More Lies about the Second Yom Kippur War

The Second Yom Kippur War refers to the Israel-Palestinian War that started on October 7.

Christian Zionist: There were scenes of horrendous cruelty, barbarism, mutilation, dismemberment, rape.

One by one.

I’m not aware of any dismemberment. There have been no recorded rapes. The Jews just made that up.

I’m not aware of any bodies being mutilated, except one Israeli soldier was beheaded after he died.

However, there was plenty of cruelty and barbarism.

Christian Zionist: Couples and family members were bound together and immolated alive…

What happened here was these hostages were being held by Hamas in homes in hostage situations. The Jewish tanks came and fired on the homes, setting them on fire and killing their own hostages. Half of the Jewish civilians were killed by their own army. The Jews made this one up.

Christian Zionist: …while still alive, whole families had their organs removed…

No cases recorded. The Jews made it up.

Christian Zionist: …children were made to watch as their parents were tortured and killed…

No cases recorded. The Jews made it up.

Christian Zionist: …parents forced to look on as their children had their eyes gouged out and their heads bashed in.

There have been no reports of this. The Jews made it up.

Christian Zionist: Living rooms, kitchens, children’s bunk beds and toys, babies’ cradles, baths, lawns, cars – everywhere was splattered and smeared with the congealed blood of murdered Jews.

Babies’ cradles? Don’t think so. The rest is probably correct.

Christian Zionist: …those evil Arabs filmed of themselves cutting off small children’s fingers, joint by joint, and laughing at the agonized screams.

No recorded cases. The Jews made it up.

First of all, below, there are no recorded cases of fighters laughing in glee as they murdered Jews. It may be a small point but still.

Christian Zionist: Laughing as they plunged daggers into infants.

First of all, no infants were killed, so this never happened. The Jews just made it up.

Christian Zionist: Laughing as they soaked pleading Jews with petrol and set them on fire.

No recorded cases of this. There were burned people but how they were burned is uncertain. Many were burned by the Jews’ tank fire. There are records of Hamas using petrol.

Christian Zionist: Laughing as they called their own parents back in Gaza and described how many Jews they had killed with their bare hands.

There is no report that this man was laughing. He didn’t kill them with his bare hands. He killed them with his gun.

Christian Zionist: And laughing as they poured gunfire into hundreds of young Israeli men and women, turning the concert grounds where they had come to dance the night before into a turkey-shoot and leaving it a quagmire littered with sprawled, disfigured forms.

There is no evidence that these men were laughing as they did this, and it’s looking like there were no 260 killed by Hamas. Instead, it is some lesser number. All of the rest is correct.

Christian Zionist: …were dragged away as hostages pulled by their hair from the backs of pickups…

What? Not aware of any of this.

Christian Zionist: …and paraded through Arab streets, their suffering and terror a source of pleasure to those lining the way.

In at least one case, an old lady is smiling as she is being driven down the street. Otherwise it is correct.

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