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These people are super-radicals, but they’re also pretty typical supporters of Palestinian armed groups as the armed groups are very radical.

You will also see hear how they cheer for any terrorist attack against Israeli civilians as “glorious operations,” targeting “settlers.” All Israeli cities are in quotes, like “Tel Aviv.” That’s asinine. And Israel is always put in quotes. That’s stupid. Israel exists! Israeli cities exist! In addition, all Israeli cities and towns are referred to as “settlements.” The idea is that they are all illegitimate.

There’s not much antisemitism there, as all of their venom is saved up for “Zionists.” They never talk about killing all the Jews in Israel like everyone insists that they do. Sure, they don’t want them there and consider their presence illegitimate, but the strongest words you ever hear from any of these groups is that the Jews need to leave.

Their agenda is based on this idea that Israel will collapse and a Palestinian state will take its place. After that, the Jews will have to take off, but rationally thinking, if this ever happens, probably 80-90

This idea of Israel collapsing seems like a ridiculous dream. They need to get over it.

It’s run by supporters of the PFLP, a hard Left Palestinian armed group. I don’t mind them so much, though they cheer on targeting of Israeli civilians. On the other hand, they hardly ever attack them.

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