Conflating Jews and Antisemitism

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Interesting article. Normally I wouldn’t link to anything the World Jewish Congress said about anything, so I’m amazed I’m linking to this. Supposedly this is an example of antisemitism.

On the other hand, while attacking some Jew on a New York street because Israel just murdered 500 civilians is definitely wrong in every way. That’s because he played no role in that crime whatsoever except maybe giving it moral support, and that doesn’t count.

And it looks like up to 70

Sure, the feminists and the sex fascists are trying to make thought crimes illegal, but we’re not there yet.

Arguably, we are already committing people for thought crimes when, after serving their sentence for a sex offense, we decide that they have bad thoughts in their brains that might, maybe, possibly, conceivably, theoretically cause them to do some unknowable bad thing at some unknowable point in the future, or possibly never. Maybe they’ll never do anything bad again. But we need to lock them up anyway on grounds of dangerousness because of those bad thoughts we think they maybe have.

Going through this whole list, it turns out I’m a raving antisemite after all, like I usually come out on these “antisemite tests.” On the other hand, truth is a defense against antisemitism. And there are definitely some ugly canards here against Jewish people that we need to examine so we don’t fall down that dark hole in the ground and maybe never come out.

Let’s look:

Antisemitism defined: Holding Jews responsible for the State of Israel’s actions

The eleventh and final example in the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance working definition of antisemitism addresses one of the oldest antisemitic canards, whereby Jewish citizens are “collectively responsible for actions of the State of Israel.”

Well, this does seem to be wrong, does it not? Israel dropped six bombs and killed 400 civilians just now, so that means that every Jew in the US collectively dropped those bombs and killed all those people? Oh come on! You going to go beat up Honest Guy because Israel killed 200 people? Did he drop that bomb? Did he elect the government that dropped the bomb? Is he part of a country whose government dropped that bomb? No, no, no. I imagine he probably doesn’t even like this Israeli behavior too much.

You can certainly hold the Jews of Israel responsible for that act because they elected the government and 83

Why don’t you beat me up or kill me because of something my government did? See?

Well, what if they elected the government that dropped the bomb? Well, I voted for Biden and look at all the crimes he’s participating in. I elected him. So I’m responsible? Hell no, especially as I rebuke everything he’s done.

This allegation is simply a contemporary example of the “dual loyalty” charge against the Jewish people, whereby antisemites claim that the true allegiance of Jews is to their fellow Jews and that therefore they are inherently disloyal citizens and cannot be trusted.

Accusing Jewish citizens of the Diaspora of being responsible for actions of the State of Israel is implicitly arguing that Jews are not truly citizens, at least not loyal ones, but rather are loyal to the State of Israel.

I actually think there is something to this, sadly. They are citizens, but they’re citizens with dual loyalty. Not all of them, no. But too many of them.

Conflating Israeli policy with Diaspora Jewry implies that Jews are to blame for the decisions of the sovereign Israeli government, a territory in which they do not live.

This is actually correct but in a way, Jewish money is why the US supports Israel to such an extreme level, and that’s the only reason for it. The Jewish Lobby has bought off the whole state on this issue, plain and simple. And US support is what enables Israel to keep doing whatever it is doing.

Big Jewish money and Organized Jewry reflexively support Israel to the hilt no matter what sort of a fascist maniac like Netanyahu is at the helm. On the other hand, US support is also based on US Gentile support for Israel, which is ~71

But sometimes it’s just the money. But why go beat up the Jew down the street because Steve Ballmer gave a million dollars to pro-Israel candidates? Bottom line is Organized Jewry and big Jewish money is to some extent responsible for Israel’s behavior, but then so is the US government. It gets complicated. And supporting isn’t doing.

The allegation furthers conspiracy myths about Jewish world domination, which have historically been used to claim that Jews control the media, banks, and governments and is rooted in The Protocols of the Elders of Zion.

For such a small group, they have tremendous money and power, and any group like that has opened themselves up to these accusations.

According to Dr. Deborah E. Lipstadt, the Biden administration’s envoy to combat antisemitism, “The dual loyalty canard that has plagued Jews is the fertile soil in which centuries of these stereotypes have taken root and grown.”

