Which Americans are Not with Israel and Why?

The wild philosemitism we see seems to be a White (and Hindu) thing.

Hispanics aren’t wildly philosemitic to say the least. In fact, in Latin America, there is a lot of base, vulgar antisemitism based around the Catholic religion. This religious antisemitism has very deep roots in the West and in areas colonized by the West like Latin America.

US Blacks don’t like Jews a whole a whole lot or else they treat them like anyone else, which is how Jews should be treated.

Jews did get involved in the slave trade, yeah. But all Europeans were pro-slavery back then, Gentiles, Jews, you name it. Jews just financed the ships.

But it was mostly White Gentiles owning slaves, selling them, and piloting and crewing the boats. That sort of work was a bit too dirty for finicky Jews who didn’t like to get their hands dirty, not to mention sully them in  the most debased ways.

It’s the same as the Jewish relationship to crime nowadays. A lot of Jews have nothing against crime as long as it’s the white collar variety. But most Jews blanch at street crime and consider it low, base, savage, uncivilized, and barbarous. Indeed, Jews have very low rates of street crime but their rates of white collar crime are very elevated.

To Blacks, Israel looks like a racist White bully beating up on dark-skinned folks. They look at the racism, the apartheid, the supremacy, and it reminds them of Jim Crow and Bull Connor with a fire hose and a bull whip.

With Hispanics, there are other factors. Though the few Latin American Jews had high rates of being involved in revolutionary and Left movements in the continent (bless their hearts), Israel has not been on the side of liberation movements in Latin America. In contrast, they have been with the Yankees and especially the death squads, which they armed and trained. Down there. Israel is just another arm of Yankee imperialism.

In addition, for many reactionary Latin Americans, the “Jews are communists, and communists must be killed” meme flavors their own antisemitism. The Dirty War in Argentina is a good example of a counterinsurgency heavily inflected with grotesque and murderous antisemitism.

Neither Blacks nor Hispanics think civilized Jewish Whites are superior to barbarous, uncivilized, nigger-type dark skinned people in the Global South. In fact they resent the very notion.

Asians have not had the time or experience of being around Jews enough to become either philosemitic or antisemitic. Jews might as well be from another planet to them.

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