An Long Example of Truly Dangerous Antisemitic Language

Long, 23 pages.


I’m going to go through this bit by bit to point out the rank, base, vulgar or obsessive and conspiratorial (often both) in the comments. Suffice to say that the comments by many of the anti-Israel posters evidence antisemitism of this type.

However, many anti-Jewish and anti-Israel comments were excluded if there was some truth to them or if they were valid critiques, if a bit over the top. I even left in a few provocateurs accusing Jews of having bloodthirsty lips (Get it? Blood libel) on the grounds that they’re just trolling Jews. So the trolls got a pass.

The Jewish organizations, especially the ones that fight antisemitism, would no doubt call most of those comments that I excluded antisemitic, but they say that about everything, so why listen? At some point, the boy’s cried wolf one too many times, and you just stop listening. There could be a wolf rampaging through the village, and the boy’s cries fall on deaf ears because of just one too many faslse alarms.

Considering what broad leeway I gave these comments in terms of antisemitism, it’s downright appalling that I have to flag so many of these comments as over the top, ugly, dangerous antisemitism. This is nasty stuff and those and if we are going to be anti-Israel, we have to watch our language about Jews carefully so we don’t use language like this.

When I critique Jews or Israel I try to winnow my wording very carefully. I think of the Jews on my site and whether this comment would pass muster among them. I don’t wish to be antisemite or any sort of vulgar, base, crude racist for that matter, nor do I wish to be accused of such.

For the same reason, I watch my words very carefully when I write about Blacks. I think of the Blacks on my site and whether they would be ok with what I write. I always try to keep in mind that there are plenty of Blacks and Jews who are fine folks and don’t act out the worst stereotypes of their kind. Of course, we’re going to get called racists and antisemites anyway as long as we use ethnic critique, but at least our consciences can be clear.

Comments from that article:

The anti-human Jewish golem — the Private Banking Cartel and fascist mega corporations — must be destroyed.

A golem is a demon, so Jews are devils again. And they run all the evil banks and corporations. Therefore, exterminationism of the Jews. The socialism of fools taken to a Nazi finish. Oh boy.

Obeying the Jewish Private Banking Cartel.

Here we go again. Jews don’t run the banks. Anyway, Hitler said this, so this is sort of Nazi stuff…

Lotta of talk about the Zionists these days and rightfully so. However don’t forget about the Bolsheviks. I suspect somewhere pretty close to the top those ideologies are entwined.

Zionists in Israel are the same thing as the communist Jews in the USSR. So here we cleverly conflate anti-Zionism with Nazism! Not to mention it’s not even true. The “commie Jew” thing has an exterminationist air. I’d avoid it.

That would be a defeat of the Straussian delusion of Jewish world dominance.

Ok, once again, Jew as world controller. Not the Jews though, the Straussians, otherwise known as neocons. Jew as world controller is Protocols of the Elders of Zion stuff and maybe even Nazism too? Anyway, it’s toxic and it’s not even true.

From the Nile to the Euphrates, as per Genesis.

This is over the top anti-Zionism. Yes, some Zionists talk about a Nile to the Euphrates Israel. You think this is really going to happen? Get real.

After WW III:

America is the Jews’ cat’s paw, but the American empire is running on fumes. Deferring to the Jews can only lead to destruction, because the Jews have no capacity for restraint. America will be nuked.

Russia will nuke Israel and the Jewish colony of America — along with their allies — in a preemptive strike. When the leaders of America and Israel emerge from their bunkers, they will be lynched. Eventually, Palestinians will have their homeland restored to them. Expatriate Jews, Americans, Brits, Australians, New Zealanders and Canadians will hunted down and killed.

Jews control the US. Well, on this one issue, but they have the consent of the government, so the “control” is consensual. If it’s consensual, it’s not control. So go to work on the 80

Jewish control will get nuclear bombs dropped on us! Wow. Well we need to kill them then. Or at least throw them out of power. After the strike, the emerging Jewish and American will by lynched by mobs in lynch mobs and pogroms. The Anglosphere and all of the Jews on Earth will be hunted down in lynch mobs and pogroms until we are no more. Exterminationism, not just of Jews but of the Anglosphere too. Creepy stuff.

