were the same way. My brother and mother had IQ’s of over 140! My father had an IQ of 129. These are very smart people. If this is how smart people think, I shudder to think how less intelligent people think. They must be just as bad or even worse.

Commenter: I’d point out that problem-solving intelligence, the kind measured by standard intelligence tests, probably doesn’t correlate fully with self-awareness. Empathy also isn’t measured, and that may or may not be useful here. Sympathizing with one side or another isn’t going to get you far in evaluating a situation objectively.

Your brother is typical of a lot of I have met.

Even within the MIC, even within the ranks of the DoD, there are objective thinkers who would recognize your point about Assad as valid. But a lot who wouldn’t. Some are very intelligent.

My response is

“Why does gassing as a mode of killing matter? How is that worse than shooting 50k people or hanging them or cooking them over an open fire? They are all just as dead. The gassing may be more humane. I wouldn’t know as I haven’t died.”

As you point out, the reason why they were killed is very much more important. Armed rebels? You kinda asked for that. Civilians? Reprehensible.

Your point about his emotional reaction is noted, that seems to be the driving force behind so much of the propaganda. Cringe-worthy detail to make you think we’re all in the right dropping bombs and shooting people. Which of course is precisely that, propaganda to convince you to perform what are, objectively, inhumane acts.

I don’t think people really think this. I think they’ve been propagandized to at least ignore the detail so as to give the government a free hand to do this awful stuff in their name. Once they took a sip of the kool-aid, they’re never going to challenge their viewpoint again. To challenge it would imply they were complicit in ‘evil’.

The failure to acknowledge the truth of your words is not the only place in life where you will find this attitude. Try talking to any unrecovered addict about their addiction and you get the same crap, circular arguments and failure to acknowledge their faults. The bottom line was that your brother was never going to acknowledge anything wrong with his point of view. It didn’t matter what you said.

Maybe so! I know that in certain ways they can understand what others are feeling, and they are able to abstract away a lot of emotional junk to try to understand others, even others that they hate. I’ve seen very intelligent people offer sympathy for the mentally ill, non-offending pedophiles, trannies, etc.

My Mom even had deep sympathy for incels, once I described their plight to her. And she was a feminist!

Commenter: Even within the MIC, even within the ranks of the DoD, there are objective thinkers who would recognize your point about Assad as valid.

Interesting. So there are intelligent thinkers in the MIC. They certainly don’t write articles. However, my work (I write for peer reviewed academic journals) has recently been quoted in Parameters, which looks like the academic journal of one of the US military branches. These people are super-cerebral and a lot of them would understand the point about Assad. They are very fine-grained intellectual thinkers, and there’s not a lot of emotionalism going on.

I work a lot with an illness called OCD. It’s extremely hard to wrap your mind around what is happening in this illness, and almost all people of average intelligence can make no sense of it and get it all wrong. The only people where a light bulb blinks on, as in they get it, have often been people of very high intelligence, often over 120-130. They manage to somehow wrap their minds around it. Everyone else, just forget it. Give it up.

About self-awareness, I don’t think anyone has any self-awareness. Show me a person with self-awareness. I’m waiting to meet one. I know there are a few, but they’re quite rare.

None of those genius IQ folks in my family ever had the tiniest dollop of it, sorry. They were all perfect, no exceptions.

I remember once I worked in a whole room full of legal coders. After a while I figured out that everyone in the room was perfect, or at least that’s what they told me. Not one person would own up to any deficiency.

You know why they made up the gassing charges, right? A very von Clausewitzian reason. It seems that if someone is using WMD’s, which means nuclear, biological, or chemical weapons, then other countries get to invade them, attack them, or even declare war on them without getting UN permission. We wanted a reason to get involved in that war in a boots on the ground or bombs in the sky sense, so we made up the chemical weapons BS.

Assad was a perfect target as he did have chemical weapons. He got rid of them, the UN ratified it, but it didn’t matter. No one seems to realize that the Assad “WMD’s!” bullshit is exactly the same as the Saddam “WMD’s!” bullshit.

Saddam didn’t have any WMD’s so he couldn’t use any.

Assad didn’t have any either so he couldn’t use them either.

I can’t believe so many people who said,

“Oh we fell for the WMD bullshit, how gullible!”

were then right away to jump on the exact same WMD scam when Assad was labeled with it. How about fool me once? Fool me twice? People seem like they never learn.

Commenter: Your point about his emotional reaction is noted, that seems to be the driving force behind so much of the propaganda.

Sure. As if what Hamas did was not vile enough, they’ve had to pile on. The most successful propaganda in this war is all bullshit.

Babies were beheaded!

That’s starting to look like it’s just not true. But babies may well have been shot.

What happened was a report that said,

Babies were killed and people were beheaded.

Those are both facts. But somehow that statement got turned into “babies were beheaded” though it doesn’t say that.

Perhaps the only beheaded people were IDF soldiers beheaded after they were killed. Still messed up but not even as bad as beheading people when they are alive. In this case, it’s basically mutilating a corpse.

Women were raped!

There’s zero evidence that any woman was raped so far.

One case of reported rape is a scene where a female IDF solider is removed from the back of a jeep and shoved into a back seat. Everyone says she’s a civilian being manhandled. She’s not.

A dark stain appears on her butt. Everyone says it’s evidence of multiple gang rapes.

First of all, we know she’s a soldier. She’s all over TikTok posing videos in her uniform. There’s also a video of three IDF soldiers being taken prisoner, and she looks like one of them. In addition, we now know her name and her own parents are saying she was a soldier. So the argument’s over.

The stain. She shit her pants in terror apparently. I saw another case of a group of Israeli soldiers taking cover from a rocket attack and another soldier girl had shit her pants in terror in that photo.

I agree that they’re being rough with her. Par for the course with POW’s. She’s lucky they didn’t kill her.

After all the awful stuff Hamas did, it just wasn’t enough, so they had to make up lies about raped women and beheaded children. If you notice most of the screamers talking about wiping Gaza off the map are repeatedly mentioning these two highly emotional accusations, both of which are false.

I don’t this is something Jews only do. A Hell of a lot of Gentiles all over the world are chanting these lies also.

Iraqi Arabs and Anglo Gentiles made up WMD lies about the Iraq War (WMD’s again).

Gentile editors in WW2 made up lies about Huns bayoneting babies (Notice the babies again?).

The Kuwaiti ambassador to the US’ daughter made up a lie about Iraqi soldiers pulling the plugs on babies‘ incubators so they would die (See? Babies again).

Syria? US Gentiles made up lies about Assad gassing and massacring his people (WMD’s again).

Look at Ukraine. The Jews have hardly been involved in all the lying about that war, unless you mean the one at the head of the government. It’s almost all been Gentiles in Ukraine and the West. Remember all the rape stories about Russian soldiers, including Russians raping babies (Here we get both babies and rape conflated into one lie)? Turns out none of those rape stories were true. But they’re still bandied about. The massacre in Bucha was completely fake. That lie was made up by British MI6 and Ukrainian Gentiles.

All those fake murders and attacks on Russian dissidents with nuclear and chemical weapons (WMD’s again)? Made up by MI6 and US intelligence agents, all Gentiles.

I’m just pointing out that making up war propaganda isn’t something that Jews and Jews alone do? It’s something many groups of people do, especially the sharper or craftier ones like White Gentiles, Arabs, and, yeah, Jews.

Position Statement: Hamas and Israel Are the Same; They’re Both Evil

Hamas kills kids.

Israel kills kids.

Hamas kills civilians.

Israel kills civilians.

Hamas and Israel are the same, as bad as each other.

Did you see the Israelis just told everyone to vacate Northern Gaza and head to Southern Gaza? Long convoys of people leaving stretched across Gaza. The Israelis just bombed one of those convoys. 70 people are dead, 270 more are wounded.

They told everyone to flee to Egypt. Lots of people fled and were milling around the Rafah Gate. The Israelis then bombed the Rafah Gate three times. I believe they’ve bombed it again yesterday.

It’s so obvious what they are doing. They saw what Hamas did and now they are saying, “We can play that game too.”

Now a lot more Palestinian civilians have been killed than Israeli civilians. This makes the Israelis better? How? They didn’t kill them in such an evil way? I’m not sure getting blown up a bomb is more humane than getting shot with an automatic weapon. How is it? Dead is dead. The person doesn’t care how they were killed.

I’ve never seen Israel act so indiscriminately in my life. They’re not even trying.

Is The Israel-Palestine Conflict a Religious Conflict?

It’s sort of a religious dispute but not completely. The Palestinian Christians hate Israel too. I’m on a Telegram channel of Palestinian Communists (basically atheists), and they differ little from people like Hamas. Same mindset. So it goes a lot beyond a religious dispute, but religion is definitely fueling it and making it a lot worse.

It looks like Jews did something in Palestine to make Palestinians, regardless or their religion or lack thereof, hate them.

Now granted, there are Druze in Israel that don’t hate Jews or Israel. But the Druze in Syria, the Golan, and Lebanon despise Israel. You see, this is because the Druze just support the state wherever they live. Some Israeli Druze are refusing to serve in the army lately though.

A lot of Bedouins serve in the Border Police, but the Jews treat the Bedouins horrendously.

There are almost no Palestinian non-Bedouin Muslims in the army (maybe two dozen), and they are the one group who doesn’t have to serve.

It’s all about nationalism. With even the most horrendous terrorist attacks, the very honest Israeli Shin Bet lists the motive as “nationalism.” Not antisemitism. Not Nazism. Not religious hatred. Nationalism.

What we have here are two groups of people with maximalist claims on the land.

The Jews say that all of that land is for Jews and none of it is for non-Jews, or non-Jews only live there at the whim of the Jews.

Similarly, the Palestinians, in particular the Muslims but also the communists, say that all of the land is for Palestinian Arabs and none of it is for Jews, or Jews only live there at the whim of the Palestinians.

Zero sum game for both groups. Both groups frankly refuse to share the land with each other, which is probably the only way for the conflict to be ameliorated.

Egypt Is Blockading the Border?

