Most of the West Is with Israel. Why?

Commenter: It’s not just the Biden Administration; pretty much the entire West stands with Israel.

Yes! You get it! Thank you!

And people need to understand why that is.

I think in part it is because Jews are seen as Whites, and Palestinians and other Arabs are just a “bunch of niggers.” And Whites are civilized of course, and you know dark-skinned “nigger-type” humans are uncivilized barbarians and maniacs. This has got to be part of it. The Palestinians and Arabs do act barbarous in their warfare tactics, and that certainly doesn’t help matters.

It’s not so much Christianity because Catholic Latin America isn’t really with Israel. It makes sense because most of them aren’t really White. It’s Whites who love Israel. Contrary to the Jews and their endless kvetching, this is the real relationship between the West and Jews, not one of antisemitic hatred the Jews hallucinate.

Of course, Indian Hindus love Israel because both they and the Jews have an extreme hatred of Muslims. They’re bonding on mutual hatred. Charming.

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