The Arabs (Hamas, Iran, Whoever) Want to Kill All the Jews on Earth!

This is of course the Jews’ favorite line. I guess it’s their Holocaust porn or something. Problem is it’s basically bullshit except for some nuts like ISIS.

There are a lot of examples where Arabs celebrate the actual death of Jews.

Cheered the death of Israelis, not Jews per se. And a lot of them were pretty vicious in how they cheered the deaths of Israelis, I’ll admit it. It’s not just Arabs who cheer for that stuff. I knew a Pakistani woman in Kuwait, and she was like that. She was pretty nasty antisemite too. That’s not uncommon at all.

On the other hand, nobody cares about Diaspora Jews. I’ve never heard an Arab cheer the death of a Diaspora Jew.

Jews: “Death to Israel” means conquer Israel and kill all the Jews.

More of their Holocaust porn.

The actual phrase, “Death to Israel” as coined by Iran merely meant get rid of the Israeli state. You can research Khomeini and see that that this what he meant.

What does Iran want in Israel and Palestine? The only thing Iran has been calling for is a plebiscite on the future of the region with all Israelis and Palestinians participating in it. They assume that after that, the specific Israeli apartheid state will be gone. That’s all they’ve ever promoted. A vote via a secret ballot! Some Jew-killers.

Iran has never said “Kill all the Jews on Earth or in Israel,” like the Jews insist with their Holocaust porn.

There are 7,000 Jews in Iran. If Iran wants to kill all the Jews on Earth, why don’t they start with the ones in their  own country, right? And actually the Jews of Iran are treated pretty well, though there are a few issues here and there. The Jews of Iran have a single seat reserved for them in Parliament, though their numbers don’t come anywhere close to getting a single seat. The Zoroastrians also have a dedicated seat though their numbers don’t deserve it, and many Iranian Muslims love to celebrate the Zoroastrian holidays. Everybody joins in. In addition, the Iranian Christians have two seats dedicated to them in Parliament, though again their numbers don’t deserve it.

There’s a lot of antisemitism in Iran at the individual level, and for that matter there’s a lot of anti-Christian bias. Both are considered to be “contaminated” by Shia Muslims. They won’t touch a piece of bread in the market if a Jew or Christian has touched it first.

The state does not subscribe to that view and does everything it can to protect the Jews and Christians.

Yes, many of both have been leaving in recent decades. Iran is a fundamentalist Islamic state ruled by Islamic Law that applies to everyone. It’s probably not a real fun place to be if you’re a Christian or Jew and don’t wish to live under Sharia.

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