The Classic Jewish Character, Paranoid-Masochistic

Actually the character of the modern Jew, especially the modern Jewish male, is a Paranoid-Masochistic Character. This was theorized by Jewish psychiatrist Stanley Rothman in the 1960’s. Whether it is still the case, I am not sure. Most US Jews are pretty cool as long as you don’t get them started on topics like antisemitism or Israel. Keep away from those subjects and a lot of them are a great time. And don’t talk about Jewish stuff or them being Jewish. I never did that and I’m not sure if that’s a good road to get headed down.

This Paranoid-Masochistic Character is accentuated radically in Israel. The classic Jewish male has a chip on his shoulder as wide as the Grand Canyon. His mindset is “pre-emptive self-defense.” He sees a Gentile and thinks, “I bet you hate me, huh? Well, fine, then I’ll attack you first before you attack me!” So he punches you in order to preempt your upcoming attack on him.

Israeli Jews are impossible. I can’t have a civil conversation with most of them. They won’t even meet me halfway. This is also a Jewish characteristic. Well it’s true of the passionate Diaspora Jewish nationalists or Zionists anyway. Give no quarter. No compromise. No negotiations. You’re with us or you’re against us. Everything is black and white. Either you’re with them or you’re not, and if you’re not, you’re like those people who threw them in the ovens.

The few conversations I’ve had with the more liberal and leftwing Israelis ended within 5-10 minutes after they started accusing me of antisemitism. I was trying very hard not to say anything overtly antisemitic, and they called me a Jew-hater anyway. They’re typically extremely paranoid too. Paranoid, hostile, belligerent, obnoxious: the stereotype of the “loudmouthed Jew.”

On the other hand, while you do see this “loudmouthed Jew” character among US Jews, particularly the males, I think you see it a lot more with the Orthodox and passionate Jewish nationalists or Israel supporters.

I think it’s a mistake to generalize it out to US Jews in general because I met so many who where not like that. My parents were Judeophiles so I grew up hanging around my parents’ Jewish friends a lot. From what I could tell, they were just like anyone else.

One guy was pretty nice but he could be a real asshole on rare occasions. He rode a hard line and if he thought you were screwing up in life, he really let you have it. Thinking back on it, I was screwing up badly in life when he said that, so I suppose I deserved it. On the other hand, he wasn’t like that very often. And he hated pot of course like all of his generation.

Looking back on it now he could be a bit aggressive, but he was also extremely intelligent, and he was a very interesting man.

We were on vacation in Baja California once, and we were fishing. I was catching fish after and fish and the others were striking out. He came up to me with a curious glint in his eye and asked me why I was catching all the fish while the others were not. I gave him some mystical line about how psychology was 90

To tell the truth I  always thought  those Jewish friends were like anyone else, but after I caught onto Jews and then looking back on them, I suppose they could be a bit aggressive. But they generally were not obnoxious or belligerent to me. And the aggression was something you could pass over your whole life, for 40-50 years, until you finally thought back and tried specifically to look for it, and you could see it a bit.

In fact, there was one couple I’d known my whole life and I had no idea they were Jewish. I should have figured it out but I wasn’t Jew-wise back then. After knowing them for 40 years, it finally came out that they were Jewish and I was shocked. But it all made sense once you plugged their Jewishness into their appearance and even character.

I also made some Jewish friends of my own. I guess they could be a bit aggro too, though I never noticed until decades later. They were just cool potheads from Detroit. They really hated Blacks though. Some of the  most racist Whites I’ve ever met were Jews from back East, Detroit and New York. Looking back on it I did notice this odd closeness that they had with other Jews, as if they were all part of some private club. It just seemed a bit odd to me at the time and I thought nothing of it. Now I know that they look out for each other and support each other very well.

Jewish men are pretty hard-driving and competitive people, I’ll give them that all right.

I went to high school with some Jewish chicks who lived on my street. She was just a homely Jewish chick, a nerd. But she was a very nice person. I knew another Jewish chick at university, same thing. Not pretty at all, a nerd, but a very, very nice person. I’m quite sure I could have fucked her if I wanted to, but I was too lame to do it. I’d probably have to dump her afterwards though.

I’d fuck her once, tell her goodbye and then if she comes around for more like they often do when you do them once or twice, I’d tell her I just wanted a one-night stand and I didn’t want to be her boyfriend, that she’s not my type, and that I’m insanely picky about women, and only a few women are ok for me,  so don’t feel bad.

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One thought on “The Classic Jewish Character, Paranoid-Masochistic”

  1. Reminds me of their religious symbolism. Rachel was the daughter who was both more homely and Jewish.

    I really like Jewish features or any exotic features. I’ve talked to women who were pretty insecure about looking too Jewish. I rank Jewish beauty very high. I like a couple types of Jewish women. The hottest to me have a Med look like Gal Gadot. Israeli chicks I met were real sweet.

    US Jewish broads from out East are honestly the biggest cunts I’ve met. Non-Jewish women in the US are no slouches in that department, so the Jewish chicks were more like biggest cunts on planet Earth. Being a Jewish cunt underling is hell. When they’re like that, you can see their sociopathic tendencies.

    Black bitches are toughest to work with directly, but there’s a minority that are very good.

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