All Jews are the children of Satan — according to Jesus, anyway. No one ever heeds Jesus warning in this regard. Also, ALL Jews are Israelis. Friedman — as with all the other Jews in America — is loyal to Israel and Israel alone.

All Jews are children of Satan? And you throw in a Biblical reference. No they’re not. All Jews are Israelis. Now you are really conflating Israelis with Jews. Yuck. All Jews in the US are dual loyalists and they’re all loyal to Israel first and the US second. Granted way too many of them are like that but it’s not all of them!

The Zionazis live and breathe hatred, and have for three thousand five hundred years. They cease to exist without hatred. Sane Jews have lived for centuries with majority populations, by de-Judaizing their behavior, but Israel now is controlled by MONSTERS of hatred, rage and blood-lust and corruption, of course. They want us to be consumed by hatred of their crimes, their murders of thousands, their abominable lies etc.

Geez. Judaism is all about pure hate and has been since its inception? Really? I really think this characterization of Israelis is over the top. Sometimes anti-Zionism is antisemitism.

The Zionazis’ dearest ambition is to provoke a race and civilizational war between the West, which they control, and the rest, who despise them.

This type of Jew is poisoning the West with race hatred that will be turned on ALL non-Westerners, bit by bit, until the glorious Herrenvolk of the West can sleep peacefully again, knowing that the ‘gooks, chinks, slopes, niggers, wet-backs” etc are ‘…back in their boxes’. Preferably coffins.

Jews in the West are trying to start a racial of the White West against all the other races – Blacks, Asians, Hispanics – starting in  the US and I guess expanding. So the Jews are trying to promote some White Supremacist war to kill all the non-Whites in the US. Yeah, sure.



This vicious tribe must be destroyed. They have been forced out of many country including Britain.

Down with INDIA a Zionist petty country with the smallest balls on earth.

Death to those colonies among abstentions: were Canada, Germany, India, Denmark, Sweden, Tunisia, IRAQ, Utopia, Finland, Japan, Italy, Australia, Cyprus, Poland, Netherlands, South Korea and others.

Shame on you all. LONG LIVE PALESTINE, death to her enemies.

Drop a nuclear bomb on Israel and kill lots of Jews. The Jews must be destroyed. Ok, exterminationist antisemitism or Nazism if you will. Yuck. And India is controlled by Jews. Nigga please.

It is hard for you to observe the universal disgust with Zionists’ psychopathy and genocidal mental setup. After Straussian Ziocons have united with Banderites in Judea War against Russia, your Holobiz lies are crumbling with an accelerating speed.

Ok, all Jews are psychopaths as here he conflates Zionists with Jews. They’re also all genocidal maniacs. Now he’s trying to say that Ukraine is controlled by World Jewry and the Jews are waging war on Russia. All of those dead Russians are at the feet of the Jews. Nasty stuff, and it’s not even true. Holobiz? Ok this is a comment on how Jews have monetized the Holocaust. LOL you didn’t think they would do that? They monetize everything. But “Holobiz” not only refers to this aspect but it also almost always is a statement of Holocaust Denial. So the Holocaust never happened, but the Jews are milking it for money. Eek, nasty stuff.

Yet we wholeheartedly support the Palestinians and want to see “Israelis” defeated, punished and permanently expelled.

Technically this is anti-Zionism, but anyone who thinks the Palestinians can pull of this mass deportation of Jews out of Israel without a lot of bloodshed is a fool. These “population exchanges” the Jews refer to so glibly and casually as they defend the Nakba almost always have a large component of massacres along with them. I think it’s ugly to say the Jews have to leave the country. Anyway with a mindset like that, they’ll never surrender, nor should they. I don’t know if it’s anti-Jewish or just shitty.

in 2023 the question is “who’ll put these dogs down?”, rabid Zioneocon dogs need to be euthanized, to insure the public safety.

Well how many Jews are rabid Zioneocon dogs? All of them? I don’t even agree with killing those kinds of Jews. They’re civilians. Leave em alone.

White sheeple will continue their slow shuffle toward the kosher slaughterhouse.

This is the old White nationalist “Jews are trying to exterminate the Whites” line that’s led to Nazis shooting up synagogues lately. I don’t think it’s true and anyway, it’s pretty toxic. The Jews are trying to wipe out us Whites? How to react? Exterminationism, obviously.