Well, too bad. There’s something to it.

“In its most extreme form, the charge of dual loyalty amounts to an accusation of treason,” said Dr. Manfred Gerstenfeld.

Treason? Do a lot of Jews put their country’s interests ahead of those of the US? Sure they do but a lot of other ethnic groups probably do too. Anyway, this is a true statement.

As Supreme Court justice Louis Brandeis once said, “My approach to Zionism was through Americanism. In time, practical experience and observation convinced me that Jews were by reason of their traditions and their character peculiarly fitted for the attainment of American ideals. Gradually, it became clear to me that to be good Americans, we must be better Jews, and to be better Jews, we must become Zionists.”

Puke. Sure, settler-colonial Zionism may have a lot in common with the settler-colonial roots of our own land, but this is a good thing? I think not.

However, to single out Diaspora Jews and argue that they cannot be trusted citizens because of this relationship is antisemitic and a perpetuation of the antisemitic canard that has led to much Jewish suffering.

Can’t be trusted? Maybe not. But how about this? Limit Jews in Cabinet positions to 2

I don’t see why we can’t do this with all Cabinet positions. Blacks? 13

Otherwise you end up with the situation under the first Clinton Administration where Jews with 2

They got hit with the legendary Jewish advertiser boycott and run out of business. By the way, this is always a threat, and it’s why so many media outlets tread such a careful line on this subject.

It’s also pretty low of the Jews to stoop to this BS, and it shows you why so many people don’t like them as a collective all that much, while most still like individual Jews. By the way, I don’t consider that racism. If you’re not ecstatic about Black people, fine. Hey, I hear ya. Many Whites feel this way, trust me. They’ll never admit to an interviewer but it’s how they feel. But you still need to hold out hope for individual Blacks, many of whom are the best people you will ever meet on a personal level.

Promoting the idea that Jews crucified Jesus.

Well, a Jewish Rabbinical Court or the Jewish leadership, sentenced Jesus the Jew to death. The Romans carried it out. So the “Jews” killed Jesus the Jew? I don’t know what that means. But calling Jews Christ-killers is nasty stuff.

The conviction of Captain Alfred Dreyfus for espionage in France.

This man was completely innocent. I’m not sure of all of the particulars though. The Army was not antisemitic at all – that’s a BS charge.Jews were .1

I think the Army just screwed up and thought he was a spy and was not. Perhaps they tried to backtrack, perhaps not, but it was an honest error. Later on, antisemite clowns in the media and politics (Yes, there were some) got a hold of it and raised holy Hell about it, making it into a big affair when it should have been a big nothing. And a lot of folks who otherwise would have cared less got agitated and started screaming for one side or the other.

Allegations that Jews conspired to involve their home countries in foreign wars at the expense of their home country. An example includes World War II, about which many antisemites claim that the struggle in Europe was a “Jewish cause” and that Jewish groups outside Europe were “agitating for war” on behalf of a foreign people.

Well, I don’t blame Jews for agitating for the US to get involved in World War 2. Good for them.

Accusations leveled by Hitler against German Jewish soldiers of betraying the German army during World War I. This led him to claim that Germany’s future success in World War II would be dependent on ridding the country of the disloyal Jews

This was a junk charge. German Jewish soldiers? Wow. Was that the charge. That seems bogus. It’s interesting that so many German Jews were passionate patriots despite the antisemitism of their society. Germans and Jews seemed joined at the hip somehow. They fought bravely and passionately for their country in WW1. I’ve never heard that they were any more likely to surrender than anyone else.

One of the tragedies of Kristallnact was the sight of German Jews, World War 1 veterans who had saved their uniforms and medals from the war, standing proudly outside of their businesses, daring the mobs to burn down a store of a patriotic German. Of course their stores got burned down anyway. But that image, of the proud German Jewish patriot in his uniform and medals, standing in front of his business daring to burn down a sacrificing patriot’s store, is one of the saddest images I can think of. It breaks my heart.

It’s interesting that at this late date – 1938, mind you – so many German Jews were still patriots proud of their service to their country. Amidst all the antisemitism swirling around them, they yet stood tall and proud.

