Who to Support? Hamas or Israel?

How about neither.

Polar Bear: I’ve seen a lot of normie Whites support Israel.


There’s been a strong liberal trend to support Israel for a long time, but the left wing of the Democratic Party is now split between “I support the plight of the Palestinians” and “Israel needs to defend itself. Their position is not pro-Israel at all, even the Jews amongst this group.

I’ve noticed that liberal Democrats now take a much more nuanced view on the Israel-Palestinian crisis than they do on Russia, China, Iran, Ukraine, etc. Israel-Palestine is the one place where we’ve made a crack in imperialist hegemony amongst these folks. That’s a good sign.

US conservatives have been in a race forever to show they are more supportive of Israel than the Democrats. As Netanyahu’s state is one of Jewish fascism, the Republicans are now a fascist political party, and as fascists tend to support other fascists, it all makes sense. Fox News coverage is far more pro-Israel than the other media outlets.

and it seems like the more unpopular opinion offline.

Yes, if I were to walk around spouting anti-Israel comments, I would get shot down, especially by White fundamentalist Christians. Not shut down hard but shut down. Hispanics are dumb and know nothing of the crisis, so they’re not relevant.

I don’t believe in lionizing terrorists, even if I believe Palestinians deserve their land back.

I’m absolutely sickened by Hamas’ behavior in this latest invasion. However, I realize that this position is backed by 64

I know full well that the official Palestinian position of many of their groups is that Israelis are “settlers” living in fake “settlements” on “usurped” or stolen land. They’ve long taken the position that these settlers are valid military targets, and hence that all attacks on Israeli civilians of any age are valid.

And their whole history has been terrorism on Hamas’ level but not nearly of the same intensity. So if Hamas is niggerish and Nazi-like, well, so are most Palestinians.

On the other hand, the Jews are being pretty niggerish and Nazi-like themselves.

The US has descended into niggerish Nazi-like behavior in our wars many times. I think once you get to full-blown war, most countries resort to ghetto niggerish and Nazis-like behavior real quick. The Jews normally take a pretty high road over there – far higher than the Palestinians do, but right now, they’re absolutely on the same level as Hamas. And so are the majority of Americans who are supporting them and backing up every crime the Jews commit over there.

I will note though that Russia has taken an extremely high road in the Ukraine War. On the Russian side, it’s one of the most humanely fought major wars in recent history. They US usually fights more bestially in its wars than the Russians do now. Russian war behavior is model behavior for every group waging war.

Sure, I still support them politically, but my position aligns with the PA’s in that all attacks on Israeli civilians outside the West Bank are invalid and must be condemned. I don’t support killing any of the civilians in those towns except the armed ones.

Furthermore, it’s looking like the DFLP, Islamic Jihad, Al Aqsa Martyr’s Brigades, the Mujahedin Movement all committed the same war crimes. For the DFLP and the AAMB, we have evidence of them killing civilians. For the Mujahedin Movement and Islamic Jihad, we can see them raiding the towns (in IJ’s case, even knocking on doors),but not killing anyone.

For the Mujahedin Movement, we have evidence that they decapitated an IDF soldier, apparently after he was dead. This incident appears to be the spring from which the “beheaded babies” lie bubbled up.

I assume they were in on the crimes. What are they going to do? Spare some civilians only to have Hamas come by later on and massacre them?

*See here for my motivation on conflating Jews with Israelis while at the same time arguing against harming Diaspora Jews in any way.

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3 thoughts on “Who to Support? Hamas or Israel?”

  1. It used to be a Jewish Nazis over sand-niggers dynamic. Now the Jewish Nazi oppressors have become more niggardly.

    1. Hamas are acting niggerish and Nazi-like.

      Israel is acting niggerish and Nazi-like.

      Pick your poison I guess.

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