Good peoples’ lives were ruined because Jews wanted to maintain the profitable schema of Holobiz.

Yeah, those good people were a bunch of Nazi fucks. Once again, the Holocaust denying “Holobiz” word.

Sure, you genocidal Jewish Private Banking Cartel is doubtlessly involved in the ongoing mass slaughter.

Well, the Jews don’t run the banks anymore. They never did in the US. They had a lot of control in Europe but then a thing called the Holocaust happened and that party was over. Banks are just run by faceless corporate bureaucrats anymore.

Your father is a liar like all Juz.

All Jews are liars. Way too many of them lie far too felicitously. I suspect it must be due to their culture, upbringing or religion. The religion surely gives them cover to lie. Jewish culture must give young Jews a lot of permission to lie. Why else would they do so with such ease?

Even Cultural Christians have an aversion to lying even though they lie appropriately like anyone with sense. But at some point, you’re supposed to be honest as I am with  this blog. I’ll never lie to you about anything non-personal. That’s a betrayal by me of you.

They ignore that the so called Jews are demonic to the core! I am talking about those who say ‘they are Jews, and are not, but the synagogue of Satan’ Rev 2:9.

Jews as devils, demons, Satanists, devil-worshippers. Throw in the Biblical reference. This “synagogue of Satan” crap has to be avoided. That’s just ugly talk.

The Jewish mafia tribe and its supporters, US, UK, the European colonies, Germany, France, Sweden, should be destroyed before they harm us all.

Well, at least he wants to kill all us Whites too. But if course it’s exterminationist towards the Jews.

One can’t reason with the super-greedy war profiteers and fanatical Zionists striving for full-spectrum dominance over “others” by any means. Yet the strings originate at the Private Banking Cartel (heavily Jewish) and fascist mega-corporations (heavily Jewish).

Ok, US imperialism is Jewish. No it isn’t. Sure the US Jews, especially hardline Israel supporters, have cleverly hitched their wagon to the imperial train, but US imperialism is so much more than a bunch of Jews. Once again, Jewish bankers. Didn’t Hitler have a thing to say about that? US corporations are all run by a bunch of Jews! Who knew? I always thought they were just a bunch of psychopathic White guys. This is an example of antisemitism as “the socialism of fools.” I would also add that we also see an antisemitic “anti-imperialism of fools.”

If Israelis decide to have a nuclear temper tantrum because they can’t keep their apartheid state, then they will be signing the death warrant of Jews globally. Fine with me either way. They lose regardless.

Jews will let nukes fly and the result with be the extermination of the Jews. Which is just fine by this Nazi. Sheesh.

It’s too repulsive for the Republican Party to be continuously captured by the rubbery-lipped slob Jew bribers (donors) and the evangelical boobs who want a Bible-based foreign policy of constant bloodshed for Israel.

Most of this hard critique is not antisemitic, though it’s brutal. But Jews are “rubbery-lipped slobs?” Really? News to me. Plus that’s nasty stuff. Remember how the Nazis played up the “physically repulsive Jew?” It’s a bad road to trod.

The Genocide of Russians by Jews was real (see GULAG and Soviet secret police, both organized and run by Jews).

Ok, Holocaust Denial combined with anti-communism, in other words, Nazism! Yes, Stalin had secret police that killed a lot of people. For a few years, a lot of them were Jewish. But there was no ethnic component to the arrests and killings. These Jews weren’t going around arresting the enemies of the Jews. They were arresting supposed contras.

The Genocide of Kazakhs by Jews was real (see the Goloshyokin Genocide).

Ok, you got me on this one. All you Kazakhs out there need to realize that those nasty Jews genocided your people! This sounds dubious.

The Genocide of Ukrainians by Jews was real (see Lazar Kaganovitch, the First Secretary of the communist party of Ukraine).

Yeah this is just Ukrainian Nazism, sorry. The Holodomor, the fake terror famine, was all done by Jews. Hence Ukrainian nationalism and the Nazi antisemitic component along with massacring 200,000 Jews. And Western Jews support these Nazi freaks. Pathetic.

