Hamas Screwed Up Bad with This Attack

Hamas completely screwed up with this bestial terrorist invasion of Israel. They handed their own demise to their enemies on a silver platter. I fail to see how they benefited from this behavior.

Hamas would have been a lot better off just letting those civilians flee (Why not?) or taking them hostage and taking them back to Gaza.

Then what?

Burn down the homes? Hmm.

Maybe hole up in the homes and force the Israelis to destroy the towns in order to save them. Sure, the Jews get their towns back, but they’ve also reduced them to rubble.

All of the Palestinian armed groups described the “liberation” of the villages in this invasion. So this is what a free Palestine looks like. This is how they will go about getting their free Palestine. By raiding the towns and murdering every Jew they find in there, burning the towns down, and taking a few back as hostages. Not a vision you want to support if you want a “free Palestine.”

Also this bodes poorly for a one state solution. Sure, let all the Palestinians come back to Israel. And seeing how this is how they intend to take their land back and throw the “settlers” off, what’s to stop them from starting to murder Jewish civilians as soon as they land in the new state?

I do support Hamas taking the live hostages and treating them well. Hey, it’s better than murdering them. This didn’t happen in all cases, and that’s lamentable, but it did happen in most cases.

Sure, it’s traumatic but they have been treating the hostages well once they sequester them. Treating them well is good PR too. Does Israel treat the people it arrests well? Of course not.

So take the high road. Say, “We are Muslims. Our religion does not allow us to kill women and children and it mandates that we treat POW’s and hostages well. We are not like the Jews. We don’t act like criminals and murderers.”

See? Throw it back at the Jews* and let them wrestle with the pig in the mud.

Take the high road. If they would have only killed soldiers and armed civilians deliberately while taking the same hostages and POW’s they did, can you imagine how differently the world would react?

Sure the Jews and the West would still try to catastrophize it into terrorism, probably by lies.

Russia is fighting the cleanest war in modern history, and despite that, the NATO West has accused them of a non-ending litany of war crimes. I’m sure they would do the same to Hamas, but the Palestinians have more defenders than the Russians do.

*See here for my motivation on conflating Jews with Israelis while at the same time arguing against harming Diaspora Jews in any way.

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2 thoughts on “Hamas Screwed Up Bad with This Attack”

  1. I only see glimpses of the news at the gym. I searched kidnapping because it mentioned Hamas kidnapped elderly, ravers, and babies.

    I knew a raver chick that was cute but a bit of an airhead. The idea of kidnapping someone like her is insane. Kidnapping elderly and babies is obviously a bad idea and look. A total fail IMO. A bunch of helpless civilians. I thought Jews were clueless on how they looked but Hamas is putting them to shame.

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