Some Jewish guy: Egypt has BLOCKADED Gaza…but you advise they are shipping in ‘food and medicine’. Jews do not want to ethnically cleanse Gaza. They want to be left alone. And if Egyptians are so ‘pro Palestinian, why do they blockade them and not let them into Egypt? There is no logic to your argument.

Egypt wants to ship in food and medicine.

Why doesn’t Egypt supply electricity to Gaza?

The Israelis won’t let Egypt supply electricity to Gaza. Every time Gaza builds a well or a power plant, the Israelis bomb it! Egypt tries to ship in as much food and medicine as they can, but the Israelis only let some of it in, not all of it. Maybe 1/3 of the food is let in. And a lot of the food that is let in has to side by the side while bureaucratic procedures are undergone, which results in the spoilage of a lot of food.

Why won’t Egypt let the Gazans go to Egypt?

Because if the Gazans all go to Egypt, the Israelis will just flatten the place, go in, take it over, and annex it like the West Bank. It will be Nakba Part 2.

The Israelis have had a long-term dream of ethnically cleansing Gaza and sending all of its population to Egypt or even sawing off a piece of Egypt and giving it to Gazans as a “Gaza Egypt.” In particular this is a longstanding Netanyahu project. This goes back quite some time to conversations Netanyahu had to the leader of Egypt in the 2000’s. The Egyptian leader said the Egyptians would never allow Egypt to part with any of its land.

Sounds like Egypt really hates Palestinians if they won’t let them in.

Egyptians are pro-Palestinian. 8

Ain’t nobody in that region likes those Jews in that shitty little country. Maybe some of the Maronites in Lebanon and for sure the Kurds do. Everyone else thinks they’re a plague. But towards the end of the 2006 War, the Maronites said they were starting to get angry at Israel and were on the verge of taking up arms against them.

So let them into Egypt temporarily.

Like I said, the Israelis won’t let them back in!

The gate was open for a while under the Muslim Brotherhood regime, but Sisi is a whore of the US, so he does what we tell him.

Egypt doesn’t need 2 million more extremely angry people in its country.

Lots of goods come into Gaza via Rafah. Everything you could imagine, though the Israelis put serious limits on it for no decent reason. A good part of the food, medicine, etc. coming in to Gaza comes right through Rafah. And a lot of weaponry comes in that way too disguised in shipments of other things or smuggled via a vast tunnel network that Egypt allows to operate unhindered.

Some Lies about Hamas and Rejoinders to All of Them

If you want to know how I know so much about these issues, this is one of the Telegram channels that I use. It’s called Resistance News Network. They are extremely radical and seem to be associated with the Leftist or Marxist PFLP. But the PFLP have always been ultra-radicals. In fact, recently the PFLP, whose membership is Christian, secular, or atheist, has formed a deep alliance with Hamas, whose members are very religious Muslim Islamists. The PFLP also now has a deep relationship with Iran, a fundamentalist Muslim regime.

The people who run that site are extremely radical and cheer for all attacks and killings of Israeli Jewish civilians, even of tourists, past and present, which it calls “Operations.” They call Israeli Jews “settlers,” and most don’t know that Palestinian armed groups see all Israeli Jewish civilians as “settlers” and “usurpers,” illegal residents who stole their land and hence valid military targets. The supporters of Israel keep insisting that Hamas and the rest of the Palestinians want to kill all of the Jews in Israel or in the  world, but that’s not so. In fact, they never make statements like that.

Sure, they support killing Israeli civilians, but they always have, so this is nothing new. But they never say, “We are going to kill all of them.”

All you see over and over even on ultra-radical fora like the above is

All you Jews need to take off, to leave, to get out of here and out of our lands. Our lands are for us and only us.

As Mohammad Deif, the vicious leader of Hamas’ military wing, said in his recently statement on the day of the attack,

You are not entitled to a single inch of our land.

Actually that’s not true because one of the most radical Palestinian documents of all, the Original Charter of the PLO (or the Thawabet) from 1964 when the group was formed, openly states that if you can trace your ancestry back to the native Palestinian Jews before the Balfour Document in 1917, you can stay as long as you are going to be peaceful.

Bottom line is all Jews who can prove that they are native Palestinian Jews or at least arrived before 1917 get to stay. Palestinian ultra-radicals like the people who run that page keep referring to the “Thawabet” above saying they must not detour from it.

Actually the official position of the PFLP or at least the old-timers was that all of the Jews in Israel get to stay but they have to live with the Palestinians in a single state. I know George Habash, their founder, once famously said that when he went back to Jaffa, the city he was driven from in the Nakba, he would build a house there, and he would build another floor on the top and let a Jewish family live there. Incredible, is it not?

Leila Khaled, the famous airline hijacker terrorist girl, has also stated that all the Jews can stay. But she’s also exhorted Palestinians to “shoot an Israeli!” As in, any Israeli Jew.

Nevertheless many of the PFLP people at the base level don’t seem to accept this. I was in a group with PFLP people on the Net a long time ago. They let me in and called me Comrade Bob, which was a nice touch. I believe we were all ideally supposed to use noms de guerre.

The leader of them lived in Jordan and was actually a member of the PFLP’s political branch. The second in command guy with the nom de guerre of Nabil Harb, a famous PFLP terrorist, was a guy about my age who lived in the US but traveled to the Middle East a lot. I think he was also a member of the PFLP’s political branch too.

Both of them were extremely radical and kept saying that all the Jews had to leave. Along the same lines the people running the Telegram channel above keep saying all the Jews need to leave. The Jordanian said,

They can all go back to Hymietown or wherever.

Both of the men above were quite antisemitic in addition to being anti-Zionist, which was a bit odd as they were communists. But to tell the truth, the vast majority of the Palestinians are antisemites, not just anti-Zionists. And I’m quite sure that most Israeli Jews hate Arabs. Why not hate people who are trying to kill or oppress you? Makes sense to me.

I think that all of these armed groups would much prefer that the Jews just up and leave not kill them if only to spare them the trouble and bother of having to kill them.

Hamas refuses to negotiate. Hamas doesn’t want peace. Hamas just wants war, killing, and destruction.

Hamas accepted a 2 state solution with the right to return in 2012.

Hamas rejects all negotiations. Hamas refuses to negotiate about the hostages.

Well, supporters of Israel are just lying again as usual. Hamas has been negotiating with Israel, perhaps through the intervention of Egypt, for a very long time now, decades. In fact, Hamas negotiated a long term cease fire with Israel which they called a Hudna.

The Jews never tired of pointing out that it was a temporary cease-fire but Hamas pointed out that according to their religion, they don’t have a right to relinquish their land like that. However, the implication was that a “temporary” cease fire could last a very long time.

But then this was back when Israel was treating Gaza very much better than they do now. See? If you treat people fairly well, they don’t fight you. If you treat them like garbage and attack them like you want to harm or kill them, they will hate you and want to fight you. How is this so hard to understand?

Hamas has been saying since a couple of days into the war that they wanted to negotiate about the hostages. Bottom line is they wanted to trade them for Palestinians imprisoned in Israel. One of their proposals was to trade all women and children hostages for some 20-30 Palestinian woman held in Israeli prisons. This was very reasonable but of course they Jews turned it down.

Hamas says it will release all US hostages if the US releases some Hamas supporters it has in US prisons. These people were Americans who were raising money for the Holy Land Foundation, which the US claims is a Hamas front. Even if it were what’s it to the US? Is Hamas fighting the US? No, it’s fighting Israel.

Well is Israel part of the US? I guess it is because that is exactly how the US frames the issue. If Israel is part of the US, then the “antisemites” are correct because that’s what they’ve been saying forever. And when truth is an excuse for antisemitism, all I have to say is that the Jews have screwed up bad. Obviously they’re acting horribly because when truth is an excuse for attacking your group, it always means you’re acting awful.

What’s it to the US if Americans are raising money for Hamas? What’s it to the US if Americans are raising money for any armed group overseas that is not attacking the US? This is madness. For God’s sake, just release these guys. Extradite them to Israel if you must.

The Hamas Charter is genocidal and implies it wants to kill every Jew on Earth.

The problem passage is a direct quote from the Quran, so take it up with Mohammad. Hamas revised its charter in 2019, and that got rid of all of the nasty antisemitism in the old one. Yet the supporters of Israel endlessly refer to the old one. I recently saw a Jew say, “Sure, they amended their charter, but they didn’t mean it.” There’s no way to deal with an argument like that.

In recent interviews, Hamas leaders emphasized that they could care less about Jews or the Jewish religion per se. This is a radical turn-around for the group. They just don’t like those Jews in Israel who they say stole their land. Which is exactly what they did, of course. Well, most of it. In 1947,

Jews owned

Recently Yahya Sinwar, the leader of Hamas’ political faction, even addressed Diaspora Jews in a speech, which was incredible. And Sinwar is quite a vicious man. He used to be head of the Gaza Police in the strip and under his watch, a lot of suspected Israeli collaborators were executed.

Hamas are extremist and are incapable of moderation.

Except that they’ve moderated dramatically only during this recent 8 day war! Now if that doesn’t show flexibility and willingness to moderate, I don’t know what does.

And after the bad publicity of the massacres, Mohammad Deif (a nom de guerre meaning “The Guest” because he sleeps in a different place every night like Saddam used to) himself issued a directive forbidding the killing of women, children, or old people and ordered that hostages be taken care of and POW’s treated treated decently. Deif is one of the most bloodthirsty Hamas leaders of them all, so that’s pretty significant. But it shows Hamas can modify its policy quickly and on the fly.

Four hostages were outrageously murdered before they were taken back to Gaza, but all of the hostages taken back to Gaza are apparently being treated quite well. Hamas was rough with some of the POW’s when they were taking them prisoner. There is a well-known video of a woman being taken from the rear of her captors’ vehicle and being put in the back seat. They’re being pretty rough with her. I’m almost certain she’s a solider. I saw a video of a fighter stepping on a soldier’s neck. As another was being led away, his captor screamed,

“You killed our people in Al Quds, you bastard.”