When Western states send armadas of military might to defend a tiny warmongering shithole (Yiddish for Shtetl), threatening the survival of 80

Jews as “cancer of the body politic.” I don’t like this language? What do you do with a cancer? Cut it out with a knife. Drown it with poison. Irradiate it. So we need to do all these things to wipe out the Jewish cancer. Exterminationism. Once again, Jew as parasite.

This is classic antisemitism and I’m not even sure if it’s true. It has to do with Jews taking on the role of bankers, etc. Banking, etc. or the finance sector as a whole is considered to be nonproductive capital, or parasitic capital. And…guess who said that? Nazis! Avoid this “Jew as parasite” thing.

Also the Jews are threatening to kill 80

his reflects on the Frankist Jewish education that encourages the trespassing of all norms of human decency. These Jews (see Blinken, Bibi, Nuland-Kagan, et etc.) are genocidal supremacists devoid of dignity and mercy.…e-modern-left/ In the 20th century, the US government and Supreme Court were infiltrated by the Frankist filth like Brandeis and Frankfurter, who used the US for their ‘ethnic’ goals. “The Brandeis-Frankfurter Connection: The Secret Political Activities of Two Supreme Court Justices”

The Zionists prophet Frank (Leibowicz):

Jacob Frank, original name Jacob Leibowicz … was the founder of the Frankist sect. … In about 1751, he proclaimed himself the messiah and four years later, in Poland, formed a sect that held that certain elect persons are exempt from the moral law.



It’s a report discussing the situation in largely Moslem, Arab Palestine, and it’s impact on the largely Moslem Arab-world, and the Islamic world more broadly, where it intersects with the Judaic Zionist “Western” world, without actually naming the places or the peoples concerned, even possible?

This is an interesting intellectual argument. Is the West Judaic or in thrall to the Jewish spirit. The US sure is. The rest of it? Who knows? And this could be good or bad, eh. Yuri Slezkine, a Jewish man, wrote a book on this notion. And the whole West is “Zionist” too, eh? And what of the rest of the world. This guy seems to be verging on the “Jewish World Control” except here, they’re only controlling the West.

Or perhaps, this is a Jewish birthmark to be a genocidal Parasite.


The collective west was captured by your filthy Frankist Jews who know no decency. The genocidal mentality is inserted into Jewish children from infancy, to ensure that Jews grow up into supremacist and heartless psychopaths. When the monstrous ‘education’ does not work and a Jew grows up to become a decent person, the Jewish collective hates such person.


A common meme these days amongst the resistance is the term “Khazarian Mafiya”.


He should have simply identified the Zionist criminals among the Private Banking Cartel and fascist mega-corporations and their opportunistic shabbas boys and girls in the US administration and the MIC.


It looks like the bloodthirsty Jewish neocon warmonger pigs are winning and pushing the Middle East into WW3.

Is it really the Jews pushing us into this Middle Eastern war? What part of 80

For the Jewish warmongers and the US politicians it is pure kickback gravy—for everyone else—not so much.

The only people pushing these wars are Jews? Ever turn on Fox News Warmonger Central. You will see Gentiles (and, yes, some Jews, sure) pushing for this WW3 all day long. Last time I checked, US Gentiles are on board with this crazy project.

And the Jews are pushing these wars to make money off them. No, organizations like the Carlisle Group and Black Rock financial giant monsters who need to be broken up yesterday, those folks, and the military industrial complex, they’re pushing for war to get rich. Not just some Jews, though some of those folks are Jewish.

WW3 will ensure the Globalists/Jewish Supremacists achieve their goal of killing 7 billion innocent people worldwide and then reign supreme.

The Jews are going to murder 7 billion humans and then preside over the ruins. We want to survive, right? Only one final solution then. Exterminationism.

Jews are “globalists.” It’s not true and it’s yucky and antisemitic. Globalists are Gentile assholes like Charles Schwab.

Leo Strauss was the direct spiritual descendant of Jacob Frank. His followers, Straussians, own the US state Department and US congress; see Blinken, Wolfowitz, Nuland-Kagan, and the whole Kagans clan. The US has been captured by Straussians (Frankists) long time ago; see the treasonous Brandeis.

