The N-Word Idiocy

Are there any words in the English language that we can never speak even one time, even to report that they exist or that someone used the word? I can’t think of any. Except this special n-word that you can’t say otherwise a bunch of hypersensitive Black people will have a cardiac arrest. Show me one other word that we can never utter,  not even one time. One.

Someone called me racist for writing out the word “nigger.” But I was writing up conversations with White Supremacists who may have murdered four Black girls, and I was having them refer to the Blacks as “niggers” and “niglets,” which is how they would have talked about them, right? I lost a reader over that. They called me racist. So I might have to writing n_r from now on, though it goes against my instincts.

Did you know that you can’t even say,

That White man called that Black man a nigger!

This is a racist statement. Dumb, huh? All because you said the word nigger.

How about this?

Hey, look rappers say nigger all the time in their songs, ok?

Racist. A teacher got fired for saying this simply because he mouthed the Goddamned word.

This is just getting stupid now. Down with the woketards!

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5 thoughts on “The N-Word Idiocy”

    1. They’re going to call you racist just for uttering that word in your comment. There’s no such thing as words you cannot even utter. What are we fighting here, witchcraft? They act like that word is a Satanic utterance, and every time someone says it, they call the Devil Himself unto us.

      Show me one other word that you cannot even utter, even in the most innocent fashion? One, one, one, one.

      Are dictionaries racist? All good dictionaries have entries under nigger. What are they supposed to put in their dictionaries, “n-word?” Ridiculous!

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