I saw some videos of POW’s being transported back to Gaza, and for whatever reason, they all looked absolutely terrified. We don’t have any direct evidence about POW’s, but all indications are that they were being treated with decency. The Jews* have already killed 26 captives with their bombings. All 26 are Jews. 10 of them are soldiers. We don’t know who the other nine are, soldiers or civilians.

There’s no way the Jews* are going to rescue those any of those captives. Any time they get close to capturing any of them, Hamas is just going to execute them. I actually support this. The only reason to hold hostages is for leverage. I don’t approve of killing them if demands are not met, but if the hostages are about to be rescued, I see no reason why the captors shouldn’t just execute them.

A couple of recent statements from Hamas leadership about their goals are some of the most moderate I’ve ever seen. Although they were very carefully worded, I noticed that they only discussed “a Palestinian state with its capital in Jerusalem and right of return for refugees.”

This is an old position of theirs from 2012 that no one discusses because we are too busy portraying them as demons. In 2012, they said that they would temporarily accept a 2 state solution of a Palestinian state with its capital in Jerusalem and a right of return for refugees. I’m not sure if this right of return applies to Israel or to the Occupied Territories, but some say that the refugees can’t even go back to the West Bank or Gaza.

This earlier position was so little-known that I never saw it discussed until a comrade, a Jewish antizionist, told me about it. He’s a Bundist. They have an interesting solution for the conflict, basically self-rule for both Jews and non-Jews in a single state. What’s fascinating is that since this war started, I have seen this almost unknown policy dragged out not once but twice by the official Hamas leadership.

Believe it or not, they’re moderating all the time. In fact, this is the most humane war the Palestinians or Hamas have ever fought against those Jews. The whole Palestinian nationalist project has been sheer terrorism from Day One dating back to the Hebron Massacre. This is the only time they’ve even bothered to take POW’s or captives instead of just mowing both of them down.

*The Jews in this context refers only to the Jewish Israelis, not to Jews in general in the Diaspora, though sometimes I may refer to the collective when I refer to who makes various arguments. However, when I refer to actions being taken in the region, I refer to Israeli Jews only. Diaspora Jews haven’t lifted a finger to direct harm Palestinians! Leave them out of it for God’s sake!

The Only Way You Can Get People to Support Wars

I think the real problem here is that people do not understand war in the Clausewitzian sense “War is a mere continuation of policy by other means.”

Of course most wars are about stuff like money, oil, pipelines, resources (and control over these three prior things), corporations, the rich, markets, bullying countries who won’t do what you say, and other sleazy geopolitical machinations. I suppose the sociopaths who make foreign policy are quite aware of that and being psychopaths, could care less, but it will be hard to sell the American people on this idea that

We need to kill hundreds of thousands of people so we get this pipeline and Russia doesn’t. In other words, the war is all about money, resources, and geopolitical power.

Of course most wars waged by capitalist countries boil down to some form of killing people for money (the reason for almost all wars of imperialist capitalist countries). But can you really tell your people that? Will they still go along with it?

Nobody believes that wars are waged over all this sleazy stuff because if they do, it’s hard to sell war. Instead people believe every war is some righteous moral crusade that we were forced into doing in order to try to stop the evildoers. That’s the only way people can be ok with war. Of course they had this BS shoved down their throats by war propaganda, which people are uniquely susceptible to, but still, the point stands.

This Is the Most Humane War Hamas and the Palestinians Have Ever Waged

This Is the Most Humane War Hamas and the Palestinians Have Ever Waged

A Hamas spokesman said that there are no civilians in Israel and they are all settlers, usurpers, and occupiers. In other words, all Israeli Jewish civilians are military targets. This has been the basis of the Palestinian revolution from the very start, sadly. The sorry truth is that it is in this horrific war that Hamas and the Palestinians have waged by far their most humane war ever. The Palestinians have never been known to take civilian hostages before.

If a fighter ever gets face to face with Jews, he simply tries to kill as many of them as possible. Sure they mostly fight against Israeli soldiers and sometimes against police, but they’re not against targeting Jewish civilians inside Israel. I believe that all of the armed groups support such attacks.

Only the Palestinian Authority opposes them on an official basis. However the breakaway armed wing of Fatah, the Al Aqsa Martyr’s Brigades, supports attacks on Jewish civilians inside Israel. However, the Palestinian masses are split on the subject. Fully 4

So those horrible attacks you saw Hamas commit in the early days of the conflict where they just mowed down Jewish civilians at will? A majority of those in the West Bank (5

Nor have the Palestinians typically taken Israeli soldiers hostage, although a few times they did. Other times they simply took them out to some remote place and executed them.

This is the first conflict where the typical Palestinian response to captured IDF soldiers was to take them as POW’s. We don’t know how these POW’s are being treated, but we haven’t seen much evidence of serious maltreatment yet. Some of them are being treated pretty roughly, but that’s par for the course with POW’s.

The Jews* have already killed 19 of the hostages with their bombings. At least 10 of these were IDF troops. The nature of the other nine is not known. Furthermore, this is the first conflict where Palestinians did not simply mow down Jewish civilians who presented themselves as targets in an attack. In the past, they’ve always just mowed them down, men, women, children, toddlers, and I believe even babies. The depravity of the Palestinians in this conflict is difficult to comprehend.

But in this war, they took many civilian hostages, men, women, children, toddlers, old ladies, etc. From all accounts, all of these hostages are being treated well.

*This refers only to Israeli Jews as they are the only ones  committing these acts. The Jews in the Diaspora no matter what thoughts they have in their heads, are not part of it. Even lobbying for more weapons doesn’t make them part of it because it is the entire US nation that is flooding Israel with weapons, not simply the tiny percentage of the population that is Jewish.

A Couple of Paragraphs Summing up the Nature of the Fighting in This War

Boris Rozhin’s Telegram: A Hamas spokesman said that there are no civilians in Israel, and the Israeli president said that there are no civilians in Gaza and all are terrorists.

A triumph of cannibalistic approaches on both sides.

I do not deny that Hamas committed some truly horrendous crimes inside Israel. Targeting Jews at the rave. Going house to house murdering Jewish civilians in the kibbutzes. Mowing down Jewish elderly folks. Some of this stuff is terrifying. A family where an older sister was shot dead in front of her mother, father, and younger brother and sister.

The Jews have typically not taken the approach that all Palestinian civilians are valid targets, and in fact they have been quite constrained in their use of force. They continue to be constrained in the West Bank even in this war. But things are starting to deteriorate. There have already been 4-5 out and out murders of Palestinians by Jewish West Bank settlers, exactly like what Hamas did. The IDF isn’t even trying to prosecute them.

In past wars on Gaza, it seemed like the Jews were at least trying to preserve civilian life as much as possible. Now they’re not even trying to preserve civilian life. I’ve never seen the Jews be so careless in their bombing of civilians in the West Bank.

They are bombing the homes of Hamas leader when they know those men are not there. Instead there are just the leader’s relatives, spouses, and offspring, and a number of them have been killed.

4-5 of Hamas military wing leader Mohammad Deif’s relatives, spouse, and offspring were killed in an attack on his home when it was obvious he was not there. This is being celebrated as a great anti-terrorist bombing here in the US. Can someone tell me how this guy’s wife, kids, and relatives are involved in this fight? They deserve to die just for being associated with this guy? How depraved.

In other cases, the Jews have absolutely been deliberately targeting civilians in Gaza. For instance, the Jews told Gazans to go to the Rafah border and flee to Egypt. Many Gazans massed at the Rafah Gate. The Jews then bombed the Rafah Gate three times!

In a similar fashion, today many Palestinians received phone calls from the Jews telling them to flee Northern Gaza and head towards Southern Gaza. Large convoys of refugees started to move south. The Jews then bombed three of these convoys, killing 70 civilians and wounding 270 more. This is some real dirty stuff. I’ve never seen the Jews act this dirty in my lifetime. You have to go all the way back to the Nakba to see this sort of depravity.

They have targeted schools, universities, media outlets, bakeries, hospitals, medical workers, journalists, ambulances, government buildings, and mosques. There have been a number of cases of deliberately targeting ambulances. 4-5 ambulances have been hit and there are up to 20 casualties among medical workers.

In a recent case, the Jews called up a Palestinian news journalist who works with a camera crew. They told him to stay out of Eastern and Northern Gaza. He blew them off. Very shortly after he got that call, he was killed in a bombing raid. This looks very much like a targeted attack,  so they are definitely targeting journalists and media workers. But they’ve done this in earlier conflicts.

I’d say the Jews and Hamas are behaving in an equally wicked manner in this war, sorry. One is just as bad as the other.

*This refers only to Israeli Jews as they are the only ones  committing these acts. The Jews in the Diaspora are not part of it in any way, shape or form, so leave them out of it!

Stories about Palestinians Raping Women and Beheading Babies Are Looking Like Bullshit

Stories about Palestinians Raping Women and Beheading Babies Are Looking Like Bullshit

Hamas may well have murdered babies, though we are still looking into that the beheading of babies story and it’s looking like BS.

In addition, the rape reports look like BS. I have not been able to validate a single rape, and in the two most prominent cases of women inside Gaza, one in the back of a truck and the other being moved from the rear of a truck to the back seat, neither woman was raped.

You have to understand Palestinian society. If there’s one thing they hate, it’s raping women. Recently an Israeli Arab attacked an Jewish woman and killed her as an “act of resistance.” Normally the Palestinian groups would cheer for this, but in this case, they just seemed to bury it. Hamas in particular did not want to talk about it.

That was because before this man killed this young Jewish woman, he first raped her. So you have a serial killer type murdering rapist crime, except it’s done in the name of “resistance.”

I did some reading and found out that Palestinian Muslims didn’t approve of this attack not because he killed her (that was just fine) but because he raped her beforehand. That is one thing Palestinians just will not put with, whether done as a common crime or as a “resistance attack.” The Islamists in particular are disgusted by rape, even of enemy soldiers and civilians. This is why I’m having a real hard time buying these rape stories.

Some Claims about Anglo and Jewish Settler-Colonialism Debunked

Israeli forces atrocities also include more than 70 massacres against Palestinians killing 15,000 Palestinians during Nakba time.