One of the most hidden aspects of the history of the last 350 years is the impact of the Shabbetian Messianic movement. It was led by Shabbetai Tzvi who convinced half of the world’s Jewry at its peak that he was the true messiah. A vast Sabbatian movement promoted the Messianic ambitions of Tzvi…

The Sabbatian Luciferian phenomenon was kept alive through the centuries with great help. In the 18th century, Jacob Frank reintroduced Sabbatianism to Europe. … the movement lives on at least in spirit and refers to today’s believers as “Satanic Sabbatian Frankists.” The article that follows uses Antelman’s book, “To Eliminate the Opiate,” (now deep-sixed) as the primary source to document these events. …

Secularist historians have been at pains to de-emphasize the role of Sabbatianism. Not only did most of the families once associated with the Sabbatian movement in Western and Central Europe continue to remain afterward within the Jewish fold, but many of their descendants, rose to positions of importance during the 19th century…

Sabbatian cults are well documented … In a nutshell, these groups sexually practiced incest, pedophilia, adultery and homosexuality and were otherwise depraved. The Talmud states that the Messiah will come only in an age that is completely guilty or completely innocent (Sanhedrin 98a). From this epigram, the Frankists would declare, ‘Since we cannot all be saints, let us all be sinners.

They [Frankists] conspired with the Illuminati with goals of destroying all religions and fusing all nations into one. … The Encyclopedia Judaica states that Frank’s considerable wealth and income “was a constant source of wonder and speculation, and the matter was never resolved.” …

Among prominent Sabbeatians were the Wehles family of Prague. One, Gottlieb Wehle, came to the United States with a large constituency of Frankists from Bohemia and Moravia after the Revolution of 1848.

One member of this clan was Louis Brandeis (1856-1941), the Supreme Court Justice and ardent Zionist who was instrumental in promoting the U.S. Federal Reserve Bank [which is neither federal nor reserve]. Supreme Court Justice Felix Frankfurter’s mother was a descendant of a Prague Frankist family.

Ok now this is just weird. It’s also very interesting and I need to look into it. Some weird Kabbalist Jew named Shabbetai Tzvi shows up in 1650 and convinces half the Jews in the world that he’s the fake Messiah. Somehow it becomes Luciferian or Satanic.

Some creepy rich Jew named Joseph Frank, probably a German Jew, starts up this basically Satanic Jewish fringe cult called Sabbatianism in the 1700’s. All the rich Jews of Central and Eastern Europe get in on this secret cult. It’s prominent in Czechoslovakia during the Spring of Nations.

They’re sex perverts practicing incest, pedophilia, adultery and homosexuality. And in the staid 1800’s with syphilis about!

Apparently, all through the 20th Century to our present moment, most of the Jews of the world, at least the powerful ones, are Satanic Sabbatian Frankists. Brandeis and Frankfurter were Frankists.

The creepy Leo Strauss inherited the mantle of the Frankists. His Straussian neocon followers run the State Department and Congress and include the Jewish creeps Anthony Blinken, Paul Wolfowitz, Victoria Nuland-Kagan, and the whole ultra-creepy Kagan clan. She’s the expert on these maniacal creeps. All the Straussian neocons are really Frankist Satanic cult weirdos. Well someone tell Shadia Drury.

Even wrote a whole book on this Straussian cancer. Yeah, I called them a cancer and that’s murderous language and it can also be antisemitic. Guess what though? These psychopathic freaks, the Jews and the many Gentiles among them, richly deserve language like that! So sue me!

I don’t think it’s antisemitic either to single out a few of the creepiest neocons out there. On the other hand, we are all neocons now. And I don’t even want these poisonous freaks to be killed, though I had to think about it a bit. Well maybe an assassin from the Resistance Axis might have a valid target here, who knows? Probably nothing will happen to them though and if this war gets to the point where both sides are knocking off their intellectual brain trusts, things have gotten dirty indeed.

Anyway, all Jews today (or just the prominent ones?) are these Frankist Satanic cultists, sort of like Masons on steroids. Well, color me dubious. And as this probably isn’t even true, it’s looking pretty antisemitic from here. But it needs a deep dive so here I go!

Jews are steeped in genocidal proclivities from childhood.

Jewish kids are raised to be genocidal Holocausters. I’m thinking no.

There were no “ovens” and crematoria in the German camps. The real horrors happened in the Soviet concentrations camps (GULAG), which were organized and run by Jews.

Holocaust Denial again + anti-Communism = pure Nazism. Congratulations!

