About That Hospital Attack in Gaza

There was an explosion in the courtyard of a Christian hospital in Gaza. 2,000 refugees were sheltering there. 471 people were killed in this blast. A perusal of the audio and video of the attack shows that it lines up precisely with a GBU-32 2,000 pound bomb set to airburst mode. A video of this same bomb blowing up Afghanistan clinches the case. There’s also a video of an IDF jet releasing chaff and moving away from the hospital right before the blast. Jets release chaff right before they drop bombs.

Palestinian rockets are not very powerful. At the very most, they might kill a half dozen people and typically it’s far less than that, and most commonly, there is only property damage if that. No Palestinian rocket could possibly have killed 500 people. Also the sound and explosion of a Palestinian rocket is completely different.

An spokesman from Netanyahu’s officer tweeted that Israel bombed the hospital, then quickly deleted his tweet. The IDF dropped warning bombs on the hospital twice in the days prior, one wounding 5-10 people and destroying a ward. Hospital and church spokesmen said the IDF called them, and said, “We dropped warning bombs on you twice, why were you still there?” Call it a confession.

Israel had been ordering that hospital and medical center and two dozen others to vacate the premises many times in the prior few days. The hospitals ignored the orders because they could not abandon their patients. This attack was obviously an annoyed Israel saying, “We told you to leave! You get it now?

The first few Western news reports suggested that Israel bombed the hospital. Somehow they were allowed to be aired, which is a huge breakthrough right there. But then the Israeli disinformation campaign stirred into action sowing the usual FUD (fear, uncertainty and doubt) of Microsoft campaigns.

I simply cannot do such sleazy political and tactical bureaucratic behaviors. I’m too honest. Too much of a Christian I guess. I have a hard time engaging in those sort of lies for any cause. Actually I have a hard time lying about anything but personal matters. I just can’t. And if you it strikes me that you’re a slime. Keep in mind this is coming from someone who says it’s ok to tactically lie to CYA and other reasons in your personal life as long as you don’t carry it too far.

A new story popped up. It was an errant Islamic Jihad missile that circled back towards the hospital, blew up in mid-air and crashed on the hospital. Many a silly and doctored video and audio was assembled to back up this baldfaced lie. They could all be easily taken apart.

There did appear to be a Palestinian rocket blowing up around that time but it’s of no matter as the video, sound, and nature of the damage of the blast make it clear that it can only be an IDF bomb and it is impossible for it to be a rocket.

Once we get that out the way, there’s no point arguing about the rest of the sleazy distractions the Jews and their Western allies have been throwing up like so much chaff in the air to disguise the lie-bombs they’ve launched on the Western body politic.

Suddenly, retractions started appearing all over the Western media. Media organs were ordered to retract their “lie” that Israel did it. Similar demands were issued of Squad members, mostly by Republicans, demanding that they apologize for their “lie” about Israel. The (((New York Times))) submissively printed a retraction.

New information came out that Western “intelligence” agencies had verified the lie that the bomb was a missile,  proving once again the near-worthlessness of many US, Canadian, British, and French intel agencies. News organizations called in experts to lie for them. Fancy fake “investigations” were done by “former US military officers” (I’m sure they would never lie!) proving that the lie was the truth.

What is going on here is industrial strength gaslighting.

So, we are being gaslighted again. Just like we are always gaslighted here in the US, 24-7, 365. To live in the US is to be gaslighted nonstop. I wonder what the toll is on those being gaslighted?

BOTH CNN and Fox News are running segments saying that “US intelligence” (LOL! What an oxymoron!) has concluded that the hospital blast was caused by an errant Palestinian rocket (lie). Of course, that’s a complete and obvious lie, but CNN and Fox insist it’s true because the CIA said so! The CIA lies as a matter of course. Why should we automatically accept what the CIA says about just about anything?

Now they are gaslighting the few honest Democrats left in the House (the Squad) and ordering them to take back their “lie” (truth) about the Jews bombing the hospital now that it’s been proven that the “truth” (lie) is that the Palestinians did it.

Rashida Tlaib is under huge pressure to renounce her “lie” (truth) that the Jews bombed the hospital, admit she was wrong, apologize for telling the truth, and go along with the “truth” (lie) about the event. Gaslighting taken to the nth degree!

You literally can’t make this stuff up.

Good God, I feel like I’m living in a Kafka novel.

I’d like to point out the erroneous analysis in the antisemites insisting that these networks are “controlled by the Jews” are hence full of it.

Fox News is run by two Gentiles, Rupert Murdoch and his son, both Scottish. Sure, they’re wildly Zionist, but most (probably 90

CNN has no Jews in its top six corporate positions, although one woman is married to a Jew. Does that count LOL?

The antisemites are really grasping at straws here.

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One thought on “About That Hospital Attack in Gaza”

  1. The American experiment as the first Western state to have proclaimed itself as confessionally neutral, is based upon an unsaid state religion : that of Zionism, which existed long before Israel appeared on the map.

    The fledgling American people consented no longer to owe any respect to the King of England in exchange for their fealty to a virtual king from then on, that of Israel, whose history proclaimed to be still going on (most contrary to any Christian doctrine up to then, and to any other religion in the world including the Jewish one of then), and of whose power they considered themselves to be a dependency in the New World.

