Answering Some Lies about the Second Yom Kippur War

*The Second Yom Kippur War refers to the war that started on October 7 with the Gazan invasion of Southern Israel.

**Below, Jews refers to Israelis only. I don’t care about the Diaspora. They haven’t harmed a single Palestinian soul. Someone show me how one Diaspora Jew has harmed a single hair on a single head of one Palestinian. I’m waiting. Also the Israeli Jew quoted above is a very smart man, and he seems to be on the Israeli Jewish Left. He’s not a bad person at all; in fact, I rather like him. Also he seems to be an antifascist, which is real cool.

Israeli Jew: What a comparison is this – 1400 compared to 6000. Ignoring the circumstances in which 1400 Israelis, babies, children, women and old people were murdered in a horrific way.

Ok, one by one. 900 Israelis were killed, not 1,400.

1,400 babies, etc. were not murdered by Hamas.

First of all, half of the 900 were soldiers. So 450 civilians died.

225 of those Jewish civilians were killed by Jewish tanks in hostage situations. There were many hostage situations in which Hamas had hostage in homes. The Jews dealt with these situations by firing tank shells at the homes, killing their own Jewish civilian hostages and the fighters. So half of those killed were killed by the Jews following the Hannibal Doctrine! In addition, at least six hostages and POW’s were killed by the Jews as they were being taken back to Gaza.

So we have 231 out of 450 Jewish civilians killed by the Jewish Army. Most of the Jewish civilians were killed by the Jews itself. The Jews killed their own people.

No babies were killed by Hamas. There is no one under three listed among the dead. Those Jews just made up a lie about that.

16 minors were killed, half by the Jews themselves. So eight minors killed by Hamas.

Yes, some women were killed by Hamas. The number is not known. Perhaps 110?

Five old people were killed, half of them by the Jews. So Hamas killed two old people. As you can see, they took most of them hostage.

Now that leaves us with 219 Jewish civilians killed by Hamas, and ~60 of these may have been armed, but this is still uncertain. Now we are down to 160 Jewish civlians killed by Hamas. Not quite 1,600, is it? Even the figure of 260 killed at the music festival is suspect.

Israeli Jew: …the number of Palestinians who were killed – not murdered – in Gaza, after they were warned by international law to vacate the area…

Face facts. The Jews have become mass murderers on the same level as Hamas.

They have bombed many family homes, killing whole families. These are Hamas bases?

They have bombed 24 ambulances.

They bombed a hospital courtyard, deliberately killing 500 people.

They have bombed 25 hospitals and health centers.

They have bombed UNRWA shelters and schools.

They have bombed universities.

They have bombed government offices.

They have deliberately bombed the homes of two physicians, killing them and their families.

The Jews have killed 24 journalists. Most of them seem to be deliberately targeted. They deliberately targeted the home of the Al Jazeera journalist and killed his whole family.

The Jews recently bombed a supermarket in order to starve Palestinians. Not one Hamas fighter was killed.

10 of the 40 bakeries in Gaza have been bombed, once again as the Jews try to starve 2 million people. One was bombed right after the UN delivered their flour. There are long 6-7 hour lines outside each bakery. No Hamas fighter was at any of those bakeries.

Lately people have been congregating outside the barber shops to charge their phones, as many have solar power. So the Jews started bombing the barber shops. All of these hospital, ambulance, family home, school, university, bakery, barbershop, and supermarket bombings have been intended only to kill civilians, and they have killed many civilians. I’m not aware of a single Hamas fighter killed in any of these attacks.

The Jews drop special JDAM bombs set to airburst mode in order to maximize civilians deaths.

The Jews are also dropping illegal white phosphorus bombs on Gaza, and there are many burn patients.

All the while the Jews prevent medical supplies, water, food, and fuel from entering Gaza. Some trucks are being allowed in, but that is only 1-2

The Jews told all the Palestinians in the north to vacate Gaza and go to the South, and then they started bombing them there. They’ve also been bombing the highway from the north to the south, so many are afraid to use the highway.