Political Ponerology: Study Of State Evil.

Ok, I checked this crowd out a while back. They are very sneaky and they’ve piled up a bunch of research as they are very smart. The problem of the world is Ponerology, which means psychopaths in power running our countries. True enough so far.

Then you look, and look, and look some more, and…it turns out that the psychopaths running the world are just a bunch of Jews! Ponerology is the study of psychopathic Jews running governments all over the world, so we are back Jewish world control again.

This theory seems to be out of Poland. I talked to some of these folks a while back and they assured me that they weren’t antisemites or anything like that. Whew! Dodged a bullet, huh? This is an antisemitic Trojan horse. Watch out for it, except it’s so fringe that almost no one reads their stuff. Which is a good thing.

The Jewish Parasite must be defanged. This process should start with closing all supremacist yeshivas and exposure of the genocidal character of Talmudic ideology and major Jewish holidays. The First Amendment must be restored; the anti-human nature of Talmudism must be revealed.

Jew as parasite again. Close down all the Jewish religious schools. Next a public service announcement campaign by the state to educate folks on the murderous nature of Judaism and the Jewish deadly holidays. Apparently the Jews took away the First Amendment.

This one isn’t exterminationist, but the idea of the state posing specific restrictions on Jews plus a state campaign to educate the populace on the evils of these folks and their gutter religion…um…remind you of anything? How about the 1930’s and the slow windup to the Holocaust? This poses as reasonable as its not murderous but it’s scarier than it seems.

Currently, Jews own the MSM, the flaccid CIA, and the rotten Knesset on Potomac. The supremacist and genocidal tribe is no friend to humanity at large. Judaism turned into a Jewish fascism from which millions of human beings have been suffering. To survive, the collective West needs de-Judaization.

The Jewish media again. But they don’t own it. The Jews run the CIA. No way. Rotten Knesset on the Potomac. Hey, I like the image! Jews run the US government. Jews are fascists and they run the fascist state. So the antifascist response is…de-Judaization. Throw them out of the West. Where to? Or better yet, how bout exterminationism?

Gee if the lying Jews had been such evil rats none of this would be happening. We’ve all tried to warn them. Nope, the only thing Jews understand are bullets to the head.

If world war starts because of these treacherous Jews, we will start liquidating Jews in the US as part of OUR OVERWHELMING response to being fucked by Jews for so long!! Yes we can!! No wonder Jew Garland is so “worried” about White people extracting REVENGE but that Jew should UNDERSTAND!

Jews as evil rats. An image out of Streicher’s Der Strumer. Charming. We told them to stop but the Jews just won’t knock it off. Solution? Executions by shots to the head. In other words, exterminationist Nazism is recommended for this Jewish scourge. Use of the verb liquidating applied to Jews. Pure Nazism. Then he ties it into White Supremacism. So we have a White Supremacist out and out raving Nazi here. Not a good look.

It’s not our interests that we’re sacrificing blood, treasure, honor and reputation over, but a cabal of parasitic tyrants who secretly hate us and intend to suck us dry and dump our carcass to be blown away by the winds of history – so they can jump ship to their next host. (As they’ve done many times before to other victims.)

Jew as parasite feeding off the host (the US), eventually to suck us dry and then dump our dead carcass. Like the “winds of history” line though. This antisemite has a flair. Not only are they parasites, but they’re also tyrannical rulers or dictators. The Jews are dictators and parasites destroying America. Solution? Exterminationism anyone?

Yet, the good sheep in the US and Britain keep bleating the line fed to them by their Jew-controlled media: “Israel Good! Hamas Ba-a-a-a-a-d!”

There are a lot of Jews in the media but they don’t really run it anymore. It’s just a bunch of faceless corporate types. This “Jewish media” thing is yucky.

This is what a normative Parasite does: it is eating out the host.

This is why the Parasitic and obnoxious tribe was expelled from so many countries; these countries followed the demands of their immune systems.

What country can desire a whining parasite on its territory?

Jew as parasite again. Also a Nazi notion. What to do? Eviction. Throw them out of the country? Where to? Who knows? Or exterminationism, I guess.

Jews have been genociding Palestinians and Ukrainians with gusto!

