Why I Say “Jews” Instead of “Israelis”

*Jews means Israelis. It has nothing whatsoever to do with Diaspora Jews. I think we need to leave them out of it because let’s face it, they’re not a party to this fight. No one should abuse Diaspora Jews in any way for the crimes of the Israeli state. Now if they’re out there with a placard or a bullhorn, be my guest. Yell at them all you want. See that guy over there with the skullcap. Other than perhaps his thought crimes, he’s never harmed a single Palestinian even 1

If they move over to Israel, they will be, but until them, let’s leave them out of this! Leave the Diaspora Jews alone, dammit!

In the same sense as we say, “The Americans did this…the Ukrainians did that…The Russians attacked…the Germans counterattacked…the Syrians bombed…The Iraqis exploded,” it is of course sensible to say, “The Jews did or that” because Israel is the state of the Jews just as America, Ukraine, Russia, Germany, Syria, and Iraqi are the states of the Americans, Ukrainians, Russians, Germans, Syrians, and Iraqis.

Do we ever say, “Hey don’t conflate the Americans, Ukrainians, Russians, Germans, Syrians, and Iraqis with the American, Ukrainian, Russian, German, Syrian, and Iraqi governments.” Well, of course not. No one cares. People and citizens are conflated with their states all the time. It’s normal practice. Only in the case of Jewish folks do we have to say, “Hey, you can’t conflate Israel with the Jewish people!”

LOL why not? We just conflated all of those other groups. Sure ,there are Americans, Ukrainians, Russians, Germans, Syrians, and Iraqis who don’t support what their governments do, but who worries about them getting conflated with their nations? No one. So we have to carve out a special place for Jewish people. It’s ridiculous.

Furthermore, Israel is deeply tied into the Jewish people in a similar way to the above nations are tied into their own peoples. Lousy people create lousy countries. You can’t have a virtuous, wonderful, spot-free populace and a diabolical government.

There’s never been such a case that I’m aware of, although there are a few cases of minority rule out there. Guess who puts the government in? The people of that country. If a nation is awful, it’s because the people of that country are and wish to install a government that mirrors their views. They could vote those people out of office any time they want to. But they don’t.

I love these idiot Republicans who say, “I love my country but I hate my government.” What tools! What patriotards! For God’s sake, dipshits, guess who put the government in power? Duh, the country, the people.

They say this because they are all inveterate patriotards and they can’t junk this, “I love my country” crap even though there’s no rational for anyone to reflexively love their country or its culture or people. Crap countries are a dime a dozen. Garbage cultures are everywhere you look. Lousy people, as in whole populations, are endemic. This way the Republicans get to have their patriotard cake and eat it too. They get to scream, “I love my country” while cursing the government that those people you love so much just put in.

The Jewish people of the world support the government of their people, Israel, in the same way that most of the people listed above support the countries that govern them in their name. The Jews of Israel can of course by conflated with their country. All of the monstrosities of the Israeli state are supported by solid majorities of its Jewish citizens. Even the crimes of ever-expanding settlements, land thefts, demolitions, Jim Crow law in Israel and the West Bank, a criminal, murderous siege on Gaza – the Jewish people in Israel support all of those things to the hilt!

If they didn’t, they would throw out the government and they won’t. People bitch about radical psycho settlers, but guess who supports them? Most Israeli Jews, that’s who! You can’t separate the fanatical settler kooks from the population as a whole. They’re one and the same. The Jewish people of Israel could change that system anytime they want, but they just don’t want to because they have a criminal and vindictive mindset just like the states they put in to mirror their views.

By the same token, most American Jews back Israel. It has to be a great majority of them. And this means that most of them support every one of those criminal acts listed above. If they don’t support it, why don’t they pipe up?

And of course Organized Jewry and big money Jews support all of this criminal behavior because they never say boo against the government.

The only time Jews got riled up, there as well as here, was over and issue that dealt with Jews and Jews only – whether Israel should be a democratic fascist state governed by the rule of law or whether it should be a authoritarian fascist state absent the rule of law. Right now, it’s looking like most Israeli Jews want a totalitarian fascist state instead of a democratic fascist state because those democratic fascist is an oxymoron. The concept will always be dysfunctional.

I hear endlessly about how we need to distinguish between these good people called Jews and these bad people called Zionists. First of all this suffers from the conflation of Zionists with Jews. What they are leaving out is that the overwhelming majority of Americans, indeed Westerners, are Zionists too! So quit using “Zionists” when you want to say “Jews.” Just come right out with the antisemitism already. At least you’ll be honest.