They told Gazans to go to Rafah and flee to Egypt and then they bombed the Rafah Gate 5-10 times.

The Jews themselves have said that this Gaza War is operating on the “Dresden model.” The US conducted many firebombings of German cities in WW2 to deliberately massacre as many civilians as they could to “break the will of the German people.” So this is the model the Jews are operating under. Kill as many Gaza civilians as possible to break their will.

This attack is pure Jewish sadism.

Israeli Jew: …the same Hamas, when it took over Gaza, it murdered thousands of Palestinians from the PLO with sufficiently horrible methods.

Yes, people were killed but it could not have been thousands. Scores at most I would say.

Israeli Jew: After that, Israel nevertheless tried to negotiate with Hamas, and Hamas created a false representation as if it turned to peace.

Hamas asked for ceasefires five different times. The Jews turned them down every single time. The Jews don’t want a ceasefire. They want continuous war. Why? Because Israel is not ruled by post-Zionists.

The only way for a Zionist to be nowadays is post-Zionist. A post-Zionist means you are a Zionist, which I don’t begrudge by the way. A Zionist is someone who believe in a Jewish state in the Levant, specifically in Palestine. Post-Zionists say the Zionist project of conquest, ethnic cleansing, colonization and settlement is at an end. It’s already achieved its aims and the Jews don’t need to steal one more inch of Arab land or a single Arab home, tear down one more Arab house or business, or throw one Palestinian off their land.

But the Jews in power in Israel today are not post-Zionists.

They are Zionists. This means the Zionist project is ongoing and means constant confiscation of more and more Arab land, destruction of buildings and businesses, confiscation of homes, etc. A continuous war is necessary for the ongoing Zionist project. Peace is deadly.

Netanyahu’s party has an intellectual forefather in Zabotinsky, the Jewish fascist and author of The Iron Wall, who argued in 1921 that there would be no Jewish state until the Arabs were driven off the land. This man was a fascist and admirer of Mussolini who wanted to create a sort of Jewish fascism. In fact, half of the Jewish militias who fought the British were fascists, the Lehi. Yitzakh Shamir, former Israeli president, was Jewish fascist in his younger days.

So you see from the very beginning, this was a settler-colonialist project with the object purpose of driving all of the Arabs off the land to colonize it for the Jews.

There was actually a ceasefire with Hamas for a while, called a Hudna, but the Jews broke it on purpose because they hate ceasefires with Hamas. They want Hamas to be as evil as possible. With a ceasefire, Hamas looks good and the Jews can’t have that. Netanyahu has said many times that Hamas in power is great for the Jews because it gives them an evil enemy. In fact, he said that Israel pays Hamas money to keep them in power.

In 2012, Hamas agreed to a 2 state solution with Jerusalem as its capital and the right to return. This has not yet been modified. In 2019, all the stupid antisemitic language was removed from the Hamas charter. Recently Hamas said,

We have no problem with Jews or Judaism. We only have a beef with these Jews who stole our land. The rest of them are not part of this.

They also said,

We have always lived with Jews and Christians in this land and I don’t see why we can’t continue to do so in the future.

In a recent speech, Yahya Sinwar, president of Gaza, actually addressed the Diaspora Jews in a friendly tone! Remarkable.

This attack on October 7 was literally the most humane war the Palestinians and Hamas have ever fought! They took many POW’s whereas before they just shot them. They took many hostages whereas before if they get in front of any Jews and have a gun, they just open up on all of them. Mohammad Deif issued an order to treat the POW’s and hostages well. He also issued an order not to kill Jewish civilian minors, women, and old people. This is remarkable. No Palestinian leader has ever made such a statement!

Consider that the Palestinian project has been nonstop terrorism from Day One. Yes, they fought many soldiers, but Jewish civilians were targeted from the start as they were “settlers.” To this day they are all assumed to be “settlers” with a target on their back.

In this recent war, I saw two Hamas communiques that sounded exactly like the 2012 statement, though worded carefully.

Hamas is moderating all the time. They’ve moderated dramatically in only four years. The Jews will never admit this because they need an evil enemy.

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