Didn’t we have Jews genociding Russians a while back? Ok, well now they’re pushing the Ukrainians into a crazy war against Russia which has killed 500,000 Ukrainians. All killed by Jews, mind you. Not NATO, not the Empire, not Russophobes. Jews. Nah.

Russia should restrict Jewish settlements in Crimea and Malorossiya. Jews have been cheerleading and promoting the deaths of Russian soldiers. Jews should have have no place in Russia and Malorossiya. As for Jewish shrines on the territory of Ukraine, they should be relocated to the US. Let Jew York enjoy their Ukrainian brethren.

Jews are toxic to Russia and Ukraine. There are not a whole lot left in Russia and those that remain are on pretty good behavior. A number are even Russian patriots! But letting the Jew into the new territories will destroy them somehow. Once again, Jews are involved in the war, sometimes killing Ukrainians, other times killing Russians. In this version, it’s the Russians getting the sword. Hence, destroy their synagogues and make a new Pale for them. I don’t like this, plus it’s wrong.

If Putin-style “demilitarization” means neutralizing soldiers until none are left, are we now to conclude that concomitant “deNazification” implies neutralizing Jews, likewise?

Tries to tie in Putin’s deNazification of Ukraine with the Jewish problem. Suggests that Jews are Nazis too and says if we are going to take out Ukrainian Nazis, why not kill all the Jews while we are at it. Exterminationism.

A few days ago an author on this site read a U.S. newspaper article from 1922 which characterized the Jews who were entering Palestine as aggressive radical leftists. It sounded to me like it was the same radical Marxists who destroyed Russia and murdered millions of white Christians. What started in the early 1920’s continues to this very day. Let’s not call these Jews “Israelis” which somehow distinguishes them from the same radical dual citizen white Christian-hating Jews who took over the U.S. government and pushed it into continuous war on behalf of their piece of land in Palestine.

It is not only clear but highly evident that the Talmudist control nexus is beside itself with nervous apprehension. The whole situation is fraught with tension…and threats to resort to a generalized “Samson Option” in which the Zionist Entity would resort to nukes.

Tom Friedman speaks for the Chew Pork Slymes, the self-styled “paper of record” and the critical mouthpiece for the Talmudist Imperative within their puppet regimes centered on New York City and the Di$trict of Corruption.

Chew Pork Slymes is funny and I hate the rag too, but suggesting that it’s Jewish owners eat pork is a bit over the top. And the New York Times is not the mouthpiece of a very rich Jewish family called the Sulzbergers, nope, it’s agenda is “the Talmudist Imperative.” Don’t use the word Talmudist. It has an ugly antisemitic ring to it. The Palestinians use this a lot and I consider it to be religious bigotry.

And this “Imperative” somehow runs New York City and DC. So Jews run New York City and the US government. Not even sure they run New York, though you could make an interesting argument. I’d say they split it with the Catholic Irish and Italians, and they all hate each other. And the Jews run the US government. Oh, no they don’t. Yuck.

We are going to turn this entire planet into an ashtray because we are unable to think or do anything except follow Israeli commands!! Our totally brainwashed minds have us on a suicide mission to perdition!! Humanity will soon no longer exist!!

The Jews are going to blow up the whole world and nuke us all. Who can save us? Your friendly neighborhood Jewish exterminationist!

Second fooling was the 911 Inside Job. Boobtoob Noose addicts still are under the now wavering belief that nineteen Ayrabbs with box-cutters shut down U.$. air defenses for up to three hours and in the process taking down the Twin Towers, building Seven and a chunk of the Pentagram with a Global Hawk missile. Yes, some of the terminally deluded actually believe that shit…while some 3,000 Americans died for the Talmudist Agenda.

This one takes some very careful reading. Here again we have this mysterious Talmudist Imperative, this time as Agenda. What he’s trying to say in a sneaky way is the Jews did 9-11, as in Israel did 9-11. This is a popular theory and I’ve looked into it just a bit as I think it’s bullshit and I studied 9-11 until the end of time.

Did Israel know about it and let it happen? Maybe so. But they didn’t do it.

Basically, he’s saying Jews (excuse me, I mean Israel!) killed all of those 3,000 Americans on 9-11. If it’s true, it sort of makes you want to go out and…um…kill some Jews? So exterminationist no? Homicidal maybe? Anti-Jewish incitement? Sure.