    Since most North American Anglos were decidedly Calvinistic in mental outlook, that was the only way to make the “revolutionary” project palatable to the population. I put “revolutionary” in quotes because the revolution in question was one of the rich against the more modest classes who were more dependent on the prestige of inheriting a culture from Mother Britain. It is much harder for poor people to renounce a national culture, however faulty.

    Even the Marxists rapidly corrected Marx’s shot at the proles saying they had no fatherland to the point where at the very beginning of Soviet Union, considerations of nationality became protected with much respect. In addition, the less wealthy classes depended on the British state’s succors granted to those who had lost family a member or their health during the Seven Years’ War. In this case, the rich would not pay their share. Period. Any further embroidery is gaslighting.

    Since then (1776) America is the body and Israel the soul. The body cannot pronounce the soul wrong about anything lest it decompose instantly. Israel is nothing but the projection of America’s collective unconscious on the world map, and it is not pretty. It is namely treating the Palestinian question like it has always treated both the Black problem and the Amerindian question. America has always had one source of prosperity: wreaking as much havoc upon the world as it could so as to be the lone refuge and protection from the chaos.

    Please don’t get nostalgic about any supposed period when the US was still a republic and not yet an empire. Bullshit. America’s existence was 100% imperial from Day One, and the concluding Founding Father, namely Monroe, proclaimed half the globe’s surface to be the USA’s own exclusive backyard within which any non-US intervention, either from Europe, either from the locals themselves, would be met with deadly force. America’s first flag (13 stars in circle, 13 stripes) remained for 13 years identical with the Sassoon’s East India Company Flag proper (not the British wing’s which had a quarter Union Jack, but the Persian-Indian one flown by the vessels owned by that Jewish entrepreneurial clan from Baghdad).

    America started among others with Jewish imperial ties in India and won a kind of colonial company sovereignty like the EIC’s in India. It started nearly as early warring in the Mediterranean against certain Barbary pirate ports but on the side of Morocco which was then the most similar country by its negro slave system. America intervened also very early as the Napoleonic armies’ main ally in the war of Haitian independence, the most horrible colonial war ever. There was never any moment when America was an isolationist republic fancied by some.

    America’s Constitution’s purpose was mostly meant to seduce the better part of European intelligentsia, French in particular. It was not very seriously meant to be applied at home. The First Amendment did not abolish censorship : it made it private, which is way different. It was never meant to protect authors but publishers, the latter having not only the physical capital to publish but also their existence acknowledged by their peer group within each state. It was proclaimed in the intention of protecting each religious organization’s right to exert the right of publication and of censorship within the confines of the territory and the population assigned to it by consensus among businessmen within one state. In Europe, a wronged author victim of an injustice from such a cabal could appeal to the state or to the king to have his point of view vindicated nevertheless. In America it was decided that such an outcome would never happen as the government would wash their hands with disdain.

    There was no golden age of pre-imperial American republicanism : its very definition was a Manifest Destiny as a New Israel. Strangely enough it never even claimed to define a separate judicial jurisprudence tradition from Britain’s. Any judgement passed any where in any land of British common law it considered valid (though subject to appeal) and vice-versa, the US government reserved itself the right to be offended by any misdeed having occurred in any land of Common Law : what has been happening to Julian Assange is nothing irregular, it could have happened at any earlier time in US history. George Orwell in Britain was afraid of offending the US powers that be.

    Israel is America’s very soul projected on the world map. And the very day an electoral majority of Americans are fed up with Israeli’s behaviour towards them, the result is going to be America’s social body’s decomposition, first into two, in a remake of the Civil War (this time to the “bad” side’s advantage) and then into 4, 8, 16 … 1024 and far more warring kingdoms and gang fiefdoms, each one counting on overseas military aid like African ones. As for Israel, they will stay theoretically whole, alive and well … but like a delirious psychiatric basket case to be isolated while giving supernatural orders to the whole galaxy : it will have fallen from physical reality into some kind of black hole ideally represented by that asshole which is Trump. They will build their infamous Third Temple (a Trump Tower?) in the hope of drawing by magical magnetism the fortunes of the whole planet. The only effect will be that the Asian trading places, the only ones still in good function despite the global crisis, will convene that that people which was once thought to be composed of Einsteins is actually a Middle Eastern Arab-like obscurantist magically-minded tribe like so many others and not worthy of more considerations than let us say the Houthi : Israel together with the Jewish world it champions will lose it all in a few hours of world trade adjustments. It won’t be destroyed as such but just undergo on a much grander scale Nauru’s destiny and end up as poor and laughed at as Yemen, unworthy of any big media’s attention for the rest of the world will have to deal with much deeper shit.

    People in America vote rabidly Zionist because they know that after Zionism they have no future, because they are a country without a soul unless you deem Israel to be it. Even the English language will lose its unity beyond repair (the first rift between woke English and Bible-thumping English) : first to be better maintained as a far better written one in Asia than in the West and then when it can longer help China, India and the Muslim world come to common terms, to be jettisoned altogether.

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