I think the Germans just scapegoated the Jews. Jews were only 1

Thing is, Germany was losing the war and an antiwar movement sprung up. Some of the more prominent figures were Jewish actors, comedians, musicians, etc. On the other hand, they were just liberals. A large section of the country – 30-40

This became a rising tide to where it may have become a majority. Jews were only 1

The “Doctors’ Plot” concocted by Joseph Stalin, which cast a group of Soviet Jewish doctors as disloyal citizens.

There may have been something to this. Stalin may have been poisoned by his Jewish doctors. He had gone on an anti-Jewish crusade at this time, and he had a lot of prominent Soviet Jews executed.

Allegations that Jews’ true loyalty was to Marxism, Communism, or other revolutionary ideologies.

Well, it would be nice if it were true, but I don’t think it is. I guess all of us on the Left must be traitors.

Accusing Jews of putting the interests of Israel ahead of the good of their fellow citizens.

Well, they do that, of course.

Questioning if a Jewish ambassador to Israel can be objective when advising his home government on relations with the Jewish State.

Well of course he can’t be objective, obviously.

Asking a Jewish student being considered for a campus governance position whether he or she can be “impartial” on the Israeli–Palestinian conflict because of his or her Jewish heritage.

Well, there’s a good chance he won’t be impartial, but why is this an important question?

Questioning the loyalty of those backing legislation supporting the State of Israel.

It’s reasonable. A lot are obviously dual loyalists.

Suggesting that Jews’ loyalty to Israel should disqualify them from being seen as American patriots or serving in political office.

Well, this is in no danger of happening. Instead of being thrown out, they are wildly overrepresented in office. I think most American Jews are probably American patriots.

Holding diaspora Jews responsible for the actions of the State of Israel implies a belief in the conspiracy myth that Jews have outsized control over politics, economics and institutions.

Well they do have outsized control over all of these things. But I think it’s mostly the political money, the campaign contributions.

This trope is often used to falsely malign the Jewish people and paint them as a homogeneous group.

The ones that wield a lot of power and have a lot of money are homogenous in that they are almost always strongly pro-Israel, so this is a reasonable charge.

The perpetrators of conspiracy myths, on the other hand, are portrayed as the lone heroes attempting to unmask the secret powers of evil.

Actually, we are pointing out the obvious.

Unfortunately, this phenomenon has mutated, especially with the advent of social media, which has made it increasingly easier for users to spread disinformation, blame Jews for global problems, and spread hateful rhetoric.

Well, sure. Blaming Jews for global problems is classic dangerous antisemitism, and it’s killed Jews in the past. Further, it’s not even true. They don’t have that much power, especially nowadays that so many Gentiles are getting vaccinated against outsized Jewish power and control, which is a very good thing.

Yes, there’s hateful rhetoric out there. All the Net means is that ordinary citizens are getting a voice. That some of them are raving antisemites is unfortunate, but if a small percentage of our population is like that, then you’re going to see people like that on the net.

The Net is about radical democracy, sort of “every man has a printing press.” In some versions of communism this is what communism would look like. Every man a media organ. Don’t blame the Net. The Net is the distributor of democratic publishing and speech to large audiences. If some of them have views you don’t like, take it up with them.

It originates from both ends of the political spectrum and has manifested in antisemitic attacks against Jews, including at the Tree of Life synagogue in Pittsburgh in 2018.

He was a White Supremacist, a marginal and extremely racist ideology. He blamed Jews for their Jewish organizations which he said were flooding the US with dark skinned immigrants and driving Whites to extinction. Yes, Jewish organizations promote immigration to an almost unlimited extent. There are historical reasons for this. But they don’t have much power or control over this debate. They talk but nobody listens to them and it’s not a big concern of these groups anyway.

But the big drivers for unlimited immigration are in the Democratic Party and are related to all these immigrants we stupidly let into our country, mostly Hispanics. There is a large Hispanic vote in the Democratic Party. A lot of them have one issue only, and that is Open Borders for their people, the Mexicans. Democrats go against therm and they lose and we get Republicans.

