The Need for a Legal Codification of Free Speech on the Internet

We seriously need these forums like Twitter and Facebook to be taken over by total free speech advocates like the folks who run Telegram.

In addition, there should be a completely fair and “law-based” as in “legal-based” system for temporary and lifetime bans, the rules themselves, and democratic appeals, etc. You shouldn’t be able to have your free speech rights taken away for no damned good reason. If free speech is so important, why don’t we protect here in the land of the free?

The Essential Fairness of the American Legal System

I will say that US law is set up pretty fairly. Now, like an old unreformed hippie and radical, of course I hate the Justice System or as I call it, the Injustice System.

On the other hand though, let’s face it. At least on paper the system looks pretty good. We have people called defense attorneys who are sworn to protect us from any injustices of the system. It’s only when you run up against outrageously unfair systems like privately run media outlets (social media sites) and private corporate culture that you realize how excellent the US legal system truly is.

You can’t just arrest someone for nothing and throw them in jail just like this weenie Elon did to me. And you have all sorts of appeal rights. You get a lawyer whether you have the money or not. Everything has to be done for a valid legal reason, and if it’s not, it gets thrown out.

The laws have to be laid out in strict detail, and police can only arrest when there is good evidence that the letter of the law, not just the law itself, is broken. Laws cannot be vague, though we have plenty of vague laws. You have to be able to figure what on Earth the law is so you can try to follow it and avoid breaking it.

None of that’s true in the new public square, the Internet. We turned it over to the worst people on Earth, malign greedheads called capitalists, who spit on every rule and law they see when they even acknowledge them all. Corporate culture is totalitarian. It isn’t even slightly democratic.

Nobody has any rights in a corporation. You can and will be fired at any time by anyone for any reason or for no reason, and there’s really no way to avoid getting fired like that. 90

Somebody did something…somebody says something…the boss just doesn’t like this person and won’t give a reason or makes one up.

You have no right of appeal. There are few if any laws corporations must follow with regard to their employers and the few that are out there are broken habitually.

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