Try 900. I really doubt that 70 massacres.

European settlers killed 56 million indigenous people over about 100 years in South, Central and North America, causing large swaths of farmland to be abandoned and reforested,

Exactly how much land were the Amerindians farming? No way did we kill 56 million people. A lot of them died, sure, but almost all of it was due to disease.

“A research article published last year has brought to light how policy-induced famines killed tens of millions of Indians in 40 years, 1880 to 1920, the deaths which have never been attributed to the colonial regime. And the number of deaths in the period could easily be higher due to improper documentation by the government.

[Independence Day: 165 million unaccounted Indian victims of the British colonial regime ]”

Now this is getting somewhere. But independent India has caused 200 million excess deaths since 1949.

This Australian Tale of Two Cities contrasts the material comfort of the majority with the First Australians who die from Dickensian diseases in their 40s and are imprisoned at a rate six times that of Blacks were in apartheid South Africa. The state of Western Australia, the richest in the nation, has the highest incarceration rate of juveniles in the world – most of them Indigenous.

I think they are doing most of this to themselves. The Aussies turned over whole towns and regions and let the Aborigines run them, and the result was a total disaster. In fact it was such a wreck that there was a big hue and cry for the state to step back in and save these people from self-rule, to save them from themselves.

In particular there was epidemic pornography use, drug abuse (glue sniffing), and believe it or not, child molestation. Some research was done and Aborigine communities pre-contact were not great places to be a woman or a girl. There was near-epidemic rape of women and there was also a lot of child molestation of girls. Both had nearly become embedded in their culture.

Some of these more primitive people seem like they can’t handle porn at all. Once they’re exposed to porn, they want to sit around all day long and do nothing but watch porn and drink or take drugs. This is going on in some Filipino Aeta villages now – idleness, chronic porn use, and drunkenness is the rote of their quotidian lives.

Some of these groups can’t seem to handle modern sin like porn, booze, or drugs very well. They just get bulldozed by easy access to destructive sins. Higher IQ groups seem to be able to ration these things out pretty well, but the less intelligent groups seem to get plowed under by easy temptation. Look at how Blacks have been hit so much harder by easy access to guns, alcohol, and drugs than Whites or Asians have. It follows that lower IQ would lead to lower self-controls.

I worry that some of these folks like the Chamorro (IQ 87), Aeta (IQ unknown), and Aborigines (IQ 85, but pure Aborigine IQ 64) are not evolutionarily fit for our modern world. In the case of the Aborigines, the average Aborigine is half White now, so that’s progress, but still, theirs is mostly a self-inflicted wound.

Yom Kippur War 2: What’s the Real Reason for the Conflict?

The Israel/Palestine conflict is sort of a religious dispute but not completely. The Palestinian Christians hate Israel too. I’m on a Telegram channel of basically Palestinian Communists (basically atheists), and they differ little from people like Hamas. Same mindset. So it goes a lot beyond a religious dispute, but religion is definitely fueling it and making it a lot worse.

It looks like Jews did something in Palestine to make Palestinians, regardless or their religion or lack thereof, hate them.

Now granted, there are Druze in Israel that don’t hate Jews or Israel. But the Druze in Syria, the Golan, and Lebanon despise Israel. You see, this is because the Druze just support the state wherever they live. Some Israeli Druze are refusing to serve in the army lately though.

A lot of Bedouins serve in the Border Police, but the Jews treat the Bedouins horrendously.

There are almost no Palestinian non-Bedouin Muslims in the army (maybe two dozen), and they are the one group who doesn’t have to serve.

This conflict is really all about nationalism. With even the most horrendous terrorist attacks, the very honest Israeli Shin Bet lists the motive as “nationalism.” Not antisemitism. Not Nazism. Not religious hatred. Nationalism.

What we have here are two groups of people with maximalist claims on the land.

The Jews say that all of that land is for Jews and none of it is for non-Jews, or non-Jews only live there at the whim of the Jews.

Similarly, the Palestinians, in particular the Muslims but also the communists, say that all of the land is for Palestinian Arabs and none of it is for Jews, or Jews only live there at the whim of the Palestinians.

Zero sum game for both groups. Both groups frankly refuse to share the land with each other, which is probably the only way for the conflict to be ameliorated.

*This refers only to Israeli Jews as they are the only ones  committing these acts. The Jews in the Diaspora are not part of it in any way, shape or form, so leave them out of it. It doesn’t matter what they think or feel as there’s no such thing as thought  crimes.

What’s the Reason for the Yom Kippur 2 War, Muslim Antisemitism or Something Else?

This commenter, possibly Jewish, wrote a long piece suggesting that the cause of this long conflict was Muslim antisemitism. Then he threw in Christian antisemitism too and said that was also as part of the conflict. I’m going to disagree here.

Andrew Sullivan has a piece in his weekly dish substack that is consistent with my argument. He says “the formation of Israel was a moral necessity and a practical insanity.”

This is correct.

I don’t agree with the commenter that Christian antisemitism is a big deal anymore, at least not religiously based Jew-hatred. There is definitely some in Latin America though. Face it, in most Christian countries, is there really a lot of antisemitism coming from Christians or cultural Christians.

Let’s look at the Anglosphere. Basically zero.

We already went over Latin America.

How about Europe? There’s little to no Christian antisemitism in Spain, Portugal, France, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Italy, Denmark, Sweden, Ireland, Finland, Greece, or Albania.

I don’t know about Eastern Europe and Russia but I think the antisemitism there, to the extent that it exists anymore, is not really religiously based. There is antisemitism in Western Ukraine due to a long history of living with lots of Jews. Maybe that will do it to any group, who knows? Russian antisemitism seems similar.

Is there much Polish antisemitism? At one time, Catholicism played a part in that.

Is there still considerable antisemitism in Czechia, Belarus, Slovakia, Hungary, Serbia, Montenegro, Bosnia, Croatia, Slovenia, Macedonia, Bulgaria, Romania, Lithuania, Latvia, or Estonia? Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia are all Nazi countries, but the Nazism is all about hating Russians and not Jews.

Yes, there is still antisemitism in Germany and Austria, but in Germany it’s mixed in with a ridiculous, over the top philosemitism. Anyway, the antisemitism in German lands is just Nazism, and Nazism never had a religious basis.

All in all, the only Christian countries with significant antisemitism are Germany, Austria, Poland, Ukraine, and Russia. And in most of those countries, it’s not religiously based.

The commenter also claimed that Muslim Jew-hatred was long-standing or even permanent in Palestine. Well, fine, maybe so. Let me say first of all that there may be something to what he is saying, but it is so hard to figure out how Muslims really felt towards each other in Palestine. Dhimmitude probably only ended in the 1890’s-1910’s with the collapsing Ottoman Empire. Muslim apologists say things were fine under dhimmitude, but the very nature of the process makes that dubious.

As soon as dhimmitude ended, fighting started up not due to Jew-hatred but due to fears of colonization by Zionists. Violence in Palestine started around 1912. The first serious violence was in 1921. The Hebron Massacre was in 1929. So Palestine went straight from Jews living under dhimmitude to Arabs fighting Jews over Zionism. We never got a chance to see how Muslims really felt about Jews per se outside of Islamic law and Zionist colonization.

However, there were few massacres or pogroms in Palestine. In the previous 500 years, there had been seven serious pogroms, usually just in one city. That’s about one every 60 years. In some cases, the Jewish population reconstituted itself only 3-4 years later. Most of these pogroms seemed to center around “scapegoating.” So if you were a Jew in Palestine, there would be one serious pogrom in your lifetime, and it probably wouldn’t even be in your city.

So, let me ask the commenter if the Palestinian Muslims always hated Christians just as much as Jews or less so? They were both dhimmis, recall. Palestinian Muslims and Palestinian Christians seem to get along pretty well, but Palestinian Muslims they don’t get along with Jews. Why would Islamic religious hatred leave Christians alone but target Jews?

First of all, Christian, Muslim, atheist, and even Communist Palestinians all hate Israel. Many of the worst terrorists of all were Christians. That’s not true so much anymore, but one armed group, the DFLP, is led by a Christian! A couple of the armed groups are practically communists, and they are full of secular people who could be atheists.

So, let’s see, among Palestinians:

  • Muslims hate Jews.
  • Christians hate Jews.
  • Seculars hate Jews.
  • Atheists hate Jews.
  • Communists hate Jews.

It’s almost like…everybody over there hates Jews! Gee I wonder why that could be? Could it possibly be…something the Jews did to those people over in Palestine?

Does the commenter have an answer to this? It looks like everybody over there just mysteriously hates Jews no matter what religion they are or if they even have a religion. What’s the commenter’s argument now? Arabs hate Jews, no matter their religion or lack of one? See how his attempt to turn this into a religious war ran aground?

I approve of all these efforts below in the Arab world to make their lands more accommodating to the Arab Jews.

Let’s take a look at this legendary Arab Muslim antisemitism for a moment:

  • There are Jews in Morocco, Tunisia, and Algeria. The governments are very solicitous and protective of them. The population of Algerian Jews has grown by 15
  • Bahrain has a few Jews (35), and they are letting them build a synagogue.
  • There are 2,500 crypto-Jews in Saudi Arabia!
  • Assad recently invited a group of Syrian Jews from the US to come visit. He asked them to please come back whenever they felt it was safe.
  • There are 6,000 Jews in Iran. They are treated quite well and have two reserved seats in Parliament, far more than their numbers deserve.
  • There were 100 Jews left in Iraq at the start of the war in 2003. They all said that Saddam was very good to the Jews and protected them well.
  • There are no more Jews left in Libya, but before Ghaddafi was overthrown, he and his son were issuing calls for the Libyan Jews to come back to Libya. Why would they do that if they hated them?
  • There are real problems with the Jews in Yemen due to a hostile population, but at least the government is trying to be very protective towards them.

This is what the commenter can’t figure out. All of those Arab countries would very much like those Arab Jews in Israel to go back to their countries. They’d much rather have Arab Jews in their countries than have them in Palestine stirring up trouble. So they are being very protective of them. For a long time, they wouldn’t even let them leave the country! That’s some real hate, brother, when they won’t let you leave! Also, it’s a PR thing:

Look, we are not antisemites. Look at how well we treat our Jews.

