An Immaculate Analysis of Jewish Behavior and Antisemitism

It’s written by Ron Unz, who has also written a lot of very irresponsible, ignorant, careless, and even toxic material about his own group. However, this one was very well-done. There’s scarcely a hint of any sort of antisemitism in this analysis, though I’m sure most Jews will hallucinate quite a few transgressions here because they see antisemitism everywhere they look. He also remarks on that phenomenon.

He starts out by pointing out something that I also always found odd and that is how is that the behavior of Organized Jewry is often so different and even at odds with the behavior of the average Jew you meet on the street or you have in your life, who often seems to be a normal-enough person. It doesn’t make sense. How could their behavior be so normal at the individual but so radically different at the organized level?

He answers that question better than anyone else has, with nary a hint of antisemitism thrown in to boot. This is a remarkable achievement, for anyone analyzing antisemitism outside of the holy strictures laid down by the Jews is either an antisemite (because no one else would dare stick their head out of the foxhole like that) or will be accused of antisemitism (because all analyses of this question outside of the approved fake Jewish curriculum are so condemned).

I don’t like a lot of what Unz does regarding the Jewish question. At best he is almost criminally ignorant or negligent in how he promotes antisemitism. At worst he may indeed by a self-hating Jew. They certainly exist. Gilad Atzmon and Paul Eisen are a couple of notable examples. At some point, a Jew has just gone nuts with antisemitism and has headed over to the side of the enemy. That’s not good for the Jews, nor is it good for the cause of reason in human affairs or what I call “Renaissance values,” or truth above all else, with a scientific rigor applied to the definition of such.

American Pravda: The Nature of Anti-Semitism

[There is a] puzzling contrast between the behavior of Jews in the aggregate and Jews as individuals. Observers have noticed that even fairly small Jewish minorities may often have a major impact upon the far larger societies that host them. But on the other hand, in my experience at least, a large majority of individual Jews do not seem all that different in their personalities or behavior than their non-Jewish counterparts.

So how does a community whose individual mean is not so unusual generate what seems to be such a striking difference in collective behavior? I think the answer may involve the existence of information choke-points and the role of relatively small numbers of particularly zealous and agitated Jews in influencing and controlling these.

We live our lives constantly immersed in media narratives, and these allow us to decide the rights and wrongs of a situation. The vast majority of people, Jew and Gentile alike, are far more likely to take strong action if they are convinced that their cause is a just one. This is obviously the basis for war-time propaganda.

Now suppose that a relatively small number of zealous Jewish partisans are known to always attack and denounce journalists or authors who accurately describe Jewish misbehavior.

Over time this ongoing campaign of intimidation may cause many important facts to be left on the cutting-room floor or even gradually expel from mainstream respectability those writers who refuse to conform to such pressures. Meanwhile, similar small numbers of Jewish partisans frequently exaggerate the misdeeds committed against Jews, sometimes piling exaggerations upon past exaggerations already produced by a previous round of such zealots.

Eventually, these two combined trends may take a complex and possibly very mixed historical record and transform it into a simple morality play with innocent Jews tremendously injured by vicious Jew-haters. And as this morality play becomes established it deepens the subsequent intensity of other Jewish activists, who redouble their demands that the media “stop vilifying Jews” and covering up the supposed evils inflicted upon them.

An unfortunate cycle of distortion following exaggeration following distortion can eventually produce a widely accepted historical account that bears little resemblance to the reality of what actually happened.

So as a result, the vast majority of quite ordinary Jews who would normally behave in quite ordinary ways are misled by this largely fictional history and rather understandably become greatly outraged at all the horrible things that had been done to their suffering people, some of which are true and some of which are not, while remaining completely ignorant of the other side of the ledger.

Furthermore, this situation is exacerbated by the common tendency of Jews to “cluster” together, perhaps representing just one or two percent of the total population but often constituting 20

As a rough analogy, a small quantity of uranium is relatively inert and harmless and entirely so if distributed within low-density ore. But if a significant quantity of weapons-grade uranium is sufficiently compressed, then the neutrons released by fissioning atoms will quickly cause additional atoms to undergo fission with the ultimate result of that critical chain-reaction being a nuclear explosion.

In similar fashion, even a highly agitated Jew may have no negative impact, but if the collection of such agitated Jews becomes too numerous and clusters together too closely, they may work each other into a terrible frenzy, perhaps with disastrous consequences both for themselves and for their larger society. This is especially true if those agitated Jews begin to dominate certain key nodes of top-level control, such as the central political or media organs of a society.

Whereas most living organisms exist solely in physical reality, human beings also occupy an ideational space with the interaction of human consciousness and perceived reality playing a major role in shaping behavior. Just as the pheromones released by mammals or insects can drastically affect the reactions of their family members or nest-mates, the ideas secreted by individuals or the media-emitters of a society can have an enormous impact upon their fellows.

A cohesive organized group generally possesses huge advantages over a teeming mass of atomized individuals, much like a disciplined Macedonian Phalanx could easily defeat a vastly larger body of disorganized infantry.

Many years ago, on some website somewhere I came across a very insightful comment regarding the obvious connection between “anti-Semitism” and “racism,” which our mainstream media organs identify as two of the world’s greatest evils. Under this analysis, “anti-Semitism” represents the tendency to criticize or resist Jewish social cohesion, while “racism” represents the attempt of white Gentiles to maintain a similar social cohesion of their own.

To the extent that the ideological emanations from our centralized media organs serve to strengthen and protect Jewish cohesion while attacking and dissolving any similar cohesion on the part of their Gentile counterparts, the former will obviously gain enormous advantages in resource-competition against the latter.

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