Also, the Democratic base has drunk the Open Borders Koolaid, and you can’t say one thing against immigrants, legal or otherwise. To do so is racist. You say one word like that, and you get hounded out of the party with villagers with torches screaming,

Burn the heretic!…The lynch mob forms at dawn!…Put his head on a pike!

It’s happened to me many times, and it’s not a pretty picture. So most just shut up and go along. Most people are cowardly survivors and maybe that makes sense. People like me are on an authenticity and radical honesty trip but it suicides me over and over, so maybe it’s dumb. But I have a thing for righteous martyrdom, so hey. It makes me angry that some political idiot controls my thoughts and speech. I’m just going to rebel against that. Reminds me of my father, and I’m still fighting him years after the grave now.

If you are on the liberal-Left you absolutely must support Open Borders, and that is indeed what the Democratic Party and its Hispanic Lobby are promoting.

Also, the American people in general have drunk the Koolaid and think immigrants are the greatest thing since Kleenex. Solid majorities want to legalize all of the 10, or 20, or however many illegal aliens there are in our country. They probably support mass legal immigration too. We’re on a suicide trip here. It’s the Suicide Left, or Suicide America for that matter. Have a nice ride down the avalanche, Americans! Make sure you wave that flag while the rock slide takes you for your very last ride! You may be dead but at least you were a patriot, right? Hallelujah.

The Jewish organizations play quite a small role in this debate. They spend little money on it and few to no political dollars. Nobody listens to them or cares what they think. Jews won’t pull the money if you crack down on immigration. Jews as a group care about Israel and antisemitism and are impassioned about noting else.

Accusing Jews of being responsible for the Bubonic Plague.

Ok, well, this was garbage all right. Scapegoating.

Alleging that Jews poisoned wells (in an attempt to kill Christians).

This was crazy, and I think it might have been tied into the plague accusation. Possibly scapegoating again.

Alleging that Jews used the blood of missing children for Passover matzah.

This is the blood libel. Although it does look like there is truth to some of these ritual murder charges. I’m not sure about the making matzos with blood charge though. Not sure if there’s any good evidence for that.

Accusing Jews of ritual murder, e.g., Anderl von Rinn, the Damascus Affair, Simon of Trent, etc.

Well actually there is some truth to some of these charges. Check out Bloody Passover, by Ariel Toaff. He makes a good case that at least some of these cases were true. It’s lamentable that some Jews did this, but there were only 600 cases over maybe 800 years. That’s one case a year all over Europe?

Even if that is true, how many Jews were murdered in Christian pogroms during this time? 25,000 were murdered, often in the most horrible ways imaginable, in the Chmielnicki Rebellion in Poland in the 1600’s alone. There are stories about pogroms in Bavaria in the 1700’s where Christians would raid entire Jewish cities of 40-50,000 people and kill everyone there, men, women, children, old folks. I’m not sure how true that is, but I recall reading it.

Look how many times they got thrown out of countries, and often got all their property confiscated on the way out too. I haven’t the faintest idea what the Jews did to bring such a fate down on their heads, but what could they possibly have done that warranted getting tossed out over and over? It definitely wasn’t a very nice thing for us Gentiles to do, eh?

It’s an interesting question. How many dead in all the pogroms? Wasn’t that number vastly larger? Might be nice to get a figure. Looks like two groups who hated each other and periodically killed members of the other group.

To show you how disgusting Organized Jewry can be, these groups took this poor guy, a fine scholar and an Israeli, to the cleaners for reporting what appears to be a fact-based book. He was forced to recant on his knees to the Jewish groups and was made to issue a lame apology saying he didn’t believe any of it anymore. I sent him an email but he never returned it. Sickening.

But this is how they are. See, those Jewish groups could care less if that charge is true or false. They just think it’s going to cause antisemitism and hurt Jews. So if the truth is going to hurt Jews, it needs to be stamped out and replaced with lies. This is how these people think and it’s probably a general human tendency anyway.

Accusing Israel of perpetrating a second Holocaust.