Yom Kippur War 2, October 13, 2023

This will be the first in a series of articles on this war.

In this latest Middle East war, which I am calling the Yom Kippur 2 War, people think that there was no way that the Hamas militants could have crept through the Gaza/Israel border because of all the cameras and whatnot. However, the cameras at the border were taken out via hacking. Israel couldn’t see a thing when the invasion started.

Israel Let It Happen?

I’m not buying the “Israel let it happen” conspiracy or at least I would need a lot more evidence to believe in it.

People say that there’s no way that Israel could not know what’s going on in Gaza. Not true. Truth is that Israel has no one in Gaza. No one. Sure, they have some Arab sources, but that only goes so far. Israel can’t get any of their spies in there. Hamas has that place locked down hard.

Also, Israel can’t seem to get anyone inside Hezbollah either.

Iran recently rounded up the entire ring of US spies in Iran. Killed every single one of them. I don’t think Israel has been able to penetrate deep into the Iranian regime. IRGC has that place locked down hard, and Iranian intelligence is superb! However, I think Iran has some people in the Mossad or Israeli military!

Israel can’t really get anyone inside any of the large groups like Hamas, the PFLP, the DFLP, the various Fatah splits, the Mujahedin Movement, and certainly Islamic Jihad.

I’d say that Israel has much better intel in the West Bank than they do in Gaza. In the West Bank, Israel knows a lot. Say there was an attack somewhere that killed or hurt an Israeli. Israel figures out who did it fast and has an idea of where to find them. It might take them a while to track them down, but they do it eventually.

But they don’t seem to have knowledge of attacks before they happen, so I figure they don’t have anyone in the groups. Every now and then an Arab spy gets uncovered in one of the groups. He gets interrogated on video and then executed, and his body is buried in an unmarked grave. Thing is Israel has dirt on all sorts of people, and they blackmail most of their spies into working for them by saying you either work for us or we reveal the dirt we have on you.

I’m not sure how those groups work.

Cell Structures

Perhaps they have a cell structure. Cell structures can be almost impossible to penetrate. Say you have a cell of three or five. You only know the people in your cell! And even with them, maybe you only know their noms de guerre and not even their real names or very much about them. So when the state arrests you, you can’t really tell them anything because you don’t know anything. One guy in a cell gets arrested, and the others in the cell disperse right away and vanish.

Also you probably know some courier guy who delivers instructions or commands to you. He has a nom de guerre too, and you know nothing about him. Maybe only one of you meets him in a public place, and he hands the letter over by hand. But he only knows you by your nom de guerre. If he comes to your hideout and he gets rolled up, he can turn in your whole cell!

Anyway, you bust one cell and then there are dozens, scores, or hundreds of more cells, and none of them know anything about each other. At some higher up level, yes there has to be someone who knows all the cells, and when those people get arrested, the state can often arrest lots of people.

Israel Has No One on the Ground in Gaza

Also, Hamas is starting to use couriers a lot and not relying on computers or cell phones, which are too easy to trace. In Gaza, Israel doesn’t know crap because they can’t get anyone in there on the ground.

The US of course has no one inside any of the Palestinian groups, and now the CIA has been slaughtered in Iran, and there isn’t a soul left there to work with us.

The US has never been able to penetrate Hezbollah either, nor has Israel apparently. Even the families of a lot of Hezbollah fighters in the militia have no idea that their father is in the militia. Then one day he gets killed in a war and they find out. That’s how locked down they are.

I’ve also heard that North Korea is locked down so hard that the CIA says they can never even get anyone in there. So maybe there are advantages to totalitarianism.

Actually, Hamas said they had intelligence that Israel was going to launch a huge attack on Gaza and the West Bank after the holidays. So they were heading it off at the pass. This is similar to Russia’s invasion heading off the coming huge Ukrainian invasion of Donbass coming two weeks hence.

A Conspiracy?

There is a conspiracy theory that “Israel and the US knew it was going to happen and didn’t try to stop it, or, worse, that they were in on it.”

One thing Israel doesn’t like to do is kill Israeli Jews. They just lost 200 security personnel and 1,000 civilians (some armed), 9

“The death of one Jew is equal to the death of us all.”

This is one reason Jews have a low suicide rate. It’s all down to the Jewish religion. Suicide is akin to homicide in Judaism. You kill yourself and you kill all of the Jews with you when you do it. Check out how infrequently Jews kill other Jews. They hate doing that! It’s like the worst sin of all for them.

No way is Israel going sacrifice that many Israeli Jewish people to some conspiracy scheme.

Now, they may have let a lot of American Jews die in 9-11, but those are US Jews, not Israelis.

There are reports though that Egypt was warning Israel that something big was coming, but Israel blew it off. Israel says they don’t even talk to Egypt and haven’t talked to them in a while. I don’t know what to believe about this. Perhaps they knew something was coming but not how big it was.

But then how did all the other groups know about it?

Hezbollah and Iran Helped Plan the Attack?

There are a lot of reports coming out about a Wall Street Journal article quoting Hamas and Hezbollah sources saying that the invasion was decided a week before at a meeting of Hamas, Hezbollah, and Iran in Lebanon. However, apparently this is fake news.

Richard Silvester, an anti-Israel Jew, has sources inside the Israeli government. The stuff he gets is pretty good, but sometimes it’s just another spin, closer to the truth maybe but not the truth. His source deep inside the state told him that no such meeting occurred and that Israel just made it up and planted the story in the paper.

Silverstein says that the only place it could have come from would be Netanyahu or people in Netanyahu’s office because those are the only people who would do such a thing. You have to realize what a nasty snake of a man this POS is. I believe he is a psychopath, and prominent Israelis say he is too. He’s one of those functional psychopaths. I also know that Netanyahu and the Wall Street Journal have very deep connections and Netanyahu often plants stories in that lousy rightwing rag.

I just found out the truth via a Hamas official in Qatar. He said:

The attack had been planned for months or maybe a year. Hamas and Hamas alone had planned the attack by themselves with no help from Hezbollah or Iran. It was planned very carefully and secretly.

A fair number of people knew there was such a plan but no one knew when the launch date was going to be. Only a tiny few people knew that and the rest of Hamas was in the dark. And it was only revealed to these very few people at the very last minute.

Which Groups Are Fighting in This War?

There are at least 12 groups fighting Israel in this war.

Al Aqsa Martyr’s Brigade: Fatah split. The armed wing of Fatah. With Oslo, Fatah disarmed and most went over to the PA, but a rejectionist group refused to disarm and became AMB. They’re pretty secular but they throw in Islam sometimes too, more than the PFLP or DFLP. The PA has ordered them to disarm but they simply refuse to. Some members of the PA police or armed forces moonlight as members of AMB or Islamic Jihad. A number of them have been killed recently.

Rightwing Israeli Jews lie and say Abbas and the PA control AMB, but they have no control over them at all. They operate completely independently. Sure, some Fatah officials praise the resistance or the latest deadly attack, but the PA pretty much never does, as they are committed to the peaceful road to a settlement. The PA is officially for a two state solution, and this is also the position of AMD. AMD is mostly in the West Bank and only in Gaza to a limited extent.

Nasser Brigades: Another Fatah split, this one with a more Islamist bent. They’re mostly in Gaza. They probably support a 2-state solution.

Popular Resistance Committees: Another Gaza-based group mostly made up of family clans. I’ve also heard that they are Leftists. They are extremely close to Iran.

The Mujahedin Movement in Palestine: An extremely secretive and barely known group that has appeared in the last few years. Rather Islamist but I’m not sure if they are as Islamist as Hamas and Islamic Jihad. This clandestine group has tens of thousands of members, at least 20,000, which is hard to believe but quite possibly true.

PFLP-GC: Ahmad Jibril’s group. This group was always an arm of the Syrian government. They have a huge army in the refugee camps in Syria. There are also quite a few of them in the refugee camps in Lebanon. Lately they have been fighting it out with some crazy Salafist group that is also in the camps. They don’t do much in terms of fighting Israel, but now and again, they launch a missile from Lebanon. They have a small presence in Gaza and they participated in this latest war, mostly using mortars and missiles. This is a very secular Leftist group at least in original formation.

DFLP: Very secular group, almost Communists. Has a large female membership, including an all-female armed unit. They have a lot of support among Palestinian Christians. They support a 2 state solution. This group is rather small. They are a split from the PFLP but I forget why.

They have launched a fair number of missiles and mortars and they even participated in the invasion by attacking a military base. Their latest statement said that they had small cells up to 15 miles inside Israel, but they would not say where they were. They only have a small presence in the West Bank, but they have an above-ground component that is fairly active in the West Bank.

Members of the armed wing are secular, and no doubt some if not all are atheists or nonreligious. Keep in mind that 2

PFLP: The original Marxist revolutionary Palestinian group. They have a pretty significant membership or at least more than the DFLP. This group has considerable support among Palestinian Christians. They are very hardline and are known for being holdouts and no-compromise, no negotiations, radicals. They’re like the ultimate hardliners. Has some female troops.

Traditionally they supported a one state solution in which all of the peaceful Jews could stay. George Habash the founder famously said that when he went back his hometown in Israel, he would build a house for his family and then he would build another floor on top of the house and let a Jewish family live there!

They usually use the word “Zionists” and don’t use the word “Jews.” They’ve been associated with some truly awful terrorist attacks in the past, but not a lot has happened lately.

Their leader Abu Ali Mustafa was assassinated by Israel in the Second Intifada, and in revenge, their leader Ahmad Sadat plotted the assassination of Israel’s Tourism Minister Rehavam Ze’evi at a hotel he was staying at the Jerusalem Hyatt Hotel in Israel proper, so the group got inside Israel itself somehow. A squad of four ambushed him in an elevator using silencers and then miraculously escaped by seemingly vanishing into thin air.