Another problem is that “Zionist” and “Jew” are the same thing. The number of anti-Zionist Jews is quite small. Possibly 89

Sure there are anti-Israel Jews out there but they are in very short supply.

On the other hand, it’s wrong to blame US or Western Jews for the crimes of Israel. Sure they support Israel, but so do 65

The vast majority of Western Jews have never lifted one finger to harm one Palestinian person. If they did, show me how. The only people to hold responsible for the crimes of the Israeli gangster state are the Israeli Jews who put them in power.

Another reason I use Jews instead of Israelis is I want to throw this stuff back in Jewish people’s faces like a splash of cold water. They need to face up to the crimes being done in their name. If they’re the wonderful people they tell us they are, they’d be telling that shitty little country to knock it off. But they aren’t so maybe they’re not groovy as they say they are. You don’t like what Israel does? For God’s sake, pipe up then! Say, “Hey, don’t blame me. I’m not for any of this.”

If the idea that those members of your tribe over there do bothers you, why don’t you get out there in the streets and do something about it? Until then, you’re complicit and you deserve to have your ethnic group conflated with the state of that group.

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7 thoughts on “Why I Say “Jews” Instead of “Israelis””

  1. I’m reminded of Jon Stewart who seemed to support Palestine. Not many other media Jews did though.

    “A splash of cold water in their faces.”

    Same reason I prefer calling Jews Nazis. It stings a little more because Nazis were their #1 enemy.

    1. Israeli Jews as Nazis. It’s just easy to say “Jews”. Many labeled anti-semites don’t mean all Jews but it’s easy not to specify.

      1. Sometimes I say, “Those Jews over there.”

        One more reason I want to do this is to throw this in the face of Diaspora Jews. They’ll get angry when I do this because they will say that I’m conflating Jews with Israel. Well, it is their state for God’s sake! Is it wrong to conflate Russians with Russia? It’s ridiculous.

        Anyway, I’m doing this to make them take a clear look at what is going on there and to distance themselves from it if it violates their morals. There are progressive Jews who are Zionists, which is fine, but they hate Netanyahu. I called Israel fascist once and one of those Jews said, “Well if you mean Netanyahu’s government, then I agree, it is fascist.” See, I want them to take a stand. Either support this stuff or oppose it. Stand up for what you believe in. Don’t be afraid of the tribal pressure to go along.

        No sane person, certainly not me, is going to mistreat them because they’re Jews. I just want to line up on this issue and make their voices heard.

        The Palestinians are horrible too, IMHO, though I don’t mind Abbas’ Palestinian Authority and Fatah (the PLO).

    2. Yeah, it really makes them mad to be called Nazis for obvious reasons. The Nazis were more murderous by multiple orders of magnitude than these Israelis, but in some ways they are similar as both are ethnic nationalists who persecute minorities in pretty terrible ways. Israel has more of a reason for self-defense than the Nazis did though. The Nazis just picked on completely innocent unarmed people. Israel attacks their ethnic enemies, yeah, but in large part that’s because these enemies keep trying to kill them!

      I try not to call those Jews over there Nazis too much. It’s on the edge of some nasty antisemitism. Sure, there are similarities but the Nazis were so much worse than Israelis there’s no real comparison and the comparison is a bit outrageous and grotesque. Get back to me when Jews kill six million Arabs and maybe I’ll change my mind.

      If you want to compare Israelis to Nazis circa 1937-38 pre-Kristallnact, I might agree with you.

      1. https://www.bitchute.com/video/GZrWr4Si5ysM/

        I’m sure some Jews over there live up to the Nazi title. Israelis see Arabs as stupid savage niggers. Perhaps, based on Hamas’ behavior, they’re right.

        I don’t mean Nazi entirely as an insult when I say it. I believe the very formation of Israelis as an ethnic group was the Jewish attempt to create at ubermensch after so many reports of Jews going quietly to their deaths. It looks like they succeeded because that sums up well the image of the “Sabra” as the badass Jew who for once stands up and fights back. I’d prefer Jewish rule to Islamic rule in many ways. They could’ve created their Jewish state anywhere.

  2. “You can’t have a virtuous, wonderful, spot-free populace and a diabolical government.”

    Love that. But God isn’t it a real shame that such common-sense statements like these need to be said aloud at all?

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