White-Black Relations in South Africa and Zimbabwe

Whites still own the means of production in South Africa, and this is actually a good thing. It’s the only reason the place stays afloat at all. Please note that it’s not really possible to be a racist White in South Africa anymore, especially if you run a business. If word gets out that you’re racist against Blacks or discriminate against them, the ANC will either shut your business down or open up a case against you. Most of the hardcore racist Whites probably left when the ANC took over, so most of the remaining Whites are probably pretty ok with Black people.

The problem here is that African Blacks are far different from US Blacks. For one they are far less intelligent, a full standard deviation lower.

Note that Black-run cities in the US with large Black populations seem to have real problems keeping things running and lowering crime to a reasonable level. Bottom line is that most US cities with large Black populations are shitholes in one way or another. Keep in mind that US Blacks are far more intelligent than African Blacks – a full standard deviation more intelligent, which is the same gap as between US Blacks and Whites.

Now if these dramatically more intelligent Blacks can’t seem to run cities, imagine how far less intelligent and civilized Blacks in Africa fare. Not well.

And yes, US Blacks are also far more civilized than African Blacks, believe it or not. I know the tendency is to scoff at the notion of US Blacks as being civilized, but it’s true. The behavior of US Blacks act when they’re on good behavior. We don’t know how good we have it. I had a lot of experience with African Blacks and all I can say is that it made me love our US Blacks so much more. I’d much rather have these US Blacks here than those African Blacks. The behavioral differences are absolutely stunning.

Their more civilized behavior is a result of centuries of exposure to a highly evolved White Christian Western society. The change in US Blacks from their bestial African origins to their much more highly evolved state today is so great that you would almost feel that you are dealing with two different races of humans. I don’t think all of this can be laid at the feet of a higher IQ. I feel that a lot of this change was also cultural. If culture can make such dramatic changes in a single race, this shows what a dramatic tool culture can be in any human group.

There is a Black tribe in Burkina Faso that has a homicide rate as low as Japan’s! I doubt if this is a genetic feature, but it might be interesting to look. The best analysis of this case is that this tribe has managed to create a culture that produces very little crime. They are religious Muslims and the young defer to and nearly worship their elders. They are quiet in the presence of elders, do a lot of listening, and don’t talk back. Education is prized. I mention this group to show you how dramatic of an effect culture can be. People don’t give culture enough credit.

Anyway, the record of the Black-run ANC government in South Africa is very bad. It’s an insanely corrupt state and it can’t do much of anything – keep the lights on, treat the sewage – you name it, they can’t do it.

There’s a tendency to jerry rig (or n_r rig if you’re in a racist mood) things to solve problems. Jerry rigging implies an ingenious and cheap solution to a complicated and expensive problem that provides a short term fix until you can muster the expertise or money to fix it properly.

US Blacks have been known to use jerry rigging a lot, hence the racist version of the phrase. But jerry rigging also shows an extreme level of adaptivity and an ingenious ability to find a novel solution to a brand new problem, which is almost a definition of intelligence right there.

At any rate, South African Black government workers do this all the timer, with the result of a temporary fix that breaks three months later. You can’t jerry rig things like a sewage system unless you are going to really fix it within a few months.

There’s also a lot of cannibalizing of equipment. Blacks raid a White farm in Zimbabwe and South Africa, take it over, and the first thing they do is steal all the pipes for scrap metal.

The experience in Zimbabwe showed that Blacks could not run the large farms. They can run small farms just fine but not the big ones. It got so bad that Mugabe of all people called for the Zimbabwean Whites to come back and run the large farms on salary as state or public farms. Running a big farm is like running a complicated business. Those Blacks down there are just not up to it.

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4 thoughts on “White-Black Relations in South Africa and Zimbabwe”

  1. I say n-word in polite conversation.

    I’m not a fan of Black South Africa. I favor both Khoisans and White rule over that.

    I’m interested in East Africa lately. One ancient account puts Aksum up there with Persia, Rome, and China.

    1. Someone called me racist for writing out the word “nigger.” But I was writing up conversations with White Supremacists who may have murdered four Black girls, and I was having them refer to the Blacks as niggers and niglets, which is how they would have talked about them, right? I lost a reader over that. They called me racist. So I might have to writing n_r from now on, though it goes against my instincts.

      Did you know that you can’t even say,

      That White man called that Black man a nigger!

      This is a racist statement. Dumb, huh? All because you said the word nigger.

      Hey, look rappers say nigger all the time in their songs, ok?

      Racist. A teacher got fired for saying this simply because he mouthed the word.

      This shit is just getting stupid now.

        1. Wait. He said,

          “I recall that Colonel Sanders said ‘nigger’ one time.”

          And he lost his goddamned job over that? WTF, that’s just stupid and insane. Black Identity Politics people and SJW’s (and a lot of Blacks, especially the educated ones, are like this) are as insufferable and insane as any of the other IP blockheads. IP is nothing but hysteria and lies and most things they say don’t even make sense. That sentence above in no way, shape, or form is a racist comment, yet the Blacks lynched this poor guy anyway. Sheesh.

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