Israel eventually figured out who did it and demanded their arrest along with Sadat. Arafat eventually complied and put them in a prison in Jericho. At one point, Israel raided Jericho and demanded that Arafat hand over Sadat and the shooters. Israel actually put them on trial, which is something they don’t often do.

They’re all serving long sentences now of 30-125 years in prison possibly life sentences. Re’evi was a monster who had a very vicious attitude towards Palestinians, referring to them as insects and cockroaches. Incredibly, Israeli Jews called this maniac “Ghandi” for his supposed moderate and peaceful views. That they would call a psycho like this “Ghandi” shows you how insane Israeli Jews are.

Israel arrests people all the time on “administrative detention,” which means they arrest them on no charges or hidden charges. Even when they put them on trial, the people often don’t even know what they are charged with, and I believe that the defense gets little information and perhaps they might not know the charges either. Most people being picked up nowadays are jailed on administrative detention, and they can be kept there for years.

It sounds like BS but this sort of thing is typical in states undergoing insurgencies.

The “God Effect” in Intelligence Agencies and Law Enforcement Departments

The notion that there is no way that US or Israeli intelligence foresaw this coming war because they are supposedly so omnisciently brilliant suffers from a basic failure of human cognition. With increased technology, intelligence agencies and cops have gotten much better are uncovering enemy plans and catching criminals. But they still don’t know everything.

Humans are basically idiots so they think that with this increased intelligence, cops and spies turn into infallible Gods. “How could they not know?…how can they not catch him? The intelligence agencies/cops are incompetent.” However they’re not necessarily incompetent at all. The finest intelligence agencies and best police departments on Earth may not be able to uncover enemy plans or catch notorious criminals.

It also suffers from the American, “Fire them,” approach to all problems. I’ve noticed that Americans love the idea of firing people from their jobs. I suppose none of these idiots ever got canned. I’ve heard that over in Europe, firing is a last resort and is only resorted to after multiple warnings, etc. Also workers have a lot of protections from unfair firings.

I think Americans harbor an authoritarian mean streak. It’s probably due to the hypercapitalism we practice here, but it’s also due to our exceptional nature. Because we are exceptional and better than anyone else, we are therefore perfect and can’t make mistakes. Hence despite errare humana est, known since Antiquity, it’s mistakes = firings. Zero mistakes or errors are allowed the typical American worker.

This notion about spies and cops suffers from the “God effect.” We think intelligence agencies and cops are Gods. Why? Because we’re stupid!

“There’s no way the cops could not catch that evil killer!”

Oh, yes there is! As long as the cops are not Gods, there will be lots of people they cannot catch.

Same thing with the all-encompassing intelligence agencies. Sure, Mossad is good, but they have not a soul in Gaza or in Hamas, Hezbollah, or any of the major Palestinian groups. Nor do they have anyone deep inside Iran. These people have really good opsec.

As long as Mossad, etc. are not Gods, there will be things they cannot predict and people they cannot catch. They still can’t find Mohammad Deif in Gaza after decades of searching for him. They’ve been trying to kill him forever, and they’ve tried to kill him seven times, but he’s still alive. I’m not sure of his wounds, but I’ve heard he lost an eye and an arm and a leg. But you can still get around with those issues.

At one time they had a source inside Hamas who was giving them info about Deif’s whereabouts. This was the man the Jews claimed was killed for being gay. He wasn’t. He was killed for giving up Deif to Israel. Deif left that location only a hour before it was hit. The guy being gay was the blackmail Israel used to hook him in as a source.

I’m not even sure that Israel has good sources inside the Fatah splits like AMD or Al Aqsa Martyr’s Brigade. And there are so many of these little splits and grouplings now that there’s no way that they have people inside all of them. But Shin Bet has excellent intel inside the West Bank, I’ll give them that.

The Last Days of the Shining Path in Peru

Some states in these situations tried to put arrested rebels on trial for terrorism, etc. Peru during the Shining Path rebellion is a good example. Cases were decided by judges but there were problems with this as Sendero kept threatening the judges. As a result, a lot of arrested rebels were acquitted and set free.

Fujimori came in via a military coup and shut down Parliament and ruled by decree. He also got rid of trial by jury for insurgents. He imposed strict censorship. He started arresting Sendero’s lawyers in the Democratic Lawyers Association. This was basically part of Sendero’s aboveground structure but in these groups the aboveground structure and the underground armed group have little to nothing to do with each other.

So the aboveground people are not involved in the armed insurgency at all except being supporters. Fujimori rolled up most of the members of this group, and tortured a number of them to death, which I thought was messed up. Sendero had captured the University of San Carlos in Lima and turned it into a base.

Most of the professors were members of the  aboveground groups and most of the students were too or else perhaps they were members of an armed cell. The library had been turned into a revolutionary literature library. There were Sendero posters everywhere.

Fujimori raided the university, but the students had turned it into a an armed camp, and most of the university was destroyed in a big battle. Over the next two years, Fujimori rolled up the leader of the group and his Central Committee who had been hiding in Lima the whole time. There were some famous cases like one time, the state raided a barbecue of some students from this university and simply executed all 15 members of the group.

There were a number of actors, dancers, and novelists on the Central Committee! That allowed them to roll up a lot of the rest of the network as the Committee had files in much of the organization. Over this time period, Sendero was pretty much defeated, but at the same time, Fujimori arrested fully 1

Sendero then receded into the background and eventually was mostly in a jungle area called the VRAE. It split into two factions, one led by Comandante Feliciano and another one. Over the next 20-30 years, both of the leaders were rounded up and the  factions disappeared. They only had a few hundred members each. A new Sendero has emerged which is radically different from the old group and has completely renounced the terrorism that the old group engaged in constantly.

*Generally speaking, the word “Jews” here refers to Israelis in the same sense that we say, “The Russians did this…the Germans did that…the Japanese did this other thing.” I’m not talking about the Jews in the Diaspora, as they are not part of this war at all, other than giving moral support to their brethren.

Please don’t conflate US Jews with Israelis. US Jews are not the ones stealing your land, beating you, spitting on you, arresting you, shooting you in cold blood, bombing ambulances, schools, universities, mosques, hospitals, media centers, government offices, and private homes, right? Ok so get mad at the people who are directly oppressing you. US Jews aren’t part of this fight.

The Illegal Combatant Bullshit

Much has been made of Israel’s administrative detention that puts Palestinians in jail and prison for long periods of time on no charges whatsoever! It’s called administrative detention and it’s often used by states in cases of insurgencies. The US did it at Guantanamo Bay, the US imperialist base on stolen Cuban land. We said they were not POW’s so we wouldn’t have to abide the by the Geneva Conventions. Then we refused to call them criminals or charge them with anything because we feared that juries would acquit them.

So we said they were “unlawful combatants,” except there is no such thing under international law. You’re either a soldier, in which case you are entitled to Geneva Convention Protections, or you are a criminal who can be tried perhaps on sedition or terrorism charges, or you are some sort of a civilian. The only people not covered who receive no protections are enemy spies. They can be killed at will during wartime.

In 1976, additions were added giving some protections to guerrillas in guerrilla wars, who had previously been thrown in with spies. The people who most ferociously opposed this were US Jews, the US faction of a race of lawyers. They argued that if you fought without a formal uniform, you were a guerrilla, so you were entitled to no protections and were similar to spies who could be executed as will.

That’s where the Jewish “unlawful combatant” crap came from. Yeah, (((they))) made that up. Thanks, Jews, for coming up with a fascist legal concept!

I believe guerrillas are now entitled to some protections but not as many as formal soldiers. Hamas wears uniforms, so arrested Hamas fighters are obviously POW’s. Israel sure isn’t treating them as such in this recent war. In fact, taking after their sleazy brethren over here, the Israeli branch of this race of lawyers has decided that all captured guerrillas are “unlawful combatants.”

The Jews* have been treating arrested militants quite terribly in this recent war, stripping them naked, beating and kicking them, stripping them down to their shorts and forcing them into humiliating positions, and even tying them up naked on the ground. In contrast, Palestinian treatment of Israeli POW’s at least after being formally detained has been remarkably better, though we have little good evidence of that. Mohammad Deif has recently ordered that all POW’s and civilian captives be treated decently.

Not that the militants haven’t been a bit rough with them, but armies are often rough with POW’s during wartime.

The illegal combatants scam was a fascist trick put in by the Bush Administration, which increasingly looks fascist. But really America has always been this way, so perhaps we have always had fascist tendencies in the past century. And George Bush is looking more fascist the more I examine him. His goon, the fascist law scholar John Yoo was the one who crafted the wholly fraudulent “illegal combatant.” Renowed scholar of international law Francis Boyle told me that there’s no such thing as an unlawful combatant under international law. It’s all made up.

New Delphi Murders and Middle East Updates Coming up

Posts on both coming up soon hopefully. I have a mini-encyclopedias in my head about both subjects. Problem is I feel totally overwhelmed about both of them and I don’t know where to begin!

I’ve been voraciously consuming material about the conflict in Israel lately, so I definitely have more than enough for a post.

I’ve been studying this issue intensively for 20 years now since the 2nd Intifada in 2001, and I knew a fair amount about it before then, but unfortunately I had been completely brainwashed with the pro-Israel lies that I had a skewed view of the conflict. Around 2001, I did a deep dive and I finally learned the other side of the conflict or should I say the truth about it.

I must say that I got pretty mad at US Jews for brainwashing me like that for 44 years of my life. I felt like a sucker who had gotten cheated and scammed. On the other hand, the US Gentiles had just been repeating the Jews’ lies in myna bird fashion, so it was their fault too.

The media was also pretty Jewish back then. I’d say it’s a lot less Jewish now in the age of mass corporate takeovers and only a few outlets. Also, newspapers that went from Jewish-owned to Gentile-owned didn’t change their Israel coverage one bit, so I was wondering why it really mattered what sort of crazy Zionist owned a paper, Jew or Gentile.

Anyway, I felt scammed by US Jews, so I did a deep dive into the Jewish Question for the first time as I had been a passionate Judeophile for 44 years. I went to a few webpages, and this whole massive world opened up to me. Well, the antisemites certainly have documented their case, haven’t they? Now that doesn’t mean they are right, but the sheer volume of their case against the Jews takes you aback at first and makes you wonder if there’s something to it.

