“Jewish Control” of the US Is Not the Problem in This Conflict

Many people point to a lot of Jews in positions of power in the US government and in the news media as the reason for the wild US support for Israel.

But that’s not what matters, and that’s not the whole reason for the extreme support.

If you want to make a dent in that mindset, you have to work on the American people. They love Israel. I call it “pathological philosemitism.” Instead of being an antisemitic country (well, true, there are some elements, but they are small), America is a wildly, pathologically, perhaps even delusionally philosemitic (Jew-loving) country. The fanatical love Americans have for Israel is part and parcel of their love affair with the Jews.

It’s not possible for Americans to be antisemites as the Jews insist we are while still being wildly pro-Israel. If you’re pro-Israel, you love the Jews. If you’re irrationally philosemitic, you love Israel.

By insisting that Americans are antisemites as paranoid Jews are wont to due to an addiction to and love of victimhood while at the same time realizing (if they read the news) that Americans are a wildly pro-Israel country, America’s Jews make no sense. We can’t be antisemites and philosemites at the same time. Make up your mind, Jews.

There’s no reason to unconditionally love any ethnic group, those folks in particular I might add. Yes, rank, vulgar, and base antisemitism, especially of the obsessive and conspiratorial variety, can be a very ugly thing (just look at history, recent history in particular), but pathological philosemitism seems like it causes its own set of nasty problems.

Too many Lefty anti-Zionists have something in common with too many rightwing Westerners and Arab and Muslim antisemites. They all love to substitute the word Zionist for the word Jew. It’s not kosher to hate Jews anymore, so many antisemites say “Zionist” where before they always said “Jew.” The complaints against these mysterious Zionists are just standard antisemitic fare of recent times. Left anti-Zionists are paranoid of being called antisemitic though they shouldn’t be (check out Marx’s On the Jewish Question), so they say Jews are just fine and they only have a problem with these mysterious people they call Zionists. They say, “We must distinguish Zionists from Jews!” LOL why? Exactly how many Jews are anti-Zionists. Keep in mind that anti-Zionism is a radical statement, especially for a Jew, and I think it would be hard for Jews in particular to head down that road. There are too many dead bodies they need to push aside in order to stroll that lane in peace. A recent poll found 99

In addition and once again like the antisemites, Left anti-Zionists also seem to assume that all Zionists are simply Jews. But they’re not.

I think we need to go beyond that and realize that most Gentiles in the Legislative and Executive Branch are just as delusionally philosemitic as the Jews themselves. People need to understand that probably the overwhelming majority of American Zionists and Israel-loving fanatics are Gentiles. I see them all the time in Youtube comments. There must be tens if not hundreds of millions of them in the US.

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