Granted, it’s a reach. Call me up when the Jews kill 6 million Palestinians. Or even 1 million. Or even 500,000. Or even 100,000. As you can see, the Holocaust was worse by orders of magnitude and it was an exterminationist project. Zionism’s not exterminationist.

Comparing the Gaza Strip, which is run by the internationally recognized terrorist group Hamas, to the Warsaw Ghetto, where Jews were confined by the Nazis before being transported to death camps.

Well, all of the Jews in the Warsaw Ghetto were killed. So far, a whopping .5

People don’t understand but the Nazis made regular raids into the ghetto, hauling it certain numbers of Jews each time. There was a Jewish committee that ran the ghetto. I’ve seen a photo of these Jewish men.

They appear committed, competitive, impassioned, and quite a few of them actually look happy or cheerful. Maybe someone told a joke. You scrape for every bit of pleasure and happiness you can out of this cooking vessel of life, even if it’s the browned stuff at the corners of the bottom of the pan where you lie, defeated by life and pining for death. You get it where you can and however you can.

This committee had to make horrible decisions about which Jews to send away. They would send away as few as possible, up to 3-4,000, always trying to keep the number to the minimum and save as many Jews as possible. Can you imagine having to make those decisions. And you know everyone I saw in that photograph was murdered. The whole story – drawing lots to see who lived and who died to keep the Nazis at bay, if only for a bit, to gain some precious time, which was all they had. Then you know every one of those earnest men was exterminated.

Along with those German patriots standing with their uniforms on Kristallnact, this story was sad as Hell. It breaks me up.

Comparing the Israeli Defense Forces to SS officers or their actions.

Well, the SS was a lot more murderous by sheer orders of magnitude, and they were exterminationist. But if you want to compare Israel to 1938 Germany, I’m willing to hear you out. After the mass murders started, just forget it.

Accusing Israel of poisoning water supplies.

Sure, but the Jews did poison the water supplies of one Arab city, I think Jaffa, during the war of 1948. I think it didn’t work very well, but they definitely did it. And after WW2, a Jewish man who survived the Holocaust was caught in the mountains of Bavaria trying to poison the water supplies of some of the villages there in an act of righteous vengeance.

Accusing Jewish citizens of being more loyal to Israel, or to the alleged priorities of Jews worldwide, than to the interests of their own nations.

A lot of them are, sorry. Especially when they get a lot of money and power, then they’re almost all like that.

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2 thoughts on “Conflating Jews and Antisemitism”

  1. (((The Ghost of the past.)))

    Until recently, the non-genocidal White racial sphere in America were essentially right about Jews.

    Now about 70% of White Gentiles in America are spiritual Jews anyway. Though certain Jews may still deserve our attention. It’s now way bigger than them. Most White Western Gentiles today are also our enemy.

    1. “Now about 70% of White Gentiles in America are spiritual Jews anyway.”

      I’d say more than that. Of those with an opinion, it’s more like 83%! Jews are kvetching like mad about this “antisemitism” specter, but the thing is that pro-Palestinian group is quite small, no more than 17% of the population of those with an opinion. Furthermore, not all pro-Palestinian types are truly antisemitic. Of course some are, but what’s the real number or percentage? It’s so hard to say.

      I was on leftwing sites all day long where everyone bristled with hatred towards Israel, but only a very small number were antisemites. Most were going out of their way to not say anything antisemitic. The Left’s attitude for a long time has been, “Jews are just fine; the problem is Israel!” Of course that makes no sense at all, but that’s the Left for ya.

      A lot of the pro-Palestinian crowd are Arabs, especially Palestinians, and Muslims, and for sure both of these groups can be wildly antisemitic at an individual but not state level. This is where almost all the real antisemitism is coming from. Not real common to meet an antisemitic White liberal-Leftie. Apparently they exist but I sure don’t run into them very often. Most are trying to walk that tightrope I outlined above.

      If we leave in those who are not sure, 63% of Americans support the Genocide Jews, and only 13% oppose them,

      Yes! We are all Jews now! The problem is, dammit, not Jewish Lobbies or Jewish media or even Jewish money in politics, though that is part of the problem, it’s not the larger share of it. How to fix this problem? Look in the mirror, White man! The problem is you!

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