Turns out some of it is true, a lot of it is exaggerated, and quite a bit of it is out and out lies. It’s a Judeophilic cliche to say so, though Jews don’t talk this way much anymore, but my Mom had always taught me that the Holocaust was mostly about Jews being scapegoated. I think that explains this phenomenon better than anything else.

I’m inclined to agree to an extent, but Jewish success also sort of half dug their grave. When you have

There are similar figures with the Chinese in Indonesia and the Philippines, and there are regular pogroms against them too.

Capitalist fanboys go on and on about how humans are natural capitalist swine, but people also seem to have deep-seated socialistic concepts of a sort of a “basic fairness,” and one small group hogging that much of the resources just sets off people’s rage and what they see as an injustice or even a crime.

However, I’m reading now about pogroms in Palestine before 1900, and indeed, the Jews did seem to be scapegoated over and over in these crimes. A lot of the time they were just an easy, defenseless target. Islam’s hostility towards Jews obviously doesn’t help matters.

This was always in some context of Group A (say Mamluks) fighting Group B (say Ottomans), and in the context of this fight, one riled-up group says, “Let’s go pick on these Jews over there. They’re an easy target!” Then the local Arabs often joined in for God knows what reason.

But it was stunning how in so many cases of these conflicts, Jews were not involved in the fighting at all. They were just sitting it out on the sidelines not wanting to get involved. Sort of like you and me are fighting and we stop and point to some innocent bystander watching and say, “Let’s me and you quit fighting and go beat up him.”

From 1500-1900, there were seven large pogroms against Jews in Palestine, about one every sixty years. I could not get figures on how many Jews were killed and wounded. In some cases, the community completely reconstituted itself to its former numbers within a few years. All in all, one pogrom in your lifetime in one city in your country is probably not the end of the world, and all the rest of the time, there was no fighting or killing.

Back to my journey. Well, unfortunately, I opened up Pandora’s Box and got sucked into antisemitism for a while, and yeah, I turned into an antisemite for a few years there. I was never a violent or homicidal one even in thought, but my mind was not right.

That sort of obsessive and conspiratorial is an easy way for people to look at all of these confounding problems of the world and see the One Cause linking everything up, The Great Jewish Conspiracy. This is a very tempting way to think and other groups do it too. Feminists see the history of the world as The Great Patriarchal Conspiracy and misogyny is said to be the root of all evil.

This is lazy thinking but most folks aren’t that smart ,and it takes forever to even begin to get a grasp on the major issues and problems of the world, and even when you do, it’s a booby prize because the causes are so multifactorial and complex that it’s often hard to state them. Instead you end up stating parts and pieces of the problems a bit at a time.

I guess after some time, you put together enough  of the pieces of the jigsaw and remember enough of them as to arrive at some sort of “Englightenment” about the issue, but by then, you’re about ready to die, so I’m not sure the information is of a lot of use.

I was lost in this damned cesspool of pathological and obsessive antisemitism for a while and was starting to get a bit of a reputation. My brother even informed my Judeophilic mother of my thought crimes, and he’s a fairly significant watercooler antisemite (with a bit of a nasty streak though) himself.

It took me three or four months to extract myself, as I started to figure out that the Jewish Conspiracy wasn’t really much of an answer to hardly anything, and that obsessive and conspiratorial antisemitism, unlike the watercooler stuff, which is just what everyone knows about these people, is largely a bunch of untruths, and toxic nonfacts at that.

Hopefully my antisemitism is cured now or at least in remission. One thing this experience taught me is to be very careful about what I write about Jewish people. I’m not interested in relapsing into that BS. Now that I know what it is, it’s easy to look for it and police yourself to keep it at bay. I still get called antisemite all the time anyway even nowadays, but Jews and pathological philosemites aren’t the best judges of who is and is not a bigot. They’re too wrapped up in it to be objective.

Look How Easy It Is to Get an Assault, Intimidation, Battery, Etc. Charge

I recently ran across an article in my Delphi research about this Delphi podcaster named Brandon Woodhouse.

See here how the jailers in Carrol County jail treated him in 2019. This guy is also a Delphi blogger, apparently.

There’s a big fuss now in the Delphi scene about some crime scene photos being leaked, showing at least one girl naked and both of them murdered and brutalized. Rick Snay got a hold of them, it’s getting reported all over the place, and .

Well, what happened was one of the defense attorneys accidentally sent the photos to Brandon Woodhouse, who I suppose is working with them like me. Woodhouse then went and sent them to some Youtubers. Sounds like this Woodhouse guy has some issues with anger control. He had a couple of arrests in 2019 for intimidation, assault, etc., which, frankly, are pretty easy to get.

My brother has a 40+ year history of mental illness, bipolar disorder. Runs in the family, but no, I don’t have it. I’m not saying I’m not nuts. Of course I’m crazy, but I’m a little bit crazy (anxiety disorder), not real crazy (Major Depression, Bipolar Disorder, Schizophrenia)

Things came to a head and we got in maybe 50-60 fistfights over a period of 6-9 months? I’m not sure of the time frame. There were nights when we had 5-6 fistfights in one night. He broke his TV when one of us threw the other one across the room and smashed into it.

I went to the police a few times to try to get him arrested or evicted, but they couldn’t arrest him and they couldn’t really help me evict him either. I went to the court and everything. It’s a huge hassle and the lawyer I talked to said you can’t evict someone in Minnesota (I mean California!) after they’ve lived with you for a year, which sounds insane. So I was going to get a restraining order against him.

One night I was barricaded behind a door, and he was trying to smash it down (this happened several times), he had his arm in the door, and there was a real risk of him breaking the door down, so I took car keys and jabbed his wrist over and over until he backed off. Well, I put some marks on him which looked like bruises.

He went to the cops and tried to get me arrested over that, and a dubious cop called me up, but I gave him the straight skinny, and they decided against pressing charges like they did with me a couple of times.

Anyway, this just goes to show you how easy it is to get an assault or intimidation charge. I theoretically could have gotten 50-60 of them for all those fistfights over that period. So just because someone gets arrested for something like that doesn’t mean much. It just means they got into a fight, which is pretty easy to do even for the better of us.

My Experience with Mentally Ill Relatives

My Experience with Mentally Ill Relatives

Probably shouldn’t say this but I had my bipolar brother living with me for a few years here. He’s homeless and has no place to stay, so he’s either here with me or he’s on the streets. He’s kind of a piece of shit, but, hey, he’s family. In my family, we don’t abandon each other. We are all each other’s resource of last resort pretty much. Before me, my Mom took him back as he was homeless again back then too.

Well, he got out of jail for threatening to kill my Mom, and he came straight here. For a while he was sleeping at the mission, but then he scammed his way in here. He ended up staying here a few years. However, I’m the only one allowed on this lease. He cycled through a few manic episodes while he was living here, and it was Hell on Earth. But this last one was the worst of all.

He’s denied that he’s ill for 40 years, and he finally just got medicated as a condition of the court. But you still can’t talk about it, and he won’t up his dose when he goes manic because when he’s manic, he has zero insight and doesn’t have the faintest idea that anything is wrong with him, which I cannot understand.

He was living here, things came to a head, and I got threatened with eviction by the manager and got into some other trouble which I won’t elaborate. I got served with a three day change or quit notice, and he talked to some people and he straightened up just like that! The mania just went away with the threat to evict him.

I will never understand this illness! It’s like they have more control over it than you think and if you practically point a gun to their head and order them to shape up, some of them will just shut the illness down.

I actually think they enjoy being crazy. It’s fun. The only times he laughs much is when he’s manic. He’s mean as a snake and full of hate, but he’s also pretty jolly and obviously having the time of his life. I think Borderlines like being crazy too.

I’ve come to the conclusion late in life that a lot of people just seem to enjoy being crazy. At the very least a lot of people seem to enjoy being miserable, wretched, belligerent assholes. Anger is very empowering.

I’ve also come to the conclusion that humans basically have zero insight into their behavior and they’re completely blind to themselves and incapable of self-introspection. No disturbed person one ever seems to figure out that they’re disturbed, even when they are, or perhaps especially when they are.

Now my experience may be tainted due to my family, but I hold to this. In particular, irritable people seem to never recognize that they are irritable or else they actually enjoy it. I’ve rarely if ever met an irritable person who would even acknowledge that they were irritable! I think irritable people enjoy being touchy psycho wretches for some reason. I don’t get it.

Anyway, we agreed to a deal where he stays here in the day and sleeps at the mission at night, and it’s been like that ever since. And he stayed quite sane for some time.

I noticed that this last time, drinking made him a lot worse, which has never happened before. The illness has been slowly worsening over the years, with episodes coming sooner and lasting longer. Recently there have been six months between episodes and lately more like three or four.

He acts a lot worse during the episodes, talks to himself all the time out loud, and when he’s not doing that, he talks to himself silently moving his lips and making laughing movements, which looks weird, like someone talking to themselves silently.

Recently he scammed his way into a few nights sleeping over, drank to drunkenness every night, and the mania got got dramatically worse almost immediately. It’s like the way he is now, I’m not sure if he can even drink one beer. I don’t think he should drink at all. It’s been days since he had a beer, but he’s still really ugly and manic, more or less just full of sheer hate, which is the way he gets when he’s like that, and it’s been that way since the very start of this bullshit.

He’s practically evil; well, wait, he is evil when he’s like that. He literally hates the whole world and everyone in it. We traditionally divide between two poles, the first being normal/disordered and the second being good/bad, right/wrong, good/evil, but now I’m starting to wonder. When he goes crazy (behaviorally disordered), he becomes evil (morally disordered, traditionally seen as outside of mental illness). How many people we think are straight up evil are instead just nuts?

What Happens When a Neighborhood Shifts from Black to White?

Rambo: It’s a sad thing Rob but it’s true. Real estate companies say the first thing potential home buyers ask when buying a home in a certain city is:

What are the demographics of that city. (i.e., what percentage of that city is Black).