…totally placing American foreign policy under the Bank$ter foundational power of City of London and Wall $treet…in the personas of the Neo-Con Straussian, Trotskyite, and ultimately Talmudist extremists.

Ok here the Jews run the City of London (the bankers). This group has incredible power but they’re not a bunch of Jews. In fact, these ultra-Tories probably don’t even like Jews too much.

And Wall Street is owned by the Jews. Jews have a lot of power on Wall Street but they don’t run the place.

Neocon Straussian, Trotskyite, and ultimately Talmudist. Well, he’s saying the neocons are running US foreign policy. But we are all neocons now. The foreign policy of the Democratic and Republican Party is neoconservatism. And most of these folks are not Jews. Our foreign policy is not being run by a bunch of Jews! It’s being run by a bunch of assholes, sure, as usual, but most of them are not Jewish.

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4 thoughts on “An Long Example of Truly Dangerous Antisemitic Language”

  1. I read hating the Jew is #1 there. True.

    Why do Jews provoke so much ire there? A reaction to Jew media perhaps.

    As I soften on Jews, I’m harder on Blacks. Like BLM is seen as from Jews or Blacks. I see more Blacks into it. Their nationalism today is clownish. They love fictional Black hype like Black samurai, Wakanda, etc. and their biggest goal is for White pornstars to go Black. The media is a Black hype machine. I watch most pro-Black films but I’m not buying it. They’re the opposite of purists or isolationists like Japanese nationalists.

    I’m multicultural but not in the way cave bitches and cucks are – same spirit, different hole – are. They light up when White Europeans are the bad guys. They’re so negative when it comes to Whites, especially Europeans. That’s the narrative these days though, most just assimilate. I do hope for some type of blitzkrieg to wipe them away.

    I listen to whatever history lectures are free. I’m happy for old kingdoms like the Tang in the East and Aksum in Africa, but I like my own people too.

  2. I read hating the Jew is #1 on unz. So many are very self-aware. The Jew hate is so dominant there, they are tainted by an anti-Jew bias. Many view not taking on the Jew as cowardice, they are right in a sense. Look at almost every politician today.

    1. “I read hating the Jew is #1 on Unz.”

      They’ve gone nuts. At some point your Jew-hating has just gone insane, way beyond any opprobrium they deserve, and you’re just an antisemitic nutball. Most important to me is that this wild antisemitism isn’t even true! If there was something to it, I might be tempted to promote it, but nope.

      The Jews have set themselves up for this with their accumulation of so much money and power. Any tiny group that has amassed that insane amount of money and power is obviously going to be the source of conspiracy theory just for that act alone.

      Many view not taking on the Jew as cowardice

      You can criticize Jews or “take them on” as we do there. I think that’s fine. I’m very careful how I talk about Jews here. I love that I have Jewish readers. Honest Guy lives in my head a lot. Whenever I write about Jews I pretend that Honest Guy is reading and imagine if it goes over with him. I talk about Blacks in the same way. I always imagine Rambo is reading my stuff and see if it would go over with him. It’s nice to have Black and Jewish readers because they temper my critique a lot and without them, I might say some stupid and ugly stuff. I read the way I was writing about Jews even 5-10 years ago, and I cringe when I read that. It feels antisemitic to me now.

      There’s nothing wrong with critique but at some point, you’re just a crazy hater. Viewing Jews as off-limits is nuts and it’s been very harmful for our country. Consider the way the Jews have taken over Middle East foreign policy. Because of the taboo on talking badly about them, no one gets to bring this up. If we could bring it up and talk about it, maybe there would be a whole new ballgame. Maybe nothing would change. Who knows?

      Look at almost every politician today.

      They’re basically all bought off with Jewish money. Also if you go against Israel the very powerful Jewish Lobby threatens to primary you and they’ve replaced a lot of Congresspeople this way. So people are scared of them and they don’t want to make the Jews mad at them because they’re afraid they’ll be out of a job.

      I do think we have Jewish control over our state as far as Mideast foreign policy goes. Check out the latest poll. 66% of Americans want a ceasefire in that war. See any Congresscritters calling for a ceasefire? Didn’t think so. When the politicians are going against the people on Israel, that means Jews have control over the political conversation. If the politicians are with the people on an issue, there’s no control.

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