If it’s close to or above the national representation in the population of African Americans (12.

I’m surprised they split at 1

This may not be true of all Blacks though. Blacks with money tend to act a lot better than poorer or even middle class Blacks.

That middle class Blacks act good is a misnomer. I taught at a middle class Black school in North Long Beach for a while, and it was a mess, total chaos. It was like they had ants in their pants. They literally could not stay seated. They would pop right up like a jack in the box after only being seated a short time. The junior high girls were the worst. And they literally could not stop talking. I had all these fantasies and tying them to their chairs and putting muzzles in their mouths!

At the really horrible Black schools, not gonna lie, I used to fantasize about beating the Hell out of some of them or even murdering them. And I don’t feel guilty about it at all. I literally walked off the job twice in schools like that. Just grabbed my briefcase and walked right off the job! That was in a couple of schools in Compton, as I taught there for a while.

I will never teach Black kids again. I’ve had enough of that. I can’t seem to control them anyway. But I would walk by some Black woman teacher, and she would have this silent, seated class whereas I had total chaos. I wish I knew how they did it.

However, issues with middle class Black kids that may not hold in places like LA’s Baldwin Hills and Ladera Heights, which are more or less upper middle class Black or heavily-Black neighborhoods.

People say they are fine, but let me tell you a story. I was teaching in Watts once.

It was a total disaster, all kids refused to learn, and after only one day, someone stole my car battery, but this really cool Black auto shop teacher set me up and got me going again. He was a really nice guy! Also, once my car broke down in Compton and another time in South Central, and both times, these really cool Blacks came out and tried to fix my car for me.

So don’t paint all Blacks with the same brush. A lot of them are really cool! But once they go ghetto, they’re pretty much no good, sorry. The problem is not Blacks per se but that there are far too many of them who act bad. They don’t all act bad. But enough of them do that it’s a real problem. With Whites, sure, some of them act bad too, but it’s a far lower percentage of them.

At that school Watts (it was actually Jordan High School) in the break room at lunch, a White teacher told me he lived in Ladera Heights, and I said,

“That’s a higher socioeconomic Black area, right?”

The guy answered cynically,

“Higher socioeconomically, sure. Higher sociobehaviorally, Hell no.”

These two Black teachers next to me heard it and gave each other a significant look.

At the time those areas were ~5

I had heard that there was still a lot of crime there, not so much because of the Blacks that lived there but more due to the Blacks who lived in the ghetto right next door. They were Black too, so they blended in just fine, and they would migrate up there to prey on their own kind.

However, I had a Black guy come to the site a while back, and he totally disagreed with that and said there are private security patrols all over the place (who pays for them?), and they spot any troublemakers pretty quickly.

We have

I moved up to the Sierra foothills 30 years ago, and one of the things people kept whispering in my ear when I was looking to buy was,

Oh, and by the way, there are no Blacks!

The real estate people are scumbags. They do panic selling too. One (!) Black family moves into the neighborhood, and they start calling all the residents saying basically,

A nigger family just bought a house in your neighborhood! Want to sell?

A few move out right away, but as more and more Blacks start moving into the neighborhood, Whites start engaging in panic selling, and pretty soon you have an almost all-Black neighborhood.

I remember that happened to my Grandma’s neighborhood in a part of South Central LA that used to be mostly White. Same scenario. She was one of the only Whites left.

There was this super nice and civilized Black family next door, and as the neighborhood got more and more Black, the problems kept increasing until they decided to move! The neighborhood had literally become too Black for them!

The Sad Tale of the Jews of Detroit

Polar Bear: Trash said Jews would get paid on a certain day of the week in Detroit and be out getting Black ho head that night. All you could see is butt pale bodies of naked Jews in the middle of Detroit with sets of White eyes bobbing back and forth like a wailing wall for Blacks

Honest Guy: The aptly named “Trash” is about as reliable on this as everything else. Detroit is not a particularly Jewish city at all – its now largely vanished White population is overwhelmingly Catholic, particularly Polish, Slavic etc. Much like the rest of the Midwest Rust Belt.

I don’t care about Trash’s comment. If Jewish men want to get laid, they can go get laid. They can buy all their whores they want, Black or otherwise. I’d never hold that against one of my fellow men.

Perhaps Honest Guy should relax on this one. It’s just dudes getting laid. That they happened to be Jewish dudes is not all that important. Last time I checked, Jewish male adults were men too. And Honest Guy seem like a straight man,, so these are just his and my straight male brothers getting some pussy. Yeah, it’s Black pussy but so what? Pussy’s pussy. It’s no big.

Trash was definitely a Polack LOL. There were also a lot of Greeks in Detroit I believe.

I’m not sure when Trash grew up there. I know that 45 years ago, Detroit was Jewish as Hell! I knew some Jews from there, and they were crazy racist against Blacks. Then 15 years ago I met a girlfriend who I stayed with for 5 1/2 years. Jewish chick from…Detroit! And she knew a ton of other Jews in the area too. Actually she lived in suburb called Oak Haven or something. And she was fairly racist too.

She went from,

Hell no ew! I’m not dating a schvartz!

to moving to a ghetto suburb of Georgia and having an affair with an Black guy who was fucking a Black woman on the side the whole time. Then I think he just dumped her. He wasn’t very good in bed either. And he was kind of a huge pussy. He had a soft voice but his was almost way too soft.

45 years ago Detroit was Jewish as Hell and probably a lot of other cities in the East too were too. But as it got more and more Black, the Jews and the other Whites started taking off, maybe for the suburbs, maybe out of the area. The only people who were left were older Jews, often elderly, the parents of my generation of Detroit Jews. A lot of them were still left as the city got over 5

Anyway, ghetto Blacks preyed terribly on these rather helpless elderly Jews, and a lot of Jews in my generation started hating Blacks because of what they had done to their parents back in the city when their parents stayed behind. There were homicides, break ins, robberies, muggings, burglaries, you name it. Some of these elderly Jews had 4-5 locks on their doors.

It’s sad as Hell, frankly. I could care less about elderly Jews without a lot of money. What are they to me? Why should I hate them? Give me a reason. I feel terrible at how they got left behind and were easy targets for predatory ghetto Blacks.

In case you are interested, Trash was extremely pro-Jewish. He had Narcissistic Personality Disorder and was all wrapped up in “the superior people and the inferior people.” His whole life had become an effort to prove that he was the former and not the latter.

He saw Jews as superior people so he took their role and became an honorary Jew to look down on people. I finally banned him and he sent me a couple of emails calling me an antisemite. I hope it wasn’t true, but I used to be a lot more careless about how I talked about Jews on here. Guys like Honest Guy keep me on the right path, bless his soul!

Black Women Acting Like Ho’s

SamSpeed: Hmmm…well Mr. Lindsay it sounds like you have a very interesting opinion about Black women or Black people in general.

So we’re gonna completely disregard all the school shootings that were done by White people or the pedophilia running rampant in the White community? I live right next to a majority-White college and let me tell you how promiscuous all of these young White girls are. They go out of their way to open their legs up to the young Black men on campus. And if you look at only fans you’ll see that a large percentage of those girls are White sir.

I want you to grab a megaphone and head to the center of a majority-Black area in your state. Once you’re there I want you to voice your opinion out in public and give people a chance to speak up for themselves face to face. After all, you’re a big strong Aryan man, right? And strong Aryan men don’t hide behind keyboards, right? So it shouldn’t be a problem for you.

There is no “pedophilia” running rampant in the White community. Whites and Blacks have the same rate of being pedophiles. And child molestation is epidemic the ghetto. Black girls are twice as likely as White girls to get molested. One Black woman said, “All girls in the ghetto get molested.” So Black men are much more likely to be child molesters than White men.

Well, you know, I wouldn’t be afraid to move to a White community because

Oh no, there might be a school shooter there and he might shoot me accidentally.

On the other hand, I would be very dubious about moving to a Black area or even hanging out there due to all the crime. Anyway, the vast majority of mass shootings are done by Black men, mostly gang-related.

Yes, yes, we know all about those snowbunnies. Problem is a lot of White men say,

Once you go Black, we won’t take you back.

Think I’ll pass about going into one of your ghetto shitholes and making an ass out of myself.

The article discusses why Black women have such a “prostitute” or “whorish” attitude towards sex.

Note: 5

I’ve dated a number of Black girls and even slept with a few. I only had sex with a few of them, maybe five or ten. Almost all of them had the attitude that if you wanted sex from them, you had to pay. Even worse, a lot of them pretty much wanted to charge you for every single sex act! I’ve spoken to and checked out many others, and I have never seen a race of women with such a “whorish” (as in acting like a prostitute and charging men for sex) attitude towards sex.

In my city, we hardly have any streetwalking ho’s, but the ones we did have were almost all Black. Now keep in mind this town is

So keep in mind that I have way more experience with Black women than most White men do, and this a common denominator that keeps coming up.

Even if they get some money, they act this way. I talked to a hot 60 year old Black woman recently, and she said if I wanted to take her out, I had to take her out to a very expensive restaurant. Because she deserves it for having a platinum-plated pussy. A 60 year old platinum plated pussy! So you see, even she’s a ho. And she’s not the only one I’ve heard talk like that.

Almost all of the very hot young Black women you see on  dating apps come right out and say that they deserve to live the finest life, going to the best restaurants, buying the fanciest clothes and the priciest jewelry, and traveling all the time. And they don’t expect to work a day in their lives except on their backs obviously. They just want to kick back and live off rich Black guys their whole lives.

As a result, I pretty much won’t have anything to do with Black women anymore.

Of course there are hot young women, Whites and Hispanics, who also have this gold-digging ho attitude, but they are much fewer in percentage. I feel sorry for Black men. I guess you can’t get a hot Black women unless you’re rich. Sad!

In the White community it is very frowned upon to be a blatant ho or golddigger or woman who likes to charge men for sex one way or another. It’s super-trashy and you can ruin your reputation real quick like that because people think it’s gross.

Obviously the Black community does not operate on this basis, and it tells Black women that the only attitude they should have towards sex is to be a ho, officially or non-officially!


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